Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving, Indigenous Peoples Day and 2017

So its Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be thankful for, among them my fight with Icy Mike and the help from the Unlikely Allies from the OG.

Now I have to point out something you guys reading this blog aren't considering. Something I bet, none of you ever considered... That the MMA crowd isn't a bunch of bullies and meat heads. Oh sure they have their fair share of them and MMA is a brutal sport. So is Boxing for that matter.

However, the guys on the OG saw first hand the cyber bullying of my online stalkers and as someone over there pointed it, they behaved like a pack of predators chasing injured prey, trying to hamstring it for the kill... But, I am not dead yet.

And this is no doubt a testament to the morals and ethics of the guys on the OG. Rather then jumping at lies and rumors they offered me a chance to prove myself and, it was a chance for my own reasons which I didn't fully take. So yes... I am thankful to them. And, yes I am using them as an example of our perceptions of MMA fighters and proponents as Thugs is wrong.

Now, you will have noticed I also mentioned Indigenous Peoples Day an alternative to Columbus Day and sometimes used in place of Thanksgiving. Well I still remember the story of Thanksgiving, that the Protestant Pilgrims almost died, had it not been for the Natives who helped them live here on the East Coast. And Westard Expansion under the claim of "manifest destiny" generations later was a crime against the Natives who were already here...

Now what do those two things have in common? That it is that it easy to beat someone you perceive as weaker or, injured but something different to stand up for the "little guy."

There is a difference between the preception of reality and reality. Do the guys at believe my ninjutsu claims? No, and I don't require them to... Are they going to suddenly study ninjutsu now? No, I am not asking them to. The simple truth is, none of that matters. I am just thankful they were there.

We've seen the spectacles and the chaos, leaving 2017 on a higher note then when it began, as New Years fast approaches... We can't change the past, we can't predict the future and we should all be thankful for the things we can't control. Just be thankful for those people who have your back when you expect it (like me and the OG or the Pilgrims and the Indians) & becareful not to screw them over later on...

Happy Thanksgiving and Indigenous Peoples Day.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Allow me to fill in the Gaps...

The hard truth is this; I am the ultimate underdog. Been the underdog my whole life. One thing you learn as the underdog is how to take a punch.

In losing the "fight" against Icy Mike I make two clear points. 1. That I can take a punch, because you will get hit. Its a fact of life and, if the aggressor is bigger and stronger you will get hit a lot and hard. So sick it up... 2. All the haters who are pissed a kickboxing former SWAT cop and a "Fake Ninja" former Infantry Team leader and former Hand-to-hand combat instructor manipulated and exploited a former Reserve Policeman, A ninja master in the Bujinkan Ninpo 15th Dan with 15 years training at the Bujinkan Hombu Dojo. It doesn't matter of Icy Mike was holding back when he hit me multiple times in the face... Thats an average training. It was nothing to take those hits because that is average for training.

Yeah between Barron Shepherd bitching out repeatedly and lying to cover up for lying (only compounding the deception. And my manipulation of Don Roley, into agreeing to fight me and come to West Virginia. Its like that, why prove a lineage when I can prove methodology. And winning or losing a fight means nothing compared to fact that ninjutsu is not a martial and compatible to any martial art. That just taking the hits is enough because that is just a day. Training is just that jardd should be and, if it ain't that hard at a minimum it is a McDojo. It is fake martial arts...

If you don't get punched with enough force to leave a few bruises, get stunned and a busted lip its not real martial arts. And as for ninjutsu, if you ain't a manipulating people to gather information or, make them act to  your advantage... You aren't being a ninja, even then its what you might call it LARPing but what else you gonna do to practice those skills?

Well I have an interview with someone who used Historical Ninjutsu and Black Dragon Ninjitsu from my books as a Water Protector...  This means someone has actual experience using Ninjitsu in a political and social action against a militarized police force.

His evaluation of my methods that he used; shows that as an "unofficial" and "unranked" self-taught individual can use my strategic and intelligence gathering methods. With his own adaptations, it shows that there is proof, my methods work. Not just by me... Add Johnny Hunter's experience of training with me & the independent actions of the (for now) unnamed activist it provides multiple sources of reference.

The lesson, action is more then rank and more then paper. Action is the expression of the art. A painter is known by their painting and a martial artist should be known by their effects in the world. A competitive fighter proves themselves and expresses themselves in the ring or on the mats. Their art is the action of competition but, for the self-defense minded the expression is in avoiding the threat before it becomes the danger. The modern ninja does this in the  expression of influence without overt action.

So there are gaps in the training recommended in the book. Skills that you may learn academically but, must express through action. Express yourself within the art, take action. So we will discuss that application. And, it is simply not just the application within the physical action of strikes and grappling but, those higher elements of psychological manipulation and information gathering, real Ninjitsu. So consider this a warm up for the Upcoming Interview.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Texas Church Shooting and Antifa...

While it is a debated issue as whether Devin Kelley the Shooter at the Baptist Church in Texas was a member of Antifa or not... We cannot deny certain facts.
1. That Antifa has pledged a Communist Revolution to begin on November 4th 2017.

2. That Antifa considers White Male Christians to be an enemy and all Christians to be an enemy of theirs. This is seen in a leaked Antifa Handbook.

In fact, we simply need to look at the same Handbook to see why Christians are to be targeted...
 In the above text, Antifa or, at least this particular chapter, talks about White Privilege and seeks to turn all minorities against "White People." They do so with massive holes in their argument, such as mentioning the Atomic Bombs dropped on Japan by America... However, China, Korea and other Asian nations who suffered at the Japanese Invasions during WW2 aren't going to swayed by that argument. They would have to forgive Japan, Asia's own "Nazis" for war crimes in World War Two like the Raping of Nanking (Warning Graphic Video with actual images of the War Crime in the Link). However, the real "anti-Christian" thoughts appear on the next page, seen in the image below...

Here we see, mention of a New World Order and one world government. All things Christians fear and seek to avoid. Believing a New World Order to be a symptom of the End Times prophesied in Revelations and plainy explained in Mathew Chapters 24 and 25. Something I have even written about myself, In Living Without Rapture. Not to mention the Bible's teaching that Homosexuality is a sin and wrong... Thus, Christians are "Fascist" by the Antifa standard...
3. Much as I already predicted the acts of violence would be aimed at pushing Gun Control. Gun Control doesn't make is safer, it allows people like Devin Kelley to illegally own weapons to harm people and the people they harm to have little to no, means of protecting themselves...

Add to this, the shooter Devon Kelley converted to Islam (not all terrorists are Muslims, nor are all Muslims terrorists it just so happens that Islamic Terrorism is a major global threat right now) & swore allegiance to ISIS. Which not only is supportive of Antifa goals and philosophy but, ties ISIS into the mix. There has been a political divide among the left, as Black Lives Matter does not want to support, the predominantly white, Antifa or, feels to need to be supported by Antifa.

Let me state my personal opinion on this, I am a Christian. I supported the concept of Gay Marriage however, because 1. As a Christian the bible teaching is not to judge others and not to worry about anyone else's salvation but my own. 2. The bible teaches to also avoid sin and since I am not tempted to be gay, the Bible's teaching to avoid being gay isn't a problem for me. 3. As a Christian who taught to not judge others, I don't feel I have a right to recognize or not recognize a person's human/civil rights based on my own beliefs. So there... Want to be gay, be gay. 

Don't want to be gay, don't be gay. I don't want to be gay and believe it to be a sin. I don't think my sins are any better then you and I know I am a sinner. So that is my beliefs, lile them or don't... You kinda have to accept them because they ain't gonna change but, if it makes you feel better you don't have to like them.