Saturday, February 28, 2015

Return of Phil Failmore

The failure once again is stalking me through cyber space. The internet is where cowards and the weak minded come to spin tales of their greatness. It is were forums host a number of experts and people who can shoot at 1,000 meters with rifles the US Military declare the maximum effective range at only 800+ meters, without extensive marksmanship training. Basically the internet is full of bull shit, in truth much of our culture is full of bullshit the internet is simply the largest point were it collects. It is the sewer of our society because certain critters can't face physical consequences for what they say... or do. Its even been made fun in various media like Brad Paisley's Online.
What does this have to do with the fat one, well lets look at it shall we. Today I set up a twitter account as bait to draw out the Fat Phil Failmore (my pet name for Phil Elmore). And like an incompetent psychopath, Phil Elmore took the bait, posting on the Twitter account in reference to Never Back Down coming out in March. So at the mere mention of a book showing the factual material evidence involved in my court case & the falsified "evidence" by my martial arts competitors Phil Shows up to call it a lie...
Why does Phil fear proof that he's lied and sander my name being presented in the book? What about now? You can read all about his appearance yesterday (2/27/2015) in blog post The Lies, Stalking & Harassment by Phil Failmore today he used his Wester Easterman troll account to join the Shadow Warrior Publishing forum where he was automatically reported and banned. So why is Phil stalking me across the internet, why does he feel the need to be recognized?

Lets be clear Phil Elmore is a fraud and chump, oh sure he has his black sash in Lew's Slong Kung-fu (yes I know I misspelled the name, it was done on purpose) but this is only to try to justify his previous "teachings" in his first book Shorthand Empty Hand were he didn't even bother to correct his mistakes...

Mantis Hook:
Now I'm no Kung-fu man but from pictures on the net and online resources the Mantis Hook taught by Phil seems, improper even unmanly inspiring this meme.
Compared to this collaboration of actual mantis stylists Phil Elmore is wrong. More so does Liu Seong have mantis stances and techniques? If not how is this guy suddenly a creditable source of mantis techniques or a black sash in Liu Seong Kuntao. And you can all see its wrong compared actual mantis stylists.
Notice the difference?

Tiger Claw:
Sorry I couldn't help but present another Meme. Seem familiar? You bet here is more of Phil Elmore's half ass and unintelligent kung foolishness. He even has the "Crazy Eyes."

Asserting his manhood?
Phil the failure has a long history of trying to express his manliness, which only makes him look like a pathetic wimp who uses the internet to present what he doesn't have skill, knowledge & a reputation. Phil has plastered his vestige across the internet posing with weapons in an attempt to appear to be a tough guy.
 Phil Elmore's impersonation of Dirty Harry, course Harry wasn't real...
 Who wears a tactical vest to a gun range? If you look he is wearing a bandanna because that's tacticool and armed with a second gun in the tac-vest. And fat boy is too big for the tactical vest, literally busting at t seems making it more of a tacticool girdle.
What is the point? Crazy person with a knife? Who I'm posing with knives...

Oh but Phil isn't just wearing a bandanna he's also spotted in a Beret, in the picture that conjures up images of a Communist hero Che Guevara. I suspect, it is only my opinion but... I suspect before converting Aye Rand's Objectivist stupidity he was the typical college liberal... I could be wrong but still posing with his "AK47" I present Phil Elmore meme #3...
Ah but why throw fuel on the fire, because as much as like razzing Elmore when he raises his head it is done in response to his own unwanted contact with me. Why follow someone around the net stalking them and attempting to harass them? Because even if I am the total fraud Phil claims I am, I have not been found guilty of the crimes by which Phil suggests and outright has claimed online, thus I have to defend my good name such as it were. Phil attempted to involve himself in my Terrorist Threats case yet I was not convicted and neither was I convicted in the child porn case and Phil Elmore is seeking to change history. To slander my name and somehow claim he is acting morally and objectively. When all he is doing is holding onto old grudges and that of putting him into his place numerous times in the past.

Subjectively, Phil Elmore is just some pathetic wannabe tough guy who "is so much cooler online" or tries to be. Objectively, Phil is just a pathetic and sad man boy, wannabe tough guy and fraud.

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Lies, Stalking & Harassment by Phil Failmore

Once again the Paladin Press mouth piece for so called legitimate martial artists Phil Elmore ha reared his ugly little head. No doubt a response to my Blog post which was in itself a response to Phil Elmore following me around the internet and posting his article full of lies.
The Lies of Phil Failmore
Defining Another's Character... I'm not who you want me to be

And of course I addressed the so called experts online who are either connected to Paladin Press or the Bujinkan (remember Phil is associated with Paladin) attacking me. Though I don't remember ever mentioning his name in the article.
The Absurdity of Martial Arts on the Internet

He yet again makes an appearance on the Shadow Warrior Publishing facebook page. Where his post was deleted and he was banned. Have no fear, it was saved for evidence of a history is harassment by the double talking troll.
Ultimately it comes down to this, come March Phil Elmore will be addressed in the up and coming book Never Back Down: The True Story Behind Ron Collins & no doubt is afraid of the truth. Phil Elmore is coward who hides behind his computer. The image above is another of Phil Elmore's lies here he quotes me & then uses images of the my many previous arrests not for that which is quoted and a picture from a news article all to suggest my stated quote is somehow false or to mislead the viewer into believing all arrests where related to said quote. That is not true...

The fact is Phil Elmore is a coward behind a computer screen where no one can bitch slap him back into his place, he looks for reasons outside himself; martial arts, military service (which he has none) & tactical training (yeah...). He threaten Dan Bowen into backing don from a challenge by threatening him with CPS, he provided one sided evidence (which I posted as bait for him) to Trooper Duckworth in my own state when I as arrested for making Terrorist Threats but not convicted of it... Hell I even caught the Prosecutor lying and fabricating evidence.

Yet again all Phil Elmore can do is bring up the past and twist facts to suggest, imply or outright lie about situation. I am among other things the student of Danny Ray Massey, himself a student of Tracy Cook. Danny was a member of the Avengers MC considered organized crime by the FBI & the state of West Virginia. The Avengers are directly connected to Kirks, Reddens, Lillys, former Magistrate Maryanne Jennings and (yes) Trooper Gregory Duckworth. My charges are directly related to these people and to my refusal the join the Avengers MC.

Read the whole story, with evidence presented in the book: Never Back Down: The True Story Behind Ron Collins at Shadow Warrior Publishing

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Self-Defense Awareness Philosophy

Self-Defense Awareness Philosophy:

Purpose: The purpose of this page is to discuss the self-defense awareness philosophy & help the reader to understand criminal psychology. To do this we will offer practical advice and discuss inherent self-defense  awareness philosophy.

How we reach this purpose is by first forgetting what is the common instruction of self-defense. Many times we are told to use the color code of self-defense awareness. The color code system was invented by John Dean "Jeff" Cooper a retired US Marine Corps officer, writer & firearms instructor. Mr. Cooper's color code system was based on awareness of one's own biological reaction to stress. Beginning in condition white, then yellow, orange & red. The US Marine Corps uses an additional condition of condition *black however, condition black was not part of Coopers original color code.

Combat Mindset & Cooper Color Code:
  • White: Aware of surrounding and completely relaxed. If you are in this condition you should not be conscious.
  • Yellow: Relax alert, no specific threat detected.
  • Orange: Specific Alert, a potential threat detected. Heart Rate elevated.
  • Red: Fight! You are engaged in open conflict and have a sense of immediate danger.
  • *Black: Panic! Heart rate over 175 beats per minute, breakdown of physical & mental functioning.
Why this good for Soldiers & Marines but bad for Self-Defense.
Marines are fighting men, they are trained to be prepared for the enemy's tactics, they have experienced leaders & multiple individuals to maintain awareness of the signs of potential danger. What civilian has a) "combat experience" with criminal activity or b) has an NCO to tell them condition orange intelligence said? These conditions are even true of Police Officers who use the same color code awareness & get information from snitches and informants & have higher ranking officers to tell them to raise their awareness level.

Self-defense instructors spend most of their time teaching simple but effective fighting techniques. What they don't often teach is to think like your "enemy" the common criminal. How will reach condition orange if you don't know what should trigger said condition. By the very nature of violence & the criminal mindset, their goal is t get you to condition white. They lie, they cheat and they stack to deck before they engage. It doesn't matter if you walk around in condition orange going from possible threat to possible threat in your awareness if you don't know what a threat looks like. There are only two conditions of awareness; aware and unaware. If you are aware, are you educated on what to be aware of?

Educated awareness means knowing the basic tactics of common criminals to avoid the potential threat before it becomes a danger to you.

How is Educated Awareness Different then the Color Code Awareness:
The color code of awareness is intended for military men in the course of their service. These soldiers have many different variables such as Fragos (Fragmentary orders), Situation Reports, Mission Briefings, Safety Briefings, Intelligence Briefings & more to ensure these fighting men are aware of potential and present threats. War fighters have an educated awareness. As a lone individual you have only two conditions aware & unaware, and that means you need to be educated to what a potential threat may be.

There are many things that effect your awareness; intoxication, distraction & the limits of your senses. A mother trying to get a crying child in its car seat and keep the grocery cart from rolling away can't be expected to keep the same level of awareness as a someone simply walking to their car in the same parking lot. Thus aware or not aware or properly, exercising educated awareness or unaware because to quote G.I. Joe cartoons from childhood "Knowing is half the battle."

Fight, Flight or Freeze Vs Threat Display, Fight, Flight or Submission with potential intellectual Freezing:
There is debate among the Status Quo Self-Defense Instructors as to whether the Fight or Flight response should include a Freeze response. Modern Sociology says we have instead four response to interspecies conflict. Posture, Fight, Flight or Submit with Freezing being the result of conflicting information between natural response and conditioned responses. What this means is that their is pre-conflict phase of displaying a threat posture to either gain dominance or ward off attempts to be dominated. This suggests a preliminary phase of sizing up your opponent. From this you will go in either Fight, neither side finds the other's threat posture intimidating so fight/physical conflict occurs. Flight, a tactical withdraw from physical conflict doesn't mean you've won just means "they" might be back with friends or a weapon. Submission, which is the yielding to the threat display either calling off the original threat display or giving into threatening individuals demands.

Freezing occurs when one has a conditioned response that is counter-productive to a person's nature. If your natural impulse is to fight and you've been conditioned to not fight, your response might be to freeze because your conscious mind is repeating the conditioning and you've been given. The same is also possible where a person who learn martial arts knows 100 responses to a single technique. Their mind freezes because they must try to select 1 of 100 responses in the fraction of a second. Once you understand the issue is nature versus nurture you can find ways nurture your nature, i.e. make the art your own. You see this with Champion Judoka or Karateka who use only a select set of preferred techniques. They can teach 100s of techniques but only use about 10 to 15 themselves that thy have perfected over time.

Not all Violence has been Created Equal:
There are two types of violence merging into three forms. The two types of violence are social & asocial violence.  Social violence is the threat of violence or violence to gain/maintain social dominance. This can be seen as bullying or temper tantrums and so on but can be seen in a more acceptable form in terms of competition like martial arts, wrestling or boxing. Asocial violence is violence or threat of violence with the intent to harm others. This translates into the three forms of violence;
  • A Fight: This is social violence of bullying, competition & social dominance.
  • A Self-Defense Situation: This is use of violence or threat of violence to gain something or take something from another. It is materially motivated asocial violence on the lower end of the spectrum.
  • A Street Fight: This is the higher end of spectrum of Asocial violence where intent is to severely harm another; Kill, Cripple or Maim.
Once you understand their are different types & forms of violence you understand their is no one size fits all solution. The problems are often social, psychological & environmentally based that determine the threat level. Here educated awareness is key understanding the variety of situations you'll find yourself in or could find yourself in. A gang member conducting a drive by shooting and a terrorist executing a suicide bombing are in essence the same a street fight. Which is the same level of intent as two thugs with baseball bats. Your response to all three is essentially the same; avoid it possible, break contact if you can & be willing to do whatever it takes to survival. This is completely different from keeping drunk uncle Bob in line without seriously hurting him, a fight. This is Self-Defense Situational Awareness Philosophy.

Read More in the Street Focus Jujitsu Handbook

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Potential for a Power Grid Collapse, The Economy & Self-Defense

Prepper fFortress posted a article on the weakness of the power grid. The fact is the US Power grid is stronger then most other nations and quite honestly its still pretty vulnerable. This article is going to address the value of primitive survival skills and older methods of providing basic needs. Another article by Prepper Fortress talks about America's unhealthy love affair with electricity.

James Wesley Rawles author of Patriots talks about martial law and the potential for a power grid collapse in the US, collapse of the dollar and more.
You might think this kind of Survivalist end of the World talk is a paranoid world view. Lets for get about "conspiracy theory" & "the illuminati" for a minute and talk ISIS. The US economy has yet to have recovered fully from the "great recession" & the world economy is still no better, Italy is still in chaos, Germany's GDP is still slipping, Russia & Brazil's economies are stagnate at best. ISIS is holding their own against coalition forces in the middle east. America's withdraw from Yemen is compared with its withdraw from Viet Nam & seen as a victory by the various Terrorist groups at war with us.

Perhaps I am trying to scare you, to convince you to build up your preps or start preparing for a rocky future now. The reality is these terrorists are killers, not strategists. If they were to attack the US power grid they would inflict greater damage to the US then just headlines with more then photos of dead Christians & Jews. The Wind store that struck the east coast of the US and caused the massive power blackout of 2014 highlighted this. The burglaries, home invasions and assaults that followed showed why guns are important to home defense.

More articles and sites dedicated to the topic of power grid weakness exist above, it doesn't matter if you live in a area prone to winter storms that knock power and block roads for days (I do) or if you live in a tornado prone area that gets knocked around. Eventually the power will go out, and what happens if the power is out for weeks? Sure, looting, robbery, burglary & similar in some areas. How well prepared are you to defend yourself?

Not just self-defense techniques or owning a gun but knowing primitive survival skills like herbal medicine or how to make/find shelter? How will you deal with multiple assailants or organize your neighbors to keep watch? What about people who don't live on your street?

This is why I wrote the Anti-Terrorist Handbook TM 725-15 & why Black Dragon Ninjitsu stands alone as a combat-strategy-survival art.

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Absurdity of Martial Arts on the Internet

I can't help but laugh that my biggest critics bring me the most supporters online. I'm not much of a history buff and I have my own motivations for wanting to learn martial arts, for training in survival techniques and for studying military strategy. Yet, martial arts and self-defense discussions on the internet break down to one absurd truth; egos and a safety.

Only on the people launch personal attacks that would get their asses kicked in public. I mean some of the stuff said about me online isn't even whispered near me because I will pull someone's punk card quick. Yet online children posing as adults lie and try to refute every thing said to slander a person's name and claim some authority or "merit badge" of superiority. In truth its a very big joke.

In 2002 Paladin Press tried to get me to sign with them and leave Dojo Press, the Paladin contract for authors includes the signing over of your royalties to other people whom Paladin assigns for whatever reason. At the time I was stationed in Korea and said not just no but hell no. I have since produced my own label publishing company Shadow Warrior Publishing in the manner of Uncle Fester Books, I even picked up a few other writers along the way from an older project Witch Hunter Publishing.

I had a lawyer review the sample contract the sent me and all this came from his professional examination of the contract. Sure this means I would not have the large publishing house contracting their other writers to support me. More so, I found certain people connected either to Paladin or the Bujinkan trying to discredit me. And I've said some questionable things and done some questionable things because I really don't take internet as seriously as others. Some people are so tied to the "respect" of the "peers" on internet forums and chat rooms, people following their blogs and professing then creditable on the internet they don't realize the real world counts.

These people spend more time watching my online antics, thinking they can effect the real world through their cyber shield of internet posting. They post blogs to refute arguments I never made and make slanderous claims knowing I don't even an address to contact them to file suit, if  so chose. Course if I were the violent psychopath they claim I might "mug them" in their homes. Good thing I'm not... ;)

Here in the real world I have students, many coming back after my hiatus in lock up. I launched Shadow Warrior Publishing and have recruited local talent address little known aspects of life experience. Criminals teaching people to defend themselves against criminals. Despite what is claimed and said online, I have a reputation based on my exploits and actions by people who know me. Its the real world that defines us and sets the standard. In the end, the internet is full of self-proclaimed experts and lies. The internet is the biggest source of false information, disinformation, lies, propaganda and myths.

A bunch of people, all invested in the same business (say a franchise martial arts school trying to claim a monopoly on the "truth") can all support each others lies and disinformation. They can slander and attack others, push their own fraudulent lineage. However, I spend most of my time in the real world. Dealing with my problems in the real world and find my successes in the real world. Ultimately, its the real world were people and internet is just some absurdity for those with ego and little to no real world accomplishments.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Question of Faith

Its now 5:17am, I woke up too early my alarm is set for 6am and I'm listening to a preacher on TV talk about faith & performing God's will. How people suffer certain things for God's will, the preacher is talking about Paul and going to prison. I'm thinking of me & everything I ever went through. I'll end up going to bed in a few minutes and not finish this until later but I have address the time and what is happening because this has set my mind to working and contemplating my life and my faith.

I suppose I am blessed to be different from others because my faith is based on facts and not just what I choose to believe. I am not merely survivalist but a survivor, a survivor is someone who faces adversity and comes away stronger because they overcame said adversity. Adversity for each of us is different sometimes this is being bullied, some of us have to deal with being poor, sometimes we have to deal with missing or absent parents, we family problems like substance abuse and sometimes we have to deal with illness. Some people have comfortable lives and never face any adversity at all, they have everything given to them and these people are cursed when adversity finds them.

You see it is those who face adversity who are blessed, they are blessed with hardship and the strength that comes from it. Not the strength of muscles and physical ability but of the inner strength to stand while other would kneel, to speak the truth when others would keep silent and strength to accept suffering for what is right while others seek comfort of what is wrong. Blessed are the those strong enough to bear suffering and not be crippled by it, for everyone breaks under their suffering but not everyone remains broken. It is in picking up the pieces that we are strengthened, it is hard to heal the broken pieces but it is harder still to be strong enough to heal the broken pieces ad to never do so.

We all experience loss, I often don't talk about what I suffer as wrong as done to me because I refuse to give power those who think they can hurt you. What is funny is how little anyone can hurt you when you've experienced greater injury. Life will send things your way that break you down & many people in a need to escape pain and suffering do not realize that each challenge, hardship and conflict is there t make us stronger. I do not believe in the Rapture, I'm in a minority of Protestants (Southern Baptists to be specific) who do not believe the Rapture. I took it upon myself to write a book dealing with this very fact Living Without Rapture...
I am no scholar and I don't have a degree in any biblical academic courses. What I have is faith, faith that my life and my experiences, false arrests, persecution and harassment has give me a unique look at the world and changes of the world that are coming. I wrote this book on the faith that I am right. There are preachers and scholars who have written books on the subject of the Rapture both for and against. What people don't see is books on survival preparedness that address the subject. Nor did I desire to simply parrot (pirate) the academics, so I chose to use the bible itself and my own understanding of scripture as written to address the subject with some basic preparedness concepts.

While I talk about faith, remember I chose to act in my own faith based on my own life. It takes a lot to leap of that proverbial cliff with only faith in hand. For me something had to push me and, I didn't just rise to occasion. I leaped based on experience, the experience of overcoming challenges to suffering injury (physical, emotional & social) to myself. Knowing I overcame obstacles in the past has helped me to overcome obstacles in the present. It will allow me to overcome obstacles in the future. All it takes is a leap of faith, in God (or the higher power of you choosing) and in yourself.