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Poorman's Guide to Prepping

Prepping is in some ways a joke; our grandparents, their parents and grandparents were prepared to face hardships and weren't called preppers or survivalists. As a kid the term survivalist was heavily associated with anti- big-government, Christian fundamentalism & paramilitary philosophies. As a kid I lived through a blizzard with literally 2 to 4 feet of snow in 1993 & the ise storm brought on by the 92 Nor'Easter before that. We were fortunate to have gas heating but we had kerosene heaters as a back up, to. We my mom a prepper?

No, my grandfather survived the great depression as kid and self-sufficiency wasn't a fad or popular hobby, it was survival. It was common sense, we had electric heaters, kerosene, a fire place & other means of heating my grandparent's house. My grandfather had a had a generator, a garden, chickens & no, he didn't own a farm. My grandfather just knew how to survive, he was a redneck, a hick, a hillbilly or whatever you want to call him. But, I promise you he survived being one of those homeless teens who took on any job, including dangerous jobs like coal mining, lumber & stoop work on farms like we attribute to the many illegal Mexican immigrants in the US. And he taught that planning, preparation and self-determination for survival to his kids (my mother, my aunts and uncles) which was passed down the family line to me, with some wisdom directly relayed to me from my grandfather himself. Most of this I never understood until I was older.

Enter The Poorman's Guide to Prepping:

Prepping is a fad hobby based on fear and worry. All trying to sell you the latest and greatest in tactical widgets and what nots. Survivalism is a philosophy that is often paramilitary in nature, also built around selling you on gear or skills training. Poor people have been surviving for years and the survivalist movement had its roots in both doomsday Christians and cold war fears of nuclear war.

Poor people and people in general have been surviving with less resources and less gear forever, or at least as long as there have been people. This book outlines some basic skills & talks about low tech/low cost methods for survival including plans of Do-it-yourself bomb and blast shelters, do-it-yourself hazmat concepts. So whether you fear a nuclear war, economic collapse or being left behind at the second coming this book will help you survive without spending excessive amounts of cash on the latest high tech gear.
Whether alone or as a group this book uses simple common sense methods and survival strategies, used by previous generations and today by poor men, in poor countries, without all the high tech gadgets social support networks of the US during bad times and disasters.
What you'll Find Inside:

  • Basic Tactics for Reacting to Contact, Convoy Operations & similar,
  • Alternative Medicine using herbs found in the Wild & in Your Kitchen,
  • Basic Field Craft for Bugging Out,
  • Do It Yourself Hazmat Suit design, Decontamination kits & Blast/Bomb Shelters,
  • 9 Stages of Preparation to Match Even the Wealthy in Safety & Security,
  • Caching & Barter Economics Explained in Detail,
  • And much more...
Consider this THE FIELD MANUAL for the low income to lower middle class prepper or survivalist!

 This book was written for those who can't spend all the money on the latest most tacti-cool prepping gizmo. It is a basic foundation of low incoming living, i.e. being poor & some stuff I picked from other preppers and in the army. It breaks preparation down into nine overlapping stages built around feeding yourself and sheltering from extremes. Gardening and canning are addressed, as well as, Do-It-Yourself Hazmat materials. Barter economics allows the poorman to invest in catastrophe to stocking various items they can use as added supplies or to barter with others. Herb medicines have been addressed in detail, with pictures and a list of kitchen herbs one can purchase and store to enhance and augment one's own medical supplies.

 I cover some basic tactical drills for small teams and organizing as a group with a less paramilitary mindset then what is discussed in TM 725-15 American Homeguard Anti-Terrorist Handbook. Some information overlaps like building a cache & understanding a Nuclear, Biological or Chemical Threat. Disaster strikes, that's a fact of life but you don't need to invest massive amounts of money or paramilitary tactical/tacti-cool toys to prepare for it.

Poorman's Tip 1: Black Pepper
Black Pepper from Wikipedia,
Black pepper (Piper nigrum) is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning. The fruit, known as a peppercorn when dried, is approximately 5 millimetres (0.20 in) in diameter, dark red when fully mature, and, like all drupes, contains a single seed. Peppercorns, and the ground pepper derived from them, may be described simply as pepper, or more precisely as black pepper (cooked and dried unripe fruit), green pepper (dried unripe fruit) and white pepper (ripe fruit seeds).

Black pepper is native to south India, and is extensively cultivated there and elsewhere in tropical regions. Currently Vietnam is the world's largest producer and exporter of pepper, producing 34% of the world's Piper nigrum crop as of 2008.

Dried ground pepper has been used since antiquity for both its flavour and as a traditional medicine. Black pepper is the world's most traded spice. It is one of the most common spices added to European cuisine and its descendants. The spiciness of black pepper is due to the chemical piperine, not to be confused with the capsaicin that gives fleshy peppers theirs. It is ubiquitous in the modern world as a seasoning, and is often paired with salt.

Crushed Black Pepper can be used to treat bleeding and speed healing in open wounds. Because it is native to tropical regions cannot be sustained in colder climates, where the temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. So it should be stocked up in northern states, desert states & can only be grown in hot, humid locals. This is a poorman's "thick clot" and doesn't need to scrubbed from a wound, however treatment for the wound may require one to scrub out dead tissue and other contaminants but, this is another matter of wound care.

Poorman's Tip 2: Water Purification Tablets
It is a little known fact that the commercial iodine water purification tablets are based of the iodine tablets used by the US military. Certain civilian water purification tablets copy the older military potassium iodine based anti-bacterial water purification tablets, that can be dissolved in 1 quart of water and offer some protection from radiation. For more detailed information on Potassium Iodine follow the link to the CDC site below;

Poorman's Tip 3: Barter Basics
Everyone was curious about a former CIA agents mention of the "Bubba Effect" on Glenn Beck some years ago; 2009.

Glenn Beck also addressed the Bubba Effect last on the Blaze Network...

The Bubba Effect is a willing removal from mainstream culture and resources. This is best exemplified by removal from government programs, like public education (part of the reason home schoolers are seen as threat) or accepted economic transactions. Trading goods or services for other goods or services instead of the National Currency. Bartering was used in the US by Karl Hess to make it harder for the IRS to seize his wages and as a form of tax resistance. Hess explained this in an op-ed for The New York Times in 1975. The IRS as of the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 requires such exchanges to be reported on a 1099-B form.

But how does one prove such an exchange? If I give you a compound bow, 7 arrows, & 2 chickens for your weed eater & 3 tomato plants who has documentation of said exchange. The Bubba Effect is when common people seek to exclude the government (city, county, state or federal) effecting their lives. This could be in the highly dramatic example outlined by Glenn Beck or in the quieter (but still illegal) means used by other grandfather (my father's father) of making moonshine & trading it things he needed or wanted during the latter years of depression.

Barter economics is often based on the value of the individuals involved, to a starving man 3 chickens, a rooster & 5lbs sack of beans might have more value then a ounce of gold at the present exchange rate of $1,200 per oz. (as of 3/25/2015). Out here in West Virginia we call this horse trading, many times people with "extra items" will trade them to others to trade them for things they needs.

Example of the Barter Economy
Bill: Has Extra Chickens but needs a new CB radio
Bob: Has Shotgun Ammo but wants some chocolate to give his wife
John: Has Chocolate but needs someone chock his fire wood cause he's too sick to get out of bed
Dave: Has a CB radio but needs some shotgun ammo

What happens:
Dave trades his old radio to Bill for the Chickens he doesn't need. Dave can't trade the chickens to Bob for shotgun ammo but finds out Bob wants chocolate for his wife for her birthday. Dave knows John has chocolate bars stashed away. John doesn't want the chickens but needs someone to chop some wood cause he is very sick so, Dave agrees to chop some wood for 12 Hersey bars & take 8 hours out his day to split logs for John. Dave trades 5 Hersey bars to Bob for 20 shotgun shells. At the end of Dave's day he has 3 chickens, 7 Hersey Bars & 20 Shotgun Shells.

The Key to Barter Economics is trust (why it is often limited to a small group of people) and communication.

Poorman's Tip 4: Dry Beans & Potatoes
A cheaper alternative to stocking cans of beans is to store dry beans. Dry Beans are essentially seeds, that are cooked and eaten as a soup. One can buy large amounts of dry beans, that can be cooked and eaten but can also be used as part of your resupply plan by planting the beans. The resulting bean plants of course produce more beans, which can be dried and stored.

The Poorman can buy a few bags to store as prep items and plant others to grow their own, which they can dry and store with a few being replanted to resupply & build one's preps without having to buy preps or as a booster to buying more preps.

Potatoes has roots that sprout from the potato called "eyes." The Eyes can be planted to grow into new potatoes or potatoes with eyes sprouting from then can be cut into sections and planted to grow into fresh potatoes. Eyes can be dried and stored in a cool dark place and will last 3 to 5 months, which is hopefully until early spring when they can be planted.

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Know your Stalker... More Antics from Phil Failmore

I will be out and about this summer, jumping off this waterfall & doing other things to put my life back in order. Getting knocked down isn't important, getting back up is... and all it takes is the will to do so.
"This Waterfall"

And while I've been blogging away at what a stalker Phil Elmore is he's been seeking to defend his actions. Lets look at his actions...
March 11th Phil Elmore writes 'Trolling' -the new 'hate speech' 
March 19th wrote Laws against cyberstalking - a good idea?

Now on January 19th I wrote The Lies of Phil Failmore address the lies that Phil Elmore has spread about me online. Lies and half truths, based on the lies of his cohorts & partners like Barron Shepard and Don Roley. When proven that Phil lied he started stalking me from group to group using his "gang" of keyboard commandos and wannabe badasses like David Pearson & Patrick Farrari.

February 27th I wrote The Lies, Stalking & Harassment by Phil Failmore showing his continued contact with me despite the fact I want nothing to do with him. Believe me as a heterosexual male, the last thing I want is some skeezy old fat guy with a hard-on for me (hopefully not literally) trying to contact me at every turn. He reminds me of those gay guys who "bully & pick" because they are too scared to come out the closet, so I do question his "motives." I mean has anyone seen a picture of his wife, kinda none existent like some "secret ninja master."

February 28th I post Return of Phil Failmore were I once again state I want nothing to do with him but feel the need to defend myself against his online harassment, stalking and lies.

March 5th I post More Stalking & Harassment from Phil Failmore where I point to Phil's business relationship with Don Roley & Barron Shepard. Where I address Phil Elmore's habit of trolling through "troll accounts" (alternate accounts using another name as a tool of harassment).

On March 11th Phil Elmore defends Trolling on World Net Daily. Claiming it to be simple disagreement yet he neglects the key component of said trolling which is the continuation of following and harassing others. Sure he does, much like a drug addicts who endorse Obamacare for hopes free pills to use and sell or, violent criminals who support gun control because they don't want victims who can defend themselves. Phil defends his own actions.

March 13th I wrote More Trolling Phil Failmore were I addressed Phil Elmore calling my House, texting me over an image he gleamed from one of blogs to prove I was "lying." It was in a folder on a disc labeled Pictures of Korea, it could be the picture of Indian it is claimed to be. But my picture is dates March of 2002 when I Stationed in Camp Casey Korea with 1/503. Which was moved from Casey in 2006 here I the Brief History.

March 18th I wrote Never Back Don has Finally Arrived this is the "auto-biography" dealing with events in my life, evidence of police corruption and the same unethical lies and martial arts cults that I address in this blog. I even call out Mitch Stevens (another of Phil Elmore troll accounts) as being Phil Elmore.

March 19th writes his defense of cyber stalking... but what is cyber-stalking?

As defined by the NCSL: National Conference of State Legislatures Cyber Stalking & Cyber Harassment are defined as...
Cyberstalking.  Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet, email or other electronic communications to stalk, and generally refers to a pattern of threatening or malicious behaviors. Cyberstalking may be considered the most dangerous of the three types of Internet harassment, based on a posing credible threat of harm. Sanctions range from misdemeanors to felonies.

Cyberharassment. Cyberharassment differs from cyberstalking in that it may generally be defined as not involving a credible threat. Cyberharassment usually pertains to threatening or harassing email messages, instant messages, or to blog entries or websites dedicated solely to tormenting an individual. Some states approach cyberharrassment by including language addressing electronic communications in general harassment statutes, while others have created stand-alone cyberharassment statutes.

But all this goes to addressing something else here...
March 18th Phil Elmore tried to buy  copy (actually 2) of Never Back Down, which I refused to sell him and refunded his money.
Now my refusal to sell to him is simple, as I have stated many times I want nothing to do with Phil Elmore & he needs to stop harassing me, following me around the net and spreading lies. Of course Phil seeks to try to conceal his own wrong doing just as he writes WND articles to excuse his behavior. So he seeks to try to contradict evidence of his own behavior.

Oh but that doesn't end there having his lies exposed on one media forum Phil seeks other places to stalk online.

March 5th Phil Elmore made a troll account for Amazon as Martial Reader
I understand this isn't hard to do... All you need is a prepaid debit card and you just order something small. Since accounts are tied to the one's account one need only to buy a parachord bracelet or someone's birthday present and instant troll account. Phil has been using such accounts for years & even been called out on creating them t bolster his own books. Plus the name Martial Reader, much like his other fantasies involving martial arts only seek to make him sound like an authority. Oh and he's from New York same as Phil...

Now Martial Reader only sought to review my works on the same day on Amazon, all on March 5th. Today I was ordering from Amazon and a second review caught my eye, The Phantom. All reviews on March 23rd (today) and only my works. Odd huh? All one has to do is look at the statements and it is the same lies spread by Phil Elmore all over the web.

Does it seem Phil Elmore is afraid of rejection? That he can't stand being ignored? That he is angry... I can account for all the books sold over Amazon and Shadow Warrior. No one has bought a copy of Never Back Down & the only copy of Life without Rapture was sold through Shadow Warrior. So no one has seen anything to review it. There were 8 copies of Black Dragon Ninjitsu sold through Amazon (6 to someone in the UK), 3 copies of Shadow Hunter sold & 3 copies of Army of Shadows all in February. All in all, Phil just wants to hide his wrong doing and conceal his own faults.

But hey believe what you will, you will anyway... Course someone who needs to defend harassing others and being a cyber-bully because he was bullied as kid is pretty pathetic. And well this is the internet.

Oh and don't forget to check out Never Back Down (unless you're one of the cyber stalking punks I want no association with) at

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Never Back Down has finally arrived!

Never Back Down has finally arrived and the trolls are waiting to try to ward others away from the truth. The fact is over the last few days, these same business competitors (I use the term loosely) have tried to discredit and proclaim me a liar, to confuse the truth of the matter. What you find is that in proclaiming me a liar they again resort to lying to do so. But, why is this?

Because, they are abject failures seeking to suppress the truth.
Compare the facts in More Trolling From Phil Failmore to the claim of a copied picture from India. My Image was last modified in March 29th 2002, I was stationed in Tong Du Chong (spelling?) ROK (South Korea). It was uploaded from a CD with other pictures from Korea onto this computer.

As everyone can see here, the claimed web pages are blogs and in fact the same text over multiple blogs from December 20th of 2014. Meaning this blog is less then 4 months old compared my image with date of March 29th 2002, making my claim less then 13 years old.
The reality is this image is only unique to this text for this blog posed over multiple servers. The image claims to be from Haflong, Assam in India. An image search for Haflong, Assam in India bring up these images that look nothing like the claimed image until much later going back to source author with a blog with the exact date December 20th 2014.
Why is this important because Phil Failmore and his internet tough guy friends don't want people to know the truth. He is afraid he will be named and exposed as a mud slinging telemarketer. He is afraid people will see through his lies and if he would like to take me into court, I welcome the chance to expose him for fraud & various federal crimes.
This blog was originally created to expose criminal misconduct by the Raleigh County Judicial System and various police officers. Never Back Down simply sets the record straight in greater detail allowing the reader to cross reference YouTube Videos that offer that same exposure. Phil Elmore who has tried to supply information against me in court but, only and predictably allowed himself to be played like a cheap violin. Here is your chance to read the truth & see the fact for yourself.
Or you can keep listening to the lies of Phil Elmore, Don Roley & Barron Shepard who are all trying to cover their own wrong doing and lies. Yes, I was arrested for possession of child pornography but it was dropped and no evidence was ever turned over. I was charged to cover up for police snitch and pedophile Thomas Calvin Keller who was protected by the West Virginia State Police and Raleigh County Prosecutor.
Here is Thomas Keller under oath...
Here is me talking to Lt. Deeds WVSP Office of Professional Standards and signing a statement against Thomas Keller. My Statement against Mr. Keller was used to charge me... no other evidence existed.
Ultimately, I will allow you to believe what you will (I mean you will anyway) but, let me ask you. Why is it Phil Failmore is claiming I lied but all material evidence points to him lying to you? Why is Lt. Deeds saying he didn't threaten me with child porn? Why can you hear the 
pause in Thomas Keller's response when if I accused him of downloading child porn? Why is it Thomas Keller admits to being buddies with Deputy Jason Redden? How does all this relate to organized crime in West Virginia?
Buy Never Back Down and find out for yourself...
Ronald Collins jr., is a "fake ninja" and a "fake martial artist" according to his many detractors. Yet Ron Collins was awarded for teaching his own hand-to-hand combat methods during "Sergeants Time" and being a fire team leader in 1/503d Air assault Infantry Battlion. Between April 2005 to 2014 Ron Collins lived as a wanted man using his "fake ninjitsu" skills to turn the police informant network against itself and recordings of police and prosecutors to prove a pattern of misconduct, abuse of power and entrapment, connecting police corruption to organized crime.

Ron Collins dodged multiple attempts to entrap & to kill him, mixed with modern ninjutsu espionage skills like mind reading, mind control, fake personas and strategy. You also get to read about those who influenced Ron Collins as well as, events in his childhood such as running from his mother's "retired hitman" ex-boy friend, learning martial arts from violent criminals, living with violent psychopaths and the training with the Omoto family. Plus an insider look and information on the politics of the business of marketting & selling martial arts.

With a forward on Ron Collins by Grandmaster Ashida Kim.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Underground Street Fighting & Self-Defense

Here they talk about Miami but under ground or illegal fight clubs have been around before MMA made it big. This is just one example of something that I've addressed as part of own history. Having fought in street fighting tournaments as a teenager. Like addressed by the individuals in the video above this is something carried out by people from a violent background, criminal back ground and who can't hold a job (like a homeless teenager hiding from my mother's psychotic ex-boyfriend). They talk about experience and heart...

So let me post a question to the readers of this blog, I will post it below.

Physical ability and mental toughness. How does your martial arts prepare you deal with someone like those above?

Remember this is describing social violence & demonstrates a certain level mental toughness. Organized into an Underground Street Fighting event.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Essence of Modern Martial Arts

The essence of modern martial arts is most often characterized by he growth of the MMA community. However in modern MMA competitions rules and federal and/or state regulations still limit the progress of the technical options available to the martial artist. While Self-Defense Courses and, the more tactically designed Reality-Based Self-Defense systems, offer a more weapons focused and practical from of technical execution they are still limited by the "need for safety" which prevents full speed and full contact execution of fighting techniques. Tradional Systems draw from a wealth of experience and recorded knowledge of more then one master or set of grandmasters, the paramilitary structure makes learning easier but limits freedom of thought or action in execution, a aspect needed to instinctively & intuitively modify or apply a technique without conscious thought on the matter...

So what is the Modern Martial Artist to do? We are told the only way to be an expert if to set your feet firmly in one of three catagories; Competition or sport martial arts like MMA or Bjj or Judo or Tae Kwon Do or Muay Thai, in Reality Based Self-Defense systems & short cut self-defense systems like Tony Bauer's SPEAR, Jim Wagner's Reality Based Personal Protection or even the Fairbairn system of Military Hand-to-Hand Combatives (all good systems with a good foundation of techniques) and in traditional systems with spirit and history unique to them but adapted or not to modern sport useage or ancient warrior fighting techniques. Is the Modern Martial Artist to bounce between all three mainstream branches of martial arts and create their own system or be drawn up into a Martial Arts cult of personality where Grandmaster so-&-so or System founder whomever cannot be questioned and their methods can not be improved upon..?

There will always be a need for tradition especially in the area of the Spirit of the martial art. As a ninjutsu practicer I find that many elements of ninjutsu are applicatable for modern life; even though ninjutsu historically is not a "martial art" in that it has a battlefield application. Ninjutsu is the "Hidden Art" it is about creating results with the smallest amount of force. Rather then fighting we disappear and hide from the threat... rather then fighting we use psychological manipulation to redirect an enemy... When all else fails we Assassinate an enemy so that they do have a chance to retaliate or harm us or our loved ones...

While I don't find much use for the assassination portion of ninjutsu, I do use psychological manipulation on a regular basis. Everything from dealing with unruly individuals to helping people realize their true potential. I have even been acused of misusing my "Ninja Powers for Evil" by Grandmaster David Harris to pick up women... In the modern world of "Civilized Society" the courage to face an aversary directly is replaced with a sort of political in-fighting & back stabbing that can make the threat of physical violence all the more dangerious if only indirectly.
The Modern Martial Artist is at a disadvantage and at an advantage from his older peers; first the Modern Martial Artist has more information and more options, secondly the modern martial artist can custom build a system from several others that may fit the needs and personality of the individual Martial Artist. The Modern Martial Artist has two distinct disadvantage as well...

More information means more useless information to the individual & custom building a system is hit or miss, trial and error and time consuming. I recently watched a video of Tony Bauer explaining "Hick's Law" (More options more time to sort and choose those options) which reminded me of a very scientific way of explaining Bruce Lee's infamous words about the goal of mastery being a daily weeding out of excess and not its abundance. For the Modern Martial Artist the daily decrease of techniques to simple core methods that needs to be built up & is the only path to success...

The Threats of modern society are self-defense against devious coworkers trying to steal your job or keep you from being promoted, false friends who wish to drag you down with them, muggers, rapists, terrorists and even their own psychological weaknesses. The Modern Martial Artist must be built on a solid foundation of psychological and philosophical principles that create a kind of mental toughness associated with the Warriors of the Past, carrying their spirit of self-discipline and self-sacrofice to the modern word around them. Then core fighting techniques need to be drilled so that speed, power and accuracy are developed and adaption and competition to develop simulated experience (not just in a cage or on a mat but in dealing with self-defense scenarios as well) and finally expanded into weapons systems.

It is not a matter of this style Vs that style, and while I have taken this approach with Street Focus Jujitsu ( that concept and principles are not my own to claim, they are not exclusive to myself. The concept is a Spiritual Root in all Martial Arts no matter their form. The spirit of the concept is one of personal growth and understanding. Of being in a state of constant readiness and prepared to face your enemy on any and all grounds by being mentally and physically tough.

Self-Aware, Self-Controlled, Self-Motivated and Self-Disciplined, now more then ever does the Modern Martial Artists have an opportunity to become a Modern Warrior reflecting the best virtues of Bushido Philosophy...

Friday, March 13, 2015

More Trolling from Phil Failmore

So the great failed one texts me and asks for a quote on a picture I posted with my blog the Road less Travelled. Apparently Phil seeks to call me out as a liar and wants a quote to abuse, to make himself seem relevant.

This picture was taken by me of the village out the "back gate" of Camp Casey (you know the gate across from the old Charlie Company Barracks, oh you don't you wasn't there) across from these barracks.
Picture taken from a camera (a vey cheap one a that) from a taxi cab. But hey lets call it what it is, Phil Elmore needing to feel relevant and authorative. Oh yeah and once again lying... If Phil seeks to claim I was never in Korea &, lets be honest that is where he is trying to go by claiming I lied about the picture. He is forgetting that I was stationed on Korea in the US Army. That my little US Army medal for among other things being a team leader and hand-to-hand combat instructor was given to me in South Korea also known as the Republic of Korea (the ROK).

I've visited Japan, Korea & China while station in the ROK. Never made it to Thailand to attend a Muay Thai boot camp but, wanted to... You can live your life doing things or you can camp behind a computer screen trolling away at others who do & hating on them for doing so. Lets be honest, Phil Elmore has never served in the military (any branch of the military), never was a hand-to-hand combat instructor, never won competitions in the military as such, never been to an overseas country much less awarded for anything while it. Phil Elmore is a fan boy who never even attempted to achieve his dreams.
I make no excuses for things I say and do, you don't like it I don't care. But, simply to address the stalking behavior of Phil Elmore, his allegations I lied about being in South Korea or taking a picture of being in South Korea is irrelevant to the fact Phil Elmore is a cyber stalker, more specifically my cyber stalker. I long ago quit dealing with him, quit arguing against him and quit trying to beat someone who lives their life online.

We all know I've had to endure some serious shit, been charged with everything to make me into the worst human being imaginable but, I survived. I have had to not only compete with corrupt cops who hide behind their badges and positions in society but their snitches, outlaw bikers trying to kill me & their flunkies but I had to deal with a fat, never was punk like Phil Elmore hiding behind his computer screen. I don't like Phil Elmore and I can and have torn down his theories on martial arts and self-defense with ease because its just bits and pieces from other more accomplished self-defense "experts." I'd even bother to challenge Phil Elmore to a fight but, well the fat wanker went so far as to call in CPS on Dan Bowen to get him to duck their fight. He's supplied "evidence" to the police in my terrorist threats charge to see me found guilty and that failed. Phil has interfered with me and my attempts to get my business going (all the times I had to restart it because of people who are of a greater threat to me), with all that he pulls some petty lie about a picture from South Korea.

Sadly, a challenge to fight Phil would be pointless... You see the fat coward will never fight and as I exposed in another blog (Phil had taken off facebook because it was the truth), he depends on the Bujinkan trolls to offer him creditability).
Phil Failmore still stalking me... yet again.

Oh sure Phil stands behind Damian Ross and gets some support from Damian. Sadly, Phil might practice Damian Ross's self-defense combatives or at least endorse them. They both make some of the same claims about self-defense posted here on Ross's site.
Market puffery aside, the WW2 Combatives taught by Ross is based off the old Fairbairn/Stykes system and it is pretty simple, direct and effective. It would be stupid of me to deny that fact. I'm a supporter of the older Hand-to-Hand methods, I disagree that anyone can use them effectively. Damian Ross doesn't say this on his sight, he says "you don't have to be fast, strong, experience or incredible shape to know how to survive a brutal attack." One look at Ross and you can tell he has physical ability and I agree you don't have to have physical ability to know what to do. You need ability (physical & mental) to do it. That's a personal matter for someone to workout on their own or under instruction in a class. So don't think I'm attacking Ross, I'm not. I wish him the best of luck in his business or his endeavors. The Self-Defense Company has an online list of its instructors: Phil Elmore isn't listed. You can learn the best martial art from the greatest masters in the world & it is still up to you to defend yourself. I don't fault Damian Ross with Phil Elmore's exaggerated "Everyman" claims of self-defense; you know that you just have to know what to do without the ability to do it.

We all know what those claims are about how "eye gouges" and "groin shots" can stop someone bigger and stronger then you, or beat anyone in a ground fight and how criminals are all lazy and weak with no experience or training at using violence so knowing is just enough. Damian Ross is adamantly against the new US Army Combatives (MACP) Program (according to people I've talked with about him). This is a cause championed by Phil Elmore, I disagree with both in only two points; a) not every situation in the army requires lethal force (I know, right) which is what the WW2 style of combatives is built around but the military is being used more and more as a global police force so & b) I don't want to be standing up with bullets flying at me in a fight. I agree with Damian Ross that the MACP lacked key elements and relied too much on Gracie Jiu-jitsu.

Without Damian Ross using Phil to review his self-defense system and in turn Damian Ross' supporting Phil for the advertising, Phil would have few people listening to his bad, illogical & inexperience based bad advice. Phil also did a great deal of advertising for Paladin Press which marketed him with his few written books to date like Street Sword & Flash Light Fighting. Perhaps I'll write a book on ridiculous mall-ninja "street weapons" and lets not forget his laughable PDF books like Shorthand Empty Hand (where he mixes and matches concepts to invent a self-defense system with bad kung-fu poses) and Street Chucks (about using illegal nunchaku for self-defense). A "Black Sash" Liu Seong Kung Fu/Kuntao, yet Phil hasn't produced a single valid and intelligent Martial Arts book of any credit. Everything else has been those trashy little Mack Bowen adventure books.

Lets look at Phil's other lies...
1) That I'm homeless... yet I typed al this from my home. Phil wants a home address so he make wild accusations to the police, may be have me SWATed or harass me in some other fashion. Unlike both Phil Elmore and Greg Duckworth, I don't put my home address online where any crazy person can have access to it.

2) Phil says I can't own a firearm. I don't need to pose with guns on the internet to look tough like Phil Elmore.

Phil Elmore is nothing but a mug slinging marketer for Omega Publishing Inc. which owns both Soldier of Fortune (you know the guys Frank Dux sued and won against in court for printing lies) & Paladin Press (Ashida Kim's old publisher who robbed him of royalties from over seas sells). Other then penis envy, Phil Elmore would rather hide behind his computer screen with made up stories about a picture I took from the top of mountain, in Tongduchung (may have misspelled that) I the Republic Of Korea. No, what Phil wants is to discourage you from reading about the truth and those same threats I mentioned in the up coming book Never Back Down:
Out later this month... so buy this book and piss of Phil Elmore.

To be even more stalker like, Phil Elmore texted me and called me 3/12/2015 to comment about his pointless allegations.

Sorry for the poor quality, I used my web cam... but it is Phil Elmore by his own admission and the phone number is public information where Phil Elmore is such an exert on self-defense, writing his articles on technology and yet is too poor to afford a PO Box because he has all mail delievered to his home or his job. Oh and its even funnier when you look it up on google maps. See the self-defense expert placing his private information out on a public medium is unsafe.

Hardly intelligent or practical for safeties sake. I'm not going point out what I could do with this information. I did that to Greg Duckworth, not as a threat but as a fact in how someone shouldn't let ego allow themselves to leave their home and family at risk and got charged with terrorist threats. Well yeah, I pointed out I could have done something if I wanted to years ago (I obviously didn't), I explained this in Never Back Down. My point is aside from my cell phone that I can ignore or turn off, I don't make my home address or other personal information openly known on the internet (I think I mentioned I have people who've tried to kill me in the past). It is simple safety for you and your family, you never know what kind of crazy person might stalk you or seek to harm you. Not to mention identity theft. Phil stalking my online is bad enough without him peeking through my windows and hiding in my bushes. The same is common sense (I would think so at least), to anyone in law enforcement to use Post Office box when dealing with the public as part of business, which was part of my point to Gregory. That's why they list department addresses on warrants and department phone numbers, so that the wrong people can't find out how to track you down. It is SOP for a reason.

Phil's antics not only with me but with Muslims, Feminists, Liberals, Minorities & others is well known over the web. If a Muslim would happen to be a radical (a violent radical at that) or someone was just tired of his shit? Phil Elmore not only puts him & his family at risk but his co-workers as well. I point this out, getting off my original point that what you see is in deed Phil Elmore's correct phone number, to address the fact it publically available information by Phil's own hand & that it isn't safe, tech savvy or very self-defense oriented by someone who wants to sell you on self-defense. Hell he can't even bitch about the screen shot because as you can see, he asked me to share the article, so I did.

As far as the picture goes, believe what you want I'm tired of dealing with a cyber-pansy wannabe tough guy trying to prove he has a pair behind a computer screen. Lets deal with the picture, since Phil Elmore decided to make his post...

More Proof Phil Elmore is a liar...
Here is the picture in question on my desk top...

Here is the two dates, of importance the date last modified when it was originally created (transferred from camera to my computer in South Korea) on March, 29th 2002. The other date is when I transferred it to this computer January 9th 2015.

I took the time to download the same image off the alleged blog cited by Phil Elmore and look at the dates all March 13th 2015. Guess Friday the 13th is bad for Phil Elmore.
Here is the same file on my desktop, compare the image name to the that above on properties. Guess we all know who lied now don't we?

Just an Update:
I know Phil will have this taken off facebook to cover up is childish antics but this about an hour maybe two, after this blog was posted...
Scenario Drills had 62 hits today, The Road Less Travelled 55 no doubt linked to Phil Elmore claiming the picture is from an Indian blog. More Trolling from Phil Failmore has 49 hits and the blogs date of 3/13/2015 shows it was updated today... so how does I feel that everyone knows your a stalker Phil? Now that you've failed more...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Martial Arts Outside the Dojo

Anyone who has ever sparred or fought using traditional jujitsu, judo or aikido knows that many times in the heat of the moment a sudden or wild punch can stop a throw or joint lock application dead. There us a huge gap between sparring and the real world where anything goes but there is an even bigger gap between application in the dojo and application in the fight. Once you start sparring techniques often become less "pretty" and more direct. We can look at MMA and see how the technical skills of jujitsu or even BJJ look more like wrestling in the heat of the moment.

Here a wrist lock is applied in response to a throat grab...
In the Dojo, I could force a non-resisting opponent to the ground but in the real world outside the dojo and practice drills...

I am forced duck a wild swing or take it on the chin, now my duck also doubles as an ineffective head butt and the arm is still leveraged to off balance and throw the attacker. 

Rather then wrestle over the joint lock, and falling into a series of counters on each other. I abandon the joint-lock and move directly into striking techniques.

 Driving a elbow into the solar plexus & xyphoid process region of the body to before breaking contact.

Granted all this was choreographed for a photo shoot (we are professional actors or posers or whatever), it was all about highlighting the "flow" of a real fight. Sparring doesn't solve every problem to learning martial arts & being prepared for self-defense, some techniques are too hazardous to use like eye gouges, ear slaps, throat strikes and groin strikes/grabs. The fact is boxing is a great a beginning point because it allows one to develop timing, ability and accuracy of strikes. The same jab that delivers a fist to the nose can also deliver a spear hand to opponent's eye or upper cut to the chin can also deliver a palm heel to an opponent's chin.

This is why boxing was something I was encouraged to study from Danny (who boxed and trained in Karate, Judo & Jujitsu under the late Master Tracy Cook) & as an outlaw biker he had more experience then most of the karateka who out ranked him in martial arts. Boxing was also encouraged by Master Cook. But, it comes with a understanding that while competition and sports might help develop basic abilities like foot work, timing, speed, precision & endurance those elements go out the window in a rapidly changing and often hostile environment. The black top we shot the pictures on is unforgiving and would scrape and cut us if the fight went to the ground.

Martial arts that spar or compete often have students who are better suited to survive a self-defense situation due to those basic abilities like foot work, timing, speed, precision & endurance. Where as the self-defense combatives & "too deadly to spar" group might survive a self-defense situation due to the use of techniques that are meant to result in serious injury, self-defense tactics or (in the case of reality based self-defense) a development of instinctual responses based on simulated self-defense training. Some martial arts schools are social clubs for yuppies and little kids, which are completely useless outside the Dojo except for the social connections and teaching social skills which has nothing to do with a self-defense situation.

Today most people concerned with self-defense seek to abandon the value of competition styles for the self-defense arts seeking to short the traditional arts. Traditional arts (whether they have a competition element or not) often seek the build the same basic abilities as the competition arts but do so over a period teaching different elements of self-defense gradually. Many people often seek to train in different martial arts to get the various elements from these different types of martial arts.

I have often said I am a street fighter first and foremost, anything goes and anything that will get the job done is something I look at and adapt to. Like many self-defense instructors I am oppose to the US Army's focuses on competition arts and the removal of the more potentially lethal techniques. However, I also understand the changing landscape of warfare, think all that ground fighting is a bad idea try sparring  with people shooting paintball guns at targets while you fight it out. Ah yeah... easier not to get shot on the ground, doesn't make ground fighting better for the reasons I highlighted above. Ultimately, I chose to modify my way thinking to break down and embrace the core factors behind each of these generalizations thus creating the Street Focus Jujitsu system to do just that.

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Road Less Travelled

Many times, I find that I don't always stack up to the competition that some people spend more time following their chosen course in life then I do; be it a martial arts tradition, military service or just setting safely behind a computer screen trolling away. I tend to be on the fringes and with good reason I travel the road less travelled.
Sometimes I get to go to out of the way places like the stream above. Where I sat meditating and practicing a kata on a large rock about 10 to 12 feet in diameter. Why did do meditate and practice forms? To perfect my martial arts skills or find enlightenment? God no... I was hiking and we stopped to do some fishing. I hate fishing so I decided to sit and enjoy nature, the harmony of the moment. The forms came as I needed to stretch a bit. Ultimately, I was so taken with the spot I snapped a picture on my phone.

Did the same to get this image of a farming village in South Korea, out exploring back roads through the mountains on foot.

Waterfalls I've climbed & cliffs I've dived from. Oh sure I have my enemies & I know they are many.

 Here is a picture of a couple of them now at the same water fall.

Here is a spot I enjoy, a mountain top overlooking the whole of Beckley WV at about 6:30 to 7am. At night its just as awesome overlooking a city lit up with lights, especially around Christmas. At 6 am to 7 am it looks like this...

And of course there are those off the wall moments like below. I was waiting on a friend to get off work at 2 am and was laying a bench. I ended up eating a slice of pizza with a homeless guy who thought I was homeless myself. Then me and my friend went to Donut connection after he got off work were I took this picture of a guy who said he was "on a date" with his blow up doll/girlfriend.

Life is a series of moments and find ourselves in places we do not always expect. We are born with two options in life; to follow the well worn path of fitting in and finding acceptance or to follow the path least travelled. To do the exceptional, to be the exception. Not, because of some external power source granting us anything special but because what is special is within us. This month Never Back Down comes out, and I focus on my court issues and the legal corruption. I'm not one to teach based on a tradition of do as someone else does but on the vast catalog of experience I have, having been a team leader & hand-to-hand combat instructor in the US Army, having fought in "underground tournaments" with gang members and criminals, having learned from a Hitman & had a Karate Instructor who was also an outlaw biker and mob enforcer.

I'm not the good guy, nor am I always cast as the villain. I follow the path least travelled because I don't know how to play it safe and be "normal." I don't need anything to tell me I am special or unique. God made all of us for a purpose, and mine is spent out on the fringes. Everything put before us is a test of our faith and while I have my moments of doubt my faith is strong because I've put it to the test. If I can do it so can anyone else, all it takes is the belief that you have everything you need within you because God put it there in you or in your life & the faith to follow the road less travelled. It is not always comfortable and often difficult.

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Importance of Scenario Drills, Forms & Sparring in Building Conditioned Responses

High Block against Reverse Punch

Seized the Wrist & Inside Elbow Hook

Outside Elbow Thrust and Arm Control

Don't follow the Attacker to the Ground

These are old Pics from about 2007 but shows a pretty simple scenario, high block counter to a reverse punch. From here one simply turns the blocking wrist and grabs the punching wrist pulling the attacker forward into an inside elbow hook. Use the elbow hook as a distraction to seize the attacker's reverse wrist & push pull the attacker off balance, while executing a elbow thrust/back fist and pulling the attacker's elbow against the chest hyper extending it. Once the attacker has been off balanced and sent to the ground, I don't suggest following them down. This gives one an opportunity to a) break contact, b) stomp to disable or c) warn the attacker to stay down. Remember that each technique is executed only for a split second, and transitioned to a new technique.

Now common sense says that the step by step scenario is unlikely to be executed in an actual fight. But, training in such free form kata called randori allows one to consider chains of techniques that can be executed consciously and allowing the unconscious mind to execute such techniques when reinforced through sparring and scenario drills. Pretty much all martial arts do this, even if some do not spar and, this is not enough to build a competent fighter for a real world situation.

Your mind learns by association and this means you have to train to deal with common real world scenarios. Someone trying to keep you talking to hit while you are processing information and not expecting it (a common street tactic), someone in your face yelling and threatening you to keep you confused and to try to shock you into submission (also a common street tactic). Dealing with ambushes and fighting in different locations. Parking lots are common areas where people are ambushed & assaulted for robberies, muggings and rapes. Here free form randori was used in conjunction with the scenario drill, to a) build memory association and b) force the conscious mind to function under simulated stress mirroring a real world self-defense situation. This in turn builds associated recall of the conditioned responses that are trained, allowing them to be used under stress. However, this is why full contact sparring with similar simulated conditions are a precursor must be used to reinforce the memory association of the conditioned response via repetition.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Phil Failmore still stalking me... yet again.

So in my last blog I address the fat failure of Phil Elmore stalking me over the net and his apparent fear of the truth coming out in Never Back Down. It is always a question of what is afraid of? But, ultimately comes the simple truth it doesn't matter. What is funny is that while I was discussing how Phil got his black sash in Liu Seong to justify his bad advice in Short Hand Emptyhand, I posted this meme making fun of the bad and improper example of a Mantis Kung-fu Stance;
This challenge to Phil's manhood, integrity & knowledge prompted more harassment from Phil including his doughy boyfriend showing up to challenge me online. David Pearson is the co-founder of a martial arts system with Phil Elmore that Phil never reached black sash in and never continued training with Pearson to actually earn that rank. Thus, suggesting it was a failed stunt to justify his lack of knowledge further, with the help of his "teacher" & "co-founder" David Pearson. Here David Pearson (Phil lil buddy & alleged life-partner) suggests I revealed all my secrets for recognition; the fact is I honestly addressed ninjitsu as a strategic art. My competitors in the Bujinkan claim to know ninja secrets that are rarely revealed (never revealed) and are upholding some kind of mythological ninja lineage of taijutsu/jujutsu in black gi and tabi.
Black Dragon Ninjitsu is the only ninjutsu book that covers stealth, herbal medicine, survival, pyrotechnics, intelligence gathering and strategy. Black Dragon Ninjitsu has also been called the best Ninjutsu book ever written.

Having Shadow Warrior Publishing block Mr. Pearson on twitter, as I want nothing to do with Phil Elmore, his "partners" or anything else associated with him. Phil Elmore using a Spam account as Spambot but linked to his site. So one might ask if Phil wants the attention of himself being addressed by me? Which is why I largely ignore him but, this blog and other previous blogs show that there is a record of Phil Elmore stalking me across the net. Oh sure I give as good as I get, but its Phil Elmore and not myself who initiates contact. And these blogs serve as public records of Phil's harassment and attention seeking. If David Pearson is any indication, Phil likes short men.

Simply look at the linked account to see that Spambot McEmail is associated with Phil Elmore's Which popped up right after I block Phil's "partner" David Pearson.
Above is Phil Elmore's review of true path of the Ninja by Anthony Cummings. Anthony may do the writing but his Historical Ninjutsu research team does the much of the research. So why would a Reality Based Self Defense guy like Phil care about Anthony? Oh yeah, Phil gets much of his support from the Bujinkan in association with liars and frauds like Barron Shepard and Don Roley.

 Here is Phil trying to claim some form of copy infringement in the cover of the Ashida Kim's book "Last Ninja Standing." The fact is Phil does this in response to Ashida Kim and launched this attack after Ashida Kim showed a well documented case of Phil Elmore harassing him over the internet. Which Phil threatened Ashida Kim with suit to have his name removed. In order to get online support from the Bujinkan who plainly doesn't care about Phil Elmore's RBSD claims but also sell self-defense fantasies to the fat and lazy, like himself. Phil harasses non-Takamatsu lineage ninjutsu practicers and slanders their products while supporting the Takamatsu-den lineage. Why? To get online support for a flawed, fraudulent & pointless view of martial arts and survivalism that mimics in a sad parody of those of whom he attacks like Ashida Kim, Frank Dux & myself. After all, Koga Ryu Ninjutsu has been an interest of those in the survivalist community for years before they adopted the "Prepper" title not for the martial arts training but for the strategic, tactical and survival based knowledge that is a large part of the modern art & the sole source of the historical art (proven by Anthony Cummings Research).
Perhaps Phil Elmore's stalking is cover for where he gets ideas from; often giving bad advise especially on unrealistic weapons like nunchaku (illegal in some states, illegal to carry in all states) and the infamous Street Sword for which he has no formal training in such weapons and all clearly defined as "martial arts" or "ninja" weapons and not associated with Reality Based Self-Defense by any creditable Instructors.