Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Street Beefs you hear! Street Beefs!

It all started when I went to Colorado to call out Don Roley at his house, I was informed of the notice on an MMA forum I went and, while it acted as a hostile medium to communicate, I was dealing with several issues with my car and my hastily planned "ninja mission" went wrong... It did provide me with impartial (as impartial as someone who thinks all ninjutsu as BS can be) communication with Roley and his Proxies. Don Roley never actually appearing and, his proxies relaying messages.

I ended up being given a train ticket by an "enemy" who wanted to ensur I wasn't left stranded. This is quite impressive given the vemon betweene and some of my detractors... Something amazing happened on the forum. I arranged a fight with Icy Mike for August 26th in Virginia through an event called Street Beefs.

But,  what about Don Roley?  Well he claimed to be at the Denver Library when it was likely I wouldn't see his post on the thread on the forum and then claimed to have ran back home. A second fight was set up by members of the MMA forum to which I declined. Don had stated in the past he will never fight me in a cage or, anywhere he can't make BS rules... So I have Street Beefs and Icy Mike to fight...

Well why is that important..? Because no one has asked two very important questions.
1. Why did I even bother going to an MMA forum..? It is not because I was invited...
2. Why did I even bother going to Colorado..? Fighting Roley wasn't the Sole Goal or even a major one.

You see there is a bigger picture here and a much larger game a foot. But, let me answer the questions I put before you...

Why did I even bother going to an MMA forum..?
Where else will I find fighters? You see I have done a very good job of keeping my real ability hidden and here is what is at stake...
a) A federal law suit, against a prosecutor (Kristen Keller) who falsified evidence in my case will begin soon... All this talk of Lexington and challenge Barron and Roley is a distraction to allow motions to go through unabated by people who have involved themselves in criminal proceedings. Its all a distraction to keep them looking somewhere else... Regardless, it will open the door with why Mrs. Burnside-Keller would do so and start cascading down a decade of false arrest and harassment...
b) During the time when I have had to actually fight for survival, I have done a wonderful job of concealing my abilities. So lets see what happens when start show casing thoses skills I kept hidden for so long. I am not gonna fighters in the ninjutsu community, they are too busy researching history and taking about tradition to go out do some real hard training,  obstacle courses, work on rope drills and contact sparring. I want people who are "ninjas" I want people with heart and are willing to fight.
c) What do you think happens when the law suit against the state proves I been set up, harassed repeatedly, assaulted, kidnapped and basically tortured included being being chemically tortured when Kristen Keller falsified evidence in my case... Do I ride off into the Sunset?

No, I start filing law suits against Don Roley, Phil Elmore & Barron Shepherd. I am also going to start several small businesses and work on making more money...

So why did I go to an MMA forum? Because, I wanted fighters.  All this time concealing my skills and now it is time to show them... I tried to do this with the Ninjutsu Community and my haters but, all the Bull Shit and online games just means they aren't gonna do shit... So I went to an online forum for mixed martial artists (by invitation) and thats were I met Icy Mike. He offered to fight me on Street Beefs and I called him on it, used to the BS from the Ninjutsu Community. And, I was wrong...

So while those non-fighting online BSers are crying about this or that... I get someone who has acted honorably and did what he said he was going to do and did it how he said he was gonna do it. So I get to fight someone... Just not Barron Shepherd or Don Roley but who cares they just want to dodge anything that looks like a cage and claim you dodged them. And thats what I was looking for on an MMA forum and what I got by visiting an MMA forum. Forget the law suits and the money, forget the drama and the slander... I just wanted find a "dance partner." Some to punch me in the face until I lose consciousness...

I have layed out rules for sparring in black dragon ninjitsu and my intent to make Ninjitsu not only a relevant fighting art effective at 5 ranges of combat but, a competition and adventure based system as well in the past.

Why did I even bother going to Colorado..? 
Why not? Don has threatened to shoot me by proxy, many times... He has stated he will not fight me in a cage or on neutral ground. He wants to set the rules and will only fight me under conditions he thinks he can control... He is scared of me and we both know it.

Dux is intimidated by me and we all know it... That's why I ripped him such a new one on Frank Dux Exposed on June 27th 2017. Dux and the same little band of trolls and haters he was protecting, the same people who called him frauds. Going to Colorado was as much about Dux as it was about Roley. I wanted footage of Roley hiding in his house,  behind his family. So, I didn't get it because my car broke down (transmission went out) and maybe that was a good thing because a scared pussy cat with no where to hide and backed into a corner will come at you like a tiger... Don might have shot me or maybe not. But, I like to think God had something to do with my plans working and not working as it all fits into his grand plans.

Either way, fight Don or Don't fight Don, no matter. Don is so consumed with "defending" his "victory" over me in Lexington he is ignoring and even protecting Dux's involvement and, lying to defend Dux... That is how much power I have over these people. And it is power, they gave me.

Barron being the Judo man he is, is somewhat seeing this or, just too tired of losing public opinion to me. The more they resist me, the more I use the resistance to manipulate and tear them down. Just look at comments from the Frank Dux Exposed,
Everyone is all about me training in something else or, with someone else and, all about me getting rank with someone else... They don't realize while I wanted to go to Colorado, wanted to face Barron or Don Roley was because I wanted to prove the superiority of my art over their claims...  I can't do that training with anyone else not until that I got a few more "wins" under my belt.

So I came to Colorado because I wanted to, I wanted to take off on a whim and show up on Don Roley's doorstep. Granted it didn't go as planned but, I made one hell of a show busting Dux down... I got one hell of a show watching the trolls make excuses and crying out in fear for me, to prove I was in Colorado.

When that failed they turned to crying about how they manipulated me into coming to Colorado... On the Watching Don Roley Fail part 5 blog.
The last minute attempt at Reverse Psychology is amusing. Don keeps talking about his family and has proxies saying they gonna shoot me... Yet, I made it to Colorado and Don will never step into a cage with me he said so himself...

So, I enjoy road trips, sight seeing and such... And there is something bigger, something more important and its what the really fun games are hinged on...

What value is a fist fight when clearing my name is more important? What value is a win on the mats when I opponents are liars and cowards unworthy I presenting me a challenge in the first place? What good is a martial arts organization like the BDFS when our own leadership sees us as pawns to be sacrificed for political, monetary or social gain?

I have proven the manipulation, the tactical and strategic aspects of my art work. Now I need to prove the training methids and fighting techniques hold merit. Against opponents of this commitment. That means I will use MY TRAINING METHODS and my fighting style in mixed martial arts and other competition.

Icy Mike and Street Beefs will be the first in a series of amateur fights against a variety of fighters, styles and backgrounds while I am still building myself back up...

And what I am trying to prove?
Nothing... I don't need to prove I can fight, I just I want something worthy of my efforts. I have been cast in the Role of Perpetual "Under Dog," well fine... Every Dog has his day and the sun is rising on mine.

See what happens if I show up and fight & I do well? What happens of I show how a PFC became a Company Level Hand to Hand Combat Instructor? What happens when these frauds,  fakes and phonies are eating their words and choking on their own lack of performance?

Wait and see...

Monday, July 17, 2017

Supporting ALL US Veterans

Many of my regular blog readers have seen me switch from events in my personal life, to self-defense and Survivalism. I have even interviewed Col Hunt of the California state Militia... And it is in that regard I am bringing you this message from Col. Hunt.

Most people do not know that non-US citizens serve in our nation's military. They do so deserving of greater respect then US Citizens born here, who never serve to defend their country or contribute to our nation, shedding their blood along side US citizens. Well, at least, that is my opinion as a US Army Veteran who served along such men in the Infantry.

With that in mind I bring you this message from Col. Hunt to President Trump:

Mr President ,

Col Bryan Hunt here a no name State Commander 31st FF 
Under the Obama years the above linking news stories which have been out a number of years. US MILITARY veterans have been deported after serving their new country with promises of citizenship, some of these vets go back to the Vietnam war.

Others served in Iraq And Afghanistan.  Can you write an executive order to bring these soldiers home. This is very important many of these vets cant get access to the VA which they earned because they have been deported some are very sick some starving and some are victimized by Mexican Government officials as well as the cartels some are being pressed into servitude with cartels against their will please help Mr President .

Col B Hunt Calif Militia System
31sT FIELd FORCES Brigade hq ​

Please spread this as Far and Wide as you can and lets support all Veterans who have supported and defended this nation.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

So Now What..? Another Domino falls.

So I have exposed Barron as a liar and whether he fights me or not... Win or lose, this will happen because I drove to Fort Myers in Florida and met Edson Berto in person and told him... I was down for the fight, showed him I was down for the fight & for all of Barron's bluster he proved he was a liar and a coward. He and his blogs credibility is worthless... I proved Don Roley couldn't prove his claims about me and even doesn't know what he claims about Fujita Seiko. That Fujita Seiko had a huge connection to Okinawan Karate and Kobudo.

Now I don't think there will be an MMA match between Barron Shepherd and I. I think Barron will bluster online but I am waiting on Edson to send me the paper work and get into the VA to get my physical. I think Barron wants to get to say its gonna happen and pretend everything is set... So he can claim I backed out...

Now we already know Frank Dux was behind Lexington Kentucky incident at Don Roley's Seminar. This means Don Roley's show victory is all he has to stand. And much like pointed out and shared with Phil Elmore's philosophy addressed in Shorthand Empty Hand of baiting people in to challenging him. Then being the challenged party claim he sets the rules...

No one has to play by your rules and no one will. There are no rules... I played Dux when he got in my way, to get to the truth, same as I have been playing you losers. If I am as unskilled and knowledgeable as you say how come I been playing you all, all this time?

Well now how do the keyboard karateka look when someone doesn't play by their rules? The troll gang slandering my name online have been beaten into silence and hiding behind troll accounts... All they got is trying to have me arrested and calling me names... I need a safe place (joke)!

We have a word for this, its called being a pussy...

( link 1)What happens when a 6 year old blog about Fujita Seiko's connection to Shito Ryu Karate and Okinawan Karate and Kobudo, by a creditable researcher and practicer of Karate is exposed to Don Roley? (link 2) Don Roley suggests I am a racist and ignores the research. Course, if you consider that Fujita Seiko favored Okinawan arts over over Japanese arts you have a basic argument supporting Ashida Kim's Karate based teachings and Ashida Kim's story of having learned Ninjitsu from his Shotokan teacher in Hawaii. It also challenges Hatsumi's claim to Karate being ineffective and much of the argument presented to the Bujinkan in their Cult Handbook Mind of the Ninja.

So what now..? Well my law suit against the state is under way and that's one battle to fight, now comes another domino... My Dojo will be open to the public once again very soon. I think I may have me safe place...

Sooner then you think...

I am back and I will make this easy, you want to fight? Welcome to my parlor says the spider to the fly... You will know where I will be at very soon and your welcome to step on my mats any time but, my house... My rules.

Hell even when I come to your house, I play by my rules. I mean seriously Barron, did you think lying about a challenge to youself and taking a picture at Edson's gym was going to what make me think it was a set up? Make me rethink talking to Edson about arranging the MMA event? Edson never sent me any paperwork for the event...

Nothing has been sent to me as far as paperwork and Edson explained it was going to take some time... You made a fool of yourself trying to make a fool of me. So if nothing comes to me before June... Well you will just have to come to me to prove yourself...

Guess I got a bit more out of Dux interfering with my plans then I would have otherwise, still I was calculating this right in your face, 5 moves ahead on the fly... Yes, I am that bleeping good.

Still Don Roley, using my own methods on Dux is a great advertisement for Black Dragon Ninjitsu. Thanks Don...

Guess the locals who want to talk shit will have to come do it themselves... Yeah this is more for them then for you. See you can't run behind the corrupt legal system and the dirty cops if you come into my house and I am more then justified not holding back.

Oh and you trolls can get the raw facts and proof of this little plan of mine in Never Back Down. That is why I initially refused to allow Phil Elmore to buy a copy of the book, I didn't want him interfering with my plans. In trying to defend proof of your lies and attempts to help set me up & yeah I beat you their when I beat the state, all those other times. I have been controlling and using you all as soapboxes and controlled opposition from the get go... Without your knowledge or awareness.

Thanks for the laughs but, if this thing with Barron and Edson doesn't work out, I am basically done with you. See you don't get it, I am not angry at you and I don't hate you. Oh I did and I was... You have collectively tried to destroy my life. But, guess what you did instead? You made me stronger and I thank you for that but, don't think forgiveness means forgetfulness. That law suit is still coming and if it doesn't just ask Barron or Don Roley, I might show up in your back yard unexpectedly.

You hung on to your lies and actively spread them even further and exaggerated your delusions... You destroyed yourselves and I am cool with that. You fell one by one and systematically as I fought the state on my own. And if I can do it, I am gonna teach others to do it... I have all the proof of my actions recorded on this blog...

See at the end of the day, the people who caught up with me and examined the facts. Know the truth and no matter what you do to better yourselves, the stronger you become the stronger it makes me appear because, for all your opposition you lied a lot to oppose me... So the better you do for yourselves the more important I become, simply by your own opposition.

So you basically poisoned your own wells there. And, I still taught Hand-to-Hand Combatives in the US Army (based off my own knowledge and training), I was still an E4 teamleader and consistantly won force on force and hand-to-hand combat competitions and I still took on a local corrupt legal system & dirty ass cops. No... I didn't prove myself in a cage but, the MMA and BJJ crowd is right, pressure testing and ability is what counts.

What have you done collected rank and "bad ass certificates" to try to measure up to me? Made up lie after lie trying to justify the lies you done told on me, ducked out of fights and tried to have me arrested because you can't beat me? Never could... Never will... And will never step up to prove it...

See here is what I am telling you... You can't stop me and never could, though I give this credit not to myself but to God in Heaven, you are just something that exists for me to overcome. See even if there is no divine intervention, I am still what God made me and everything I know is a tool God gave me to use. And you are just minor obstacles overcome... To allow me to build confidence in those tools.

See I have out researched Don Roley and Barron has spent more time ducking me then trying to make a fight happen. And Phil Elmore has basically resided himself to hiding behind Patrick Ferrari and various troll accounts. See for all your bluster you have nothing to hide behind and not a testicle between you to come to me.

Yeah, I have been charged with Child Pornography but, for over a year... While criminals controlled the, police and courts, it never went to court and dismissed due to lack of evidence. Here is a video secretly recorded by me showing that the State's Prosecutor Patlamp lied to Judge Kirkpatrick sitting on the bench,  during court in session. Pat Lamp lied about the mention, of "a second search warrant" & that the state police had not turned over evidence promptly. How do you lie to a judge in court about something on an Arrest Warrant..?

Call it conspiracy theory of you like but, the proofs in the pudding and you have helped me to get a spot light on the evidence of your own lies and the structure of a corrupt legal system.

An Examination of the Kangaroo Courts of Raleigh County:
The Child Porn Arrest:
Search Warrants must be signed by a magistrate, much like an arrest warrant, & based on probable cause (a reason) sworn to by a witness or officer. This means a clerical error is out the window as the officer's testimony on the arrest warrant cites a 2nd Search Warrant, on the arrest warrant (for which he is giving sworn testimony as shown above). Sworn testimony which Assistant Prosecutor Pat Lamp is recorded denying above... That means they were caught red handed.

I can also prove the prosecutor falsified evidence in the Terrorist Threats Case (in fact I already did when I proved Barron Shepherd was a liar):

Here is a copy of the WV Code sent to me by my lawyer Robert Dunlap, while I was in jail awaiting a trial that never came:
What we are looking at is WV Code 27-6A-2 subsection (b) where it lists 5 things which have to be in the psychological evaluation. Number 1. Is a copy of the Warrant or Indictment. And number 2. Is information pertaining to the alleged crime.

Here is the warrant case number 13F-1026, for the dates of 16th to 26th August 2013 abd the arresting officer is Trooper Hayes.
And here is that Psychological Evaluation you are so keen to ignore and rely on citing a news report based on false information...

If we examine the cover page of Dr. Miller's report we see the offense date is listed as February 25th 2011? But the arrest warrant above says 16th to 26th 2013... And there is no Case Number for 13F-1026 listed in cases given to Dr. Miller to evaluate.

Lets continue to look shall we...
Here is the evidence for Dr. Miller to evaluate & he doesn't have a warrant or indictment for case number 13-F-1026 he has a court order for re-evaluation under that case number (item 3.) but no warrant or indictment. He lists my offense date as February 25th 22011,arresting officer as Trooper Efrid and lists four case numbers but nothing for 13F-1026.

See Don beating you is the best part, you exposed yourself in Kentucky and always hide behind seminars... Like some punk who needs his crew but, alone you ain't shit... Without a computer to hide behind, you ain't shit and without a certificate or a ninja cult of wannabe Japanese white guys to impress you ain't shit.

That's a nice Domino falling because, when it drops, it will be recorded on Youtube for the whole world to see. And upping the childishness simply drove all this to the point it got this level of attention. And, Don... Make all the threats you want about coming to West Virginia, be my guest... I know a few places that will let us use their gyms and "The Pit" is always open. Come on out but, remember I don't run with "legitimate martial artists" who wave their rank around and, I don't care about any of your BS rules of engagment or archiac codes of conduct. It will be a street fight.

So, cry all you want Donny boy, you ain't got the nuts to come here and if you do I doubt you'll stay... See the next Domino was in watching you flutter about making excuses, while you tried to act tough and claim you was in Denver and had to run back home... All you did was expose your lies and the lies of the state before the law suit against the state came into play full swing. So Don, talk all you like the noise just spreads the word... The next domino i falling on the State of West Virginia.

For the MMA crowd at and I am sure others are watching as well. I didn't come this far to just not step up to your door and say "Hi..." But, since my car broke down in Aurora and I didn't get to visit you and you wouldn't come to Union Station toert me or 38th and Chambers in Aurora to face me. Claiming you were at the Denver library with no proof when I wouldn't see it and claiming to have ran back Home to Colorado Springs...  I have to come this far to not say "Hi.""

Icy Mike at the OG on said he would fight me in Richmond VA on Street Beefs. He has yet to contact me about setting anything up so what the hell? I guess there are BSers on the MMA forums too... Or he can e-mail at omotoryuha@ and prove this Street Beefs claim is legitimate and square up with me... Sucks to be a MMA forum guy and get called out by an "online ninja" and not show... Just saying.

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Epic Internet Dick Tuck of Donald James Roley...

I guess we could call this watching Don Roley fail part 6... A couple days ago I posted this video giving Don Roley a solid location for my whereabouts at Chambers and 38th Street in Aurora Colorado.
And 2 hours later I posted this video calling it on the whole Don Roley challenge fight. I actually waited 4 hours after in case Don Roley wanted to show up and claim I ducked him...
Now this suddenly sparked Don to respond via Proxies, on the forum covering this. This ended with a deadline post from Don to meet him at the Denver Public Liberary to square up...

However, I was only informed of this by Flatface777 via, Facebook messenger at 11:11am with an 11:30 am deadline. And, while Don Roley's ninja-cult of Japanese wonnabe white folks are claiming I ducked Don...
1. Where is Don's video showing he was at the Liberary?
This screenshot was taken at 2:42 pm and Don has no video proving he was at the liberary... I am calling his stunt a bluff, a lie to try to claim I ducked him just like Barron used in Florida.

Poor Don, caught running from "a fraud" & lying about being somewhere.

2. Don only ended his silence, after I posted those two videoes. And, mainly to whine like a little bitch about me. He didn't want to look like he backed down or didn't show but,  he could have and would have been better off remaining silent and claiming ignorance after the fact. But, Don is so concerned that he will appear weak, he had to respond and dig himself a hole.

3. If Lexington wasn't a trap to have me arrested he wouldn't have to defend my backing out of the fight... If Don wanted to face me he would have made sure I was well aware of the Challenge at the Denver Liberary wel a head of time... If Don was secure in his victory he wouldn't have to lie for Frank Dux and defend his victory.

This is the last effort of a internet tough guy trying to defend their show victory and not step into a cage or a just throw down in public... The failed attempt of a coward trying to act tough & make empty gestures. Me... Well I drove across the country to face Don Roley and even ended having to accept a Train Ticket home from an "enemy" after the transmission on my car went out.

Funny thing... An enemy treated me better then my so-called former friend Frank Dux.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Open Letter to

To the MMA guys who picked up the story about me and Don Roley's Street Fight in Colorado Springs...

Thank you, I generally mean that. That is because this fight is just the tip of the Iceberg. Win or lose against Roley I don't much care... I doubt he will even come out and face me...

However, I tried get on the underground forum and I am having issues logging in. So yeah...

One of the Forum members said they thought this was "a long standing grudge." It is Don Roley is the author of the Koga Ryu is Dead article on so many Bujinkan sites... I don't speak Japanese & I don't care about Bujinkan history wizards because I exposed the hole in his article, at 19... Don hates that a teenager (then) e posed this flaw...

So yeah there are some issues with us. Secondly, I don't much care for the Bujinkan system or what I did study in the Omoto Ryu Budo style... Oh, and I am a supporter of Ashida Kim's. Whether we agree on Ashida Kim's skills or ability... Ashida Kim's ninjitsu resembles more closely that of Historical Ninjutsu in the Bansenshukai and other such manuals. To me that's what counts because, thanks to Ninjutsu Researcher Anthony Cummins & the Historical Ninjutsu Research Team, who translated the Historical Ninja Documents into Modern English.

Now... We know ninjutsu was Japanese Espionage and Strategy... There was never a Ninja Martial Art. The ninja were just "Samurai Commandos" and used the same styles of fighting as the other Samurai. So yes, Ashida Kim's mixing of martial to go with his Ninjitsu is irrelevant, Ninjutsu would be the skills of Espionage, Skirmish/Small Teams Tactics & Scout craft...

So if you see why these people are so against me as someone who is pointing out that the Bujinkan and Hatsumi are more correctly the frauds. But, I am digressing here... You see I learned my ninjitsu from a 3rd source which taught Ninjitsu as part of the higher levels of Budo. Its martial art is Jujitsu without weapons and various traditional Japanese weapons, kobudo weapons and I include modern firearms as well btw...

Now the Omoto Ryu Jujitsu had a few basic strikes and focused more on stand up grappling. With a few defensive ground fighting techniques... I think of martial arts styles or schools as catagories of training syllabus and techniques... Any technique is available to any style if they train it... I also endorse pressure testing and have a few training drills/Sparring drills that are totally unique... I don't need a lineage or, some guru to guide my hand to developing a more scientific training methodology.

To me Ninjutsu is not a martial art and my own system draws from my experiences. Training in various martial arts... I don't give much respect to paper tigers and have been known to tell the "legitimate" martial arts crowd that those "Warrior Lineages" and certificates are just bad ass pills used to show how bad ass you are. I also like to point out the Real Bad Asses are known for what they have done in the real world and, not waiving a certificate of rank as a sign of status... So while I don't have a strong fight record in MMA I have been arrested for fighting cops and even put one in the hospital because I used a Muay Thai Elbow Block to stop his fist and broke two bones in the guys hand... I don't focus on competition but, I don't

So fine, believe what you want but, Don Roley responds to any challenge with mockery or stupid rules that require anyone with common sense to avoid the fight... Basically he is a bitch...
Here is the thing, I punked him online about his article and then went through some shit in my personal life with being falsely arrested and this has led to a near decade of false arrests and police harassment. Including a Terrorist threats case, dropped on Sept 11th 2015 and the case were I was hospitalized at Weston. Now this blog also shows court papers and I have no fear of laying ot all out there.

I also have a Civil Law Suit against the Prosecutor for falsifying evidence in that case... Don Roley, Phil Elmore and Barron Shepherd have all used the internet to spread lies about and exaggerating things.

So I am using my ninjitsu when I am manipulating them into giving me a voice. As they have gone to every martials forum and slanderedbit their and stalked me across the internet...

  • I would like to have my account in the underground forum activated... Please & Thank You.

Watching Don Roley Fail, Part 5

Don calls me a Pedophile & Mentally Ill but, uses his family as a possession, an excuse and something to cower behind. I have posted a blog and a video stating that only a sick human being, a Pedophile would brag about their children to someone they are acusing of being a Pedophile... It is a way of bragging about molesting your own kids, like the way Meth cooks brag about not having to buy meth because they can make their own.

Video of Don Roley Family Man:
I am sorry Don Roley was crying like a little bitch over this Video, so... he had it taken off youtube... But if you follow the link, you can watch it here.

So let me ask you, if someone you claimed threatened your family, called your wife a whore and, acused you of molesting your own children then gave you 3 days to meet them in your home town... Why wouldn't you show up and kick there ass? Better question, what happens when you think he is in West Virginia, talking smack behind a computer and you are safe across the country & he shows up at your front door.

Here is the deal Don, you challenge yourself in my name to make the rules because your a pussy without back up from the Bujinkan cult. Without inane rules you make up, yourself and, the other Bujin-cowards backing you. You are a weak willed coward, hiding behind Barron, because he hid behind you & you both are hiding behind Frank Dux.

See none of this matters because of what this is all about us... You don't give a damn about my charges & you don't give a damn about your wife or kids... I proved that in the Don Roley Family Man video and, its why you had it taken down... The video talking about Chess and Go just shows your own need to be seen as "an intellectual" but also your complete lack of understanding... Go and Chess are games, comparing them to the Art of Strategy is like Comparing Call of Duty to actually Enlisting in the Army or Marine Corps.

Lets keep this clear, you can't time travel to the future to when I planned to challenge you in August & then set terms now... Best of all Don, you can't time travel to when I do show up at your house to Bitch Slap the shit out of you there...

Anyway, here is a Video Log of my travels all "Unlisted" on YouTube as I am Uploading them. What didn't think I would do it?

6/24/2017: Kentucky
6/24/17: Indiana Secret Ninja Rest Stop:
6/25/17: Illinois Cornfields & West...
6/25/17:Illinois More Cornfields & West...
6/25/17: Saint Louis 
6/25/17: I-70 Secret Ninja Rest Area
6/25/17: Car Trouble

6/26/17: Kansas City (Made it to Kanas City on 6/25/17 uploaded video the next day)
6/26/17: Fat Boy Num Num (This was right after Mid-Night Technically 6/26/17 in KC)
6/26/17: Topeka
6/26/17: Winery (I bought some Jalapeno Wine, this shit would awesome with Tacos)

6/26/17: Why is There so Much Corn being Grown in America
6/26/17: About Being a Bad Ass
6/26/17: Thinking of Super Mario Brothers
6/26/17: Racing the Sunset: Why I am Doing This
6/26/17: Welcome to Colorado (When your enemy Thinks you are Far be Near, when your enemy thinks you are near be far. -Sun Tzu)
6/27/17: Pondering in Colorado
Note: I am being sarcastic when I say "secret ninja rest"
And as I am lost in the Colorado mists waiting, what am I waiting for? This... Someone has taken notice... The BJJ & MMA crowd, no doubt curious of the spectical of Cage Fighting Ninjas (which you didn't do because you are a bitch) has taken to discussing the Don Roley challenge... Ninja Street Fight. At have taken to Discussing the fight... I almost crossed a continent to face off with Don Roley... And I had a lpt of time to think, about who I am and how I want to be known. So I got some surprises for everyone.

This shit will be televised on Youtube there will be a recorder to do it, a small thin female maybe so as not to scare Don Roley.

Special thanks to Frank Dux, when you tried to throw me under the bus I prepared that little truth bomb in my mind ahead of time and put you on blast knowing it was gonna get the MMA crowds attention. What were saying about me being a pawn...? Bitch I done moved across the board and became royalty and used you as my disposal peon, I mean pawn.

Lets look at the rest of that conversation we been having.... Huh Blinky? The inplied threat to slander my name and real threat to use the members of the BDFS against me...

Oh and I was shooting these little videos of secret ninja rest stops and, progress along my trip when you were telling me you knew where I was... Really, I bet you didn't...

You should quit while your behind... And now you have been put on blast for defending the same people who want to call you a fraud. What's even better is that we have a proven history of lying for each other... Ducking fights and punk ass excuses, attempted set ups...

This whole thing started over online crying by Barron Shepherd, "I was threatening him." Which turned into a 3rd Person "Raymond Locktoolz" trying to set up an MMA match in Florida. Which Barron was too old and sick to fight in so it had to be set up as a "Secret Kumite Deathmatch" and Barron was still claiming. I "threatened him." So I tried to have a MMA match set up in West Virginia, with Ruckus in the Cage. Which Barron claimed he signed up online. We were never scheduled as first time fighters and would have been last minute exhibition fighters.

Barron Never Showed... So to reclaim his lost "honor" Barron tried to push me into agreeing to a date for an MMA event in Florida. I had a lot of stuff going on and so after Barron was unable to get me to agree to a date... So he could say I didn't show up, I didn't. I eventually, Just told Barron's promoter I would do it after I dealt with the law suits. Barron took this as a bragging opportunity about me ducking him... But, Lexington Kentucky had two events the Black Dragon Fighting Society Annual Gathering and Don Roley's Tantojutsu Seminar where Barron was attending and already paid for, where Roley suggested we fight at his event. I said I wouldn't fight at the event but, was down for a fight on neutral ground... Barron suddenly backed out the Seminar in Lexington Kentucky.

Don Roley, however invited me to his event and challenged me to Challenge him. A common ploy by online tough-guy trolls who hide behind insane or illegal rules. So Don Roley, set rules for this challenge that made the only way to win to knowingly cause an injury that would put, one of us into the hospital.

Meaning under Kentucky Revised Code 508.020 a Felony Assault. Broken arms happen in Competitions and are not considered 2nd Degree Assault, because of the lack of intent to severely injure someone. "Winning" the fight would mean a felony and I have done enough time for shit I didn't do, walking into a set up to get arrested in Kentucky was not on my plans. I didn't even know of the Video Challenge until it came up over lunch.

I watched as Dux, fired up Stephen Day with lies and half truths. Steven is a stand up man, he tells you what he thinks, honest, works hard and will fight to protect his own. The whole Day family are some amazingly good people. Grandmaster Lawrence Day is his uncle and Steven views the minor verbal attack on the BDFS as a verbal attack on his family. I don't fault Steven for standing up and defending his family... I fault Dux for manipulating that, to send in someone to do what should have.

I went so that the BDFS would not he liable as to disrupting Don Roley's seminar, as I was invited. What happened after the first few moments is visible on the RAW FOOTAGE video here.

I withdrew from Don Roley trying to force a challenge out of me so that je could male such ridiculous and stupid rules. Now, after months of denial and conflicting statements Frank Dux, has Changed his story once again admitting to sending BDFS members to Don Roley's Seminar but, now claims it was in support of me.

If this was the case then where was this statement 9 months ago? The simple fact that Dux is defending a person who has viciously attacked him online. That Don Roley has denied Dux's involvement (as had Dux, until I broke him down in the last blog. That Barron openly and foolishly, lied about a challenge I never leveled, to claim I ducked a fight I never had to make me look bad, as well as make himself look good. That Barron and Don Roley have conspired to support each other in their lies. That both jave Defended Dux, before his retraction, which doesn't offer proof or propaganda to explain away the proof of Screen shots that also disprove his half-assed attempts to place blame on me and avoid responsibility. Have all created quite the spectacle of the Online Ninjutsu Community. As well as the Online Martial Arts Community.

With only one question left? What have I been doing in Colorado all this time, while Don Roley has been denying I am here?