Friday, July 8, 2016

Failing to See the Writing on the Wall

We are all saddened by the killings of Police Officers in the last few days. However, we need to read the writing on the wall... What is that writing? History has shown us much and many do not look to history assuming they are someone different.

A recent show of a hacked conversation between Black Lives Matters leadership, points to a connection between Black Lives Matters and the US Government, specifically the Obama administration.
Survivalists & Preppers are spreading this information like wild fire...
Russian Times is showing Black Power Political Organization is claiming responsibility for the Dallas Police shootings...
The Muslim Issue site has even covered the Connection to the Nation of Islam & BLM, now what is not covered is the connection of the Call from NOI leader Louis Farrakhan to "Rise Up and Kill those who kill them" covered by Breitbart.

So perhaps that is all part of the plan right? Except, we need to understand something here... There has been attempts and plans to undermine the United States using racial division. I am not one to say forget slavery, lynching or our long history as a nation of discrimination and institutionalized racism. Nor am I one to deny it. I am one to say, Do Not Confuse the Issues of the Day with the obstacles overcame Yesterday. Yes, we had slavery and many, other issues that we have overcame. The problem with overcoming is that we must maintain that balance of an orderly society and individual rights and responsibility. There are many issues that we all must take issues with and that many do not simply because it doesn't effect "our lives."

In this we are blind not only to the issues that fuel distrust but also lose sight of the threats hiding behind our very real problems as a society. You cannot keep family secrets hoping to never see them come out, lying about the past and hoping others will go along or forget. Yet, as a Society we should be a family and openly discuss those issues deal with them and move on. Instead we try to forget them, bury our skeletons as a nation in the closet and become angry when they become addressed.

So here is what we are losing by not honestly addressing our past. One group within our family feels alienated & in is being used by people with nefarious ends. During World War II, the  Japanese Intelligence Service using the Kokuryukai  as a proxy through various front groups posing as Civil Rights Organizations to cause racial division in America. However, this came after war had began and had little over all effect.

This same strategy was common for the Cold War as well, real problems were used to lay the seeds of a Communist takeover of the United States. Much of this has been detailed on the newest book by Shadow Warrior Publishing called Legacy of the Kokuryukai. In fact, in the South it is commonly seen as a form of government control and propaganda to paint history differently from the truth. Many Southerners go back to Civil War as the point where the government used race to divide our citizens. In truth this goes back to our time a British Colonies.

Either way... This is all one thing, a simple strategy that has been so successful throughout history it has become also a mantra for tyrants "Divide and Conquer." The writing on the wall is that we are being divided so that we can be conquered. Conquered by who is the question... Socialists? Communists? Muslims? Zionists? The Illuminati? or by the simple human nature of Greed and Lust for Power.

The Writing is one the Wall, People are being manipulated and driven to violence. So this is not a very safe time for us in America. Think its bad being the target of a "Kill Whitey" movement? Trying being considered an "Uncle Tom" because our wife or girl friend is white & you are black. Trying being a black woman with a white guy. We don't need to be divided we need to be united because we are Americans regardless of our "race." We need to stand strong regardless of our religion, sexual orientation and income level. We need to treat each other with love and respect but, be armed and ready to defend yourself and your loved ones. This will not go away with a new President and it will not go away with out a violent push to dominate society.

The problem isn't just these groups pushing some Americans to violence but, also the very SOP for the police to treat citizens like people occupied by an Army. Militarization which was justified by the War on Drugs and the War on Terrorism, as caused a police force of officers who act like an occupying army, instead of protectors of Society.

In the end, we must be willing to be better people as individuals. We must be better people because we cannot afford to let our brothers and sisters in America suffer. We know what must be done but no one knows where and how to do it. All I know is the writing is on the wall & it seems like only a few are reading it.