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The Second Domino: The Manipulation & Exploitation of the Trolls 2, Donald James Roley

Ok, so now we talk to the last piece to fall into place... Don Roley. Here is were I am systematically going to destroy him and his lies in public before I file for the lawsuit. Which he claims isn't going to happen. Course, Don is pretending he isn't doing anything wrong he has buried himself far deeper...

This is what happens when you spread lies with no intention to come clean. You lie to cover up your lies and enlist others to lie for you. Then you lie again to cover up that you lied then and, so on... It is a vicious downward spiral. And that's why you bitched out on Rats on Sinking Ship are Smarter the "Internet Ninja." leaving only the vague threat that...
After I proved all you had was a lies and couldn't back your claims about my court cases...

Let's take a look at Donald James Roley... He lives here (image below) for those who want to know or care.

Please, don't go there and try to do him or his family any harm. But, feel free to send him notice of suit, I know a bunch of you would like a chance to sue him and now he can be found... Cause I found him. How ninja of me, right!

Anyway, so November 29th 2016 Donald James Roley posted a blog on Fujita Seiko. Sadly, Don only gave a damn about Fujita Seiko when it was a matter of trying to disprove the existence of Koga Ryu Ninjutsu surviving past Fujita Seiko & making money off it. Which means his target audience is Bujinkan-ers, who want to harass Koga Ryu Ninjutsu people online.

And, when confronted by information he didn't know or have, he resorted to implying I was racist (that all Japanese look alike to me), that I made up the image and that I simply didn't know what I was talking about.

This is the image, a composite of two other images taken from a blog here, which is the same image seen here of Jesse Enkamp's Karate by Jesse blog. Taken during World War II. Below are screenshots from me and Don Roley's conversation on Ninjas are Bullshit 2.

See remember when I said, I originally planned to sue Don Roley. Well I do but, first I plan to embarrass him. Allow me to do that now... Here I prove using Don Roley's own words on this blog he is not a creditable researcher. Here is an outline of the issues...
1. Don tells you the length and depth of his research as being only Japanese sources. Which amounts to Fujita Seiko's books and nothing of the news articles or research involving those he trained, trained with and spoke with, this includes other people's accounts.

2. If Don Roley was any kind of a researcher he would have and, easily could have, simply done a Google Image Search and found this image in multiple places, identifying it as Fujita Seiko in the image. Now in all honesty, I don't know for certain that Fujita is in a military uniform Army or Navy. I do know that Shito Ryu expert Iwata Manzo is in Army Officer's dress uniform. Fujita could be wearing a field uniform but who knows..? This aspect of history needs further research, course what do I know I "don't know more then anyone else on the internet." I just know enough to stump Don Roley and shows holes in his research...

3. Somewhat related to point 2, Don Roley didn't even attempt to research, the image even preliminarily. Instead he prefers to call it fake, imply I am a racist (that all Japanese look a like to me) and that I am claiming some unknown random Japanese person is Fujita Seiko to validate my claims. So if it doesn't look like Fujita Seiko because I am racist or, it looks like Fujita Seiko because I am lying... Don suggested both but never made a concrete statement when I stumped him with the image. It doesn't matter, what kind of creditable researcher doesn't do research before stating the outcome of the new historical evidence? If Don Roley is using historical information to establish his own personal bias and, doing so without properly researching the evidence (perhaps because his own personal bias is the result of business interests in establishing the Bujinkan as the sole source of ninjutsu).

How are we to trust him as a creditable source of information..?

4. That Don Roley who arrogantly boasted he knew more online then anyone else, didn't know about the image. I knew about the image, my former student Johnny Hunter knew about the image, Jesse Enkamp (who has no association with me online or off) who travels, writes and teaches on karate (including to Japan and Okinawa)  knew about the image and a whole world of Karateka (none of whom I've listed, claim to know more about Fujita then anyone else online) all knew about this image and, Donald James Roley (who claims to know more then anyone else online) didn't know about this image.

You see there is this simple truth, Fujita Seiko was a Soke in Na Ban Satto Ryu Kenpo, which is a mix of Okinawan Kenpo (Okinawan Karate or simply Te) and Jujitsu. Because Fujita Seiko was a student of Okinawan Karate and Kobudo and found it in many ways superior to Japanese Jujitsu and similar forms of martial arts. He was open about this in his teaching and research. Which is why so many Japanese Karateka in Japan, knew about Fujita and, taught from his research "Koga Ryu Ninjutsu" to American Servicemen in the 1960s and 1970s.

As such Fujita Seiko had a huge impact on Karate and influencing Karate by bringing different masters of different arts together. And he is researched by many Karateka, for his ideas and philosophy on martial arts. Fujita actually, thought Karate was too linear and aikido too circular. Like the great names we are familar with in the West: Ed Parker, Bruce Lee, John Keehan/Count Dante, Gracie, Bussey and yes even Ashida Kim and Frank Dux. Fujita was not a purist. He wanted a complete & universal martial arts system.

5. Don Roley doesn't allow for independent research or fact checking of his claims and translations. When I asked Don Roley to provide the Japanese text and stated I would have someone review the text and translate it for me. Roley was massively concerned with who I knew in Japan. Because if I know someone who would be able to translate Don Roley's translation and provide an alternative translation (someone who had a better reputation as a researcher like Yoshie Miniami of the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team who I suspect I could contact through Anthony Cummins). In truth, I think having the possibility of someone else examining his translations, someone who natively speaks and reads Japanese to say that he made a mistake or didn't properly translate the text would shame him. More so, I think Don Roley didn't properly translate the text, might have lied of embellished his statements. Perhaps his abilities as a translator.

No matter, so far I have proven that Don Roley didn't research new material he didn't know existed. Arrogantly proclaimed himself an expert and was exposed by someone doesn't claim to be an expert (myself). That Don Roley made attempts to conceal this information by posting an article on his blog and bragging about he was going to do so here... This is not the work of a legitimate researcher, it is actions of a fraud. A propagandist with every goal in concealing information rather then researching it.

No matter, the lawsuit will prove Don Roley is a liar and that while financial gain isn't my goal, it will cost Don Roley greatly in exposing him as a liar, a fraud of a fraud buster and present me one step closer in my ultimate end goals. What are mytranslator? Well if I told you someone might try to stop them or try to...

So Let us begin by allowing me to present the Conversation between myself and Don Roley on Ninjas are Bullshit 1:

You can easily tell where this is going... You can see where I maintained to set Don Roley up for Ninjas are Bullshit 2: by stressing that Fujita Seiko was Military Intelligence. Now it has the usual BS of Don Roley trying to claim I am insane and making up stories about my court record. He adamantly defends his "victory" in Lexington by way of my backing down. However, you don't need to defend your victory if you actually achieved it and Don, just doesn't want to admit that he really intended to set me up to be arrested...

This will deal with Don Roley in Ninjas are Bullshit 2, quite simply I am going to start this off with the last 2 lines of that blog. Once citing West Virginia Code (that is West Virginia Law) 61-7A-3(b) and its related federal code 18 USC 922. Under said laws, anyone found incompetent to stand trial, what West Virginia calls Guilty by Reason of Mental Illness is placed in a State Hospital for the maximum of their sentence. I was not, also under West Virginia 61-7A-2 a person who fails their initial evaluation (as I admittedly did because Kristen Keller Raleigh County Prosecutor falsified evidence to Dr. Miller to have me found incompetent in violation of West Virginia Law to cover up evidence that the police falsified evidence in the Child Porn Case).

It sounds crazy, I know but, its both the truth and not coming from someone (me) found incompetent to stand trial. Someone, who manipulated corrupt cops, judges and magistrates. Someone who manipulated little liars Donald James Roley into "burning their own houses to the ground with their lies."

 So yeah, that basically covers it, 1. I lied about when I was released by the Prosecutor, who basically tried to drain me financially to prevent me from filing suit against her. Course, filing suit doesn't stop me from plastering all over the web she falsified evidence and lied in court but, I digress.

 Now Don, doesn't admit it is Fujita Seiko but says I don't know about the situation and wants me to buy his book. I don't trust his research but if the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team even provides copies of Fujita's books in English (hint... hint... Mr. Cummins), I will be happy to use there texts.
Now Don tell me it isn't in the books and he doesn't trust other sources not Japanese... So he admittedly ignores any research or evidence that doesn't support his bias. Remember I am the guy who disproved his Koga Ryu Ninjutsu is Dead article... Koga Ryu (Historical term for location) Wada Ha (denotes personal family style) did die with Fujita Seiko but, many Gendai (modern schools) could exist and many Americans did learn what they were told was Ninjutsu. Whether someone did or didn't is for them to decide. However, don't be fooled by the claims of legitimacy or history from the Takamatsu-den either... Its all in what is right for you.
 Here I asked Don Roley to give me page numbers in the original Japanese text & he is concerned, dare I say frightened that I might have someone in Japan who can translate his Modern Japanese.
Here Don Roley makes his first boast gone wrong... 1. Its (the picture of Iwata, Fujita & Mabuni) isn't in any of the books. 2. I can't check Japanese Sources like Don Roley can. No I have people in Japan I can talk to online who can check Japanese sources better then he can. I have the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team who (of they feel like helping me or looking at that area of history) can provide me with information from Japanese Sources better then Donald James Roley can.
 And here, is where Don Roley wants to put out a blog to spread his biased view of Fujita Seiko's to disprove an image of Fujita Seiko in what may be a military uniform, during World War II, with two Shito Ryu Karateka... That Don Roley didn't know about but, can't even explain why he doesn't know about something Jesse Enkamp knew about... His article Saigo No Ninja - Seiko Fujita can be found here, with the original image of  Fujita Seiko.
 Here is were I point out Don Roley who boasts knowing more then anyone else doesn't know as much as he claims and isn't a real researcher...
 Actually, I don't care about what Don Roley says is in Fujita Seiko's autobiography if Don Roley will lie on me, who is to say he won't lie on others or for others. To include lying about Fujita's autobiography.
 Here Don tries to show his superiority by declaring he is watching the Hobbit in Japanese and makes all these statements about his loving family. You know those things he thinks I don't have because people want to kill me and I try to protect my loved one's by not making them easy to find. But, whatever... I think Don wants to make me jealious.
Here I state that Don Roley isn't as invisible as he claims to be or tries to be and, revealed Don Roley's business address listed for Freedom to Excel LLC, as 15465 Holbein Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Finding someone's location is very important to filing a lawsuit...
 Here Don Roley wants argue legal facts & refuses to comment on whether Jesse EnKamp is a creditable Historical Source... Perhaps not on Ninjutsu, he really doesn't research Ninjutsu as a specialty but he does research Karate and that's where Fujita Seiko's name came up and the image I used to prove Don Roley doesn't do any unbiased research.
 Here is were spanked Don Roley on the law, particularly West Virginia Law... On a funnier note Don Roley threatens me with going to court. Oh, my God he's gonna sue me! LMFAO
 This is also were It revealed to Don Roley, that his address is public information listed on the Colorado State Website and with the Colorado Department of Commerce. As per state and federal law, anyone can find him if they poke around the net and know where to look... anyone operating an LLC (Limited Liability Company) has to maintain contact information with the State they are operating in. Maybe I should write a book for "Cyber-Ninjas" on finding people researching information and phishing for information online?

 And here is where tell Don, I been Phishing him for information... Using this as an opportunity to do exactly as I said I would do and challenge his claims as a researcher. Prove he doesn't know as much as he claims, has a biased intention to his research and is a fraud of a researcher.

More so, I used it as an opportunity  to expose his lies, his defense of Barron Shepherd and... Well if Roley really wanted to prove his claims to being able to beat my ass... He'd have and still can make his attempt to sign up and step into a cage & contact Chris Smith to do so. More so, you can set up a Seminar in Beckley WV with Shidoshi-ho James Lilly (not sure if he is related to the same Lilly's tied to the Avenger MC and Kirks and Reddens) at the Kageyama Bujinkan Dojo make some money and prove you want to or can actually kick my ass...

See Don Roley, you are a liar and you are about to be exposed as a liar... Lets talk about Lexington Kentucky...

You issued this challenge to me via youtube.
Now I could argue, that if Some idiot Senior Grandmaster in the BDFS issues an order to other BDFS members to Dojo Raid your seminar, I was present to protect them legally. Thing is even Grandmaster Miskel has stated the "order" to Dojo Storm your seminar came from a senior grandmaster in the BDFS. We all know I am not a Senior Grandmaster in the BDFS. I am not even in the Black Dragon Fighting Society according to Hanshi Frank Dux... who is a senior grandmaster in the BDFS.

In fact, it is officially stated on Ashida Kim's web site... And on the BDFS facebook group.

Here is the statement on facebook...

See Don, this gets even funnier when Duncan Sanders posted my blog and pointed out I accused you of not knowing as much as you claimed you made this statement...

and for a closer look:

Yet, you have a couple of statements here which in interesting... First, you basically make excuses for why you didn't know about the picture of Iwata, Fujita and Mabani togather... You are overlooking the facts, that image was from a very inaccurate blog about Fujita Seiko and it contains two images of Fujita Seiko. These images are with the Japanese sources... If you actually, took the time to go back to Japan and visit the Iga Ninja Musium or Okinawa and train with some of the Shito Ryu masters who were former students of the Sokes of Shito Ryu who trained with Fujita Seiko instead of citing books which no one else can read. Much like your edition of Bansenshukai which is only based on the modern Japanese translation, because you don't have the knowledge to translate the older Japanese writings. Which means that if you happened have a source who got something wrong, much like Anthony Cummins pointed out with the Genin, Chunin and Jonin concept as a mistranslated statement by Fujita Seiko (which Takamatsu and Hatsumi wrongly claimed as part of Togakure Ryu Ninpo tradition). You don't have to know everything to be knowledgeable but, if you don't know something after claiming you know more then anyone online, you might want to check your information.

Secondly, Donald James Roley... You are caught in a lie about me, you say I showed up with 3 guys and videographer... Uh Donald... You were the one who wanted to set up your camera and thats why the filming starts when it does. It doesn't have the 5 seconds, when there was nothing between us but air and opportunity. More importantly, everyone in that place knows you wanted to set up a camera before you talked to anyone... Course, we both know you wanted it filmed so you would have evidence I came and challenged to you and that is why your pansy ass issued the challenge to come to your seminar & challenge you. I wasn't supposed to be in that group and I went so they would have a reason to be there... I didn't fight you because you set stupid rules, that needed to be on camera and if you would have tapped when I broke your arm or whatever, you would have grounds to claim I maliciously attacked you and interfered with your business by challenging you to fight me. You are the bitch who will never step into a cage with me, just Barron who tucked tail 3 times and, you even admitted you wouldn't step into a cage... That was your Hail Mary attempt to have something to legally defend yourself with.

None of you will fight and without some idiotic condition, like the whole we only stop when someone has to go to the hospital. That means you can tap out and if I don't break your arm or whatever, you can claim I lost because you didn't go to the hospital. Its the same pussy ass bull shit your God Takamatsu used to avoid challenges and the same that Phil Elmore so proudly touts about in his PDF because no one ever bought Shorthand Empy Hand.

And just like Posted in For Reek, there is messages between me and Grandmaster "Dumb Shit" proving I wasn't at your seminar or supposed to be there. Course if Senior Grandmaster Frank Dux, was disavowing me as part of concocted machination to further protect the BDFS you won't know... Until much later in our game.

Oh here are those screenshots...

Third, you claim you have a friend who can help you beat this for free... Careful there Donald, as for me claiming I was going to sue in the past well Don, if I was so full of shit why would you need to defend that claim. Unless you knew I have grounds to sue you like you blog about me; Frauds in Martial Arts & There Young Victims. Whats is fun about this Don, is that on April 24th 2012 you made statements trying to use news articles as proof, You then go onto to try to suggest, imply and even state "It is interesting that at just short of the five minute mark, Collins claims that his case was thrown out. Yet if you look at the following link to a news source,

It is quite clear that he was convicted of the charge. "
Because of a video I posted April 14th 2012 showing, the court documents and clarifying the evidence in the case. Now that shows your intent to defame me, manipulate public opinion and use false statements to defame my public image.

So before the law suit and the destruction of your credibility as a Martial Arts Researcher and getting labelled as someone without an agenda who lies on others. You are being exposed as a liar and a fraud Donald James Roley...

However, Don you have to wonder, all those Bujinkan people in Lexington KY, there when YOU wanted to record things and set up your camera either know you are a liar (because you are lying us bringing a videographer we only started recording when you wanted to record) and know you are a fraudulent researcher because in the 6 years that image has been online you never researched it. Hell you even implied I was racist because I confronted you with things you didn't know. But lets look at your other statements as well...

Oh we will get to that now... What's really funny Donald James Roley is that you seem to have just falled for another one of my little traps...
1. January 20th 2016 I posted Barron Shepherd... Proven a liar & a slander:
2. January 25th 2016 I posted When YOU ARE proven a liar... Showing that Barron Shepherd when proven a liar about my criminal background jumped up and started lying about the Military Award (I have a picture of the award and the awards paperwork. Both show Barron's claims to ne lies... This is intended to interfer with my teaching martial arts and selling the training materials I do sell online.
3. February 2nd 2016 I posted Scared lil Internet Trolls & Why Martial Arts Suck... This time pointing out how Barron Shepherd lied twice,  how I posted evidence he lied twice... And which lead to point four...
4. February 3rd 2016 I posted Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons: Barrons Bitching out from stepping into a cage with me. That's what started the whole Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons series of blog posts about Barry being a pussy and not fighting me. Quite embarrassing really...
5. February 5th 2016 I posted Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 2: The return of the Internet Bitches Spin... Now this is where I proved Raymond Locktoolz lied to me and tried to set up an unsanctioned fight in Florida and what made me think it was a an attempt to have me arrested. A set up if you will... This brings us to point six Donny and YOU.
6. February 5th 2016 YOU posted, A Would-Be Bully Gets Owned... This is 16 days after I proved Barron lied about my criminal history, 11 days after I proved Barron lied about my Award for teaching Hand-to-hand combatives, 3 days before I show cased Barron as a liar, 2 days before I pointed out Barron lied about my Challenge and claiming I never called Chris Smith and same I proved that Barron Shepherd fraudulently attempted to arrange a unsanctioned fight (that is illegal) and did so claiming online I threatened him (set up)... And here you are lying for Barron Shepherd and slandering my good name.

Gotcha douche wad! You appear to not only protecting Barron by reinforcing his lies... In fact, Don you specifically mentioned Barron while supporting his lies and that shows collaboration, conspiracy and collusion. See Don "victory" in Lexington marks you only an internet tough guy and in court you will be exposed as a liar and fraud. You might have played Dux but, you didn't play me.

See its not the suing that matters, its the exposure of an organized conspiracy to defame and degrade anyone who might be competition for your martial arts cult or Paladin Press. Do that in a court of law and well...

Don't worry, this is the tip of the iceberg.


  1. Always "I'm going to" with you, isn't it Ron. You're going to do this or that. How about do it, then come back and write "I did..." Stop being a keyboard commando and get on with your life. In six months we'll still be hearing about how you're going to file a lawsuit. Get on with it. There's no barrier to you filing it now so do it.

  2. I been dealing with some issues but, its ok... Time is on my side... Yes, it is... Time is on my side... lol

    How do you know I didn't file on the 27th or the 26th and I am just waiting for the court papers to be delivered? Oh you don't do you, is the fear & dread of a law suit keeping you up at night?

    I mean I have already proven Barron os bitch who runs from me... Did it in Lexington when he backed out of Don Roley's lil seminar and before that in Charleston WV when he said he signed up but didn't show up... Cause he had to be in Lexington. I proved Don is a liar and a shit researcher. I proved Phil was trying to interfere with my business and that you are a pussy who won't use your real name...

    Ultimately, I have time and ots the week end enjoy your weekend. I am enjoying mine.