Friday, January 29, 2016

Life is a Battle...

Over the last few days I'm been getting some interesting private messages through Facebook and even a few emails. The interesting thing is that people want to know why I'm hated so much, by so many people... The truth is because I'm doing what they won't or can't. Make no mistake, everything I've done I have done because of God's grace. I am not a perfect Christian, I don't even think I'm a good Christian at times. But everything I have done I either owe to my own efforts or to God's grace. If that sounds like a humility, it is... I am humble before few men and always to God.

If funny when you see cowards talk about suing them, knowing they can delay and lie and drag out the suit and even if the court rules against them, they will not honor obligations put worth by the court. Which means another law suit... wasting money and time on people who are hundreds of miles away and scared of me. Personally, I'd just rather drive to their schools (I like road trips) and beat their asses into bloody pulp before their students' eyes. Life is a battle filled with cowards and crooks, people who are generally tough guys.

The simple fact is I've endured things many others won't or can't, and it is by God's Grace more then my own Mental Strength that I did this... I grew up around violence, drugs and fighting. I'm related to and have associated with "criminals." My grandfather make Moonshine during the prohibition to feed and cloth his family. So I don't much care about the "thug selling dope" as I do about the robbers, rapists and thieves. The honest problem with "drug dealers" is drug dealers who sell to kids and drug dealers who are themselves kids (mentally & literally which includes mentally). These are the "drug dealers" who are likely to shoot you and stab because they are afraid and don't respect life, this produces an problem but it is a totally different matter to be discussed.

I favor self-defense training, I have a great deal of experience at things I can't talk about online (and won't) because it involves self-incrimination. That is why I often point to other directs (lie about) where I learned somethings at or experienced some stuff. Its funny because I approach the martial arts from the side of what is effective. I once witnessed a U.S. soldier tell a KATUSA he could "whip his ass" because he "knew Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (through MACP) and Tae Kwon Do sucked." That same KATUSA kicked him in the thigh, groin and head without dropping or putting down his beer and was out the bar before the MPs entered. I've watched Anthony Cummins talk about martial arts being effective and its clear he's never been in a fight in his life... Hell I once got into a pissing contest with another soldier who was a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do compared to my Shodan in Shotokan. I've found many martial arts share similar techniques but are effectively useless when it comes to methods for training these methods...

It is literally amusing to me that any style that was used by "warriors" (in all the varied names) would be allow 10th and 15th Dan grandmasters who can't do more then 30 push-ups at a time. So I have to state a certain amount of respect for styles like Judo and Kick Boxing that encourage competition to teach timing, distance, accuracy and balance compared to styles that rely on nothing but forms and kata (Jujitsu definition as opposed to Katate).

At the end of the day, what you train in should reflect your idea of a threat. Criminals live in a culture where violence is a social norm and social violence (simulated combat) can easily turn into real combat. So the idea that your opponent will be "untrained" is a joke. The reality is even if you find a "self-trained" fighter they will have more experience with criminal activities (i.e. beating up people and other members of that culture) then the many "Martial Artists" who hide behind lineage or another's accomplishments.

If you've paid any attention to the news, you'd know we are closer to a Civil War 2.0 and would know that we face a threat bigger then ever as we face threats from Terrorists and the government. Ultimately you need to decide what works for you and what teaches you to defend yourself effectively. Timing on a painful but not lethal compared to lethal techniques alone. A person who decides to use a "lethal technique" compared to someone with the ability to deliver a lethal technique with no conscious thought to distance and timing is simply this... Both are handicapped by the lack of ability to use the "lethal technique" due to not having applied it in combat or competition but both both are then reliant on the distance and timing of training. The person with more experience at application of strikes and the use of grappling in "non-lethal" application develop the other qualities to deliver those "lethal strikes."

Consider that how we are trained (even raised if you will since that is a form of training) sets the pace for how you will react. If you aren't trained to react to conditions outside your training how will you react at all? Life is a battlefield  and how you train is how you will face life...

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Respect Does Not Come from A Belt

Many times I have stated I think the Bujinkan system is a bad system, with a false history and full of people trying play Ninja-Warrior. I don't like the system and that is my opinion... Now I am going to blow your mind because I am going to praise a Bujinkan member, Richard Van Donk. Now like I've said I don't much like the system (it has it's good and bad points to it, everything does) but, I di have to discuss my respect for Shihan Richard Van Donk.

Now Hayes and Bussey brought us Hatsumi's "Ninjutsu" in the 1980s. Robert Bussey managed one of the largest ninjutsu organizations in America at one time & even offered instructional videos, I think Bussey probably pioneered the martial arts instructional video market. Certainly, Richard Van Donk being the first to establish a video testing platform in which a person could get rank in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu changed the game. I happen to respect Richard Van Donk as both a business man and martial artists.

Now I know many will say "But you don't like the Bujinkan" or "You talk trash about their art." This is basically true, there is a lot of things I take issue with here. The fact however is this, Richard Van Donk has put in his time and did much to help spread his art. His video courses have made his art widely accessible to people throughout the US, possibly the world. So regardless of my personal opinion about the Bujinkan, I'm stuck having to honestly admit he did a good job.

The fact of the matter is that if you've ever listened to online idiots like Don Roley or his troll account Simon Edwards you can see his motivation for blasting Shihan Van Donk. At one time Bujinkan ninjutsu was few and far between now it has grown into a multi-million dollar franchise business mainly through Richard Van Donk's video courses. This is where I respect him as a business man and hope to emulate him with my own Black Dragon Ninjitsu video course.

While there are many against these courses there is a simple fact, video courses are not much different then many martial arts schools. I've been in schools where students barely saw their Sensei. He'd lead the class in a 10 to 15 minute warm up exercise, teach a few drills and instruct students to perform the drills while he went into his office to do paperwork. If you had a problem with a technique, it was generally other students who helped you. So with a video course you can watch the video over and over again to grasp the concept. Sadly, Shihan Van Donk takes a lot of flak from members of the Bujinkan who feel cheated, their arts are no longer "exclusive" they are no longer the "elitist" they wish to be and their art has become a franchise.

Ultimately, this goes back to another more subconscious matter of relying on external tokens of achievement to justify your life. Of needing something outside yourself to feel validated. Respect does not come from a belt or a certificate or even a tradition. Respect comes from within, respect comes from whats in your heart and mind. You cannot get respect without first achieving self-respect and understanding your self-worth. Only then do you achieve respect from others and even it is not guarantee that everyone will respect you or care about what you've done.

Monday, January 25, 2016

When YOU ARE Proven a Liar...

One of the funniest aspects of the internet is how little it actually matters. I've already proven that Barron Shepherd was a liar as far as my background went. I have even in the past proved that I have offered him the same documentation that I used to prove he was a slandering my name when he "threatened" me about in 2013...

Now if you know Barron Shepherd you know he is egomaniac who thanks that any women who smiles at him is trying _____ (I trust you to fill in your own blanks) him. This explains his troll account "Uptown Single Layer." I have offered him an opportunity to examine by legal papers when he was doing his slander piece on me. He didn't take it because he didn't want the truth...

What is even funnier is that Barron Shepherd is a complete idiot and has even attempted to justify his lies on facebook. He even attempts to mention said lies by grasping at bits of truth, which taken out of context makes them lies. Anyone who knows anything about the Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) knows it is not in its second Generation. I left the Army in 2005 which means I was trained in the FIRST Generation MACP. In fact, MACP was bridging into its 2nd Generation Form when I left in 2005.

So when my Sergeant was allowed to conduct "combat based" training for physical training, as part of "Sergeant's Time Training" (every Thurday). I was allowed to teach my own martial arts program. Captain Hue, said it resembled some of his Kenpo Jujitsu training from Hawaii and had me to teach it to the company. At the time the Army was still trying to get everyone to adopt the basic Gracie Combatives based training of MACP. There was no additional levels of training and I was filling in the gap with my own training based on elements from Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Omoto Ryu Jujitsu and Sport Jujitsu. This layed the groundwork for what I now teach as Street Focus Jujitsu. When I transfered from HHC to Charlie Company (I wanted experience in a line company) I taught this at that company as well. But, why should I explain this... Barron Shepherd thinks 1/503d is Special Forces and Marines as well...
No matter, here is where Barron tries to justify that the TRUTH is a lie by addressing Hand-to-Hand Combatives. Some of he says is factual and can be looked up online but, he then goes on to insinuate that I forged a government document, a serious crime in itself and one that would land me in prison if I did...
That document is view able below.
If he would like to say I somehow forged this document well here is the award with the paper work behind it... So this makes twice I've proven Barron Shepherd to be a liar and the first time (actually the second time) is of course on the Blog Barron Shepherd proven a liar and a slander. Where I actually show some of the paperwork Barron refused when I offered to allow him to see the truth.
Of course like that blog from so long ago about when you get proven a liar get your friends to lie for you... Barron enlisted his pack of liars, Don Roley (posting as Simon Edwards) and other imaginary friends (troll accounts). Barry also goes by the troll account name "Uptown Single-Layer" which says a lot about his state of mind... I've heard stories about an aging single man who chases young girls and thinks he is stud but, lives alone with his online friends and sagging man teets trying impress teenage boys but, that is none of my business.

So Barron has posted comments using that after I blocked him on this blog for spewing his lies. So he made up a troll account, but since I have to accept any such comments, they just lay around online awaiting my approval. And with lil Barry Shepherd we see he's out to get me. Barron has yet to comment on the fact he ducked out of an online challenge with after he issued it. Whats even funnier is his attempts at interfering with my business... have a look. And you have Phil Elmore or his boyfriend Patric Ferrari posting as Martin Blendswell and Iris Collette. I wounder who's the woman in that relationship (know I don't don't tell me).

As I stated When Proven a Liar get Your Friends to Lie for You, most of these internet experts are just telling the same lies and have to defend one another's lies using them as "proof" rather then providing hard evidence. Here we can see a link that goes straight Barry's little hit piece of lies. More so, there is the link to none then Barry's little hit piece on me. But lets face it, the Bujinkan is full loud mouths with nothing to do but get online and attack their competition because the Bujinkan is franchise martial art, selling a murky history (not really Takamatsu made it up even says so in the Bugei Ryuha Daijiten) and a ninja warrior fantasy camp. Course when I first "met" Barry, I actually have never met Barron Shepherd just dealt with him online, he claimed to be part of Hatsumi's inner circle. Now he doesn't even mention the Bujinkan or associate himself with Koga Ryu. Now Barron just claims Judo and Kenpo, and associates with online Bujinkan trolls Don Roley...

Because when you are a liar, you need friends who will lie for you and I've already proven Barron Shepherd to be a liar. Guess this is twice now...

Thursday, January 21, 2016

I can't teach YOUR kids Discipline

One of the biggest issues I have is when I talk about opening my school, is parents asking if teach children. I hate working with kids, because a lot of the concepts I am talking about they don't understand. The issue is never that kids are stupid, it is often that their parents are... Ignorance is just not knowing and we are all ignorant one thing or another. Willful ignorance is stupidity. I can't abide stupidity...

The biggest thing that comes up is parents want their kids to learn discipline. That is fine but, I'm gonna be short and sweet and totally blunt here... You don't need a martial arts class to teach your kid discipline. Teaching your child self-discipline begins by teaching your kids discipline at home and eventually they will pick up keep doing the right thing. When your kids do the right thing (that which they are taught to do and is expected of them) without having to be disciplined by their parents. Its a simple cycle of positive and negative reinforcement.

When kids do something wrong they suffer negative reinforcement (i.e. punishment) and when they do things according to what they are taught, they are given positive reinforcement, (i.e. reward). Eventually the reward is removed and the child will do the right thing in accordance with their instruction expecting a reward and will eventually keep up that cycle. This is the same cycle used to train dogs, and the military. A martial arts class for 1 to 3 hours a week, cannot teach your child to have self-discipline or there is no discipline at home.

No martial arts class, can teach your kids to have self-discipline if the parents do not teach discipline at home. Simple as that... I can teach a kid to fight, I can teach a kid not to fight but I can't teach something that parents are not teaching themselves. This is both a failing of individual parents and American culture as a whole. We have become lazy, weak minded and decadent allowing children to taught by the example of video games and TVs but, forgetting the example that parents set.

In fact, attending a martial arts class can have a very harmful effect on the kid's psychological well being. A child can assume they are a "warrior" from adults talking about being "lineage warriors" (a whole other problem in martial arts) and start fights under the assumption that they "warriors." This can get worse if the parents put on a good image for others but psychological and physical abuse are issues at home. Teaching a kid to fight and even teaching them when its "ok" to fight in the gym or dojo has nothing do with the example of the parents. If as adults we don't set an example for our children, we cannot expect them to grow up as the types of people we want our children to be.

No martial arts class will teach your children to be responsible adults, if YOU are the parents and do not ACT like the Person you want your child to be they will take all your instruction as empty talk. Anyone remember this Commercial from the 90s?

There are millions of martial arts schools dedicated to taking your money while claiming to teach your kids basic life skills you aren't as a Parent. Now I know single mom's who are forced to keep their kids entertained with TV and video games. They try very hard to live in a manner they want their children to, its not easy but life is in itself not easy...

We as Americans need to deal with the ideological issues of Personal Responsibility. The internet is full of "grown ups" spreading lies and slandering their competition. They are not setting an example of respect but, are seeking to attract business by acting like "bad asses." I'm sorry I've met real bad asses and they don't need to hide behind lineage, rank or a uniform. A real bad ass, will mess you up and ain't worried about the law. They also don't get online talk trash trying to act hard...

Me personally, I'm not a Bad Ass and have no desire to be one. You see, when you're a Bad Ass you are surrounded by people who want to be Bad Asses (wannabes) but don't have what it takes or you attract people just like you. You don't get to be a Bad Ass because you have a martial arts rank, own a dojo or are even Special Forces. You get all that because you are a Bad Ass, because inside you are mentally tough and can endure the hardships and complications that come along with getting those things. You can't teach your kids to be mentally tough unless you show them that you are mentally tough. I can't teach YOUR kids (Self) Discipline but YOU can and YOU should.

NOTE: The Author Ron Collins has no children of his own. When asked how he can give parenting advice without having kids he replied "I've raised the neighbor's kids, fed them when their parents spent the food stamps on drugs and alcohol. I've dated single mothers and helped raise their kids. I've also been a team leader in the Army and all of it has taught me to set the example I want others to follow. I don't have kids because I chose to be responsible and use condoms and other means of birth control to not have the responsibility I'm not ready for. "

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Barron Shepard... Proven A Liar and Slanderer:

We have all seen Barron Shepard's blog on Koga Ryu Ninjutsu, the fact is Barron Shepard is a liar and a slander. He hides behind the computer screen and claims to be a martial artist. The fact is he claims there is no "conspiracy" but we all know how the internet works, tough guys with key boards. First off lets deal with two things off the bat, all images and information provided are provided for the sole purpose of review and to show that Barron Shepard is engaged in slander (liable if its in print but does the internet really count as print or is that just for physically printed documents?). This is in accordance with Federal laws 17 USC 107. So when I show you screen shot of Barron Shepard's hit peice to prove him a liar and slander of my good name, you will see that it is accordance with that "the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright." It doesn't violate copyright which Barron Shepard will claim to try to get this blog removed...

In addition, I'm gonna explain the issue between me and Barron Shepard. In 2009, Barron was involved in the Law Suit from William Aguiar III, Ashida Kim and Floyd Webb, actually Barron Shepard was named as a defendant in that case. Now I wrote a letter to the Judge as Amicus Curiae or friend of the court. My motion was ignored as I am not a lawyer but still... At the same time, I had written a highly legal termed letter for a friend of mine in a custody battle with an abusive husband. I had been happy I helped my friend and Barron Shepard assumed it was about the court motion I filed on Ashida Kim's behalf. Ultimately, Barron and I argued online and when I bluntly pointed out I think the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu system he claimed to represent, was a shit system, he thought I should respect him because of his rank in Kenpo and Judo. I don't feel he as a man deserves the respect he thinks rank in martial arts gives him.

I had a Senior Drill Sergeant in the Army's Basic Combat Training, he was Special Forces and Rangers, had tabs from both schools. One day he showed us his neck where four vertebrae had been broken by a landmine when he parachuted in Grenada and surgery had to be done. He pulled four men off a minefield with a broken neck and after telling us of the horrors he had faced and lived through that day. He asked why he ran out onto a minefield and pulled of two men, twice. "Because you were Special Forces" or "Ranger" or "US Army" all got mentioned. Instead he told us he did it because "he was a man" and that the uniform is just cloth its the man inside the uniform that gives it value and meaning, that we should all live to standard that gives our uniform meaning and value. So if a man with a Purple Heart, Ranger Tab and Special Forces Tab tells me I should respect the "man" ("woman" for you ladies out there) and not the uniform, I took it to heart. When he told me I should live as an example of the Honor and Values I claim to represent, I did my best to do. I even pointed out to Barron Shepard how his rank in martial arts and my respect for his attitude are too separate things. And it exploded into some internet arguments & online challenges and shit talk, to which Barron backed out like a little bitch, after he himself issued the challenge and threat to kick my ass.

So me and Barron Shepard have issues with each other and, part of those issues is that he got punked online by me. I won't tell you I have never been arrested, I have. However my criminal record consists of only four misdemeanor convictions, one of those is a Federal Misdemeanor. I've even offered to supply Barron with court papers to show convictions as opposed to being charged with a crime. Anyone can be charged but its the conviction that matters.

And lets talk about those convictions and evidence of falsified evidence provided by Kristen Keller...
Here is Dr. Miller's Report.
Now lets break this down Barron what is the Case Number of the Terrorist Threats case? 
12-B-234, 12-F-470, 12-F-471, 13F-1026 and 13-B-410.
What are the Charges? Terroristic Threats and Obstructing an Officer
What is the Offense Date? Feburary 25th 2011
What is the Evaluation Date?  Feburary 20th 2014
Now lets examine 13F-1026 Arrest Warrant:
Whats the Offense Date? 16th to the 22nd 2013
Now how come this date is different then the one Dr. Miller is claiming, in his report? That can be examined by the second page of Dr. Miller's report.
We see a court order for my evaluation is under case 13-F-1026 & 13-B-410, however according to "RECORD'S ACCOUNT OF EVENTS" what is claimed is happening for the evaluation Dr, Miller cites Criminal Complaint Case Numbers 10M-6004 and 6005. Which were dismissed... oh wait I was found not guilty after a 2 day trial July 24th and 25th 2013. 

Here is case filing where the case was given a different number in Circuit Court, from Magistrate Court. Here is that paper work...

 Statement of transfer to Circuit Court in underlined in red and case number is circled in red.
As you can see both, cases were transferred to Circuit Court... and I was found not guilty. More so we can look at the list of Warrants and Criminal Complaints for cases; all listed before the arrest warrant for the alleged offense date of 16 to 22 August 2013. Notice there is no warrant for case 13-F-1026 but there is a motion under that case number for court ordered psychological evaluation. More so, cases that have been dismissed were considered relevant by Dr. Miller because the Prosecutor Kristen Keller provided him misleading information. As for how Dr. Miller got his dated of offense of 25 February 2011 well the Prosecutor provided Dr. Miller with the Search Warrant used to Seize my Computers which I have and continue to state was seized illegally and never turned in which is why I have video of Pat Lamp saying the State Police never turned over any evidence and asking to postpone the hearing. It is why I have a transcript of the Prosecutor dismissing the child porn charges because the State Police never turned in any evidence. It has been almost six months the feds haven't become involved. Here is the still images for you so lets assume its all "puffery" from Kristen Keller.

 So now then Barron, can you answer the question of why Dr. Miller cites a case that was dismissed as relevant facts toward as case that is used to order his evaluation but contains to warrant for said case? Well here is my answer Barron, because Kristen Keller was covering up for corrupt police officers who were trying to conceal that fact that they falsified evidence and coerced Ashley Redden to lie.

The primary issue here Barron is that, other then your bold faced lies which I will address in a minute, that Dr. Miller never had the correct information. And while Kristen Keller might be rather upset that I'm and continue to address these very important issues of falsified evidence and poor moral character on her part. They are however evidence that she violated the law.
Now if we continue reading we see that Dr. Miller is addressing other cases then the one used to issue the court order for evaluation. So Were is the Arrest Warrant for Case Number 13F-1026? It was left out, right here and not listed in Dr. Miller's report.
Yet, Kristen Keller still violated West Virginia Code 27-6A-2 (b) which lists the evidence the party making the evaluation to turn over...
(1) Warrant or Indictment (none on the list for case number 13F-1026)
(2) Information Pertaining to Alleged Crime (none listed for case 13F-1026)
(3) Any Available Psychiatric, Psychological, Medical or Social Records (Well there are previous records of evaluations)
(4) A Copy of the Defendants Criminal Record (this is the very same thing as an NCIC background check used to get a gun and would show any cases dismissed, it is not present)

Here is the West Virginia Code showing that Kristen Keller provided false information. This is proof that she lied in trial and brings Trooper Haynes statement for his criminal complaint of the Terrorist threats case into question. Since his information was not based on my statements online directly but of Kristen Keller's interpretation of my statements.

Now lets examine that Rape claim you have made so much of Barron... 

Ok Barron first this image is your blog and you called me a Child Predator... Well Barron I have to point out that I am neither Child Predator nor any type of sexual predator. In fact anyone can get online and run my name. Or just scroll down the images and you'll see my name isn't on a list.

More so, lets look at some more of your lies...
You like to point to a WOAY news claim where they quoted Ashley Redden. Well first off that is the Cases Numbered 10M-6004 & 6005 which we already covered as dismissed because a jury found me not guilty.
First off Barron it says I was found NOT GUILTY and, that means I was innocent. It also says Stalking and Assault Charges. And to be specific Rebecca Turco is even quoted saying "BECKLEY - A Raleigh County man is found not guilty in court for allegedly attempting to rape a young woman and for harassing her during the course of several years.

Ronald Collins, Jr., 33, originally of MacArthur, took the stand Thursday in Day Two of his trial. Collins had faced two misdemeanor charges of assault and stalking. "

I was never charged with rape, that was Ashley Redden's claim which was disproved in court and you claim that I was found naked with the girl is also a bold faced lie. 

Lets be clear Barron I may well sue you for slander and defamation of character. I might drive down to your house Winter Haven and challenge you to a fight. But looking at your little profile there Barron I think I see something. You are a part-time cop and so you know nothing but the corruption of "Brotherhood of Blue" and you don't like it when people like me point out the corruption and criminality you protect. So while you set here and lied let me show you what Ashley really said I did.
 Now it needs to be addressed that Greg Duckworth, a friend of both Mary Jennings and Bobby Redden, Ashley's father, wrote this and had Ashley to Sign it. Whats better is that her charge was overturned and she has stalked me with false charges ever since.

See Barron not are you another little Badge Bunny who has backed down from me but, you are liar and fraud calling other liars and frauds to cover up for your own self. And this page stands as a testament to your lies.

Tell me Barron whats worse being proven a liar or being that you are part of organization that full of liars and your attempts to defame for addressing misconduct. Either way, Barron Shepherd you've been proven to have been a liar and not to be trusted at your word. Combined with the lies I deleted from my GodFundMe Campaign you've show that you intend to interfere with my business practices and do me harm economically, aside from defaming my character. But, hey you never would come up here to make those challenges to my face.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Omoto Ryu Black Dragon Dojo

So as all the chaos in my lief seems to be headed toward being calmed down and after a year of having Shadow Warrior Publishing at the forefront of endeavors I'm happy to say I will soon, hopefully all thinks considered. Reopen my martial arts schools in down town Beckley, West Virginia.

The Omoto Ryu Black Dragon Dojo will be a "fully operational Death Star..." errr Martial Arts school. The sad truth is martial arts on the internet is full trolls and posers "nut riding" one person's success while targeting others for slander and harassment. Many times this is a sad result of jealousy or fear of competition. However, as I stated before in Will of Iron: Understanding the Fighting Spirit the fact is that it is not how hard you hit but how hard you can get hit and stand up again. The Omoto Ryu Black Dragon Dojo is the flag ship for Black Dragon Ninjitsu and with it comes a explosion of martial arts and self-defense programs. No one has a patient on Ninjutsu (Ninjitsu) and we know from historical research that ninjutsu is not a martial art, there is no sole source of ninjutsu or a "legitimate" one at that. As I have stated before evidence points to Takamatsu making up his tradition from openly revealed historical documents.

The Omoto Ryu Black Dragon Dojo is focused on Self-Defense without the fluff of many martial arts schools and the propaganda expressed by those online. This is a modern martial arts school, and while I do plan to teach and discuss the historical aspects this will come from study of Historical Documents like the Bansenshukai, Sun Tzu's Art of War and the other Chinese military classics, plus books like the Hagakure and Go Rin Sho (Book of 5 Rings). We are planning to teach three systems and host many camps and courses on a more private basis. These three systems are Street Focus Jujitsu & Black Dragon Ninjitsu and I am adding a third course in Civilian Counter-Terrorism Self-Defense that will be available as a series of progressive self-defense courses.

These three Systems are broken down as such...
Black Dragon Ninjitsu:
Lets be honest here Black Dragon Ninjitsu is modern art that is my own invention, it is a mix of the Omoto Ryu Budo, which does contain ninjutsu, US Army Infantry Training, Jeet Kune Do Concepts/Philosophy and other martial arts and training aspects used by Reality Based Martial Arts. This system focuses on six areas of study at five ranges of combat.
Six Areas of Study:
1. Martial Arts...
2. Weapons Training to include firearms tactics later on but, applied to the four fundamental weapons of stick/staff, knives, shuriken or throwing weapons and chains at shodan allowing one to use anything around them as a potential weapon...
3. Psychological Manipulation and Philosophy for the development to resist manipulation...
4. Strategic Planning & Leadership Principles...
5. Tactical Principles and Small Teams organization
6. Survival Training & First Aid to increase the odds of one's survival...

This is to prepare one to fight at all Five Ranges of Combat. These five ranges are...
1. Mental: Not only fighting Psychological manipulation but seeing and evaluating an opponent's intent by non-verbal ques...
2. Striking Range: punching and kicking distance...
3. Infighting Range; which can very between strikes with the knees and elbows to throws, joint-locks/breaks and stand up grappling...
4. Grappling Range: Most often seen as ground fighting distance, while not exclusively the domain of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu we are not as specialized in this range of fighting...
5. Weapons Range; a distance of fighting that can only be achieved using a weapon being it a spear, throwing knife or firearm.

Street Focus Jujitsu:
Another "invention" of mine Street Focus Jujitsu is a modern adaptation of Sport Jujitsu similar to its combative cousin combat jujitsu with a greater focus on modern self-defense and principles of psychology and sociology. This was began is something I was teaching US Soldier's as a Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor in the US Army at company level in 1/503d Air Assault Camp Casey Korea before the unit was transfer to Italy and re-designated an Airborne Infantry unit. This art was created as an attempt to avoid the drama and childishness associated with the ninjutsu community of the Ninja Martial Arts Cult.

Civilian Anti-Terrorism Courses:
The Civilian Anti-Terrorism Course was a project I started after leaving the Army in 2005, actually around 2009. I feel with today's political climate that this would be best served for anyone seeking to learn basic paramilitary skills. While the core of Civilian Anti-Terrorism deal with identifying and avoiding a potential terrorist threat before it becomes a danger, this course includes basic self-defense combatives, stick & knife work, as well as basic individual and small teams tactics and survival training.

Class Fees:
Monthly, pay as you go no contracts $135 a month or $1,620 a year
$125 a month or $1,500 a year with a one year contract
$115 a month or $1,380 a year with a two year contract

The Civilian Anti-Terrorism Course runs by the course and is broken down into two 4-hour days of training.
Series Course 1: $150 per person
8-Hour Instruction on 1 Hour Power Point Presentation on How to Identity a Terrorist Threat & Understanding Criminal Violence. Self-Defense Combatives (3 Hours) & 4 Hours on Knife Defense and Knife Usage Skills. Broken down into 4 hour seminars over 2 days.
Series Course 2: $250 per person requires
8-Hour Instruction broken down into 2, 4 hour days. 1 Hour safety brief and firearms safety class. 3-Hour class on basic individual tactics and practiced with airsoft rifles. 4-Hour class on a advanced individual tactics and urban survival shooting.
Series Course 3: $450 per person
A 2 day, 1 night course on survival training, first aid, herbal medicine and camouflage/evasive action training.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Will the Real Black Dragons Please stand up...

Listening to BDFS climates is quite fun... Right now there are three Black Dragon Fighting Societies all claiming to be descended from John Keehan A.K.A. Count Dante's Martial Arts Fraternity that encouraged cross training in the martial arts & pioneered full-contact karate. So who is the Real deal? Will the Real Black Dragon Fighting Society please stand up?

Lets start with the three organizations... There are is the International Fighting Arts Association Black Dragon Fighting Society, the South African Black Dragon Fighting Society and the Fall River Black Dragon Fighting Society... First off, lets get all this straightened out right now... The South African IFAA/BDFS is part of the American IFAA/BDFS. In fact it's head, Grandmaster Stoffel Van Vuuren, who is am amazing martial artist, along side Grandmaster Ashida Kim and Grandmaster Lawrence Day began the IFAA/BDFS and had it registered in South Africa as a direct insult to William "Bill" Aguilar the Third. Who tried to sue Ashida Kim and Floyd Web in 2008 over a documentary film Floyd Web was making about John Keehan/Count Dante. Quite frankly, Bill saw his law suit suit terminated on May 3rd 2010. And reading about the judge's ruling in an earlier motion in favor of Floyd Webb we can see why...

Grandmaster Stoffel's Black Dragon Fighting Society was created to razz Bill Aguiar as he'd have to take any copyright or trademark infringement claims to a court in South Africa. Even looking a Grandmaster Stoffel Van Vuuren's website, we see the International Fighting Arts Association Black Dragon Fighting Society displayed.

 So the South African Black Dragons are also associated with the American Black Dragons and we are, while legally two separate organizations, functionally one family of martial artists. The International Fighting Arts Association Black Dragon Fighting Society. Then we face the issue of lineage... Lineage is generally not important, Hatsumi can trace his "ninjutsu" to Takamatsu but Takamatsu was openly accused of making up his ninjutsu in the Bugei Ryuha Daijiten. So issues of who was your teacher don't really matter unless you are trying to trace everything back to a specific source... in this case Count Dante or John Timothy Keehan.
So lets discuss Grandmaster Stoffel's lineage to Count Dante, as a member of Ashida Kim's Black Dragon Fighting Society Grandmaster Van Vuuren traces his teaching to Ashida Kim & Lawrence Day who were both students of John Keehan. The present head of the IFAA/BDFS is Grandmaster Donald Miskel who help Count Dante found the Black Dragon Fighting Society and was another direct student of Keehan's. Remember Keehan was a "Karate-Guy" but encouraged and believed in cross training in all available martial arts at the time; Judo, Karate, Kung-fu, Boxing & Wrestling. This was a matter of training philosophy and self-defense methodology for Keehan. I will let his own words from World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets convince you...
This is only half the list, you have to buy the book to get the rest of the information but clearly you can see where Count Dante did not limit himself to one style of martial arts or one means of training as per the tradition of martial arts. Keehan was also heavily against Racism in and out of Martial Arts.

So who is William Aguiar the third? Bill 3, is the son of William Aguiar Jr. a martial artist who gained his rank outside of the Chicago era in the 60s and wanted to join Count Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society. Bill Jr., was made head of the BDFS after convincing John Keehan to create the Dante system, then Bill Jr. Dropped the BDFS name and association in 1970. In 1975 Ashida Kim was first recorded using the Black Dragon Fighting Society name. So when Bill 3, filed for trademark in 1998 and brought suit against Ashida Kim and Floyd Webb in 2008, his trademark was cancelled on December 16th, 2006. More so, under US trademark law, the name Black Dragon Fighting Society had been associated with Ashida Kim since 1975, with Grandmaster's Miskel and Day since it was created in 1960. So how do you claim, to own something or patient something someone else has been using since before you were born, much less registered the trademark after the fact? There s the secondary issue, that while Bill 3 claim his father, Bill Jr. taught him martial arts, he can provide my proof of this. So while possible without proof, no one will recognize him as a 10th Dan at 28 years old. Muchless having fought professional sumo wrestlers at 15 and having ties to the mafia.

Remember lineage is only important when tracing yourself to someone or something. Someone claiming to have learned "ninjutsu" doesn't mean anything unless they are claiming to have learned it from someone or somewhere specific. So lineage is a much more important issue to those in the Takamatsuden who are claiming that Togakure Ryu is the root of all ninjutsu in Japan and using the modern research and translations create a modern system then myself, Ashida Kim, Frank Dux, Stoffel Van Vuuren, Christa Jacobson or anyone claiming to have learned "ninjutsu" but not trying to claim a link to the past. I have openly admitted and so have other named, to mixing arts and using what i felt was superior from other systems and arts, to include my own US Army Infantry training. However, to claim a link to John Keehan I must refer to my membership in the IFAA/BDFS and Grandmaster's Donald Miskel and Ashida Kim. Bill 3 is trying to rely on fraudulant claims and fraudulent legal filings...

From the US Patient & Trademark Office:
 Above is the original filing by William Aguiar the 3rd, with his trademark filling filed on October 2nd 1998. Please note that Ashida Kim's claim goes back to 1975, via his first use of the BDFS name and logo in his book, Book of the Ninja, thus making it an unregistered trademark. Bill 3's trademark was filed over 20 years later...
Bill 3 had decided to register the name Black Dragon Fighting Society. April 7th 2007, months before his lawsuit against Ashida Kim and Floyd Webb but again. How can you file legal suit against some for an unregistered trademark, you register over 20 years after the fact. Of course, Bill 3 isn't filing suit again he is instead trying to cause people problems over the net. His trademark is an empty and hollow, paper temple for a service mark without a service. As far as the South African brothers go, well here Grandmaster Stoffel, with Grandmasters Ashida Kim, and Lawrence Day. Oh and I was there, even got the T-Shirt and pictures to prove it (Hell I'm wearing the shirt in the picture), with Frank Dux, Sky Benson, Paul Dyer and others...

So don't let liars and frauds confuse you, lineage to Dante/Keehan is as simple as who signed the rank certificates and who has pictures with "the Master" Count Dante. It takes more then a title and belt to be a martial artist and it takes more then some sketchy legal claim to call yourself Black Dragon Fighting Society.

Note: I am writing this in response to someone claiming there is division and trying to insight online trolls. I won't name this person just yet but felt to preemptively stop any controversy ASAP. I do so without the expressed permission or instruction to do so from the IFAA/BDFS leadership.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Right to Self-Defense...

This blog has touched on personal matters and on martial arts teachings, history and more... Today I am going to talk about "gun control" and everyone's right to self-defense. Just so we are on the same page I'm going to address two cases, one you've heard and another you haven't... The media isn't reporting the armed protests and patrols by the Black Panthers in Dallas Texas. This is of course a response to both real and imagined police brutality and racial discrimination. I say real and imagined because sometimes we expect to see things and interpret our perception to what we expect to see. Regardless, do I support these men and women's right to defend themselves, even against the government... Yes. The other case is that of the "White Militia" in a Oregon. Now do I support their right to "Keep & Bear Arms" (have and use weapons) against the government... Yes. Now let me ask you what do both these groups have in common?

Here is a small list;

  1. Both are Armed...
  2. Both feel threatened by the Government...
  3. Both feel they are being targeted by the Government...
  4. Both are organized and trained paramilitary units...
  5. Both are Militias. Yes the Black Panthers & the New Black Panthers are a militia. Militia is defined as, "a group of people who are not part of the armed forces of a country but are trained like soldiers"

The history of "Gun Control" began with trying to disarm Black Americans of their right to own guns. "Gun Control" was used to disarm the Jews before the Holocaust & then everyone who wasn't a Nazi party member under Hitler, non-Communist after the Communist revolution in Russia under Stalin, non-Communists of the Communist revolution in China under Mao. "Gun Control" was used against the Irish many times and that didn't stop the 800 years of Irish revolts, rebellions and revolutions that plagued British rule. Quite simply, any government that can't trust law abiding citizens with weapons, can't be trusted to be law abiding. Militias have been a long standing part of American history and culture and a militia doesn't have to be part of the militia movement either. The militia movement is a political movement, it is not anti-government it is anti-government abuse and when you break it down that is what the Black Panthers are arming and training for now, while patrolling their neighborhoods to keep the peace and keep cops who they see as oppressors out.

So let me ask why is it when a bunch of punk kids decide to burn down businesses and cars owned by other Black Americans they are labelled as "heroes" by the liberal media?

Why is it the only people covering the Black Panthers arming and training themselves for a confrontation with law enforcement is only covered by ultra-conservative alternative media trying to paint them the same as the Aryan Brotherhood or the KKK?

Why is the events in Oregon taking place and these people spun as terrorists?

I can answer all three with six words; "Because it serves a political agenda." The right to keep and bear arms is the right to have (that is what keep means), bear is the right to use & arms is weapons. Allow me to address something here, there is a preamble to the Bill of Rights which frames the reasoning for said rights. Big shocker, you have the right to defend yourself against your government... I was arrested for making terrorist threats when I addressed this in a past blog, because I wanted to argue the issue of false arrest and the history of police harassment I have personally had to deal with... My defense was easy, defend my legal argument as if I intended to kill a cop, then simply point out that knowing I had a legal right to do so. I made a hypothetical legal argument (exercising my right to freedom of press and freedom of speech). And of course all my charges were dismissed...

Here is a picture of the actual Bill of Rights;

Now why I had to do all that is for the same reason you aren't hearing about the Black Panther with their guns but you are hearing about the Militia with their guns. That reason is simple, because I am white, those militia men on your TV are all white. It feeds a political narrative that feeds a political agenda to spread division among Americans. I don't like terms like African-American or Caucasian-American because guess what I am an American, and regardless of your skin tone or religion so are you. Yes, America has a checkered past, America was responsible for the conquest and genocide of the Native Tribes that were here, Americans bought slaves from Africa and Americans have taken away the rights of many non-white American citizens. We can't change the past but we can work right now in the present to build a better future... If I were any non-White, non-Christian minority I would have all the civil rights lawyers and organizations suing these ass holes. However, it serves a political narrative that feeds a political agenda. And yes, we lie to our children and ourselves into thinking the Civil War was about slavery... it was actually about taxes.

For those unfamiliar with our criminal justice or citizen enslavement system, allow me to explain to you how it works. Racism is a foundation of the culture, in prison gangs tend to be racially motivated and so do many of the guards. So as white police officers are encouraged to look down on minorities they tend to target said minorities, said minorities don't like the cops and certain alleged "civil rights leaders" spread division along lines of race (which is a dumb ass word for skin tone). Minorities target poor whites, because most are scared to face the repercussions for going against the police. And anything which does anything more then spread the political narrative that minorities are only targeted for government abuse is overlooked because lets face it... How many of you reading this who are "white" give a damn about being unjustly targeted for government abuse? If we first come to accept the simple truth "Governments are abusive to their citizens..." and not worry about which of the citizens are targeted you come to realize people are fighting for the same thing.

What is even more important and much more so, is this... Both the Militia in Oregon and the Black Panthers in Dallas are well armed, well trained groups that appear on the surface, willing to defend themselves. Neither group has looted and burned stores, cars or anything else. No one has shot anyone and all those anti-gun people who are targeting the Oregon group but not the Texas group because of some divisive political narrative about skin tone is overlooking something here. You can't claim to support one group and not the other. Everyone wants the same thing, peace and freedom. And you know maybe neither group would need to pick up guns and train for a war if they didn't feel threatened by an abusive and corrupt government.

America has a lot to work on, as far as dealing with our history and our past but, people with guns aren't the problem. Hearts and minds are the problem...