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Ninjas are Bullshit! The Root of the Problem.

I can see everyone reading this and thinking "WTF Now!?" Did Ron Collins the Black Dragon Ninjitsu guy just say Ninjas are Bullshit!? And the answer is, yes... yes, I did. Ninjutsu is the most bastardized system on the planet and you have to understand why and how...

Now don't go getting your happy in this, just yet. You see, when I say Ninjas... I mean every ninjutsu practicer on the planet is full of it. Allow me to explain this whole problem begins with Fujita Seiko "The Last Ninja." Now that title of "the last ninja" is a shorthand for what he was "the Last Ninja employed by Japan." So Fujita Seiko claims to have been a "ninja" and he tough ninjutsu at the Nakano Espionage School in Japan from the Bansenshukai. However, Fujita Seiko was a Japanese Naval Intelligence Officer. This means his was military intelligence, so to give you an idea there are 3 types of Mission Intelligence;

Tactical Intelligence is gathered, analyzed and prepared at the soldiers in the field level. This is things like using scouts to provide over watch security for a main force of soldiers on their way to engage an objective. If the scouts can find and mark enemy defenses on the map, the main forces can simply avoid them. If they need to hit one position with a raid to draw enemy for there to create an opening this is also produced at the Tactical Level.

Operational Intelligence deals with the support and planning of a strategic operation. So while tactical intelligence deals with providing an idea of what soldiers in the field will engage on their mission and how to complete the mission. Operational Intelligence deals with supporting them so that they can complete the mission and this branches into things like counter-intelligence (providing the enemy false or misleading information or outright denying them intelligence all to gather) operations.

Finally there is Strategic Intelligence, and this deals with forming a strategy to win the war. This comes into evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of an enemy and knowing how to attack them. This means examining the Economic Strength, Technological Strength, Military Strength and other aspects like diplomatic relations, national/religious ideologies and cultural traditions in this as well. A strategy is just a plan and a strategy is simply planning in reverse. Look at the end result and figure out what you have to do to reach that goal. Then what steps you need to take to reach that point and the steps needed to reach that point and you just keep doing.
Given that Fujita Seiko was an officer and an instructor at Nakano, I can pretty safely assume he was dealing with Tactical & Operational Intelligence. So Fujita Seiko was a Ninja Master & a military intelligence officer. So he had the then modern equivalent job of being a ninja and a claim to a Ninjutsu lineage. Now if you understand what I am saying, its like saying you have Army Survival Training from SEREs School and all your merit badges from the boy scouts.

But, Fujita Seiko got some stuff wrong and tried to fill in his gaps with other systems of martial arts and other areas of study. There was a great deal of interest with the historical ninjutsu documents and Fujita Seiko even made a partial translation of the Bansenshukai in the 1930s as well as published his partial translation as Ninjutsu Hiroku (Secret Notes about Ninjutsu in 1936), in 1942 Fujita Seiko published Ninjutsu Kara Spy Sen He (From Ninjutsu to Spy Warfare) & in 1958 published Doronron: Saigo no Ninja. There is no translation for Doronron, it is an reference to a particular Taiko (drum) roll used in plays and Japanese theater when a ghost appears and disappears from stage. Saigo No Ninja means "The Last Ninja."  Doronron: Saigo no Ninja is a Japanese phrase for a Taiko drum series and words Saigo no Ninja or The Last Ninja. Fujits Seiko also produced a book on Naban Sato Ryu Kenpo in 1958 called Kenpo Gokui Atemi Sappo Kappo Meikai or The Technique to strike vital points from the kenpo to kill and revive. These same points are reference to Dim Mak points or Kyusho points. Different names but same arts. I have explained the intricacies of Kenpo as a Japanese term already, in Okinawan martial arts, they are drawn from Chinese White Crane Gung-fu which at the higher levels does teach Dim Mak. And Fujita Seiko's Naban Sato Ryu Kenpo was developed from Okinawan fighting systems. So it is possible that those who have read Fujita's works, as well as the many Okinawan martial artists he associated with might have used the Chinese term Dim Mak which was a reference to the original system used in Kung-fu.

Regardless Fujita Seiko was an instructor at the Nakano Espionage School and a Military Intelligence Officer in addition to being a "Ninja." Japan experienced a Ninja Boom in the media akin to the 1980s ninja boom in American media and cinema. Fujita's book Ninjutsu Kara Spy Sen He states that ninjutsu is in essence a form of espionage or intelligence warfare. Je was an intelligence officer and as such will always be the Last Ninja to serve the Japanese Government.

However, the 1960s Ninja Boom in Japan used to hype, the folk image of the Ninja as a Sorcerer or Magician who could fly, shape shift into animals, become invisible or summon demons. Fujita Seiko had no proof of his claim to ninjutsu and he mixed other elements to said ninjutsu. One such element was the addition of Shugendo.

Now this comes from a friend in Japan who has visited the Yamabushi temple in Togakoshi village in Japan. Shugendo and the Yamabushi, specifically those Yamabushi have no connection to ninjutsu except for that a Ninja trained with them a ninja named Fujita Seiko. Fujita Seiko mixed the Yamabushi art of Shugendo, the way of gaining great mystical power. Many people doubted Fujita Seiko and many researchers noted that Fujita's demonstrations of ninjutsu was simply common Yamabushi demonstrations of their mystical powers, by historical researchers in Japan.

Now it could be speculated that Fujita Seiko was playing the role of a entertainer to gather information about the crowd via observations and then tell them these observations. It is also possible that Fujita Seiko lacking the training of a true ninja used Shugendo to supplement said training to allow him to go without food, sleep and withstand long periods of discomfort. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Regardless the Yamabushi temple in Togakoshi is important because Takamatsu "misspelled"  the kanji calling it Togakure, as in Togakure Ryu and, claiming an older lineage to a non-existent school of ninjutsu. Takamatsu blended elements of his Kukishenden Ryu, pirated from the Kuki family's shrine and his transcribed copies of the Kuki family scrolls. Bastardizing the Kuki family tradition with elements of his own made up Shugendo style and created 5 other schools of martial arts, including two other schools of ninjutsu. I have already addressed the incestuous nature of these 5 schools coming from Toda Shinryuken (who was a bone setter, like Hatsumi which is only one point of reference that Hatsumi might have conspired with Takamatsu to create this Ninja Mythology).

Now it should be noted that there is a pattern here that shows that Takamatsu used Fujita Seiko's research, and to a native Japanese it would be easy to follow Fujita's research. As well as the work of other researchers...

Fujita Seiko says he learned Ninjutsu from his grandfather...

Takamatsu claims he learned ot from his grandfather or, uncle, accounts vary, named Toda Shinryuken.

This isn't important... But, other similarities exist...

Fujita Seiko adds Shugendo to fill in gaps in his Ninjutsu training and trains at the Yamabushi temple in Togakushi Japan.

Takamatsu claims his ninjutsu is Togakure Ryu from Togakoshi and claims a link to the Yamabushi in Togakushi Japan. This means that Takamatsu is claiming his Ninjutsu is older then Fujita Seiko's ninjutsu and comes from the same root and claiming that he (Takamatsu) gained full transmission means he is insinuating a purer and more complete form of ninjutsu. The issue is the Yamabushi of Togakoshi claim no connection to Ninjutsu, except that Fujita Seiko trained with them and added their brand of Shugendo to his Ninjutsu.

This goes into the bastardized form of Kukishin Ryu Kenpo (kanji here means Sword Law) which refers to the a Sword Combat art and a combat philosophy as well, called Togakure Ryu Ninpo. It is important to note I have addressed this in the past in detail here. So Takamatsu attached his art to Fujita Seiko for legitimacy by claiming an older tradition and using Fujita's research as a base.

Shugendo however also applies a similar philosophy of facing danger to gain enlightenment. These ritualistic tests of courage and endurance are known as Shugyo, such as piercing the body with needles and meditating under waterfalls in mod winter. Shugenja also embark on a dangerous pilgrimage known be the same name, which involves passing along dangerous mountain paths and praying to various gods (kami) at different shrines along the way. Regarded as a form of sorcerery this has nothing to do with the Art of Military Strategy or Ninjutsu the art of espionage, though it might as well...

However, like Takamatsu many modern Ninjutsu schools copy this Shugendo link to Ninjutsu. Additionally, many Bujinkan trolls online began harassing those claiming ninjutsu and demanding they prove their lineage (something Takamatsu couldn't do) and stating that all other ninjutsu schools should resemble their art. Many people did exactly that copying the Bujinkan theme of Ninjutsu.

This is all made up by the way... As the only connection to Shugendo and the Yamabushi is Fujita Seiko. This makes Hatsumi's ninja museum in Togakushi Japan look like a stunt to appear legitimate, especially given that Kawakami of the Koga Ban Ryu (not proven either) would be named an expert by the Iga Ninja Museum. Creating the additional conflict that the Iga Ninja Museum says ninjutsu is not a martial art but ancient Japanese espionage methods.

Fujita Seiko was a Naval Intelligence officer who acting served in Japan's military and as as an instructor at the infamous Nakano Espionage school.

Takamatsu spent many years in China and is claimed to have written letters home describing his spy missions for the Japanese government.

The Fujita Seiko and Takamatsu pattern:
1. Both men claim to have learned there art from a family elder...
2. Both men have a history of covert operations, Takamatsu claimed bt himself by writing letters home about his secret ninja missions in Japan. Fujita Seiko by enlisting in the Japanese Navy and training covert and clandestine operations operators at the Nakano Espionage School.
3. Both men apply certain "mystical practices" to their arts.
4. Both were amateur researchers, Takamatsu copying the Kuki family scrolls, copying various ninjutsu documents available to the public. Fujita published a partial translation of the Bansenshukai, researched various other documents and even wrote books on Ninjutsu.

Where the pattern breaks up is that, Fujita Seiko having studied Naban Sato Ryu Kenpo had a certain respect and favored the Okinawan Kenpo (general term for any striking dominant art) and Kobudo arts as a martial arts system. This goes into Fujita Seiko's huge influence on karate.

Takamatsu and Hatsumi claim their art is better then Okinawan arts of Karate/Kenpo and Kobudo.

While Fujita's ninjutsu was claimed to be a partial study of the art, for which he researched historical documents and esoteric practices to fill in the gaps. Takamatsu researched the same historical documents and plagiarizing Fujita claimed a complete esoteric system of martial arts called ninpo.

The biggest difference is timing Fujita claimed his Ninjutsu before he even published his Partial Translation of the Bansenshukai in 1936. And thanks to Anthony Cummins research we know Fujita got some stuff wrong like the Genin, Chunin and Jonin rank structure of the ninja.

The 60's US Servicemen Ninja Connection:
What gets better is that US Servicemen and women stationed in Japan saw the cinema image of the Ninja during the Ninja Boom in Japan in the 1960s. Many were training in Shotokan, Judo, Aikido and so on.

When Americans showed an interest in Ninjutsu and the ninja. Some instructors offered classes on "ninjutsu." Their information came mainly from the Fujita Seiko's works and research.

For example, Ashida Kim claims he learned Ninjutsu from his Shotokan Instructor in Hawaii. That all he had to do was break a break, to prove he was skilled enough in Karate (which was offered only to Judoka as an advanced course on military posts).

The late great Ronald Duncan learned ninjutsu in the service and used it to create his Way of the Winds system of Koga Ryu Ninjutsu.

Mark Allen who only people in the local area will know, told he learned ninjutsu refering to it as "Japanese James Bond Bull shit." When he studied Karate in the US Army during his time with the 75th Rangers (only Ranger unit under USSOC, US Special Operations Command out of Fort Bragg in Greensboro North Carolina) during his service during Vietnam. As it provided an Asian doctrine of clandestine and covert warfare similar to what the Viet Cong were using.

This is why the Bujinkan, trolls online have demanded any "would be ninjas" online look like their style of fighting. Though it could be argued anyone using anything from the Fujita influenced systems would resemble established arts like Judo, Karate and Kobudo.

In fact, Fujita's association with Karate is why Donn F. Draeger in Ninjutsu The Art of Invisibility on page 75 refers to Karate as the Ninja's martial arts. In fact, the Takamatsu-den claims can also be viewed on page 76 when refering to te-kagi or hand claws.

Recreating Ninjutsu:
In recreating ninjutsu Fujita drew a lot from Okinawan martial arts,  which have an influence in Chinese Kung-fu and Wushu, as well as Okinawan peasant weapons like nunchaku, sai and kama. It's also possible the urban myth that Karate developed as a peasant fighting art, was also imposed on ninjutsu being invented as a peasant fighting art due to Fujita Seiko's influence.

Takamatsu however seems to have drawn elements from Chinese arts like Chinese Long Fist Kung fu and did invent some rather interesting tools. Te-kagi for example are rather useless for scaling castle walls almost useless for climbing trees but obviously influenced by modern ice hooks used in ice houses. The Shoge is another ingenious ninja device invented by Takamatsu. The Shoge's name means to "run over hills and valley's" influenced by the mitsukagi or three hooked spear mentioned in the Bansenshukai, used to thrust and hook enemies in battle but also to hook onto trees and ledges or stabbed into the ground and pull the shinobi up for traveling up mountain passes. And single hook grappling hook. The Shoge of Takamatsu's design is unique weapon which could be used in the same or similar manner. Best of all it could be easily concealed. And of course always wanting to be unique Takamatsu claimed a 3rd unique item, the four pointed shuriken unique to Togakure Ryu.

Addressing the long fist kung fu aspects, all kung fu can be classed as long fist or short fist striking arts. Long fist kung fu is associated with striking with the lead hand. According to Takamatsu two of his incestuous five arts, are Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu which os the parent art of Koto Ryu Koppojutsu. Gyokko Ryu is a long diatance striking art... Much like Paochui Chaun or Cannon Fist which uses the lead hand like a spear to strike from distance using the advantage of long reach. Koto Ryu claims to be a close range style and both schools claim a lineage centuries before the Japanese codified their arts into fixed schools. With Gyokko being listed as an art brought to Japan from China to explain the similarities. The infamously unique skills of Chinese Chin Na or grappling arts also includes Dim Mak or pressure points (another reason for the ise of the term Dim Mak). The muscle and tendon tearing chin na, is called Fen Jin or Zhua Jin Chin Na. The basis of Gyokko Ryu Kushijutsu and Koto Ryu Koppojutsu seems to focus on the bone misplacing or Cuo gu, which involves not only joint manipulation/destruction, but also the striking the weak points in the bone structure such as the xyphoid process or the floating ribs.

Aspects not seen in Japanese Jujutsu because the samurai wore armor and related more to the Chinese arts Takamatsu would have studied in China. Arts Takamatsu would have wanted to claim as Japanese because the of Ultra Nationalist attitude of the Japanese in the late 19th and early 20th century. Claiming to know Ninjutsu or its "Higher Order" Ninpo to make a quick buck or get some notoriety would also allow Takamatsu to invent some schools tied to his study of Chinese arts and systems in the decade he spent in China.

So if you are looking at Ninjutsu thinking it is all bull shit. Now you know why and what all the childish drama is over... Frauds declaring others, and yes... Other frauds, frauds.  All to hide the truth that they are frauds. Ninjutsu and Ninja lineage claims are all Bull Shit... So called "Ninjas" are either liars or lied to.

Stay tuned for Ninjas are Bullshit! Black Dragon Ninjitsu & Omoto Ryu Budo...


  1. Ron you ignorant slut. Let us just look at the first major mistake you make in this blog. So, you say Fujita Seiko was a naval intelligence officer. Really? Boy, you are stupid. I translated his autobiography. I know more about him than any native speaker of English. And nowhere did he say he was that. No Japanese source I have run across says that he was part of naval intelligence.
    Go back to your crazy conspiracy theories. They are more amusing than this sort of thing.

  2. Yes... Resort to name calling ot shows your maturity level. Ok so one source I have says Naval Intelligence and another says Army (50/50 shot really). Regardless aren't you the person who for years claimed Fujita Seiko taught Kenpo at Nakano and that all claims to him teaching Ninjutsu were made up by frauds...

    That was until the historical ninjutsu research team dug into the facts in Japan and Anthony Cummins dug up evidence of what was taught there.

    So you basically are part of the problem, that Another Bujinkan cultists lying to cover up Takamatsu and Hatsumi's fraudulent claims to Ninjutsu. Like the claim linking Togakure Ryu to the Yamabushi in Togakushi, which tosses out almost everything taught about Bujinkan lineage and the roots of ninjutsu.

    Or are you upset I mentioned how Gyokko Ryu resembles Chinese Cannon Fist Kung fu and Chin na muscle tearing methods but its Koto Ryu Koppojutsu is claimed an off shoot of Gyokko Ryu but attackes different points, also based on Chin Na other arts which is a close range and that both are taught togather... Like long fist and short fist kung fu? Pao Chaun or Cannon Fist is a long fist style that looks just like the Bujinkan's striking style. How odd...

    LMFAO thanks for the laugh.

  3. No Ron, he wasn't army intelligence either. You show your complete ignorance and willingness to talk about things you have no idea about.
    I never said he taught kenpo at the academy. Again, you lie. Just as you lie about your own training, experience and the Takamatsu-den.

  4. Dumb ass... Your a liar Don and a fraud. You've spread lies about me and now you are lying about Fujita Seiko. You and the Bujinkan instructors like you, the internet trolls and all the rest are nothing but mouth pieces for that fraud in Japan Hatsumi.

    Much as I pointed out above Takamatsu claimed to have an older tradition from the same Yamabushi temple that Fujita Seiko trained at. Anthony Cummins and your mini me Dean have already proven that Takamatsu used a Kishu Ryu document for writing his Togakure Ryu scroll. The real reason you left Japan is because while you were there attacking people like Ashida Kim; so Hatsumi could claim to be the sole source of all ninjutsu, you would lose any law suit or could even be charged criminally under Japanese law. Article 230-1 of Japan's Criminal Code specifically...

    According to friends of mine in Japan, Hatsumi uses Americans in the Bujinkan just like you who do everything they can to declare everyone else a fraud and ignore the fraudulent roots of the Bujinkan even allowing you to claim there is no other source of "legitimate ninjutsu" except through the Bujinkan and that you have to have a Bujinkan lineage to "legitimate." Sounds like a racketeering scam to me but, all I have to do is hit you up in court Don. Prove you lied about me and let those in Japan get copies of what I have now plus, the court records and a few people in Japan have grounds to go after Hatsumi and the Bujinkan Hombu.

    Thanks for playing and see you in court.

  5. Buwahahaha! Boy you are wrong on so many points. And when your are shown to be wrong, you double down instead of admitting it. Hence the reason you have never learned from your mistakes and grown at anything of note.
    I am not quaking in fear over your threat to sue me.

    1. Don you didn't prove shit... You are a liar and offered no proof to substantiate your claim. Provide proof, please?

      I am not going to take you at your word.

  6. Ron,

    I know you have threatened to sue Don. Let me just say that suing someone for libel or defamation is difficult. I know from experience. I was sued by Rod Sacharnoski of Juko Kai years ago. That case went absolutely nowhere. If you think this is going to give you some redemption for whatever has transpired between you and Don, i'm afraid you are up for some disappointment. You would have to prove that you have, in fact, lost money from the comments Don has made about you, and that is just not going to be easy. Probably should have taken advantage of the opportunity you had in Lexington...

  7. Jeff,

    I have to split this up so sorry for the long and multiple replies.

    1. I don't care about Lexington... Don won I admitted it. I backed out and that was all theatrical bull shit to make up fpr his fellow liar and slanderer Barron Shepherd bitching out of coming to Ruckus in the Cage and dropping of attending Don Roley's seminar on Lexington after I said I we could meet their. 6 hours afterward matter of fact.

    Screenshots are here...
    Even then his challenged was based on a previous statement by me that I wasn't going to come to his seminar because I felt he was trying to entrap me. Still do and I even explained I was there because someone else ordered the Dojo Storm. Grandmaster Miskel even confirms this and drops a hint to the actual individual behind it here;

    My goals were simple;
    A. Not have the BDFS legally involved criminally or otherwise.
    That meant since Roley challenged me, I was invited and nothing can be done about our presence interupting his seminar.

    B. Protect my law suit... Because this is the point. As for able to prove monetary damages I can and when Don loses the case at a minimum he is responsible for paying all court costs and thats fine with me. Because at a minimum I will prove he is liar and has slandered my name and having to court post a retraction on his site is enough for me. Well its not enough but, it is an acceptable minimum.

    There is some other stuff there I am not going to tell you. But, well thats enough to say for now on that.

    C. I can easily prove Don Roley made bold faced lies up about my prior charges and events surrounding them. I can easily prove Don Roley colaborated with Phil Elmore and Barron Shepherd on spreading those lies.

    1. D. I am in a bit of a financial bind, right now due to the court battles with a corrupt system. However, I needed time and room to breath. I got it by playing the online challenge game with Barron and Roley.

      It was easy, they ate pussies and want to see me locked up. So many of their games is built around that on factor. All it took was saying I wasn't going to sue and would rather fight them. Then Barron played his lil trap of trying to set me up with a 3rd party brokering the challenge and Barron crying I was threatening him online. Expose that and get Barron to admit he signed up (he didn't but why say you are if you didn't publicly?). Then I showed up and BSd with the fighters, signed up as a stand in and almost had to fight a BJJ blue belt. His opponent showed so I didn't fight.

      However the videos and such "poking and prodding" him was enough. Since Barron said he would fight me (removing the false self-defense claims of me threatening him, which I didn't), all I had to do was return to the original offer to fight him in Lexington KY on nuetral ground. Watch him run and back out of Lexington. Their whole goal was to get me in a legal bind by being at their event.

      Now as I said before while Phil's troll accounts, Barry and Patrick prattled away trying to get me to threatened or state my intent to fight Roley. I didn't...

      I said there was plenty of nuetral ground between me and Roley or me and Barry or fuck it both right? All Roley had to do IF he wanted a fight was to name a location. Did Roley name a location? No... He challenged me to come to his event (banking on my previous statement that I wouldn't come to his event) and he baited a dumb ass into sending BDFS members to face him. As the challenge to challenge him was pussy footing around and avoiding any honest attempt at a fight. Even his "rules" that we only stop when someone is hurt so bad they have to go to the hospital was an attempt at entrapment since that would have made the injury from the assault a felony and we both would have been guilty of assault but I would have been a felon after proving Don a liar about me being a felon online.

      So I attended and let him talk shit to my face. I initial plan was to allow Don to such dumb shit as I predicted he would do the night before to one of the BDFS grandmasters. I planned to show up after the event and answer Don's challenge to challenge him by doing on YouTube live and watch him talk shit. When a certain dumbass sent people to the event, I went and changed my plan to just walk in and hit him. I hesitated when I realized I was just giving him what he wanted.

      So Don got his token online victory but, I am still free to run my business, stand up to his lies online and file a law suit that regardless of financial restitution will provide court documents that Don Roley is a liar & did in fact defame me.

      Since this collaboration spans years (over a decade), I can also use the criminal actions of Phil Elmore and Patrick Ferrari under RICO to request Federal Prosecutor to pursue criminal charges but RICO has a civil statute as well. Roley os only 1/3 of the planned law suit.

      Its all internet tough guy challenge bullshit and that os Don's area of expertise. If he really wants to fight just let me know and I will have Chris Smith set something up.

  8. You had no intention of ever fighting me because we both know I would win. And you have no intention of bringing a lawsuit against me, because I would win. It has been six weeks and you keep talking about it to explain away why you backed out but take no action. As time goes on and on and people see no action is being taken, they can see it as a face saving move for themselves.

  9. Then since you are the successful guy with all money and I am the poor (literally) "fraud." Why didn't call me out to neutral ground, pussy? No you were hiding behind the safety of the law and your seminar. Why not just name nuetral ground where we were both criminally responsible and if obe went to jail we both would have went to jail? Right... Cause you were scared of me.

    I can't prove you're a lying sack of shit from a jail cell and its been 6 weeks... Who cares if it's been 6 months, as long as keep typing all your doing is adding fuel to fire. Defending your lies only gives me more ammo for court and Donny boy... Am I gonna make a spectical out you. You like to put on a show and so do I, difference is I have survived worse and I have beaten worse then you.

    See its not about who is bigger and badder, rank or how badass someone thinks I am. Its about the show, its about the substance. You're all show.

    You never mention your rank and hide behind the rank isn't important to me crap because rank is important to you. You define yourself by it, you live vicariously through the exploits of history and your lineage (as made up as it is) is your "proof" of how awesome you are. And you are a pathetic geek with narcissistic personality disorder and anti-social personality disorder, by my guess but I am no clinical psychologist. You are weak, you've always been weak and you always will be weak.

    To me rank is something an organization awards you. A 10th Dan in Tae Kwon Do and a blue belt in BJJ aren't the same things because they are two different arts from two different organizations. Hell even rank in two different BJJ or Karate organizations isn't the same thing. Not all schools recognize the rank of other schools. To you ot a badge of skill and ability... I survived my crazy life, thats enough for me. You well, you try to pretend that you don't care about rank but need it to define you. You're a joke...

  10. Boy, you really have gone off the edge. I made it clear that I was quite willing to beat you so bad that you would go to the hospital as long as I didn't go to jail. And I could have done that if you had walked onto the mat instead of turning tail and showing the world you are a coward, like most bullies. You showed up, expecting me to be intimidated by the Black Dragon guys you brought along. I wasn't, you pussied out and now all the world can see that your talk of a lawsuit is just your way of trying to explain your cowardice away.

  11. Don your a bitch, you've always been a bitch... You want to fight me then prove it, step into a cage and neither of us go to jail. You can beat my ass as proof but, you said it you don't want to go to jail...

    Well Don, you have to two options same two you always had, really.
    A. We can step into a cage, perfectly legal and prove you can beat my ass or...
    B. We can play the internet tough guy game and throw out challenges hiding behind the law & the net because, you're afraid to go to jail...

    If you want to street fight, you have to do it in situations where you risk going to jail, that's why its called street fighting because its fighting in the street without rules. Without rules and a sporting context, its assault and battery, you moron.

    I am not a senior grandmaster in the BDFS, I didn't bring anyone to intimidate. I told you why I was there.

    You don't want to accept my (how you say it) "excuses" because, it taints your "show victory" of seeing me back down. You want to level challenges but don't want to go to jail. Then why not level a challenge to step into a cage? Right, I've answered those in the past and Barry never showed.

    Do you realize that your bitch ass just admitted everything I said with that one line? You admitted you are not a warrior or even a fighter, you are coward trying to put on a show for the lineage wannabes online and act tough.

    Tell you what... If I was a pussy who cares what excuses I made? You do because you are trying to show how manly and tough you are. Pussies make excuses and if you are a "bad ass" who argues with a "pussy" because they are making "excuses" for why "you won," you aren't a bad ass and you know you didn't win.

    Your "victory" wasn't in backing me down, it watching me go to jail so I couldn't call you a liar. So I couldn't build my business or point out how Barron Shepherd backed down from me online 3 times and tried to set me up to go to jail. All you can do to set me up is try to see me arrested, which since you admitted to it proves that point. If you're goal was watch me back out and prove how weak and pathetic I am, bitch you wouldn't need to argue that point. If your goal was to beat me up, you would have hit before the cameras started rolling and before Steve started talking when I just stood in your face. But, you didn't and according to KY had every right to and could have done so under self-defense. You don't want to fight, you want to look like you want to fight.

  12. You had a chance to step into a ring, and you proved you were a bitch. I am not traveling out there with the intent of getting in a cage with you, only to have you pull out again. There has never been a conspiracy or intent to put you in jail. My only plan was to beat you silly on film to prove just how unskilled you are. And you know just how unskilled you are, which is why you wouldn't go through with it. Now people all over the world is laughing at you. Not as good as beating you silly, but I will take what I can.

  13. Boy Don, you done fucked up now. See, first we will start with the lies I've caught you in now.

    1. That Barron backed out after I said me and him could meet in Lexington. And that Patterick Ferrari tried to get me to threaten you...

    2. That Barron backed out Lexington after I said Her and I could meet there and, I said you'd react exactly like I said I would. And that I wouldn't attend, we've already covered a Senior Grandmaster ordered the raid, why I did the opposite of what I said I was going to do.

    As for the Conspiracy, will people see you're lying cover for Barron. Why everthing played out as it, because I designed it to and what didn't and I will let see starting here;

    to here;

    And now after letting me prove you a liar, you say you won't step into a cage with me? Yeah... Don, I am not going to say you look like a bitch, no Don I will. Will say it makes you look like a bitch. It makes you look like a bitch...

    See the people who hate me will always hate me, the people who support me will always support me. But, are adding fuel to my fire.

    Because if you acted the way I said you'd act, before you took action and I told you how I would react. And I say I wouldn't have been there under those conditions, supported by documentation about it wasn't my idea. And the more you keep fighting about it, the mpre you look like you are hiding something... And now you won't step into a cage because you claim I backed out from Barron, which was the lie I proved was lie second, reforcing that you lied when you said I backed out of Lexington because I wasn't even gonna show and why. Proving I predicted your actions before you made them, in Lexington and reinforcing my claim to Someone else ordering the Dojo Raid.

    Which you deny because, its all you have to claim some kind of a victory. Which means I have evidence to prove my statements and you don't. It also means a basic stalemate because your supporters will always believe you and mine will always believe me.

    Now, you won't fight me in the cage and you know I will sue you. You know I already won and all you can do os hope the corrupt assholes here get me first. But, I've fought them to a stalemate as well and they won't defend you. You going to lose and you know it? Will the Bujinkan support you if they know you've been proven a fraud and a liar? Will paladin press?

  14. You won't step out onto a mat to let me beat you silly and now you expect me to take your talk of a challenge to get into a cage seriously? Ha! No one is taking you seriously. Everyone can see this is just you trying to save face in a manner as effective as you always are. You have never succeeded in anything, and this attempt to make me look like a coward when people all over the world are laughing at that video of you backing out is just the latest example.

  15. Those wheels are just spinning, aren't they Ron? You tucked dick and ran when you had the chance to fight and it has been eating away at you since. Maybe your therapist or case worker can help you overcome the feelings of inadequacy.

  16. See problem is Don, Pat... I don't care. Like I said "You won." Sadly its just not important to me to and Don who cares if I am trying to save face. If I am so full shit what do have to worry about? If people all over the world are laughing at me why aren't you just laughing with them. Why do you feel the need to prove you've won when, its as clear as you say?

    I don't need to make you look like coward. You already did that, you are a fuckin coward. Lets be clear Don, I have already proven Barron a Liar, proved Phil a liar & that he interfered with my business operations. I made Barron look like a bitch when he and Phil tried to set me up, made him look like a bitch again when he said he signed up for Ruckus in the Cage and didn't show. I made him look like a bitch a third time when I wanted to meet him in Lexington.

    So now you're trying to defend him... So you ignorant twat, I am not trying to make you look like a coward (thats your fear talking), what I want and what you are doing is making yourself look corrupt, untruthful and untrustworthy.

    I know your a coward, whole world knows it but, what I want is to show how unethical and untrustworthy you are. You do that trying to defend Barron's lies. See you boys think as long as you defend one another you are safe, reality is denying evidence, ignoring tje truth and telling the same lies, by not betraying each other you prove your conspiracy. And you prove how weak you are?

    I systematically went after each and everyone of you. Slow, methodically and according to a plan. A plan I wrote in Never Back Down and a plan people are watching to come out now.

  17. Buwahahahaha!
    Ron, the entire world knows this campaign by you is only to try to save face and excuse away you turning tail. You have no case to prosecute me with and I have no fear of ever seeing you in a court room. Your entire life is a lie, the secret cage matches, the training by mysterious old Japanese men, etc. I say that sort of thing loud and often and because it is true, you have no case. Hell, just the fact that you can't accept you were wrong about Fujita tells the world volumes about you.

  18. Then why defend your victory Don? If all I am doing to making excuses for why I "chickened out" why do you feel the need to come here and defend those excuses?

    Unless, your afraid people will think you didn't win, that my withdraw was a tactical retreat to preserve my strategic goals.

    I provided evidence concerning your lies and now you are sticking to your "strong points" or what you think they are...

    Lets deal with those...
    1. Secret Cage Fights: There was no cage dumb ass. My mom and I were homeless on account of mom's ex-boyfriend stalking her and threatening us. To get some extra cash I used to fight for money. Mostly, drunks, gangbangers and drug addicts. Hardly secret ninja spy missions in China like Takamatsu or Frank Dux Kumite claims. Unlicensed fighting isn't new to the world.
    2. Kioshi Omoto didn't train me, he finished trained after Reginald Martin, who started training me, died. The bigger problem you have is that thanks to the research of Anthony Cummins we all know how full of shit the Bujinkan is.

    Forget Takamatsu's bull shit claims Kirkland Peterson in Mind of the Ninja cites, Hayes and Hatsumi claims the Bansenshukai is a spiritual text like the Tibetan book of the dead. Addressing your hokey ninja pseudo-shugendo martial arts cult.

    And you are a God Damned liar about Fujita as well. As for no case, you don't get it do you Don. I can prove you lied about criminal history and the details of my case. I cam take you into court and destory your credibility as a fraud buster... Which calls into question your credibility as a researcher as well.

    All your claims as an expert washed away and a court order forcing you to admit you lied and defamed my good name publicly on your own website.

    By the time the ripple effects from that spread you won't care about going to jail for fighting me & best of if you don't do what you are ordered to do by the courts you face federal contempt of court charges. Provided the Federal Prosecutors don't take criminal action against you.

    Is if the whole world os laughing at me, let them... I will be laughing the whole world soon enough. Happy Thanksgiving and I know its early but Merry Christmas Don.

  19. Ha ha ha! You didn't do any fighting against anyone. You wouldn't even get on the mat with me you were so scared. You kept hugging yourself in clear body language that you wanted to run away. The same goes for you claims of training in anything ninja related, or probably any martial arts training. People can see you are lying about that as well after you bitched out in Lexington.
    As for Fujita Seiko and my reputation as a researcher, that is secure. Anyone that can read Japanese can see that what I say is confirmed in Fujita's own autobiography, which of course I have translated and sell. You talk out of your ass about things like him, Takamatsu and of course your own history.

  20. Haha... Don you are the one defending your "victory" its all you have. Some internet sideshow by a bitch who won't even put an address for where he teaches.

    Don't worry Don, you can fish all you want but, I won't reveal all my cards just yet. You can pump yourself up but we both know you're glad I didn't step on the mat.

    See you're a liar and I will prove it, later today or maybe tomorrow when when post part 2 to this blog series. Don't cry now cup cake...

  21. I look forward to more mirth at what you write. And if you wouldn't get on the mat with me when I came out to your time zone, why should I post where I teach? Are you planning on shooting me from the shadows?

  22. Hey Don... Hey Don... Guess you better look at the facts bitch.