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Espionage Warfare: The Ninjutsu Doctrine of Skirmish Warfare: Proxy Warfare & Guerrilla Warfare...

Espionage Warfare: The Ninjutsu Doctrine of Skirmish Warfare: Proxy Warfare & Guerrilla Warfare...
Black Dragon Ninjitsu Guerrilla Camp Handbook

The doctrine of Choho no Jutsu; the art of espionage, is the back bone of the ninjutsu. Skirmish tactics have since evolved into what we would call "Commando Tactics" & Guerrilla Warfare. The fact remains the skills of a soldier are universal whether amateur guerrilla or professional infantry; camouflage, tactics: battle drills & individual drills, marksmanship, field craft & basic field reporting in the modern sense of soldiering. Professional soldiers have additional skill sets like first aid training, land navigation & more importantly leadership. From day 1 of US Marine Boot Camp on Paris Island & US Army Infantry OSUT (One Station Unit Training a combined Basic Training & Advanced Individual Training) leadership was pressed on each of us.

Leaders lead by example, is the simplistic nature of the lessons hammered into us. Choho no Jutsu also speaks of leadership and the use of Proxy forces (or Disposable Agents). This is the given nature of most intelligence operations by training and arming a guerrilla force which is in nature a proxy force;

From Wikipedia: (I know but it will do)
A proxy war or proxy warfare is a war that results when opposing powers use third parties as substitute for fighting each other directly. While powers have sometimes used governments as proxies, violent non-state actors, mercenaries or other third parties are more often employed. It is hoped that these groups can strike an opponent without leading to full-scale war.

The 5-types of agents have a dual purpose here; not only can it be applied to those who do the spying for you but also for everyone around you period. Recent experiences in adapting and adopting this knowledge have taught be a few things; training willing agents takes time and their willingness to operate under your leadership & unwittingly recruiting agents the obvious; unwitting agent, is very easily accomplished if you know how to manipulate others into doing what you want; simply make it their best interest.

5-Types of Associates (Unwitting Agents): Taken from the 5 types of agents...
Living Associates: Associations you wish to keep; trusted friends, close family & so on.
Dead Associates: Associates you meet and use and break contact with think of a one night stand were you don't even give a person your real name...
Doubled Associates: Associates who are friends and enemies; frienemies. They try to hide their intent to harm you under a guise of pretending to be your friend. You can use this very easily against them by giving them false information.
Sleeping Associates: Associates you keep because you "need them" when you don't need them you put the association to sleep (have little to know contact with them)
Native Associates: Associates within a group, organization, family etc. which you oppose and supports your cause.

These individual's must be manipulated/motivated by causing some form of emotional response; anger, fear, lust, sympathy or greed. So to the agent everyone is an associate and to be manipulated to fulfill the end goals of their shinobi handler unwittingly. Thus enemies can be tricked into becoming allies by allowing the shinobi to direct their oppositions.

5-Type of Agents:
Living Agents: The Agents one sends out & expects to return after their task is completed.
Dead Agents: Agents one sacrifices to the enemy or takes no regard for their losses.
Native Agents: Agents recruited from within the enemy's sphere of influence.
Doubled Agents: Enemy agents bribed & gifted with comforts to be turned to your side, if you cannot bribe them, blackmail them or else remove (assassinate) them.
Sleeping Agents: Agents trained for a single mission who await an awaking signal, once awakened these agents carry out a specific mission & return home to be debriefed. In this way, seemingly loyal individuals can become a massive threat & possibly bring back additional intelligence after their mission is completed.

Ninja Agents & Rank:
Doroboru: “Thief” refers to criminal unwittingly recruited as dead or native agents.
Ronin: “Wave Men” hired mercenaries unwittingly recruited as dead agents.
Genin: “Low Men” low level agents commonly trained to be dead, sleeper or native agents. Skills commonly focus on assassination, sabotage, low level espionage & burglary. They may also be trained in some form of martial arts (combat skills) if they lack such to fulfill their needed task.
Chunin: “Middle Men” mid level agents who have a greater understanding of high level ninjutsu skills such high level espionage, intelligence warfare & psychological warfare operations. Either trained in the all elements of ninjutsu due to heritage or a dead agent who consistently survives making use of the limited low level ninjutsu training they were given as genin. Often trained as Living Agents.
Jonin: “High Men” high level agents whose skill is matched with experience and becomes an innate ability to function. True living agents.

Now it must be understood the Doroboru & Ronin are not ninja and hold no rank but maybe recruited willingly or unwittingly to be used as dead agents of the shinobi; usually because they possess skills required for the task. Ideally, a genin would recruit the criminals and mercenaries under the direction of chunin who may even exist as close a supposedly recruited mercenary or criminal serving the genin. When you understand this you develop an understanding of ninjutsu as espionage & has espionage can result in proxy warfare; as mercenaries and dead agents are trained for proxy-forces to keep an enemy fighting a "third party."

When the proxy force faces the enemy, the chunin and genin take notes of the enemy's response; tactics, SOPs (standard operating procedures), discipline, morale & equipment used. All this information is used to analyze the enemy's strategy for their operations and disrupt this strategy. This is also the given nature of what we call "State Sponsored Terrorism" in which a Nation trains and funds terrorists to operate as a Proxy Force. This is also true of guerrilla forces as well...

The Genin is a field agent trained in a lesser standard of ninjutsu. These agents are quite often Disposable agents, similar to the guerrilla or proxy forces that are sacrificed to engage an enemy. It must be understood that shinobi will not engage the enemy directly nor will he sacrifice himself in a fool hardy attempt at penetrating the enemy's fortress or base camp to steal information. A shinobi; a chunin will of course train a genin as a proxy agent to act for him.

Black Dragon Ninjutsu Espionage Camp Handbook

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Choho No Jutsu: Applications of Ninjutsu in the Modern World

Choho no Jutsu: The Application of Ninjutsu in the Modern World
by Shihan Ron Collins

Before I get into the nuts & bolts of the article the reader needs a brief and practical understanding of what Ninjutsu is and what a Bujutsu is, then we will look at principles of Choho no Jutsu (the Art of Espionage). Bujutsu is general term for "Martial Arts" referring to any system of combat, strategy & tactics associated with open warfare; Bu means Military or War & jutsu means art or method. So martial arts are the methods of war or military actions. Ninjutsu is made up of two characters, Nin (also pronounced Shino) meaning "to steal away" and in variation to "forebear" or "endure" & Jutsu which we already know the meaning of. As such Ninjutsu is the Art of Stealing Away & Enduring; hence its association with stealth and invisibility. Ninjutsu however, is not the art of invisibility but the invisible art; methods for acting through secrecy.

As such, we will begin to discuss the application of ninjutsu and will first familiarize ourselves (the reader) with the six principles of Choho No Jutsu, the five types of agents & a modern addition for context, defining the difference between types of intelligence (information) to be gathered.

Espionage as a means of Warfare:
  1. The direct tactic of war is necessary only on the battlefield, but only the indirect tactic can lead to a real and lasting victory…
  2. Subvert anything of value in the enemy’s country. Implicate the emissaries of the major powers in criminal undertakings; undermine their position and destroy their reputations in other ways as well; and expose them to the public ridicule of the their fellow citizens...
  3. Do not shun the aid of even the lowest and most despicable people. Disrupt the work of their government with every means you can…
  4. Spread disunity and division among the citizens of the enemy’s country. Turn the young against the old. Use every means to destroy their arms, their supplies, and discipline of the enemy’s forces…
  5. Debase old traditions and accepted gods. Be generous with promises and rewards to purchase intelligence and accomplices. Send out your secret agents in all directions. Do not skimp with money or with promises, for they yield a high return…
  6. Act with Moral Superiority to draw the trust of the enemy’s people, in this way you gain the enemy’s own people as an ally against him.

5-Type of Agents:
  • Living: The Agents one sends out & expects to return after their task is completed.
  • Dead: Agents one sacrifices to the enemy or takes no regard for their losses.
  • Native: Agents recruited from within the enemy's sphere of influence.
  • Doubled: Enemy agents bribed & gifted with comforts to be turned to your side, if you cannot bribe them, blackmail them or else remove (assassinate) them.
  • Sleeping: Agents trained for a single mission who await an awaking signal, once awakened these agents carry out a specific mission & return home to be debriefed. In this way, seemingly loyal individuals can become a massive threat & possibly bring back additional intelligence after their mission is completed.

Types of Intelligence:
  • Direct Intelligence: Information reported by agents who have seen actions directly themselves.
  • Enemy Intelligence: The information the enemy has gathered himself, stolen by you of course such as logistic reports, intelligence reports & battle strategies. Enemy Intelligence can also be false information to allow the enemy to gather against you, meaning the enemy knows what you tell them.
  • Human Intelligence: Information gathered by social interaction such as from rumors, interrogation & other sources of “second hand” information acquired by the agent.

Now that the reader has been given their recommended "homework" I will begin by defining the role of ninjutsu and in fact Choho No Jutsu as a day to day manner of living and application for "social self-defense." To begin with, let state that the types of agents/spies can also be applied to associations;
  • Living Associations: Living associations are people you wish to keep in your life, they are trusted family and friends, spouses and children whom you wish to keep close and protect. This can include from only double life (as batman; joke donot take serious) or closeted skeletons.
  • Dead Associations: These are people you don't care if you're friends with or not, people you pretend to be their friend (frienemies) or just someone you associate with for a purpose like being friendly to the mailman, busboy, waiter or your mechanic.
  • Native Associations: These are geographically distance associations, internet bullies, pen pals and so on.
  • Double Associations: The "true frienemy" an enemy pretending to be your friend who helps out your more obvious enemies. You don't attack them because they haven't done anything "obvious" yet but you sure don't trust them.
  • Sleeping Associations: Friends and usually "sunshine friends" who don't stay in constant contact with and who you can count on every couple of months to help you out for a bit of your time and "friendship."
Ok its not a pretty thing to put in these terms I know but most people maintain this form of associations whether they know it or not. Its that parallel that has caused me to explain what I've observed in those terms.

Espionage as a means of Social Warfare:
  1. The direct tactic of combat is necessary only on the battlefield, but only the indirect tactic can lead to a real and lasting social victory…
  2. Subvert anything of value in the enemy’s sphere of influence. Implicate the friends in opposing undertakings; undermine their position and destroy their reputations in other ways as well; and expose them to the public ridicule of the their fellow associates...
  3. Do not shun the aid of even the lowest and most despicable people. Disrupt the work of their efforts with every means you can…
  4. Spread disunity and division among the friends & family of the enemy’s sphere of influence. Turn the young against the old. Use every means to destroy their unity, their resources, and the discipline of the enemy’s associates…
  5. Debase old traditions and accepted rituals. Be generous with promises and rewards to purchase intelligence and accomplices. Surround the enemy with your "secret agents" in all directions. Do not skimp with money or with promises, for they yield a high return…
  6. Act with Moral Superiority to draw the trust of the enemy, in this way you gain the enemy’s own associates as an ally against him.
You'll notice their is a difference in how the work of Sun Tzu is express in this context and that extends to this modern usage of Choho no jutsu from ninjutsu. As the Ninja were essentually spies but also served as skirmish forces, sabotage agents, assassins & scouts so the whole scope of ninjutsu is a long and varied subject. However, Choho No Jutsu is historically the foundation of the arts of the ninja.

 Using the above principles we see that they can be applied to people in our day to day associations; friends, family, pen pals, enemies who try to act friendly toward us & shady friends we really don't want to be associated with.

In this age of information, the world is a smaller place and as such our enemies varied from distance internet trolls to asshole co-workers and buddy system bosses. It is in this world the use of modern ninjutsu not as a martial art but as a form of social self-defense comes to play. By now you've seen the term "social self-defense" mentionedfew times & I will now define it in detail. Social Self-Defense is the act of keeping toxic relationships and toxic personalities out of your life. These Toxic associations are individuals intent on setting you up for failure and dragging you down. Either to a) climb over your efforts to succeed or b) pull you down to their emotionally distraught level of thinking.

An examples of this principle in practice:
I'm going to take a few moments to give you a couple of events in my life, that reflect my application of these principles.

Since my release of certain key points of information on police informants who aid in framing people for the city police. I has had a person I know to be a police informant try to call me and ask were I am at, what I am doing and when I try to politely change the subject persist in maintaining those questions. This person is both a Dead & Double Association since I know she's two-faced and liar. So when she asks me about anything I lie to her, I tell her things I want my enemies to jump that just aren't true and since I'm feeding the enemy false information; I already have the enemy intelligence I need to avoid any traps and ensnarement.

In fact I cut all possible dead associations I don't need leaving the most obvious and the easiest to read in place as the way for my enemies to go. So that when they attempted to ambush me and assault me they did so in full view of the video cameras that caught the act & allowed me to both gather proof of the attempt to "fish for information" before and after the assault. proving an active intent to do me are and developing a case of self-defense if and when I have to do severe damage later on in this matter.
As said individuals are carrying out a mission I predicted; police informants attempting to harass me through said informants for catching them trying to frame me and others in the past knowingly using false statements from informants & falsifying evidence to justify the informants false statements... As well as the police trying to cover up evidence and therefore my need for self-defense so that they can entrap me for charging me with the crime of self-defense.
By making this publicly known, I disrupt the police strategy of entrapment and expose the criminality which is a danger to the society we live in. 
"Victorious Warriors win first & go to war; defeated warriors go to war first & then seek to win…" -Sun Tzu's Art of War


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Keep your Enemies Closer: Sensei Ron Collins Application of Modern Ninjutsu

A great deal of controversy has came from my life & a great deal more since I was charged with possession of child pornography. World Wide Dojo seeing the evidence download by me on to the internet showing a great deal of criminal wrong doing in this case and malicious actions; threats made by the West Virginia State Police & my lawyers criminal activity of lying about motions he claimed to have filed and motions he has claimed he would file, have decided to allow me to tell my side of the story. More important then my side the story to World Wide Dojo is my application of ninjutsu to gather the evidence already displayed on the internet.

Before I explain these methods and tactics of the Shinobi let me begin with a simple statement, I do not deny that I was charged with Possession of Child Pornography but I do deny willfully Possessing Child Pornography. I am well aware this has been “screamed from the roof tops” by business competitors in forums & blogs. So, I will however address that charge first & foremost; my computers (2 lap tops), cell phones; an older one I was no longer using since I left Sprint to avoid contact with Ashley Redden and a Black Berry Curve from Verizon my present carrier, several discs DVDs & CDs, books some written by myself for a Search Warrant for Terrorism; alleging a plan to “Blow up” my home town of Beckley West Virginia...

Time Line of Events:
  • February 25th 2011: Search warrant for Terrorism; computers & other items taken as stated above...
  • March 10th 2011: I wrote a statement to the WV Crime Lab (State Police Forensics Lab), outlining that I had found my uncle Thomas Keller downloading child pornography on my lap top & that I had recorded an argument between me, him & his girlfriend Karen Carlock on my BlackBerry Curve but I mistakenly called it an “Android Phone” since that is my preferred model of smart phone to use. During this conversation I confronted my uncle about catching him downloading said child pornography.
  • October 26th 2011: A 2nd Search Warrant was issued for possession of child pornography was issued, this was stated on my arrest warrant for Child Pornography which I was never given a copy of; this is also important because I wasn't arrested until April 19th 2012 & the warrant wasn't issued April 11th 2012.
  • February, March & April 2012: After recording my Court appointed Attorney Mingo Winters lying to me about motions he had filed and motions he would file. During this time I was also engaged in contact with the West Virginia State Police Office of Professional Standards. This was done under the guise of filing complaints but was more important in that I was gathering information... Remember historically ninja were spies, so gleaming information from “tells” (actions that tell when a subject invokes an emotion response: positive or negative, & when a person is lying) is a skill of the up most importance to ninjutsu. While my professional opinion of a persons honesty won't stand up in court, reading them & deciding the next move is of vital importance to my actions & these will be explained further into this article.
  • April 10th 2012: From the beginning of April Lt. Deeds of the West Virginia State Police went out of his way in “breaking contact with me” after I presented evidence of conspiracy among troopers within the West Virginia State Police, this was carried over to the Beckley Police with attempts to use police informants against one of students Marlo Jordan & his brother Erique; who was not one of my students. After attempting to provide additional information to Lt. Deeds & his constant ducking me, I called Capt. White the head of the office of Professional Standards for the West Virginia State Police. During that call to Captain White I intentionally threatened to go to the Superintendent of the State Police on both himself & Lt. Deeds. While reading this you might say there are two different departments & does not prove collaboration; that is true relatively, keep in mind this is not a sudden conspiracy aligned against me because of my awesomeness, but a criminal conspiracy that was already in place to protect an organized criminal syndicate. So the Beckley Police Officers involved; Patrolman Walls, Capehart & Stuart are all on the same shift patrolling the same area; City Ave were I used to live, with a Beckley Police Officer Redden.
  • April 11th 2012: An arrest warrant was issued April 11th 2012, as I stated I made the threat to go higher intentionally. You see Lt. Deeds had threatened me indirectly when I first called to file a complaint with stating “the investigating officer found child pornography on your lap tops & does wish to file charges at this time.” This was basically a “nice way” to tell me if I filed complaints the officers would file these charges on me. So by threatening to go higher then Captain White, I was threatening to implicate the office of professional standards with conspiracy to conceal evidence of criminal activity by West Virginia State Troopers, Beckley Police Officer, the Prosecutors Office, Public defenders Office and several independent attorneys who were “Court Appointed” (9 total), Magistrates, a Circuit Court Judge & even an FBI Agent. I know that certain officials are guaranteed special immunity toward violating one's civil rights but if you link those violations to criminal activity they are more then civil rights violations but criminal actions taken to cover up a criminal conspiracy. There is no Special Immunity for criminal activity...
  • April 19th 2012: Between April 11th & April 19th 2012 I was repeatedly called by West Virginia State Police officers in an attempt to get me to “reclaim” my property. On April 18th 2012 Trooper Palmateer came to my apartment on Hargrove street to arrest me; we will deal with this trooper specifically later, & finding me not there told my neighbors I was registered sex offender & child pornographer. All of which was untrue but it didn't stop him from saying so... On April 19th 2012, he called my Bondsman at A Bonding and told her he had an arrest warrant for me, this was after I placed a note on my front door; the same day, stating I would be back with my lawyer. I turned myself in, I wasn't hiding but I wasn't going to talk to them without my Attorney Present either...
  • July 19th 2012: My date of release from Southern Regional Jail... Possessing Child Pornography under West Virginia Code carries a sentence of 1 to 2 years & yet I was held in jail under a $250,000 Bond. An extreme bond for someone who is not indicted & for a felony with such a light sentence. Such cases are usually picked up by the Federal Government; of which Trooper Deeds stated he had turned over the computers to the Federal Prosecutors Office in our recorded conversations. Yet not Federal charges exist & under West Virginia Code 62-2-12 the state has only 2 terms of the grand jury to indict me if I am in jail & 3 terms if I am out of jail... meaning that if the state does not indict me by February they have to dismiss the case. The grand jury meets every 3 months & the evidence I released since I have been out of jail onto the internet stands as public statements showing both criminal involvement & gross conspiracy to deprive me of my civil rights... as those statements are followed with evidence to proving my statements.
  • August 30th 2012: I had a court hearing to remove Mingo Winters as my court appointed attorney because of filing a complaint with the West Virginia Bar Association for those lies & lying to me about filing motions to get evidence in that discovery. Remember they were motions he claimed to have filed before & said he would file in February. In his motion to remove himself, he stated he wanted “compensation” awarded by the court for “derogatory comments” I made about him on YouTube. In response to his motion and request I sent pieces of evidence contained on my laptops taken by the West Virginia State Police in the Terrorist Search Warrant; evidence taken under false pretenses to conceal evidence of police misconduct, to the Honorable Judge Kirkpatrick. Oddly, on the court date I was called an hour before my scheduled court appearance & told the hearing had been canceled. Judge Kirkpatrick having seen evidence of my lawyer's fraud and lies to his client (court appointed or not) & my wishes to have Mr. Winters removed but since he wanted “compensation” (I assumed he meant wanted a court order to have it taken down off YouTube) then I wanted to state my reason for displeasure with him as well on the court record and display the evidence I sent to Judge Kirkpatrick, Magistrate Jones, the Prosecutors Office & Mr. Winters. We attended the hearing without Mingo Winters present & I didn't address my issues with him as it was mute point without him there to answer for his actions.
  • NOTE: August 21st 2012: I leaked my intended plan to use the release of that information onto court record to directly implicate the Prosecutor's Office in criminal activity on topix. Making the sudden illness of Attorney Mingo Winters & the appear suspect. The fact that information directly effecting the case has been turned over to the Prosecutor's Office and that by the standard of Brady v. Ohio which established the exclusionary rule; stating evidence that violates the civil rights or is taken illegally cannot be used in court, and removed the Good Faith exception established by United States v. Leon. By addressing this publicly on topix and by addressing this legal strategy every means to subvert that strategy have been recorded & used to prove; if only circumstantially actions taken in Bad Faith.
Now the purpose of this article is to understand my application of ninjutsu to defend myself but before we get into my techniques, tactics & methods we must first understand what ninjutsu is and what it isn't. Ninjutsu is not a martial art but one has to learn martial arts to learn ninjutsu...

Bujutsu or War Arts or Martial Arts are a vast subject of skills dealing with combat & soldiering, these skills range of fighting with weapons such as kenjutsu (sword arts), kyojutsu (bow arts or archery), yarijutsu (spear arts) & jujutsu/taijutsu to modern forms such as karate-do, judo & kendo to name a few; some unarmed fighting systems like aikido & karate-do have weapons included as well. They also include military strategy, maneuvers & tactics.

Ninjutsu or Invisible Arts or Hidden Arts are arts done in secret; invisible or hidden to one's enemy these arts are focused around things like Choho no Jutsu; Espionage Arts, Sansujin Jutsu; art of understanding human nature (think psychology & sociology in modern terms),Chikairi no jutsu: “Entering the Circle” focused around infiltrating an enemy's social sphere, Hotarabi No Jutsu: Art of "Deceiving by Truth" focused on feeding the enemy real information to exploit his reaction & Kamigakure no Jutsu; “Art of Seeing with Eyes of a god” refers to analyzing an enemy's strategy by three conditions heaven, earth & man; referring to weather, terrain & military forces in the mundane meaning respectively & has a profound meaning were heaven refers to a desired outcome, earth refers to present situations & man refers to options available to your enemy. The mundane meaning of Kamigakure no jutsu involves analyzing an enemy's forces & the profound devoted to analyzing his strategy & disposition of his personality.

In more plain terms ninjutsu is devoted to scouting in enemy terrain, espionage, sabotage, assassination of enemy agents & the use of skirmishers & skirmish tactics (small teams warfare) to divert an enemy from from one's main force & one's strategy of warfare. These skirmish tactics include (in modern terminology); commando style tactics such as hit & run night raids, ambushes & false fronts using proxy forces to divert an enemy from one's main forces.

The methods of ninjutsu I used did not involve sneaking around in a shinobi gi nor did they require any combat between myself and another person. What I did was profile my “enemy,” get in his head & convince him to take action against which ultimately was self-destructive for him; namely carrying out the threat to bring child pornography charges against me. You will see a better example of this further in the article...

Kamigakure no Jutsu Example:
An enemy with a shaky truce with you positions a fort on a hill top at the northern border of your land & his own southern border; allegedly because of bandits in the area attacking his trade caravans to you. This fortification places him within striking distance of your village defended by a token force of only 50 ashigaru (footmen) lead by a local lord and his 2 son; all three rural samurai. His forces includes 20 samurai & 150 ashigaru. Village is small farming community 30 miles from enemy villages and 60 miles from enemy castle.
Mundane Analysis of Enemy Forces:
Heaven: Valley below hill is often filled with fog early morning & late evening.
Earth: Hills Between mountains full of trees and pine forest.
Man: Enemy forces; 20 samurai (on horse back) & 150 ashigaru footmen. Best Time for Enemy to Attack: Early morning charge of samurai as village is open & 50 ashigaru as rural bushi; men of the village formed into a militia by your local lord. Building fortress could be a step to invasion of your territory or bait to get you to attack first...

Profound Analysis:
Heaven: Removal of the Enemy Fort on your border...
Earth: As stated above...
Man: Take actions which produces a list of possible reactions;
(a) Order attack on enemy fort, send more warriors to border... Your token forces will be slaughtered but they died honorably.
(b) Confront the enemy about the positioning of his forces so near your borders as a threat to invade. Demand removal of his forces from the border... Will either cause diplomatic negotiations or lead to open conflict depending on your enemy's demeanor.
(c) Send out scouts to ambush enemy patrols then deny involvement... Will get you accused of the ambushes then lead to war.
(d) Send out scouts to observe enemy activities, to get more information on other enemy activities. Use proof of the other activities to show enemy as being dishonorable & a liar making him lose face before allies and enemies alike (such as additional forces & fortresses stationed along one's northern border & enemy scouts found within your territory). All the while noting gaps in enemy formations & strategy by sending his forces against you... Will cause the enemy to fight to save face, but when the enemy moves forces into play along his strategic plans it allows you to attack the enemy's strategy; such as evacuating the village of women & children at night & setting up booby traps on the downward slope of the hill. When the enemy is baited to attack the village; his reinforcements are stalled by sudden night raids and ambushes along the way, his forces win the village but gain only poisoned wells & injuries. Most importantly his supply lines are cut by the token force laying siege to their own village.

This is what is meant by Sun Tzu in the saying “Thus it is the greatest form of generalship to bulk the enemy's plans...” You confront the enemy not on the bait he has placed for you but for the trap he is baiting confront him with deceptions & lies publicly to draw out only one of two reactions; one saving face & another losing face before his enemy... Rather then attack him you invite him to attack you & in so doing enter the smallest of the enemy's circles of influence his own mind.

Chikari no Jutsu: The Art of Entering the Circle

In Chikairi no jutsu, there are six circles one may enter into or pass through to effect one's enemy; the first of Law; the world around us, the second is duty or professional space, then comes our friends & extended family space, our household, our body space or physical space in the material world & finally our inner space our mind & feelings. Using the profound meaning of Kamigakure no jutsu & Sansujin no jutsu; one enters into the enemy inner space; there own mind. This isn't done just by exposing the additional forces but by addressing them in conjunction with the gaps in his mental & physical defenses. Piercing the mask he wears as the face he presents to the world and how under it he is lacking does one manipulate the enemy into acting out of Fear and Anger (for an injured Pride).

Hotarabi No Jutsu: The Art of Deceiving by Truth
Horarabi No Jutsu is the art of deceiving by truth. It is one of the Ninja's yonin skills; yonin sometimes called yojutsu or yoninjutsu, are skills that gather information in view of the enemy. These are forms of conversational hypnosis (similar to modern NLP: Neuro- Lingistic Programming). It is the use of giving an enemy real intelligence and doing so to lure them into a trap or to make the real intelligence seem false.

Hotarabi No Jutsu example:
An enemy catches a drunken shinobi courier who has plans to attack an enemy camp. The plans say the attack on the encampment is a distraction and a real attack coming from the south while the reinforcements head north into an ambush. So when the attack on the Northern encampment comes and enemy has devised a counter-plan (observed by the shinobi strategist) the shinobi also sets out an ambush force, as planned. When the enemy's forces counter-ambush the ambush force and reinforces the besieged encampment.

All is well for the enemy because his forces has successfully outmaneuvered the shinobi, his forces would have turned back without the ambush forces on the road to meet them. They would never went to the encampment without without an attacking force there. But, in so doing half the enemy's forces are north at a minor encampment and a skeleton force guards the enemy's castle. The "secret plans" leaked to the enemy where in fact truthful. However, even truth deceives...

The attack was used to exploit the enemy's doubt, if anything had not been seen in as in the plans the enemy would have seen it was all a distraction. The enemy needed a signal from the encampment to send out reinforcements, but the enemy also needed the ambush to occur to justify sending additional soldiers.

What the enemy was unaware of was the real force of shinobi who infiltrated the enemy's castle months earlier and needed a reason to draw out the extra security. By informing the enemy that the attack on the encampment was so that the shinobi could ambush the enemy forces unaware and hastily rushing to reinforce the encampment. The shinobi was able to exploit the reaction to countering his plan; which leaves a token force to guard the castle and allows other shinobi warriors to simply walk through the front gate and seize the enemy castle.

Much like Kamigakure No Jutsu the ninja use of analyzing an enemy's military dispositions and the commanders mindset, the use of Hotarabi no Jutsu leaves an enemy open to dying by deceiving truths. In the example above as well as my own time line of events such as with the leaked "bragged" plan of attack on Mingo Winters and using his impropriety to entrap the Prosecutor's Office in similar misconduct. The fact is the Raliegh County Prosecutor's Office is already involved in that impropriety and has been from the moment I mailed them a copy of the letter and evidence sent to Judge Kirkpatrick.

Sure the Prosecutor on the case defeated my plan by not being present & so did Mingo Winters, however in avoiding one plan of attack from me they opened themselves to others. Thus using a mixture of Kamigakure No Jutsu and Hotarabi No Jutsu is a practicer of ninjutsu able to exploit and control his enemy like a master chess player.

My Application of Ninjutsu:
For my own self, this is easily understood as why I took certain actions in this matter & why did nothing in other cases... You see before these charges were brought against me I did some investigating on my own, placing myself within reach of the professional space of criminals, I wined & dined certain people & infiltrated by association. I will admit my methods ran afoul of the law; lets be honest I outright broke the law but, did so with people who were associated with the criminal side of this situation. I had proof that Magistrate Mary Jennings was a close personal friend of Ashley Redden's mother & father, Leah Kirk's parents as well.

This came about because Darrell Lilly married Michelle Jennings (related to Magistrate Maryanne “Mary” Jennings) former president of the Avenger's Motor Cycle Club, close friends with Bobby Redden & Wayne Kirk. Trooper Gregory Duckworth of Taylor Made fame is the brother-in-law of his partner Trooper Williams; who is related to the Reddens. So then there was no investigation; only a bias attempt to create evidence that painted my as a criminal & conceal evidence that proved my innocence. This of course is a massive conflict of interest which also includes certain favors done by my court appointed attorneys to get rid of evidence in the original case.

More to the point the conflict of interest in this case highlights what Ashley Redden stated under oath on the appeal from magistrate court to circuit court that her “mother, the cop & the prosecutor” coerced her to give false testimony. The alleged contributing event allegedly happen in Oct of 2005, yet at no time would my court appointed counsel request my phone records from Sprint. Those phone records showed that Ashley Redden has called me several times after the alleged contributing event. In fact Judge Hutchinson called me & Ashley both liars during the appeal & found me guilty anyway but removed one contributing charge; the one in which Ashley Redden stated she was coerced by her mother, Trooper Duckworth & the Raleigh County Prosecutor's Office.

Before I was off house arrest Ashley Redden got in contact with me again, using a friend's myspace account. Of which I copied several images from her private picture folder & save them to my computer; to show I had access to Ashley Redden's private folder on myspace & to show (via the date modified) when I had this access to her private picture folder only accessible as one of her “myspace friends.” I also stashed some of these files away; with other people friends & family. These files were presented with my letter to Judge Kirkpatrick & copies delivered copies to Prosecutor, Magistrate Jones & Mingo Winters as part of my response for his motion to have himself removed. With Mingo Winters office being burned down & destroying copies of my phone records proving prior contact & the West Virginia State Police taking my computers to conceal the evidence I had, in combination with Mr. Winters being recorded on video lying to me & attempting to “derail” my case, as with Ashley Redden's prior statements under oath to a conspiracy involving her family (mother), the arresting officer; a relative (Trooper Gregory Duckworth) & the Raleigh County Prosecutor. Add to this evidence I already gave the West Virginia State Police Office of Professional Standards published on the internet & YouTube videos.

You see as I stated earlier in this article I planned to be arrested for Possession of Child Pornography; I did this because in budo (the Way of the Warrior) one must be willing to sacrifice for a greater gain then in defending that sacrifice. I could have held back & not pushed as I had before but to what end..? The released video of my phone call to Lt. Deeds & my conversation with him afterward has him;
  • Admitting he received evidence of Thomas Keller's false statement & a copy of my own statement to the West Virginia Crime Lab.
  • Defending his threat to bring these charges on me in the recording as it wasn't a threat.
  • Shows me addressing the Teresa Bowlings shooting, in which Trooper Andre Palmateer was recorded stating he was friends with Trooper Duckworth & that according to Mary Ann Lilly wife of deputy Lilly (remember the Magistrate Maryanne Jennings is directly by relation involved with a friendship between the Kirks, Reddens & Lillys) Teresa was afraid that her husband Christopher Bowlings would kill her and get away with it because of his “cop buddies.” Andre Palmateer also stated in testimony in that case that he spoke with Teresa Bowlings 2 years prior to her death & she stated her husband had made such a threat & discharged his weapon in the house in front of the children. Andre Palmateer also stated he did report the news, when asked about his mandatory duty to report by Christopher Bowlings defense attorney.
  • Lt. Deeds admitting my computers & the exculpatory evidence contained therein was at the West Virginia State Police Detactment.
You see there are other skills of ninjutsu as well, Mugei Mumei no Jutsu (No way, No art), Kagejutsu (Shadow Art) & Bakimon no Jutsu (Art of Ghosts) all are different names for the same art the use of adapting & adopting a persona; a cover identity, to penetrate an enemy's terrain. This is meant metaphorically to appear as ghost or shadow or as if one is not their at all. To bypass an enemy's defenses by appearing to be a non-threatening person; a cripple, a blind man or even one of the enemy forces as well.

So I played my persona, hot headed, aggressive & a “tough guy” who liked to brag; all the while being “lucky” & narrowly escaping being caught. Oh and when I was selling marijuana; I had Darrell James & John Nathan Lilly living with me & attempting to set me up for failure. So with two informants living with how did I escape arrest?

Well I am a ninja... I used assets to help me gather intelligence; specifically people who bought off me waiters, bus boys, bar tenders & even a few Hooters Girls, all who were in the background when the police officers talked & for some reason they loved to brag about their activities to the Hooters Girls. Whenever, I was watched I shut down, when they raided my building I was clean & all my narrow escapes had less to do with luck and more to do with foreknowledge. It let me uncover a criminal organization that had infiltrated the police & local government. A threat far more dangerous then any gangs in the military...

The need to cover up evidence of corruption within the actions of the police & prosecutor's office is a need to cover up familial ties that didn't end at departments. More so, if evidence can be shown to prove the police concealed evidence & the prosecutor concealed their knowledge of that evidence that violation of my civil rights taken in “bad faith” becomes a criminal conspiracy, linked to other criminal activity such as what I was attempting to give to Lt. Deeds as “additional evidence” in phone calls I recorded & placed on YouTube further links the West Virginia State Police all the way up to Superintendent Col. Smithers & that under the Rico statute “if any one member of a conspiracy can be proven guilty of criminal act, all can be charged.”

While, I set these machinations in motion and played my games getting details from DJ & Nathan Lilly while they were trying to wrap up in their own web of deceptions & lies, I used my “drug profits” to “whine & dine” them making them think I trusted them. All it takes is an honest investigation of the small elements I have made public to lead back to the information on my computers & my BlackBerry Curve (which a chain of custody will show was taken from the WV Crime Lab by Troopers with a search warrant) & an investigation into the familial ties of all involved. This combined with my public statements (such as my YouTube videos & this article) & combined with my testimony & previous statements of Ashley Redden on record leads back to corruption even within West Virginia Governor Earle Ray Tomblin's Office...

This being an election year, the Governor & other officials are in desperate need to cover everything up to save face. I find this the perfect time to make everything public for the same reasons; I once said in an interview my oath of enlistment in the US Army is my Bushido & I swore an oath to “uphold & defend the US Constitution against all enemies foreign & domestic.”

Multiple attempts to discredit me & attack my character have been made by these troopers and business competitors; to some degree attacking business associates and friends to get them to turn on me and further make me seem guilty. Their reasons are different; one because they have something to hide and another to protect a financial investment; their business but, in the end the truth always comes out. As to the effectiveness of my ninjutsu system; it was not proven in a cage where ninjutsu being about subterfuge & deception has little purpose and can be adapted to any martial art. It was proven in the streets were “trapped behind enemy lines” where I disrupted my enemy's strategy, found the secrets they wish to hide & exposed them to world in videos on YouTube. You see I understand their assets; they hide behind the law & a cloak of authority were they can do as they like.

By manipulating them into covering up evidence of criminality in some branches & exposing their actions I undermine that authority; now this doesn't stop them from filing more false charges or trying to get Search Warrants for my computer to conceal even more evidence. Which is why making it all public protects that information. Quite simply, they wanted to control the stream of information, cover up & conceal evidence so that their authority wasn't undermined. In the end, all they did was give me proof, even without the evidence I don't have that was already taken.

Oh, to those who wonder how this started or what caused this course of events; I was told by Ashley about certain criminal activities & how certain people could do anything they wanted because they were the Kirks. I didn't believe her then but I do now... You see Rodney Wayne Kirk is related the Thomas L. Kirk current Director of Intelligence for the State of West Virginia, former Superintendent of the West Virginia State Police (retired in 1996) & another Kirk sits as head of State Ethics Committee. In these places the Kirks have the ability to manipulate information & conceal evidence of corruption & wrong doing by Judges, Magistrates & Lawyers.

It was the Kirks who threatened to expose the criminality of the Reddens & who forced Ashley to lie on me; thus linking the organized crime centered in the Avengers, Reddens, Lillys, Caloways & Adkins families; all with relatives in the various police departments. After all as Mr. Kirk is aware information to greatest asset & weapon to any army. In this case information is a shield that will protect me should I “get mugged” by some police informant.

So either I am a criminal, as they would have you believe; a Sex Offender (the lowest form of criminal) who has never been caught & a Terrorist (The boogeymen of society) who has never been charged. A criminal one so expert in the art of invisibility I can present evidence to the contrary or the West Virginia State Police has something to hide... their own criminality. Looking at the lose of evidence from the Beckley Police Evidence Room (drugs from some 15 months worth of investigations), I am somewhat proven correct. We will all see how this ends as the case progresses; one thing is clear in the Year of Black Dragon, 2012 the effectiveness of Omoto-Ryu Budo also know as Black Dragon Ninjitsu as a full spectrum combat art; Intelligence, Psychological Controls, Combat, Survival, Tactics & Strategy has in part been proven, effective.

Not all conflict occurs with physical contact where one's self-defense techniques are most effective, nor is self-defense limited to physical assault. Many times our “friends” are enemies trying to set us up for failure giving us bad advise or learning about us to play on our fears & doubts. For dealing with these situations which occur more often then physical assaults; ninjutsu methods for training the mind, our perceptions & preventing us from being attacked on a psychological, & in effect social, level. Whether fighting in a parking lot or in a courtroom, a battlefield or a boardroom protecting your inner circle & not allowing someone to set you up for failure can be more important then & just as effective as any self-defense techniques you can learn. The golden principle of self-defense is to avoid the threat before it becomes a danger.

And while I would love to brag about my ability, I take none of the credit... You see God put the situations in front of me that allowed me have access to these obscure skill sets & he gave the opportunity to use them. I would not be here to write of these things if not for his will & I would not be willing to try to apply these skills if not for faith in myself & more importantly faith that God would guide me & protect me. If I can do it, anyone can do it all it takes is faith...

Remain Well,
Sensei Ron Collins

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Men Honor Titles...

Niccolo Machiavelli once said "Men honor titles but titles do not honor men..."

Machiavelli was talking about the human need to belong and to be known by position. Think about it for a minute, if you will... we confuse position with purpose and potential. From aristocratic bloodlines to politicians the game is all in the name. Men honor; respect & service, titles; a term of status. Titles (terms of status) do not honor (serve) men.

The simplistic depth of the statement is simple, yet has profound repercussions on how we view the world. What happens if we see the terms of police man, warrior, soldier, congressman, president as empty words defined by the action of the individual who holds the title. A police man who sells drugs isn't a police men, hes a criminal, but you will still show him respect as a police man, right? A warrior who doesn't fight a war (even private one's) isn't a warrior, do you respect a coward because he wears the title "Warrior." How about a soldier who never enlisted; and therefore not a soldier?

Nobility comes from actions, not a status of bloodlines or family names. The same is just as powerful a revelation in martial arts. Titles like Grandmaster, Master, Sensei or even ranks especially those of the Dan grades all demand a certain amount of respect but to what end?

Fredrick Nietzsche in Beyond Good and Evil said that the idea of nobility was a mater of delight in leading. His exact quote was "There is an instinct to rank, which more then anything else is already the sign of high rank, there is a delight in the nuances of reverence which leads one to infer noble origins & habits."

This quote is a direct expression to the issue at hand that rank & titles of rank leads to the inference of noble origins and habits. As such those who hold rank & titles of rank are inferred the noblest of ideas simply because the "title is honored by men. But, simply holding the title does not manifest as noble origins or habits.

So the end result is the very simplistic notion that Rank and titles in martial arts do not mean anything other then paying class and organizational dues. Martial arts organizations have added extreme ranks of 15ths Dans and have a vast number of 10th Dans that in keeping these masters under the reins of the "Grandmaster" of the system additional ranks had to be added. Traditions; rituals of initiations are used to "teach secrets" and the great secret is that there is no great secret.

No hidden hand or magic formula for achieving success. The ego of self-importance gives the title holder some motivation to express superiority through confidence. The secret is hard work and rank is a sign of hard work but only so far as the individual uses that hard work to improve the self. Or am I inferring a noble idea & habit to the idea of rank?

The end result is that in martial arts the idea of rank is often filled with notions of enlightenment, wisdom, skill and even (believe it or not) divinity. If rank meant competence or was a sign of it I'd be amazed. The end result is a level of true superiority that rank is an expression of, that rank is awarded for actions and merit.

All that matters isn't rank or title but ability to apply what is being sold to public. The politicking and infighting that goes with high ranking martial artists in many organizations reflects the self-serving attitude we see in politicians. This is why many new organizations established by younger martial artists are created as quickly and end just as quickly as they appear.

In Sansetsu Jujutsu of ninjutsu one is taught a reflection of these western concepts; the notion of face is evolved into a term for mask. The title and the noble ideas it expresses are all considered masks. Psychological architypes of the ego used to express a self-definition the individual desires to play out. All because me Honor Titles...