Sunday, May 29, 2016

Jack of All Trades and Master of None

We used to say this a lot in the Army when it came to being Infantry because you wouldn't guess how many times you did things outside your paygrade or MOS (Military Occupational Specialty AKA Job to you Civilians). It is a saying I have taken to martial arts as well, the fundamental principle of Mixed Martial Arts competition is in the idea of allowing all possible techniques to be available to a fighter. This has changed much of the make up of modern martial arts as ground work has now gained a great deal of popularity in martial arts. More importantly, the question of which is better, striking or grappling has remained unanswered as at different times strikers or grapplers have dominated in MMA competition. Thus proving that it is never the art or the techniques but the fighter which is of the most value.

As such, a person dealing with self-defense must extend their list of possible techniques to include "illegal strikes" for competition such as knife hand strikes to the neck or throat, eye gouges or groin strikes/grabs. Then you have to train to deal with multiple opponents, weapons defense, weapons usage (after if you can take a gun away from a mugger but don't know how to use it, your screwed). So how is someone to be able to effectively defend themselves?

Now I won't label all traditional martial arts as a problem, in fact the biggest problem in traditional martial arts has come from the realm of competition. The rules of Karate exclude the use of throws, joint-locks and chokes. So many schools which seek to draw in students (remember that dojo is a business) water down their training to focus on winning competitions, which draws in more students. Judo contains Atemi-Waza (striking techniques) which is not allowed in competition, and many judo schools often exclude these methods from their training and focus on competitive skill sets.

This isn't a bad thing, some systems are not competition arts, like Goju Ryu Katate or Hapkido which is a self-defense focused art and more combative in nature they focus on effect and so include a lot more Bunkai (Literally "Disassembly" or "Breakdown" meaning to take Self-Defense Applications called Oyo from Kata forms) then Kata. Goju Ryu being a Okinawan art is more focused on combat application and so many Bunkai techniques are taught to the students, performing kata so that they under the application behind the movement. This is a stark difference to Japanese Shotokan Karate, which save Bunkai for higher belts. Goju Ryu also focuses more on developing the body to withstand punishment and build up the body to deliver powerful strikes & destructive joint-manipulations.

Is Goju Ryu Karate better then Shotokan Karate, in my opinion yes... (and I offer this assessment as an example of the concept I trying to express here) but Goju Techniques & Shotokan techniques are the same techniques. What makes Goju Ryu better then Shotokan is the mindset on training & the goal of effective fighting skills. The techniques and forms are almost the same or very similar in nature. Can Shotokan attopt some of Goju's philosophy to make itself better? You bet... In doing so we come back to MMA were different martial arts are studied and to make up for gaps in the training of these arts.

My old Shotokan school was a bit of belt mill, the instructor did it to make extra cash and really didn't care a great deal for "tradition" in Karate. In fact, he encouraged cross training, so I also studied Judo and Sport Jujitsu. And yes, my Instructor awarded my a black belt as a child but, in his defense its business & those belts don't mean anything...

There is an issue with people over estimating the importance of an award. Things like skill come with hard work and not certificates, lineages & strips of colored cloth. Let me give you something to consider, which is more impressive? The guy with a "Ranger Tab" who earned in Ranger School, or the guy without a "Ranger Tab" but who parachuted into gun fire, chaos and hell on earth in a fire fight as part of a Ranger Battalion as a simple PFC without the advanced training of Ranger School? This is by no means to diminish the honor or the difficulty of earning the "Ranger Tab" this is to say their is a difference between training and doing it for real. No martial arts competition or school will ever put you in the same position as the real thing of fighting for your life.

Self-Defense is not limited by the rules of competition, just as Bunkai is not limited to the confines of Kata. The real thing is always going to throw kinks into your game plan. I have a friend of mine who is a superb grappler and he loves to point out he can submit about 8 out of 10 times. Thing is one day he was touting the superiority of his grappling skills and I by contrast asked him how he could grapple a 30-06 round fired from 200 yards away. His response was funny... "He looked at me and said a gun beats everything."

My reply was "No, it doesn't..." Few people can actually make that kind of shot or have a weapon that has been sighted in for that kind of shot. So its likely thy will either miss you or not kill with the first shot. So lets say the round misses you? What do you do? Unless you've been trained in a react to far ambush battle drill, you have no clue. You can look it up in the FM 7-9 if you like... Basically, you will do the same things kids in the Ghetto do when a drive by occurs, you drop down and crawl for cover or if no cover is available pretend to be shot.

In the real world, the world of the rising threat of terrorism you cannot be so restricted to thinking of self-defense in terms of martial arts techniques or competition fighting. Competition has it place in training and competition with the most techniques available for use is of course the best option. But, in the world of self-defense you have to be a Jack of Trades and Master of None. Learning things with the idea of adding tools to a metaphorical toolbox & not becoming a Master of a particular style or tradition. In this case, I have developed the Black Dragon Ninjitsu Course to develop skill sets at each rank, to move from striking range, to infighting range, to grappling range, to include tactics, strategy, stealth and survival training. To act as a guide to allow you to develop your own "Style" of fighting and act as a generalized platform for self-understand the growth.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Poor Man's Guide to Prepping: Tips & Tricks to expand on the Material in the Book

This Blog is focused on the book Poorman's Guide to Prepping and it will discuss a few basic ideas already held in the book but then apply some updated information for our "Poor man Preppers." Now if you are following the basic material in the book or using it as a "Guide" to developing your own Preparation Strategy. You are no doubt looking at the events of the world and questioning your own preparations and your future. Lets start working with a few basic concepts and then tying it all together...

Event Signals to Watch Out for:
Chinese Yuan The Chinese gold backed Yuan is part of shift from the US dollar & it is an attack on our economic system by China. Yes, Trump was right... "China is not our friend." But just cause they aren't "our friend" doesn't mean they can't be "your friend." I will discuss this more in depth a bit later.

Obama's Martial Law Executive Order:
Lets be clear I'm not an Obama fan & (being dead blunt) I could fuck all about his skin tone or him being "black." Yes, I side with Ben Carson that Obama's "Black Experience" is not the average black experience, none of Black friends have been raised in South East Asia or by the White Grandparents in an upper middle class lifestyle. Come to think of it, they don't have White Grandparents...

Regardless, any push for Martial Law means we as a Free and/or Democratic Nation ceases to exist. Martial Law literally means we will be placed under a state of "Police Powers" were as the U.S. Constitution is "suspended" and the Military and Executive Office rules as a Dictatorship.

This is something to consider when you look at the other events;
1. Surge in Muslim Population by Muslim Refugees...
2. Democrats catering to Muslims in the US...
3. The Socialist/Communist infection within the Democrat and Republican Parties...
4. The Clashes with Federal & State Governments, mass Civil Unrest, the rise in racially motivated attacks and the general rise in crime.
5. Pushes for disarming the population and Executive Order in Gun Control...
6. Military Drills Jade Helm 15 & UWEX 16

Here is what I see (My Personal Conspiracy Theory): The Marxists in our country want a violent revolution to overthrow our own government. They don't have the people to pull it off, seriously the Millennials... are a bunch of pansies. The White & Black Supremists which all have Socialist Philosophies are a very small part of their demographics and most Latinos are conservatives by cultural philosophy. So they need someone to be the "foot soldiers" of Marxism and the Muslims are exactly that. Thus the Democrats & many Republicans are catering to them. Once the "revolution" or "civil war" begins, martial law gets declared (it will be called a "emergency police powers" or some such B.S.) we will have a defacto Socialist country...

Under Martial Law you are going to have to deal with working for the good of the whole, getting what is your fair share & a redistribution of wealth (resources) based on who needs what... Oh but the government will decide who that is. Remember the scene in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, yeah that and Luke Skywalker isn't coming to save us... It seems as if the Federal Government (And No, I don't just blame Obama but the Senate and Congress and these career politicians who pull his strings) are pushing for a violent clash to keep up the stress and push things to a boiling point.

So here is my advice looking at the facts...
1. Take a Deep Breath and let it out... Its not that bad.
2. Dominos still have to fall before this could be possible and their are Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who won't just stand by and go against our Nations people.
3. Every hardship is opportunity to someone and you want to make it an opportunity for you... Yes, that's cold but, its also practical.
4. Stick to the Plan, acquire based on need and priorities.

Now I suggested buying cheap alcohol in the Poorman's Guide to Prepping as both a barter item & as something that has many practical uses. The concept still stands, now it is illegal to sell or trade alcohol without the proper licenses and I fully encourage doing so before selling or trading the alcohol in a Rule of Law event.

Alcohol has be used to clear, the treat infections, to sterilize, as fuel & yes, to get drunk and ease your pain. Comfort items you buy for $10 today can be worth $100 when SHTF and alcohol is a multipurpose item.

Again regulated by law and licenses. But when SHTF and rule of law is no more. A comfort item can be bartered for food, fuel, medication and whatever else you may need. If you are smart, you'll make friends with someone on a Native American Reservation and get some Tobacco Seeds. This means you can grow your own and you can learn how to Cure Tobacco online now...

Silver & Copper Coins:
I'm not a fan of coins but yes, you can use them as barter items and trade items for exchange. They rely on the preserving of Law & Order in a SHTF event such as an Economic Collapse or when fleeing the country and preserving wealth. So if you are planning to flee the US, these coins can be exchanged for the money of the nation you are fleeing to and was used by Pablo Vilabosa about his time fleeing Argentina. Or ask Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre who hosts  the SURVIVING IN ARGENTINA blog about the value of these coins in fleeing your native nation (i.e. the United States).

Ginseng is manly purchased by the Chinese and one can grow simulated wild gensing (which traded at $400 a pound) and sell it direct to the number one buyer of gensing in the world... The Chinese. Now here is the Catch 22, Chinese gold backed Yuan cannot be traded for US Dollars but, if you can contact a Chinese buyer in any of the "China Towns" in Chicago, California, New York or else where you can make arrangements to get Yuan in exchange for the Gensing itself.

Monetary Exchange:
Now monetary exchange is a valuable tool for the Poorman if you consider the direction of the world around you. For example, I am of the belief that oil prices will rise and when they do so will gas and other fuels. Now... Mexico owns all mineral rights within it's borders. This means that the Mexican Peso is backed by Mexican oil and with a 14 Pesos to 1 Dollar exchange rate, you can buy oil backed Pesos cheaply and sit on them making them more valuable when (more likely then if) the US economy collapses or oil prices rise (which they are likely to do).

So with a $200 investment you get 2,800 pesos, if the price of oil rises due to the wars in the middle east, the value of the Peso rises as well... So you get to flip a $200 investment into $400 or more in the long run. Of course this is just hedging your bets against oil prices rising again and the whole idea of Prepping is to Hedge your bets against SHTF...

So... Here is the breakdown for my Poorman Preppers, if you've bought this book you can see where I've predicted certain patterns and where they have come true.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Further Examinations of Disturbing Behaviors...

Warning: I have been told that this article was a bit long... So I'm going to fix it by making it longer. Simply put this article is an examination of a pattern of behavior stalking, slander and harassment as tools to disrupt business practices for those outside of the Bujinkan & Paladin Press. This is the same behavior which lead to Dan Harmon taking his life. Here you will see evidence that Phil Elmore, Barron Shepherd and Don Roley are biased. That Phil Elmore used the troll account Raymond Locktools & with Barron Shepherd attempted to set me up to be arrested. You will see proof that Barron Shepherd lied about Chris Smith calling him and needing an MRI to compete in Ruckus in the Cage. And you will see a pattern of harassment and stalking from Phil Elmore going back Years, even over a decade... Read at your own risk this is lengthily.
So after addressing Phil Elmore's involvement with Paladin Press and Paladin Press association with Soldier of Fortune. The unethical business practices of slandering people for money and hired "publicity hitmen" like Elmore to slander and harass those who are business competition or otherwise represent opposition to Omega Publishing Group... Such as Ashida Kim who left Paladin and sued them, only losing the law suit due to the fact that the theft of his works occurred outside the USA and Frank Dux who sued Paladin and won for slander and liable. In any event, the Blog Stalking & Harassment 3 drew the attention of one such stalker who quite simply does  not want anyone to know he is stalking me... Philip Carton Elmore, the Martialist.

He says he doesn't harass me or stalk me online but lets examine that shall we...

From the GoFundMe Account which I set up as bait since I blocked them on Facebook.

Well there are all the players Phil Elmore, Patrick Ferrari, Barron "Bitch Tits" Shepherd and some of their troll accounts of cohorts... its really hard to tell which sometimes. So many troll accounts online and so many voices in their heads.

Of course this is only the tip of the Iceberg, Phil's harassment has gone back quite a while...  Fat Phil Failure has a long history with me... And as you can see in his own words, he stalks and harasses me.

But Phil doesn't just follow me around online trying to slander my name with half truths... He harasses others who associate with me. He did this years ago to Dan Bowen, an amateur actor and martial artists who supported some of my concepts and ideas. This resulted in Dan challenging Phil and then Phil using CPS (called on Dan by Phil) to get Dan to back out.... He also went after the "mysterious Jay" who guest blogged for me.

And 3 days ago I get a text from Phil demanding to know what I want... What I had was a very interesting conversation highlighting just how mentally disturbed Phil is. Take a look yourself. Even before that he was stalking be across facebook.

Here he is again stalking me around Facebook groups. Groups using the name Koga Ryu to harass and slander other who claim a Koga Ryu Ninjutsu lineage.

 Just so we can all see the Date in the image above...
 What do I want? Nothing... There is nothing you can do to make me not talk about unethical business practices from a stalker and his merry boy band of fat bald guys who have not a single female friend. I'm not saying you all are gay... but, it is a sausage fest at Tug Hill Studios.
So I had to come up with something... So I figured I'd launch an outrageous list of demands and use it as a pretext for exposing Philip's bias by talking with the weirdo. Ultimately the last demand came true, he "fucked off." That should show how little I cared my list of demands included the demand that he go away, thus phrased as "fuck off." So under the guise of wanting something I decided to see what I could confront him with and see what he would deny... Seems Phil doesn't take Criticism well.

 Here is were the denial begins...
 Here is were Phil tries to justify his lies... Yes, I was hospitalized based on false pretenses by Raleigh County Prosecutor Kristen Keller. I explain all that later but its easy to see Phil was trying to back out the conversation...
 Here Phil throws the massive conspiracy line... I love that one, I really do. Of course certain conspiracy theories have been proven true like Chemtrails and Heart Attack guns. And Phil Elmore cyber stalking me.
 Here I directly confront Phil's knowledge and access to court information... Now Phil has made the claim that the "Terrorist Threats Charge" against me was dismissed because I was sent to Sharpe's this is a violation of West Virginia Code. I even confront Phil with these facts later on.
 Here I point out to Phil that I have already made court papers proving that Keller lied public record. This color's any arrest warrant acquired in Raleigh County with a question of authority, specifically a lack there of taken under color of law. My whole "Terrorist Threats" argument was based on the case law argument of Bad Elf V United States and Mapp V. Ohio which I got confused with Brady v Maryland and called it Brady v Ohio. Basically the only way to prove I made a "terrorist threat" was to get me to admit I made a "terrorist threat" and that would require violating my 5th Amendment Rights. So Keller lied to Dr. Miller to have me sent to Sharpe's.

I was hoping to create a forum to argue my right to self-defense against illegal activit taken under color of law and instead got written proof of evidence of illegal activity take under color of law. It basically removes any such claim of lawful authority requires more then "probable cause."

 Here Phil is trying to pad the argument make his accusations seem to be based on some fact... It's quite pointless...
And here is why it is pointless, here I linked the page were I produced the evidence showing Barron was a liar. The same claims made by fat Phil as a matter of fact and here Phil seeks to change the subject. Now he begins to blame me for putting myself out there and honestly, showing the facts and court records to anyone who wants to see them... Have a look yourself?

 Here Phil is deflecting trying to get me to defend my skills and well, I don't care... I want him to deal with facts, facts he makes false statements about? Here he denies slander and harassment but we can simply look about and see where he has admitted to stalking me, harassed people I am associated with going over their heads with lies about convictions. And yet, I am all to blame for putting out the facts... for being open and honest about charges and convicts? But... I just wanted him to be confronted with the truth the facts and watch him deny and divert from it.
 Again I confront him about the facts... I was a Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor in the US Army, awarded for this as well, I might add. Perhaps its not lack of skill but lack of association that Mr. Failmore doesn't like...
 I didn't bother to argue with him, but we all knw this about him... About his distaste for being criticzed and his fear of being called out as fraud, an idiot and a never was... Like I pointed out to him, I confronted Phil with facts, facts Phil tried to deflect and dissuade me from addressing but really didn't deny them.
What do they call that personality disorder... Antisocial and/or Narcissistic? Certainly Phil is not willing to examine the produced facts so I decided to confront him with them instead...

 First the Arrest Warrant for Terrorist Threats, then the psychological evaluation... After Phil tells me how it does matter what I think. Of course he's right & I even state this but here is the Arrest Warrant.
Relevant facts are the Case Number 13F-1026 & the Date of the Alleged Offense 16 to 22nd August 2013... These dates are very important because they do not match up with the Psychological Evaluation.

 Here I point out that the Psychological Evaluation has a offense date of February 25th 2011... Surely this is different evaluation?
 Oh... No... Evaluation Date February 20th 2014 and there is a case number for 13F-1026 set aside a bunch of other case numbers, all previous cases brought against me and dismissed or where I was found not guilty at trial.
 Here Phil tries to convince me these discrepancies are all a figment of my imagination. Telling how I am such a loser. You'd think if I stand being drugged and psychologically abused by people with a psychiatric degree for six months all trying to get me to admit that I intended a hypothetical legal argument (though rather graphic as it were) to get a false confession from me and not crack under that pressure, that some fact keyboard commando telling me how pathetic I am isn't going to work either. Course Phil isn't that smart...

And here I tell Phil it doesn't matter what I think, it matters what I can prove and I can prove there is a massive hole in the evidence put forth by the state in violation of West Virginia Code 27-6A-2(b). Now thanks to Phil, I can prove stalking and a particular bias to ignore facts to support his own rhetoric and lies... This was the basis for my whole engagement with Phil.

The fact is whether you like me or hate, whether you think I am legitimate or a fraud, whether you support me or not doesn't matter. The facts, are simply this... I can and do openly show evidence related to my case, now dismissed (without a reason) that Raleigh County Prosecutor Kristen Keller fabricated evidence to in my Terrorist Threats Case. A case which was the result of me addressing previous unethical activity by the West Virginia State Police; Troopers Duckworth, Efrid, Palmateer and Lt. Deeds... All going back to criminal conspiracy and organized crime.

You don't have to believe any of that however... You have only just now been confronted with the fact that Keller lied to send me to Sharpe's and that Phil Elmore is denying the existence of facts presented to him, to excuse his stalking and liable as a paid mudslinger for Paladin Press.

 Here Phil is denying stalking me... We've already seen evidence above that is not true... And he says I don't like Criticism... Funny I thought this whole text thread was about him not liking me being critical of him. Again I confront him with facts...
 Think about what I just sent Phil... What I think doesn't matter, what matter is the Dates are wrong for the same case. How can a Psychologist know whether or not you can grasp the reality when they don't even know what reality is? That is a fact, you can believe what you like about why, the fact is Dr. Miller didn't read the paperwork or intentionally overlooked a discrepancy for his own reasons.
 Bah... Bah... Bah... deflection away from the subject to not deal with established and proven facts...

 Now I find this funny Phil was using the troll account MRaymond Locktools (We'll get into this a bit more) to try and set me up with Barron Shepherd which lead to the whole, Ruckus in the Cage event where Barron didn't show. Here he mentions me going back to jail... lol

 And here is my response...
 So when I confront Phil about how Paladin put more effort into supporting Ashida Kim then him and how I have a better proven record as a martial arts instructor, including teaching hand-to-hand combat in the Army... He talks about how I write blogs about him. Funny... If he hadn't been stalking me for years and using multiple troll accounts after I repeatedly blocked him on face book.

Here is were once again we will discuss Raymond Locktools who tried to set me up with an unsanctioned fight with Barry "Bitch titties" Shepherd this was covered in my Blog Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 3 where you can read the whole conversation... However, notice Phil's comments about being impoverished like my heroes? Seems eerily similar to Locktools (sounds like some covert homosexual term for "Docking" doesn't) comments...

But if you followed Phil's rhetoric you'll see he relies on the same platform for his arguments... Denying facts, saying I am my own worse enemy and saying I will end up like my Heroes Ashida Kim & Frank Dux... Given Phil's previously mentioned stalking behavior its not hard to see where there is a high probablility that Phil & Barry tried to set me as a team effort. So Thank you Philip... you have further linked yourself to Barron & Don Roley. Which also gets into why Phil won't denounce their lies as lies.

Lets see how those impoverished heroes of mine are doing, shall we:

Ashida Kim:
 Ashida Kim with Marshall Teague & Cythia Rothrock... Oh yeah he's there with Grandmasters Harris & Dux but hey Phil when was the last time you hung out with movie stars?
 Oh here is Ashida Kim getting an induction into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Do you have one of those? You know what would be funny is if you do and everyone laughs at you because like Paladin Press Ashida Kim was there first.

And here is Ashida Kim and Frank Dux signing autographs... Has anyone ever asked you for an autograph?

Frank Dux:

 Frank Dux & Stephen Hayes... Hmmm... Two of the pioneers of Ninjutsu in America together.

 Frank Dux has a new trophy and is in another Hall of Fame...

 Frank Dux got a Star for his work in films...

And Frank Dux was admitted into the World MMA Council, another Hall of Fame and award credited to his name. Tell me again how getting Paladin Press to publish you is an accomplishment, I mean they convinced a house wife to turn a crime novel into a how-to manual for "Hit Men." That's not a credible publisher...

If nothing else take this to heart... Life isn't about what you have but what you leave behind. I'm not looking to leave behind a legacy so that other people will know who I was. I want leave this world knowing I did things others won't because they will not try. I want live a fun, full life and look back on the good and bad times knowing I would not change a thing. Money cannot buy that...

Phil seems a bit bitter here that I don't find my life tragic and so painfully unbearable. Or, perhaps that I called the reason he is so bitter himself, trying to fill emotional voids with stuff and food.

And as you can tell Phil goes into his delusional rantings about how I must "hate & fear" him. Because I would never mention him as a stalker for I don't know, cyber stalking me... Its not hard to view Philip as a bit, unstable. So in wrapping this up, allow me to just show were the Phil Elmore refuses to leave me alone. Thus making this Blog necessary to show that Phil Elmore, Don Roley & Barron Shepherd are all associated and work to slander others to progress their own failed and non-existent accomplishments.

Here comes Phil Elmore's threats to slander me... Which is funny because I we have already seen I have his attention. The fact is, Phil  just doesn't want anyone to know he isn't an objective writer who reviews martial arts material. He is a paid advertisement and detractor of competing products for Paladin Press.

Phil opened with asking for my demands, he wanted me to want something from him so he could say everything I said was an attack to "extort" him or some such garbage. Hence my demand to just "fuck off" and I know we covered this... Here I treat this as if it truly was a personal matter, in some ways it is a personal matter because I fight back against these harassers and trolls but, there is a business interest involved as well. So if it were a personal matter for each of us to walk away (a gentleman's agreement) it would be no issue. Phil won't do this because to do so is to lose monetary support...

 So h
 Here I confront Phil with the fact he refuses to agree to stop and go away...

 Phil says he isn't stalking, that no one is stalking me but, anyone who reads this would know otherwise... He has been stalking me for years.

So here Phil declares he's not stalking me and my responding to him to tell him to never contact me again is proof he isn't stalking me. Except for the evidence above.

Here is the thing Phil, you have repeatedly stalked me, lied on me & used troll accounts to communicate with me and stalked me more... You are a liar and very creepy person... I only communicated you with so that I could get further evidence of your mental instability and prove your bias. The fact, that revealed yourself as Raymond Locktools who is also from Rochester NY, is priceless...

And I already proved your claim here from Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 3, to be false as well... See here is a recap for you Phil under West Virginia Code 29-5A-18 seriously if you ladies are going to make up lies at least do some research and make up some good one's. Physicals occur at the weigh-in, as per West Virginia Code before the fight and age is not a factor.

From the West Virginia Legislature website:

 Close Up:
Barron bitched out and you two girls tried to set me up, course you didn't use your real name did Philip... Phil, if you would just back the fuck up and leave me alone you wouldn't get mentioned. You wouldn't get put on blast like this for being such a weirdo. What is worse is that while Ashida Kim is recovering for the publicity hits he's taken well... You are digging yourself a deeper and deeper hole of unethical behavior and childishness that neither makes you seem less then sane or competent. I am by no means perfect and I work on myself every day. While you just seems to slide further into insanity and make anyone who would associate with appear to have questionable ethics and unprofessional methods. I mean what kind of a self-defense expert suggests nunchaku (a weapon that is illegal to carry) as a tool for self-defense? Or a sword?

Phil you need to realize I bring you up because, you actively try to cause me problems. Please just leave me alone.