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Ninjas are Bullshit! Black Dragon Ninjitsu & Omoto Ryu Budo.

So when I addressed the root of the problem, i stated Fujita Seiko was a Naval Intelligence Officer, in Ninjas are Bullshit!  The root of the Problem. Don Roley disputes this... Calling me a slut, obviously not knowing when I called him a whore not to long ago I was calling him a sell out, for sale.

Actually, a translation of an article on Fujita Seiko I had found online years ago said Fujita was a Naval Intelligence Officer but the Nakano Espionage school was an Army facility. So there are debates concerning this... Especially, considering a biography on Motokatsu Inoue, the founder of Yui Shin Kai Karate, mentions Fujita Seiko's military record only vaguely.

However, in order demonstrate Don Roley's taste for falsifying information to substantiate his claims (God knows he's lied on me enough) I was hoping I could manipulate him into making a false statement concerning Fujita Seiko. I did just that...
       Here is an image of Fujita Seiko, on the left is Fujita Seiko during his time as a Holy Man when he was believed to be a "Living God" (One more thing Takamatsu has tried to mimic, well Hatsumi crediting to Takamatsu in common with copying Fujita Seiko's legacy). On the image to the right are three men standing together, in the middle is Fujita Seiko in what appears to be a M98 or 98shiki Gun-i World War II Japanese Army uniform... One to the left is Iwata & to Fujita's right Mabuni. Guess Don Roley just ran straight into that one didn't he..?

Because once we come to deal with the issue of modern ninjutsu, which has a different set of issues in dealing with historical ninjutsu, you start to see it is a lot of Bull Shit. One, get the idea of a traditional or koryu ninjutsu system out of your head. All ninjutsu is a modern recreationist system, with a few Koryu bujutsu systems containing ninjutsu as an auxiliary area of study.

Whether it is something Takamatsu and Hatsumi invented in Japan or whether it is something I invented in training with others who invented their own styles of Ninjutsu, or just someone making something up and calling it ninjutsu comes the issue that we cannot rewrite or change History. Historical ninjutsu is a constant, it is history that has passed by on that constantly flowing river we call time & been recorded as the past.

Two, the roots of any system of modern ninjutsu whether in Japan or in the US do not change the reality of historical ninjutsu. That all we have of historical ninjutsu is written documents & a few Okuden (Oral Traditionals) of one or two, Samurai Koryu systems; such as Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu. Studying Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu isn't likely to provide you with access to Ninjutsu but, Koryu (literally Old School) Bujutsu; Swordsmanship, Staff, Spear, Halbred, Shuriken and Jujutsu.

I state all this because, much like with Don Roley above there is a great deal of misinformation and disinformation spread about ninjutsu, from the Bujinkan. Since ninjutsu is so heavily bastardized in both America and Japan it does little good to concern yourself with it as a whole. If you want stories of ninja, then their are more fictions and folktales in Japan then in American 80s cinema. Many of these folktales extend to the Ashuka era and beyond. As well as, real events in history. You don't need to study ninjutsu to learn them.

It was one thing that Kioshi Omoto (Westernized Pronunciation) used to always remark on. His Dojo in Canada was called Omoto Ryu Jujitsu and Budo. His brother called it simply Koga Ryu Ninjutsu or Koga Ryu Omoto Ha. It was system of martial arts, philosophy, tactics and strategy.

The thing is I only met Kioshi's brother once, and that was at his son in law's house, in Charlotte, North Carolina. He told me these fantastic stories of secret Yakuza ninja clans and his family being in the Kokuryukai. All stories I wanted to believe, because I wanted them to be true.

Anyone of my haters already knows I stated years ago almost a decade ago I stated the Omoto Ryu system was originally taught using a simple systems of titles that was a reflection of traditional ranking in martial arts. These were Deshi (student)  and Sempai/Sensei (senor student/teacher) and Shihan (Master). What was a Sempai to the Shihan was a Sensei to the Deshi.

As a belt system this Kyu Grades (Deshi), to a Dan Grade (Sempai/ Sensei)  and a Godan (5th Dan) was a Shihan. As the Menkyo system this is a Deshi ranging from an Okuiri someone who begins training to a Mukyu (no grade) and continues on to 6th Kyu, to a Mokuroku or, Certificate, Holder. This is split between a Shomkuroku (Basic Certificate) basic certification in the art (1st Kyu) and Gomokuroku or certification in advanced forms equal to Dan grades with a Menkyo teaching license issued to Shihan or Godan. All Jugaro Kano did was apply the school grades for students as martial arts rank, thus kyu-dan system and belt rank replaced Menkyo. It doesn't matter what ranking system you use, the issue of rank is one of ego and not content.

We have no Soke nor desire to mimic the Iemoto trade system, in Omoto Ryu. A friend of mine from the old days online before I was arrested and held in jail awaiting trial for terroristic threats, who was a Bujinkan member from the early days of Bujinkan, had heard of the Omoto Ryu Dojo in Canada & went looking for it. Only thing is Kioshi Omoto taught the art commercially, using the modern Kyu/Dan system.

All that needs to be known is that everything they (Reginald Martin & Kioshi Omoto) wished to teach me, had been taught to me. Adding to that Reg chose to use the title system, while Kioshi used the belt system because he was teaching commercially and I used both. Sadly, because this title system reflected the Menkyo system more closely, Don Roley took notice because I was not a native Japanese speaker and didn't even know about the Menkyo system back then. And me and Don go back to issues from 1999 when I first discredited his Koga Ryu is Dead article and brought up own systems faulty lineage claims from the early 2000s. Don has largely tried to remain in "hiding" (not confronting me) online. Instead letting his online following of paper tigers attack me using Barron and his own lies. Now we have been face to face with Don Roley having the issue that Black Dragon Ninjitsu has been proven closer to the Ninjutsu of the Bansenshukai or Shoninki then his own claimed "Legitimate Ninjutsu from Japan."

The big issues are that in the raw footage shows Don's Roley's major goal to make everything seem like the Bujinkan is the sole source of ninjutsu. Ignoring the many smaller Japanese martial arts schools which used Fujita's research mixed with Karate, Judo and/or Aikido.

Fujita was a supporter and endorsed Okinawan Karate and Kobudo. Among his associates were Iwata Manzo of Shito-Ryu Karate who was instructed to study under Fujita Seiko by Shito Ryu founder Mabuni Kenwa (of Okinawa), Satsoshi Saito who inherited Fujita Seiko's Shingetsu Ryu Shurikenjutsu and was Soke of Negishi Ryu Shurikenjutsu and other arts, Kenei Mabuni the second Soke of Shito Ryu and claimed student of Ninjutsu from Fujita Seiko (student not heir) and had been in contact with Funakoshi Guchin (founder of Shotokan Karate-do), Miyagi Chojun (founder of Goju Ryu Karate) and Motobu Chuki (founder of Motobu Ryu Karate or Okinawan-Te), since Mabunni Kenei was a child. Certainly Fujita Seiko had such an impact on Japanese Karate, it is not hard to see why some Japanese Karateka would study Fujita's written works and claim ninjutsu knowledge...

And here I was claiming a ranking structure similar to the Menkyo system, something that appeared creditable. How important is rank? Let me ask you what rank does a boxer have? They don't have rank, they have skills and get rank by fighting in their respective circuits. Like Kioshi told me when he awarded me my 5th Dan or Shihan ranking, "What I am giving you is a gift, the gift of knowledge. You must decide what to do with that gift and improve it for those you pass it on to."

And I have done exactly that, I made Omoto Ryu Budo my own art. I called it Black Dragon Ninjitsu because I was a member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society and Ashida Kim's Koga Hai Lung Ryu (a merger of Koga Ryu Ninjutsu and Hai Lung Gung Fu) resembled the Ninjutsu I studied, not in fighting techniques but in actual strategic skills. So even though Kioshi Omoto tried to set me up with Nine Shadows of the Koga Ryu in Canada and introduced me to Toshitora Yamashiro (Kenneth Sato, I never met the man as anything but Toshitora Yamashiro), to form a lose association because of my desire to learn & practice the mysterious art of Ninjutsu.

Because of this I named my school the Omoto Ryu Black Dragon Dojo. I added weapons like the shoge from the time I trained in the Bujinkan. I also added firearms training based off my army infantry training and developed a modern combat survival system. Even codified this work in Army of Shadows.

However, unlike Barron Shepherd, Don Roley and Phil Elmore... Who claim I never ran a commercial school, I present proof. My old business registration certificate.

Now the fact that I did own a commercial school, not counting when I was teaching at New River Park for free and eventually charged a whopping $5 a lesson back in 1999 or out of a spare bedroom in my apartment in 2011 and 2012. Is something so many want to deny online because it makes it easier to claim my art doesn't have merit, that it was never taught to anyone.

The fact that Black Dragon Ninjitsu, even as far as the first book published on the art (a thin pamplet) back in 2000, talked about herbal medicines and pyrotechnics in 2000 shows far more then martial arts. This booklet is still available (though out of print from Dojo Press), though never printed by Shadow Warrior Press. Remains a standard all its own. I still teach seminars on the very elements which make Black Dragon Ninjitsu unique compared to the Bujinkan; herbal medicine, survival training, pyrotechnics and psychological manipulation. This is why I created the American Kokuryukai so that non-Ninjutsu styles could train in paramilitary tactics and ninjutsu, without having to be a "Ninjutsu system."

Hell... I have even used that Psychological Manipulation online. First on Bullshido (whom Dux proved had Bujinkan roots) with the Force Recon Marine claim... That started as some idiot on Ashida Kim's old message board claiming some bad firearms training drills (right out the Bujinkan's doctrine) claiming it was taught in the USMC. When I disagreed, having just came from Paris Island (so I knew what was taught there) this anonymous person claims they were a Marine. So I one upped them by claiming to be a Force Recon Marine and for years all that the investigators did was try to trick me into admitting it to them. Course I had actual Marines and a former Force Recon Marine giving me information to throw them off.

Its a popular claim or was at the time, that Force Recon was the Marine Special Forces. US Army Special Forces, 75th Rangers, Navy SEALs and the Airforce PJs (?) are Special Operations because they are under USSOC or US SOCOM. U.S. Special Operations Command. The Marines (who wanted to be Special Operations prior to 2003) never had a Marine Special Operations branch, being a department of the Navy, they simply became Navy SEALs.

This meant Marine Force Recon was the equivalent of the US Army Rangers. Least until 2003 when MARSOC was created, Marine Corps Special Operations Command bringing the Marines under US SOCOM. Meaning no one who mattered Ashida Kim, my students or people in the real world heard that BS. No the truth didn't come out until I started dealing with Phil Elmore & disproved his arguement for Reality Based Self-Defense and why he didn't need to be physically fit. Something about old women learned to defend themselves and no one would tell them they were too old, so no one should tell him he was too fat. Phil's investigation proved that Bullshido never investigated. This was before Chuck Harden of POWNetwork was caught fabricating evidence that someone, who wasn't a fraud, was a fraud.

Even then Phil is quick to pretend he never tried to interfer with my business... I had a free public seminar on criminal violence & civilian counter terrorism oriented self-defense cancelled and commenced slandering my name online. This doesn't even count trying to have me arrested.

Even this time around these guys have filed complaints with the police about my possession of a firearm. Which I am legally allowed to do. All because of this Meme:
You see I proved Barron Shepherd a liar about my criminal history here and here. As a consequence proved Don Roley lied here and lied about his lies here (on his own site), with the same evidence I used against Barron.

You see I am a product of 90's Ninjutsu market. During the 90's there was a big push online to defame and disgrace people teaching Ninjutsu, people not in the Bujinkan. Even attacking those who broke from the Bujinkan like Robert Bussey.

The Bujinkan has had a habit of claiming their art was superior to Kung-fu, Karate, Aikido and Judo, even Japanese Jujitsu itself, to such an extent it was almost gospel. That was until Scott Morris in the UFC. Take Mind of the Ninja by Kirkland C. Peterson, with the forward by Stephen K. Hayes, published in 1986.
Here in selected page above we can see a few outright historical lies...
1. Comes a statement about how the skills of the Ninja, Ninjutsu, was considered "dark" or dishonorable by the ruling elite, the samurai.
Fact: We know, thanks to the research of Anthony Cummins & the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team, that Shinobi was a job and that samurai, elite samurai, were chosen to be shinobi or ninja. So there was no Ninja Vs Samurai, Ninja or, more properly Shinobi, were Samurai.

2. That the Bansenshukai is a spiritual text, like the Tibetan Book of the Dead or the Secret Teachings of the Sorcerer Don Juan.
Fact: The Bansenshukai is a pretty straight forward military text. With no mystical and quasi-mystical teachings. It can be compared to the Go Rin Sho (Book of Five Rings) or Sun Tzu's art of war, from which it claims to be drawn (and where Ashida Kim places the roots of ninjitsu in Secrets of the Ninja).

In fact, with careful examination we find additional lies told about the historical texts of the Bansenshukai.
Here, again Kirkland Peterson makes several comments concerning the historical text of the Bansenshukai.
1. That the second chapter dealt with the ninja's spirituality.
FACT: Chapter deals with spiritual matters much like the Hagakure deals with spiritual matters. It doesn't... The second chapter deals with psychological and philosophical aspects like motivation and personality traits, but not spirituality.

2. While I certainly agree with Kirkland Peterson that the ninja were not common Mercenaries and terrorists, I am aware they were in many ways Jizamurai warlords and mercenaries. Jizamurai or Kokujin, who where rural/country samurai and that the Iga and Koga domains where without a Shugo (Governor) making the area basically lawless and dominated by smaller constantly warring factions.
FACT: The "Ninja Families" of Iga & Koga were country samurai and professional soldiers in their time with many warriors supporting other forces in other wars outside their domain for the support of said domains they were aiding or supporting. Because their land was basically lawless, the Iga & Koga Jizamurai fought among themselves constantly, with continually shifting alliances and yes... They did hire themselves out as mercenaries or fight in support of third parties. From Fujibayashi's description there was little to no spiritual-philosophical prospective. Certainly they used Terrorist tactics of sabotage and arson.
According to the Bansenshukai the Iga & Koga, translation by Anthony Cummins & Yoshie Minami The Book of the Ninja page 25; "The people of Iga & Koka had never had a shugo governor and each clan was self-governing; they constructed small castles in each estate independently and had free rein. As having no shugo or a lord. there was not a governor to oversee them. There were numerous instances of them fighting each other to take away the other's land. Therefore, their main concentration was set on battles, each morning and every evening, and their life revolved around armament and defence. They would search for a gap within each other, send shinobi to infiltrate and set fire on each other's castles, get inside information on the enemy, interfere with the enemy's plans of alliance by disinformation, carry out raids or night attacks, and conduct strategy with innumerable changes to catch the enemy of guard."
From The Book of the Ninja goes on to say starting on page 25 and ending on page 26: "Therefore, the result was that they thought that, in order to defeat the enemy's greater forces by using a small number of people and defeating the hard and strong, it is best to use the flexible and supple, and nothing is better than the use of the shinobi to do this. Therefore, they had every samurai hone himself with the skill of the shinobi and the lower people or genin [kanji] learn in-nin or 'stealth' techniques."
A footnote on page 26 says that " appears that high-ranking people performed predominantly yo-nin as it required a high level of education; however, it is difficult to assess how much of each discipline the different classes learned."
So clearly, the term Iga or Koga no Mono (Man of Iga or Koga) was due to constantly warring smaller factions training their samurai (actually Jizamurai or Kokujin) in Shinobi no Jutsu (Ninjutsu) and using smaller strategic forces against their enemy.

3. That the fourth volume of the Bansenshukai, gets the Yo- or Yonin from the Chinese concept of Yang.
FACT: This is somewhat true, In is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese Yin. Yo is the Japanese equivalent of the Chinese Yang and Tao is the Chinese root of the Japanese Do. However, there is no deep philosophical concept to Innin, which is gathering information while being openly observed.
In Volume Eight, titled Yo-Nin (Page 100 of Book of the Ninja) the Bansenshukai says "Shinobi no jutsu consists of yo-jutsu and in-jutsu. Yo-jutsu in to infiltrate the enemy in plain sight with elaborate plans of ingenuity, while  in-jutsu is to 'steal in,' hiding yourself from people's eyes. In this volume are written the techniques to infiltrate by inventing innumerable plans which should be ever changing according to the situation, and finding and taking advantage of any gap within the enemy while you are in plain sight - that is why it is titled yo-nin."
Why is it important that these historical inaccuracies are being taught in the Bujinkan? Because not only are they providing false information concerning Ninjutsu and Japanese history to advertise their "Ninpo" but, they are doing so while attacking others for either doing the same thing or avoiding spiritual (religious cult) aspects of a ninja themed Eastern Religion, by talking about skills.

What makes this even more tragic is that Takamatsu and Hatsumi are Japanese and have no reason to provide such false information, except to take advantage of ignorant Western minds. This is the type of mysticism which Count Dante/John Keehan fought against in his denouncing of Eastern Martial Arts.

Add to this that Black Dragon Ninjitsu is a tested system used to confront corrupt cops, lawyers and judges and that the personal attacks, libel and slander against me are used to not only discredit me but, to cover up for my exposure of the Bujinkan's lies. Lies intended to proclaim the Bujinkan (Takamatsu-den) as the sole source of ninjutsu in the world.

I don't claim to have never been arrested. I don't claim to speak Japanese or not have been associated with criminals. In fact, back in the early 2000s I said I learned in a McDojo that awarded me a black belt before I hit puberty. I also said I wasn't concerned with rank because I had used my martial arts in the real life, this did include some "underground" fighting events as a teenager.  When I spoke of being in a family of criminals, even been in a local gang in Charlotte, North Carolina and having fought in "underground fights" for money as a teenager because I was homeless (because my mom and me were running from her ex-boyfriend). I was called a liar.

Well until we see that the State of West Virginia, actually Prosecutor Kristen Keller, Assistant Prosecutor Pat Lamp, Troopers Duckworth, Moore, Efrid & Palmateer. Judge Hutchison, Magistrate Steve Massy and former Magistrate Mary Jennings all conspired to conceal evidence of false charges brought against me. That was the Child Pornography charges used to defame and discredit me, to conceal evidence of wrong doing by the state by attaching the worst crime imaginable to my name.  I made a hypothetical legal argument which resulted in the Terrorist threats charges which were dismissed without ever going to trial because, they refused to dismiss the case, provide discovery and/or go to trial. This resulted in me getting evidence that Kristen Keller falsified evidence in my case to have me chemically tortured to try to force a false confession out of me to something I didn't do; make a threat, terroristic or otherwise.

Ninjutsu in the 90s:
During the 80s ninja hype there was a lot conflicts over who was the "real ninja." The 90s brought up the mainstream us of the internet and the conflicts went from dojo trash talk to online trolling. Yet, from the very beginning we know see that Koga Ryu Ninjutsu has always been a set of skills involving stealth and strategy and Bujinkan Ninpo has always been a form "spiritual training." During the 90s Bujinkan sites sprang up and the Bujinkan produced one of the first video black belt courses in martial arts marketing history to spread it's cult-like message & martial arts franchise.

This works in tandem, with the message that "only the Bujinkan is real" because, while the video courses are blasted as fake, watered down or not the real thing, they are the only link people who want to learn ninjutsu have to Real Ninjutsu. But, we've already covered how all that is Bull Shit.

As far as I am Concerned:
I am not trying to push religion or spiritual training on the individual. I don't want to be the Wal-mart of Ninjutsu that the Bujinkan has become. Yes... I said that in the light of a mega-franchise pushing the "lil guy" out of business. I am just someone tired of bull shit and fighting battle after battle with so many different people at one time. I am also tired of cultists trying to slander my name in a sad attempt to promote their fraudulent business.

Here is the thing, if you don't want to train with me because you might get harassed by the cops... Cool that is your right. Most of my students are black anyway so they are kinda used to it. If you don't want to train with me because I have been associated with criminals, fine... That is your right to do. If you don't want to train with me because, I am anti-cop and think the whole occupation is government extortion and jack booted thuggery... I accept that. If you think I am liar or a fraud, I don't care...

That simple, you are entitled to your opinion. But, if you want to listen to lies and slander, if you don't want to train with me or associate with me because of those people's lies and slander. You are a victim of either Bujinkan cult-thinking, harassment or defamation as tool for racketeering and fraud. A pattern of lies and slander, even lies about historical texts which were never before available to West until recently, is right here on display for you.

Doesn't Matter if the Bujinkan has a pattern of lies, Ron Collins is Crazy:
Ah... Yes, they claim that the Terrorist Threats case was dismissed, because I was found incompetent to stand trial, not guilty by reason of insanity (which doesn't exist in West Virginia its Guilty of Reason of Mental Illness WVC 61-7A-3(b) & 18 USC 922 of Federal Law). Pity the court document below proves Pat, Phil, Barron & Don Roley all lied, again.
The case was dismissed without prejudice. It also says this is because "[t]he conditions that the state requested be met during this period of abeyance have been fulfilled and by agreement both parties are moving to a dismissal of this matter." which nothing of insanity pleas or findings...


  1. Again, wrong from the very start. I won't talk about the rest, since I only got to the Fujita Seiko picture, but no he wasn't in the Army nor the Navy. This is according to his autobiography. Hell, I wouldn't even say that was a picture of Fujita off the top of my head. Japanese may all look alike to someone like you.
    Again, mistakes and lies. You can't get anything right.
    Wrong again, as always.

  2. Jesus Tap Dancing Christ you are idiot... Well let me prove to you and everyone who will see as a fraud Donny boy...

    That's is Iwata Manzo of Shito Ryu Karate, Fujita Seiko and Shito Ryu founder Mabuni Kenwa. Incidently dumb ass, Iwata and Mabuni are Okinawan.

    And yet, all you can do os defend your lies... Even after you been caught lying about ninjutsu history. How can anyone every take you seriously... lol

  3. Ron, you don't know shit about the situation. If you had read his autobiography you would know more about the subject instead of making up "facts" on your blog.

  4. Ah, but Ron.. I am not the one who has to take medication as part of the orders of the court. If you would read his autobiography, you would know the truth. If you want to say I am lying about it, you need to find someone that can read Japanese and confirm that his autobiography does not say what I translated. Which of course, you will not do and instead make up things instead.

  5. Don... Wait, first you are saying that isn't Fujita Seiko and now you are claiming I don't know the situation. Does that mean that, that is Fujita Seiko.

    1. If their is a line that says Fujita didn't serve in the autobiography then post it and prove your claims about the autobiography are true.
    2. Your translation is not important. You said Fujita Seiko never served and I do believe thats him in a uniform? Now you said that it wasn't Fujita but claim I don't know the situation. Which is it.
    3. I don't need to even bother with the translation since that is Fujita Seiko in what appears to be a Military Uniform. Now if somewhere in the biography Fujita says he never served you can post an image of it on your blog and I will ask my friends in Japan to translate. If you don't I will stand on my belief that you are a liar and lied about Fujita Seiko.

  6. 1- The whole autobiography goes into the situation. Read it.
    2- If that is him in a uniform (it isn't in his books and I have doubts about things on the internet) then the situation in China might explain it despite him never being part of either Naval or Army Intelligence. Again, read the autobiography instead of making up what you want to believe. Just because you don't understand how things were back then doesn't mean you can make thing conform to how you want them to be.
    3- You have no friends in Japan or you would be dropping their name left and right. Go ahead, put me in contact with your "friends" and I can tell them the exact page numbers where the important information is.

  7. 1- Thats a cop out... All you have on Fujita Seiko os his autobiography and you just proven a liar. You can't post any text proving what you say cause you are lying.
    2-That is Fujita Seiko.
    3- Post the page numbers and where to look here. I don't have to tell anything Don, keep phishing cause I proved you don't know as much as you pretend and that you're a liar and a fraud... lol

    4. I also proved you that I never had a Dojo (old business license), I proved you've made false statements about me (libel and defamation via links to my blog refuting Barron's lies & your own blog) and I proved you lied about my case in that I was found not guilty by insanity.

    So you are proven a liar about history and liar a about me. You're a fraud.

  8. 1- Nope. I have nothing that I could put in my autobiography that could say I wasn't in the Peace Corps. But the fact that I never say I was, and that all my time is accounted for, would prove I was not.
    2- Really? I guess all asians really do look alike to you.
    3- I might put together a blog on Fujita next Tuesday with all the facts. Obviously, we can't trust someone with a proven history of lying and making things up like you to post what I do.
    4- WTF are you trying to say? What you wrote makes no sense. " I also proved you that I never had a Dojo (old business license)," WTF????

  9. Don is making you look dumber by the second. You're clearly out of your depth, Ron. Looking forward to that lawsuit Ron. Lol

  10. Sorry Don I am typing on my phone and the touch screen and auto correct giving me hell, shit didn't show up or got changed.

    1. If you can account for every minute of Fujita's time I would be happy. If you can explain how he taught at multiple military institutions but was never in the military...
    2.So you are saying its not? Really digging yourself a whole there.
    3. You mean like you do fraud? Face Don, I just proved you lie about history... That means your credit as a researcher is worthless.
    4. Here let me fix it for you...
    "4. I also proved you LIED that I never had a Dojo (old business license), I proved you've made false statements about me (libel and defamation via links to my blog refuting Barron's lies & your own blog) and I proved you lied about my case in that I was found not guilty by insanity."

    But you knew what I meant since, I was addressing your other lies. Fraud. Yeah I will give you time to research your lies and back pedal like fraud you are.

  11. 1- Yes, his autobiography can.
    2- It is not in any of the books of his I have, and I know to not trust what English internet sources say. You can't check Japanese sources like I can.

  12. 3-you have proved nothing. If someone that can read Japanese looks at his autobiography and says I lied, I would be destroyed. But that isn't going to happen.
    4- Just because you have a business license does not mean you ever had a business. And it really isn't important.
    The truth is, I will probably put out a blog on Tuesday celebrating the life of Fujita Seiko and all the mysteries around him. How he could have such ties with the military and higher elements of society without ever joining the military is a great tale. But I will have to tell people to buy my translation to get the full story. I will tell the world of the mysteries around him, and point them to my translation to tell the full story. I get to celebrate his life, sell more of my books and humiliate you all in one stroke. I won't waste time just exposing your life on my blog, but if I can spread the truth about Fujita at that same time then I do a good thing.

  13. Another words "It is not in any of the books of his I have, and I know to not trust what English internet sources say. You can't check Japanese sources like I can."

    You don't trust sources that prove you wrong and you don't have anything like real resource looking at Fujita's actual past and you are hiding behind speaking Japanese because you never really did any research.

    I assume your ended response is because I made my point. You even went so far as to imply that I was using some random Japanese person to claim was Fujita of an actual image anyone could find proving it qas Fujita. And took it further when I pointed out how I also proved you lied about me...

    Tisk, tisk... And now you just realized I been playing you the whole time make you look stupid. Fraudulent and unprofessional... Haha.

    You just got publicly humiliated with no excuses for you egotistical nonsense and limited scope of investigation which only extends so far as to prove your lies and false statements. Dumb ass

  14. Ron, I trust Japanese sources. Not those by people that have been committed to mental hospitals. And if anyone were to check Japanese sources, I am sure they would confirm what I say. My reputation is secure. It can't be harmed by someone like you.
    And yes, you make up having a Japanese friend. I am sure of it because you won't give a name. But my blog will be visible by everyone in the world, including Japan. Which will show that what I say about Fujita is true and you are once again promoting falsehoods.
    Wait for it. I try to put out my blogs on Tuesdays and Fridays.

    1. Don 3. You are a liar... I proved you lied about me and I don't care about his autobiography because well there are better sources then a liar. And sell those books you'll need them tp pay for court.

      You won't comment on my life because I proved the Terrorist Threats case was dismissed and NOT because of an insanity plea. As you claimed.

      Incidentally Roley of you did your research about Fujita you'd have also researched those he was associated with. Such as Iwata & Mabuni of Shito Ryu Karate also in the picture with him. But since anyone can find that image online confirming it is in fact Fujita you want to protend to do honest research... What a fucking Joke.

      You're a fraud... You say you are making excuses about Japanese sources because you can't stand being proven wrong... What a pathetic thing You are... lol

  15. Ron, you ignorant slut. (SNL reference.)
    You don't care about his autobiography? Is that not the best source for his life, in his own words? You can't refute what I published with a Japanese source because what I said is correct.
    He associated with a lot of people, including noted martial artists. That was after the war, and nothing in a Japanese source says he passed along any sokeship to any of them.
    And I do not fear any lawsuit you threaten about me lying about you. There is no case you have. I am free from any RICO or libel lawsuit and you know it. That is why there has been nothing on your part to push is even this long after I made you my bitch and you fled threatening to take me to court. Nothing has happened, nothing will happen. And we laugh at you.

  16. "You won't comment on my life because I proved the Terrorist Threats case was dismissed and NOT because of an insanity plea. As you claimed. "

    Actually, you did spend time in a mental hospital. You didn't plead insanity. The doctor that examined you told the court that you needed to be sent to a place to have you examined so that you could get the proper dose. So you tried to say you were sane and didn't claim insanity, because insane people don't know they are insane.
    And yes, you are. That is a legal fact.

  17. I sit here, watching The Hobbit (in Japanese) with my son and occasionally checking in with this blog to see the latest updates.
    I am so glad that I have a loving wife that I can stand beside. She has done so much for me. I have two wonderful kids from her. My son has a wicked sense of humor. My daughter has shown abilities I will never have.
    Ron, you will never have what I have. Not because of any conspiracy against you. It is because you won't take responsibility for the evil that you do that you are locked into what you life is.
    If you ever change and want to do what is right for the world, there will be people to help you. But as it is, you have nothing and never will. It is in your best interest to admit your faults and accept your fate, for only then can you start on the path to change from being the pathetic object of mirth you are.
    I say this with complete honesty, no matter how you take it.

  18. Don you lied about my criminal history amd you didn't study law muchless West Virginia law...

    I wasn't found guilty my mental illness what WVC 61-7A-3(b) defines as "Not guilty my insanity" for idiots like you who watch some cop show amd thinks they know the law... Thats why I am citing code and you are defending your lies. Because its all you have...

    Read the order Don, case was dismissed without prejudice. You are a liar and fraud, all you have is Lexington and well as for pointing why you don't mention your dojo address, its because you don't have a dojo. You use other people's schools to teach put of for seminars and run your online business Freedom to Excel out your home on Holbein Drive.

    I just wanted to point out you're a liar and fraud. Much like the text from Mind of the Ninja, the Bujinkan cult has a habit of making up lies about historical texts.

    You claim I am felon but Donald James Roley of 15465 Holbein Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921. That's a lie as is everything coming out your mouth. Geez I hope you, don't convince people you are a qualified teacher... I doubt you even habe your Godan in the Bujinkan... That's why you don't mention rank.

  19. Ron, you were found incompetent to stand trial. That is a legal fact.
    And now I have you on toast.

  20. You know Don Roley since you are trying to distract from the fact that you don't know anything about Fujita... After all his autobiography only tells what he wishes to talk about, very different from what others tell you of him. Now if you can produce a page in Japanese saying Fujita did not enlist you or serve in the military while teaching at an Army Intelligence school (Nakano). Especially, given the Image above of Fujita also shows Iwata and Mabuni. Said image if not mistaken belongs to Mabuni...

    A google image search brough this up,

    Better tell Jesse Enkamp he isn't a creditable source. Your a sad pathetic fraud trying to keep arguing to defend your lies pretending to be an expert. You are a sad pathetic joke...

    Thanks for the enterainment, see you in court.

  21. Ron, just so you know- the whole dismissed things means they can bring cases against you later if they have a reason. You are insane, but if you don't take your meds they can still send you to jail. That is what it means.
    And yeah, telling people where you think I live kind of puts you in hot water. It is kind of like if I fully gave the number that starts with 235 and ends with 8 in regards to you. I would never do that, because I am an honorable person. But you are not, as you just proved in a legal sense.
    My advice to you is to get a lawyer, pay him a lot of money and let him tell you in complete honesty just what sort of situation you are in now that you did what you just did. A few hundred dollars from you now can save you tens of thousands later on. That is, if it is not too late.
    Don't take my word for it, get a lawyer and pay him his fee. He will tell you the truth about doing things like publishing what you think is my address in public.

  22. "Now if you can produce a page in Japanese saying Fujita did not enlist you or serve in the military while teaching at an Army Intelligence school (Nakano)."

    You need to understand that teaching at an academy is not the same as every being in the military, much less military intelligence.
    And yes, I am going to put out a blog praising his life and explaining the mysteries about it, while pointing people to my translation of his autobiography to buy if they want more info.
    BTW- you are now the one to be scared of being in court. Your mother has stuff that she will pass onto you when she dies. But maybe that will all go to me now.

  23. Don, you are not a lawyer and you sure as fuck don't know what you are talking about in the legal sense. Yes, dismissed without prejudice means they can bring it back up if they find additional evidence of the same crime.

    Meaning Don, if I were to jump online bragging that I had gotten away with threatening to kill a Greg Duckworth, they could bring back the origional case and its evidence. If I threaten to kill Greg Duckworth or anyone in the courts they can bring back the origional case. Now since I maintain my legal defense that I merely made a hypothetical legal argument, they cannot bring back said legal case. Taking any medication as you claim is not part of the deal, otherwise it would be written on said order... In fact, said agreement between me and the state was kept out of the order because they technically can't hold me to it.

    Without prejudice definition:

    Additionally, Don if the state were to arrest me for being insane. Ot is called a hygiene warrant and I would have to be a threat to myself and/or others this is WVC 27-5-1 to 27-5-11 and it is nothing shown in my case or what you are claiming, again you're a lying fraud and have proven it.

    For reference:

    So then the states dismissal of criminal charges would fall under other reasons for dismissal and Don, it basically means either they had evidence I made a terrorist threat or they didn't. Now as you well know, because you reported me to the FBI who hasn't become involved & i doubt they will, this claim is based off a blog I posted. A blog that is still up and a blog that if I made any threats would/ should provide inexcusable proof... But, I didn't make any threats I simply made a hypothetical legal argument, that while graphic wasn't illegal.

    As for disclosing your home address Don, and revealing that little bit about my SS# given that Pattrick Ferrari has already threatened me with that well, you just carried out a similar threat... I do believe and as for your home address. Well I can post that information its public access information much like registration number or entiy ID as an LLC with the State of Colorado which is 20101027014. All of it publicly available here:

    And with a little cross referencing confirmable. See I am not in anyway in legal jeopardy Don but in addition to slander and liable, I could argue conspiracy and threatening a wittness against you, given my previous statements to file suit against you, how I haven't published Pattrick Ferrari's comments but he seems to ne working with you in tandem.

    Additionally, your business address as an LLC has to be listed as public knowledge by the state, by Colorado state law and federal code. My Social Security Number is not public knowledge amd any threats, veiled or otherwise or release of a portion of that number is a criminal action. Threatening me with a law suit for listing your business address which you claim isn't you is pretty stupid. Either it is not you and you have no legal ground or it is you.

    In fact, your reaction seems to confirm that is in fact your home address. Which granted with all those people you've threatened and harassed online who have threatened "to come find you." It might seem a bit... oh whats the word..? Threatening to publicly release your home address. However, Don Roley I am merely remarking that your LLC Freedom to Excel is ran out of your home and that your home address is published as the contact address for your LLC with the Colorado department of commerce.

    Now of this information in anyway threatens you or your family please let me know... I will be happy to remove it and for any future transactions or business listings where you do not want your home address known, for your personal security use a Post Office Box. I do PO Box 597, MacArthur WV 25873 this keeps my home address private...

  24. Ron, seriously you need to talk to a lawyer. The last time you tried to deal with things without one like this you got arrested and ended up in a mental hospital. Ask him his opinion of what you are trying to do.

  25. Funny thing about that Don, last time I was dealing with crooked cops and organized crime, the Avengers MC and all that... You don't have a court system backing you and you don't have a case to sue...

    If was arrested under a hygiene warrant I wouldn't have been charged with making Terrorist threats and the Terrorist threats case was dismissed, if I was found insane by the courts the case wouldn't have been dismissed, I would have been found guilty by reason of mental illness as per WVC 27-6A-4 (e), not having the case dismissed. "(e) If the verdict in a criminal trial is a judgment of not guilty by reason of mental illness, the court shall determine on the record the offense or offenses of which the acquitee could have otherwise been convicted, and the maximum sentence he or she could have received. The acquitee shall remain under the court's jurisdiction until the expiration of the maximum sentence or until discharged by the court."


    You have nothing Donald James Roley. I believe you threatened to sue my mother or me in some way. You certainly threatened to and did release some portion of my social security number that is a violation of 18 USC 1512 and added to the slander, libel and defamation you are trying to worm your way out of you lost face and legal ground... What was that when I stated my intent to sue, you called it "And I do not fear any lawsuit you threaten about me lying about you. There is no case you have."

    Do you realize that's an admission of guilt? You aren't worried about a law suit for lying on me and once I expose it. See Don, I am not worried about temporary victories... I am focused on the only vistory that counts the final one and you've spent too much trying to cover your lies with more lies. And I am sue you expose you as a fraud and a slandering liar.

    In fact releasing the social security number is a criminal offense. Let me help you out Don...


    "You can commit identity fraud even if you never actually benefit from your actions. Identity theft occurs when you obtain, possess, or use someone else’s information with the intent to later fraudulently use that information to your benefit.
    For example, let’s say you are a waiter and a customer gives you a credit card to pay the bill. If you write down the credit card numbers with the intent to later use them to purchase something for yourself, you have committed identity theft even if you never actually buy anything."

    See Don, I have just been waiting on you. You were the last piece and you pushed so hard to defend Barron backing out of a Ruckus in the Cage. All of you really, that showed conspiracy and collusion between you all. You see Don, fighting you in Lexington wasn't my goal and backing out was based on protecting my goal. All that's left is to file suit. And I have plenty of time... You can't win and all you can hope for is an attempt at delaying.

    Enjoy your holiday season.

    I won't respond to you nor allow you to post on this blog anymore. I have enough evidence. Thank you.