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Dr. Kazoo Falls Threw... Why the Bujinkan hates me... Part 2.

Ok, so this gets into the newly discovered statements accredited to Hatsumi on research cedited to Dr. Kasem...

I will address the statements below...
Now this is interesting because on Why the Bujinkan hates me... Dr. Kasem's claim to finding Toda Shinryuken's grave must now be disproven but, its also a means of discrediting any lineage claims without hard evidence.

Additionally,  I am trying to give Sean Adskew the benefit of the doubt. However, he makes many excuses for why the Togakure Ryu lineage is so disjointed and even mentions fictional characters. However, as Hatsumi stated in Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu, sold as Ten Ryaku, Ten Chi, Kinryaku no Maki in Japan, there is no written transmission of the school (also addressed in the link above), so said Takamatsu.

I can and, will, also point out that since no lineage exists beyond what Takamatsu claims, we also have to look at such claims with a grain of salt.

Take the Kobusho, which existed from 1856 to 1866, Takamatsu lived from 1889 to 1972 meaning that image of who Toda Shinryuken might be in the Why the Bujinkan hates me is not proof of anything...

For one... The Kobusho was ended 23 years before Takamatsu's birth. So this and the name of Toda would have already been established in Takamatsu's life time... As would be the presence of Toda Hisajiro as an instructor.

Secondly, Ninjutsu is not that special. Almost every Koryu system had some form of it. The formation of specific schools lf thought came during Tokugawa Shogunate period of peace. Many had no specialty originally and were established as specialists in certain areas of combat, much later in History.

Hence, why certain Jujutsu Ryu also include weapons arts like Tantojutsu, Bojutsu, Kenjutsu and Hojojutsu, yet specialise in unarmed fighting, Jujutsu.

Third, what Sean Askew is suggesting is the dumbest "Ninja Move" of all... Calling his Secret Ninja Grandfather Toda Shinryuken as opposed to Toda Hisajiro, doesn't protect the mythological ninja secret of the Toda Family...

Lets say I am enemy ninja, I look up instructors at the Kobusho. I find no Toda Shinryuken but I find Toda Hisajiro's listed as an instructor there. Toda is a family name, so maybe Toda Hisajiro is related to Toda Shinryuken? Lets investigate Toda Hisajiro's family and goings on... It is just as likely that Takamatsu, made up the name Toda Shinryuken as a source for his invented Togakure Ryu and based the exploits of Toda Hisajiro's own life.

Finally, we get to Kacem... Kacem Zoughari is a PhD in Japanese History and Culture from Paris. However, if Hatsumi's words are true and, there is no reason to doubt them at this time. Dr. Kacem Zoughari is now a discredited source with horrible stain of providing false information to support the Bujinkan Lineage and, to make money off fraudulent martial arts claims and teachings...

Why the Bujinkan hates me...

I have written numerous blogs, tearing down the lies of Takamatsu and Hatsumi. A lynch pin of these lies is the existence of Toda Shinryuken...

Now Missing master Toda has been found. Only he hasn't... Yet.
 Ok, so a man by the name of Kato, of Tennen Rishin Ryu, also a great fan of Hatsumi's (we will deal with this later) is claiming to have trained with Toda Hisajiro at the Kobusho.
 Ah... Toda Shinryuken was really Toda Hisajiro. And he taught at the Kobusho for 3 years...
 Picture of Toda Hisajiro and others...
Kobusho Wikipedia entry for reference.

Ok so... If Toda Hisajiro was an instructor at the Kobusho, their should be records of his lineage. Why... Well this would prove a listing for the schools claimed by Takamatsu outside of "Takamatsu story time..."

Also, when you have 6 schools passed through one person, some without any written transmissions or densho. Like is claimed with Togakure Ryu.

Here is a image of the English Translation of Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu.
Page 115. Hatsumi quoting Takamatsu about Takamatsu writing his own Densho. And this is true of all Toda lineages claimed by Takamatsu.
Page 116 ends the Densho quote. So let us assume that Toda Hisajiro is a real person, let us assume he was an instructor at the Kobusho.

This still leaves some interesting questions;
1. What arts did he train in and teach?
2. Is he a true ancestor of Takamatsu's?
As a "grandfather" he is either Takamatsu's father's father or, mother's father.
3. If he is Takamatsu's grandfather did he actually teach Takamatsu anything?
4. Is it possible that Takamatsu, like so much of his lineage is founded on lies and embellishments?

Consider that Takamatsu would have heard of this man and, used his name to claim a link to the Kobusho. A claim that Hatsumi has kept tucked away to claim legitimacy.

5. Where was this fact when Dr. Kacem of the Bujinkan found the grave stone of Toda Shinryuken's grave was found in 2007?

6. Meaning that said grave would have to tied to Toda Hisajiro's grave & Why did it take almost a decade to produce this information?
In otherwords, it has all the makings of a scam, dedicated to preserving the lies told and pushed by the Bujinkan's cult structure. Fundamentally, it also means my many blogs detailing the truth of the Bujinkan's fraudulent lineage and historical claims are having an effect, since I have stated many times the foundation of the Bujinkan lineage is linked to Toda Shinryuken.

Sadly, it is easier to believe Takamatsu used a notable relation to attach his lineage to... Then to ignore the repeated historical inaccuracies claimed by both Takamatsu and Hatsumi regarding ninjutsu... 

7. Also how common is the family name "Toda" and is there any proof of the Toda family connected to Takamatsu?

Though I must admit Takamatsu has not been above lying about his geniology in the past, just ask the Kuki family. I am curious to see where this leads. As according to Japan Today, no Japanese had family names or, Ser Names, unless connected to an important family or clan, until after the Meiji Restoration.

Even then many adopted "important names" with no relationship to important families seeking to gain a bit of added credibility...
Why does the Bujinkan hate me, because I take issue with historical lies and false claims of "Legitimacy." Either way, I am waiting to see the arguments and if any of points will be addressed which is why. Course I have written enough in this blog and, been supported by those who troll the Bujinkan, enough to show why such claims are to be addressed in these ways. I know I am certainly curious and, looking forward to debunking these claims...

Note: Some of my questions have been answered...

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Gun Safety Rule #1: Don't be an idiot

This blog is going to talk about the reactions I get and how I use them to deal with everything.

 So lets start with this picture. Warning it is kinda graphic... Ok, it really graphic. I am not stranger to controversy and I like to shock people. I don't care if you don't like that, sometimes you need to be shocked.
No, its not my Walter Creed 9mm handgun. Its my buddies PPQ/P99 CO2 BB Gun. From this angle it looks like I am gonna kill him right?

Short of being stupid and risking shooting myself in the foot with some mall ninja, cowboy shit shooting, we were discussing a gun disarm and I used a hip throw in retaining my "hand gun." We posed with this handgun at my torri's suggestion. He wanted to see how real it would look.
I think this makes an awesome Public Service announcement to say this... Don't treat a BB gun as a prop for stupid pranks. Because it looks real from both ends and if it looks real enough to seem this real... Imagine how people with real guns see you?

Think I am just acting stupid? Good... The No Lackin Challenge, is a stupid internet challenge that has caused at least one person to die... How would you feel it this was your friends reaction and the last memory you have right before you accidentally kill them?

Yeah, its that serious a point. So serious,  that I am ranting a bit about how messed up it was and, how much it pissed me off. But, thats life and, it shows how serious an issue this is. Am I still pissed off, no... Because I am happy my friends worry about me enough to try to protect me, even from my own stupidly. However, this is an opportunity to give an idea of all this feels.

Also their is the risk of trying to scare someone who may be armed with BB Gun. That can result in being shot by an armed person who mistakes your stupidity for a real threat.

Just saying...

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Why I bought a Gun...

Yeah, yeah... I know certain people are craving my attention so much that they are making up stories about their awesomeness... I don't care, this isn't more of the BS Martial Arts Online Drama that I said I would walk away from. No, this is something completely different.

This is about being attacked on the Federal Courthouse Steps by a Beckley Police Informant. That fight ended quickly when I disarmed a knife wielding opponent... Actually, I am not even that awesome, he tried some Mall Ninja flippy floppy switch to a reverse grip and dropped his knife. Which I snatched up and basically fought him off to turn it over to the Marshals Service. I don't trust cops in West Virginia especially, Raleigh County Sheriffs, Beckley City and State Police.
Now that was back in October and I am about to file a motion that will get everything moving with Federal Judge Berger. Once this happens, I think things might get amped from just knives and, it wouldn't be the first time I had been shot at...

So I decided to make a very public point about ability to own and purchase firearms. Again... And I got delayed. Now this was all bait for something a bit later but, never mind. Just know ninja mind fuckery is a foot.
Now I bought the gun and made a very public show of the fact that I can both pass a background check and own a firearm. Why?
Well there are three reasons...
1. I wanted to expose the liars, I don't have to say who, we all know... Who claim I am mentally ill, a felon and so on. However, this isn't limited to those detractors in the online martial arts community, it goes back to lies spread by Kristen Keller who I have a $25 Million lawsuit against. And yeah, it gets the ninjer nutjobs going as well.

2. I wanted to clear up any misconceptions about me. And, publicly demonstrate how a BS those lies are. Not only do I have Online Martial Arts Nutters who cyber stalk me but, so do the cops.

And when they spread those lies to other rookie officers, well they get exposed as liars and made into complete fools.

3. This also goes back to certain cowardly fucktards who. Also want to hide behind those same lies in Beckley. So once the lies get exposed, it all starts to bring down these houses of cards built on lies.

I actually, found my interview with Warlock Asylum to of more importance then this blog, talking about my new gun.

The discussion with Warlock Asylum, quickly moved from martial arts to shamanism, spirituality, conspiracy theory, how media influences the mind and even our perceived definitions of race.

And it sets up for my next interview with Chris Friedman on his experiences in martial arts, living in China and more.

As for my new handgun, lets talk about my old handgun. In September of 2016 I bought a Hipoint C9. Proof is the image below from my Facebook page.
 I bought the C9 to test fire and work with for my book Poorman's Guide to Prepping. Currently working on a Poormans Guide to Prepping 2, a second book that looks other possible survival strategies such as Van living, RV living, Boat Living and Homesteading.
And here we see the date of image going back to September of 2016. So I had a 9mm Handgun for over a year. I bought a new one, passed another background check, all confirming the lies spread by Kristen Keller and only trolls, pretending to be a threat to me when I have already had to deal with one person, Nathan Lilly (yeah him), trying to get me arrested and another threatening me with a knife...

Don't get it all messed up, all these trolls yapping at my heels exist because I keep winning. And, I don't need to defend my victories... They need to get a victory, to claim they are better then me and will keep barking. All that noise keeps things like this in the public view.

The best part, I don't need to keep poking them... They are doing it all on their own and, just like said in the video above the recipt for my new handgun, "there is ninja mind fuckery a foot but we will get to that later..." But, well if you are so narcissistic that you need to pretend everything is about you..? The internet and Facebook tough guy fuckery is for you.

Regardless my target is non-other then, Kristen Keller and the State of West Virginia. The same people passing the lie that I am prohibited from owning a firearm, are the source of this lie. That is Kristen Keller. The subject, of a $25 Million Dollar lawsuit by me and, who walked blatantly into her own trap by falsifying evidence to discredit me; for publicly mentioning not only the decade of police harassment and false charges but, police involvement in organized crime related to not only drug trafficking and firearms trafficking but, the molestation and pandering of minors in West Virginia.

It is not about martial arts, honestly never was. I didn't bother to fight back against Icy Mike because, whatever dreams I had of being an instructor and running a school have long since been destroyed but, exposing these people and, hopefully helping others who don't have the tools available to them to fight the way I have is what is more important then my business, my reputation or, even my life... Makes you wonder why so many, supposedly "creditable and illegitimate martial artists" would seek to cover up for corruption and criminals?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Happy Martin Luther King day... We as American People need to stand up.

On the Day Before Martin Luther King Day, today, I listened to Senator Nancy Schaefer give a speech about how corrupt our government is... About how CPS (Child Protective Services) is given money to take kids away from parents. This amounts to Modern Slavery in the United States under the Color of Law (Appearance of the Law and Serving the Community).
I suggest you take a moment to listen to this speech.

Children raised in foster care and state ran orphanages have a rate of Post Traumatic Stree Disorder highef then veterans returning from war. How is this form of modern American slavery and being paid to kidnap children for financial incentives, monetary gain through bonuses for length of time that children held and number of children seized, even legal in the United States of America?

The same people screaming for women's rights, don't care about the rights of women to be mothers. As much as I accept my transsexual friends has appearing to look like women and, even address them as women, they cannot be mothers. They can love a child and raise it but, they cannot give birth to it... That is something only a natural woman by birth can do. Yet these Women's Rights groups often ignore this, why?

The same people screaming Black Lives Matter when a cop shoots an adult, are silent over this very matter. If Black Lives Matter and, locking up adults in prison cells is likened to slavery, why aren't the same black children abducted by CPS called out as if they matter and, their separation from their families likened to slavery? Why isn't Antifa protesting the facism of CPS? Why aren't professional Athletes kneeling in protest of this corruption in legal human trafficking, broken homes and CPS legally kidnapping children from Parents for finacial incentives?
Martin Luther King was slandered, beaten, imprisoned, hosed, maced, attacked with dogs and eventually assassinated. The FBI Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) was developed to stop communism and used to attempt to him and his message. But, he left his mark and we celebrate his life today. Dr. King was a leader, he marched from the front and lead those who trusted him into suffering to bring attention to racial inequality of American Rights. He suffered first and along side those who trusted him and, followed him. If you are an American and believe that we should protect all of our nation's children, parents and parent's rights as protection of All American Families. We need to stand together against this form of modern slavery. Otherwise, to say All Lives Matter is a lie meant to undermine the Message of Black Lives Matter and, discredit the overall message of Police, CPS and Court Corruption.

Why am I telling you this? Because I have been a victim of said corruption, even wrote a book about it, Never Back Down, I am suing Kristen Keller for fabricating evidence to discredit me and, lying in press releases and news interviews to make me seem unstable. Yet spending a decade fighting this corruption, I showed I am a leader... I lead the way, not because anyone followed me but, because I went at it alone. I am no Martin Luther King but, I donlook to the example he set, as well as Malcolm X and others, who's message and philosophies are just as American and, just as important to American History and American Culture as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and John Adams.

I have stood up to corruption and, all Americans need to come togather to fight it. I will not tell you do anything I have not done, myself. I achieved my token victories against internet tough guys in the  online martial arts community (who cares, right?), I have interviewed William Williams who used Black Dragon Ninjitsu methods Standing with Standing Rock, showing this isn't just me who make these methods work (William Williams learned these methods from the Book Black Dragon Ninjitsu.

Americas children are our nation's future &, I don't care about skin color, religion, political party or anything else... This is our Nation and if we want to make better, as everyone claims, we need to work together. If you allow our future to be stolen what does this say about our future and ourselves? We cannot be followers, do not follow me. We must be leaders and, lead the way for the people who can't, like these children, against Judical Corruption and kidnapping of Ameican children under the color of Law.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Interview with Warlock Asylum: Messiah'el Bey

Well I anounced this upcoming interview, with Messiah'el Bey on the Art of Ninzuwu at the end of 2017 and want to make his Interview one of the first if not the first of 2018.

Thank for doing this interview. I have to ask is Messiah’el Bey your legal name? It just sounds too cool to be true.
Messiah’el Bey: Yes. It is what it is. Shamans and hoodoo men have a long history of changing their names or taking on an attribute to accommodate the spirit hosting within them. I live outside of Christian society and mainstream religion. So my understanding of “Messiah’el Bey means Spirit of the Heavens and Spirit of the Earth. Messiah’el means anointed of the Sun and Bey ultimately derives from Canaanite the term for Baal, meaning Lord of the Earth. Bey was added to my name as a Moorish Scientist originally handled the legalities of the change. The title Bey was also worn by most Samurai as in Bei, like Jubei and etc. A lot of what people call Hebrew and Muslim names today originated in ancient Mesopotamia, as well as the custom, of changing one’s name when embracing a new spiritual path. My spiritual path lies in ancient Mesopotamian shamanism and Ninzuwu. Btw, Messiah’el is properly pronounced mee-sigh-el.

And how did you get the name Warlock Asylum, which is also a very cool name, by the way?
Messiah’el Bey: Thanks! It came to me in a dream after praying over the matter. I was searching for a name for the band I am in. Although, we are more of an electronic music group, I wanted something that sounded rugged, like some of the names of metal bands. Later, I began to use it as a pseudonym for other projects. At present it is a legal trademark for my published works.

Now you are musician, poet, author, martial artist and, for lack of a better term, an occultist?
Messiah’el Bey: Yes. Historically, music, writing, and occultism originated in the arts and sciences of what is known as shamanism. As a shaman, I find that these arts all stem from the same source.  While this may be a logical thought for some, when you are a shaman you understand these things on an emotional and intuitive level. It’s very simple.

You have made several blogs and videos on H. P. Lovecraft and the topic of the Necronomicon. I want to start here because I love me some Lovecraft. Let’s start with that, now the Necronomicon as written about by Lovecraft was fiction, it didn't exist but he based it on Chaldean mythology correct?
Messiah’el Bey: Actually, I never read much about Lovecraft or his stories. This is why I have to laugh when I hear people make debate about the Simon Necronomicon, as if its practitioners are foolish enough to believe it’s the book that Lovecraft wrote about.

My interest in anything “Necronomicon” began with the Simon Necronomicon, which is a grimoire of Chaldean magic.  Lovecraft had nothing to do with this text. Unfortunately, the process in how grimoires of old were constructed is not popularly known.  For example, grimoires produced during the Middle Ages would use titles of legendary books of that time, even some mythological titles. So the idea of naming a grimoire after a title of a legendary or fictional book is actually a very old practice and doesn’t necessarily constitute a hoax in itself.

On the other hand, secret societies since the days of old have used fiction to convey messages to those “who know.” After working with the Simon tome, I began to read Lovecraft and review some of the characters in his work for any signs that it may be a medium of a secret society, whether it was created by the hands of man or otherwise. Bingo! Still, I avoid such discussions for the most part. Whatever occult truths found in Lovecraft’s work can be found in other forms of art.

My understanding was that Lovecraft was obsessed with Arabian Knights and Arab myths as a kid. So he drew a lot from actual Arabian History and Mythology.

But, I am more interested in your approaching the subject from a Secret Society prospective, can you explain that?
Warlock Asylum: In the same manner that human secret societies exist, so is it that secret societies exist on a spiritual plane. As far as Lovecraft is concerned, it’s very simple. There is no difference between what humans define as artistic inspiration and spirit possession. Think about it and then ask yourself when you analyze the two, where did he stories really originate.

Can you explain this a bit more, it seems a very interesting concept to me?
Warlock Asylum: Artistic inspiration is the same as channeling from the spirit world. That’s about as simple as it gets. First, we have t grasp that when most humans say that they are thinking, it really means that they are worrying about the future or remembering the past. This is not thinking in the true sense of the word, but has everything to do with a false sense of imagination. Inspiration is a direct message from an invisible force. This is easy to see when we are really thinking. 

And, you have actually been initiated into Mesopotamian spirituality yourself, correct?
Messiah’el Bey: Yes, I have. It’s been about 10 years since the time of my initiation into the Mesopotamian current and over 20 years of studies in Mesopotamian spirituality. It’s a very unique experience and state of mind.

So how does the Mindset Differ from say a Christian or Buddhist mindset?
Warlock Asylum: Well, from my observation, there are similarities, due to the practices of virtue and its attainment that is at the heart of Mesopotamian spirituality. Unfortunately, conspiracy theories and pseudo-scholarship tarnish a lot od people’s perception of this ancient gnosis.

Can you explain these conspiracy theories? From my outlook, I see Ninzuwu as a religion that incorporates martial arts; like Christian Karate Associations but, not a Christian religion of course. Are these conspiracy theories like the Church of Satan off shoots that use the Simon Necronomicon in a Lovecraftian theme, that you are referring to?

Warlock Asylum: No. I am referring to theories that claim the Sumerian deities were aliens. Meanwhile, we have records that these same deities were offered lambs, goats, and other things in sacrificial rites. I never knew that aliens like goat meat. I think some people call it the ancient astronaut theory. But most accredited scholars will agree that it all amounts to rubbish. Zecharia Sitchin authored several books on the subject and many people quote him and claim that he was a scientist. Then you go to Wikipedia and read his bio and you discover that he was a manager at a shipping warehouse and not a scientist. He taught himself Sumerian and claim to translate some ancient texts without learning rules of grammar. In such cases, he didn’t really translate but apply his Biblical theories to an existing idea.

Now you wrote on the best historical based texts on the comparing of Lovecraftian fiction with Mesopotamian mythology in your blog... I have to ask; what are your opinions of the various Necronomicon books on the public market?
Messiah’el Bey: My interest was only in the Simon Necronomicon and even that is a gate to explore ancient Mesopotamian spirituality. Necronomicon is not a subject that I entertain often these days, save its connection to ancient Mesopotamian spirituality. That being said, I interviewed Donald Tyson several years ago about his Necronomicon series, which is very consistent to Lovecraft’s description. I think Tyson even had Daniel Harms write an introduction for the book. Joshua Free also has a nice Necronomicon series, but his works are more in tune with ancient Mesopotamian spirituality as well. Lovecraft wrote that the Necronomicon was written in blood upon pages of human flesh. In other words, the Necronomicon is the study of the human body and how to gain its best potential is the Necronomicon. What is unique about this is that Masonic initiation are also patterned after the human anatomy.

Keep in mind I am asking in these questions in the historical sense because my next question is what is your opinion of the various texts in the sense of one initiated into the Shamanistic Rites, in a spiritual sense?
Messiah’el Bey: There’s a lot of art on the market that possesses themes of magic and occult science. It should be remembered that these are natural sciences and refer to things in nature. I’ve seen these themes play out in works of fiction and real-life dramatic scenerios.

Now you are of a co-founder of the Art of Ninwuzu, correct? It is a mixing of spirituality and martial arts, can you tell me a bit more about it?
Messiah’el Bey: Ninzuwu is a cultural that I received from the Jinn. The gate to their society open after my initiation. The Art of Ninzuwu are the spiritual sciences found in Ninzuwu culture. Martial arts is one of these spiritual sciences, specifically, Ame-no-Ukihashi. This martial art is based on the mythos of Yukionna, who is also known to us as Ame-no-Ukihashi-Hime-mo-Mikoto.

And from what I was reading online, Ninzuwu sees racism and racial classification as the work of evil spirits. Would you like to explain that?
Messiah’el Bey: Yes that is true. Evil spirits operate through people to cause chaos in our world. Race is a construct that developed out of colonialism. It is the religion of the New World Order and anyone that subscribes to the religion of race is a racist. Here it is that Christians believe that Jesus died for the sins of the world, but if you’re a Christian today you have to celebrate Christmas in “your own neighborhood” because Christians believe in race more than Christ. Christians are killing other members of the human family over race. So are Muslims and Jews. Then they put this genocide in their holy books and actually believe that this is the will of the creator of the universe! If you don’t believe me then read Leviticus 25: 43-46. Before the colonial era, people were recognized by their nation of origin. In the shamanic world, one’s zodiac sign is their race.

Modern-day racial classifications were developed by Nazi predecessor Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, whose research contributed to what scholars call today scientific racism. I am Ninzuwu. The racial classification you can keep for yourself.

I can't speak of evil spirits but, it certainly been a tool of evil men. Do you think it seems as if our own leaders are trying to use racism, political parties, income and even religion to divide us?

Messiah’el Bey: Well, these forces are all influenced by the work of evil spirits. Emotions are spirits, so let’s just say negative emotions. Religion plays a big role as it is usually the personification of one’s culture. In Ninzuwu, humankind must pass through four phases of development, hunter-gatherer culture, civilization, globalization, and celestialization. Currently, we are in the transitional stages of civilization to globalization. Race cannot exist during the era of globalization.

Well it isn't Unique that Jewish law during the Bronze age would accept slavery, as a depressing as it about the state humanity. Slavery was very common but, you do make an excellent point as, Hebrews of the time looked exactly like their Arab neighbors. "Race" was a matter of culture. I don't think "race" even became part of the description of other human beings until Charles Darwin. Race aside I have found that in the history of the human race, we find many ways divide us from our fellow human beings and to justify our own actions against them. So how does the Ninzuwu ideology see those outside itself?

Warlock Asylum: As Ninzuwu, we treat everyone with respect as much respect as possible.

So basically, a you be you and you do what you do and as long you aren't harming anyone we're cool, do no harm philosophy?
Warlock Asylum: All you can be is you. That’s all you can be. You see people go around claiming that “God” made people of all different races. That’s a false statement. Yes, a divine source made people, but man made races. Nowhere in any holy book do we see people calling themselves Black and White. Race and racism is a sucker punch mainly because adherents of this idea have to support people simply on the basis of physical characteristics. When stuff like that happens it means that you get offended when someone accuses another person with the same physical characteristics as yours of doing something hateful. Now you feel the need to defend this person. It’s stupid and demonic. So lets get all the fat people in the room and make a race out of them. Let’s get all the skinny people in the room and make a race out of them. If I become president, I will make race and racism a mental disorder and while some people may think is fantasy, lets not for get the 1950’s. During the 50’s if a person was a homosexual the psychiatric world considered him ill. Today, people of the same sex can get married. In all actuality, people from this community are making more progress that the straight people who can’t beyond their complexion.

 I just have to say, that is one of the things I love about your blog. You use the actual historical context of the Simon Necronomicon. Its Just refreshing to not see someone trying to act H. P. Lovecraft's fantasy.

Warlock Asylum: Thanks very much!

Now you are a proponent of the Simon Necronomicon, why is that?
Messiah’el Bey: When I started working with the Simon Necronomicon, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the grimoire. In the beginning I decided to be neutral and just look up the stuff in the book to examine its worth when compared to ancient Chaldean texts. 90% of the information I have verified as being an authentic spiritual practice in ancinet Mesopotamia thus far. This is how the blog started.

Now let me be honest, I was a little intimidated by this interview. The amount of knowledge and information to pour over in preparation for this interview is staggering... There are several levels and complexities to your ideas and what you teach and believe. It blows the mind, really. Another mind blowing element is that you plan to run for President in 2024. How did that decision come about?
Messiah’el Bey: I’m still debating about the idea. If anything, I am hoping that such a presidential campaign would draw attention to certain issues. But I’m not sure if I want the job at this point.

And would you care to explain some of your platform here?
Messiah’el Bey: When I come to a definite decision to run for president, I will reveal that platform. However, for now I can say that free healthcare and education will be at the top of the list.

Your blogs and books address not only the spiritual but, political and psychological elements of society as well. I am a Christian but, I had an interest in the Occult for a long time, since I was kid really, having grown up around folk magic and witchcraft. However, I do share a belief with many spiritaulists that everything is connected; cause and effect, physics and meta-physics, science and magic. So what in your path separates Spirituality from Religion or are they the same things?
Messiah’el Bey: Spirituality is about the condition of your spirit and nurturing such. Religion is about one’s adherence to a set of ideas, or beliefs. Ninzuwu is a spiritual path. Its very beautiful and enlighting.

Ok, people can rest easy knowing that Ninzuwu isn't a Satanic system. But, God and the Devil are Archetypes in their own right, we see it among multiple religious systems were their is a force for good and a force for evil. Where does the Idea of Good and Evil exist in terms of Ninzuwu?
Warlock Asylum: In Ninzuwu, we must constantly work on ourselves. We work on our hearts and minds to extinguish negative emotions and cultivate good emotions, as we attribute our thoughts and emotions as creators of our experience. 

Recently, it has been confirmed by scientists like, Dr. Bruce Lipton that 97% of our experience is created by our subconscious minds. In view of such studies, what is good and what is bad? See, its easy to create teams of good and bad and then say that you are a member, but is this really helping the world? Even most Christians are not aware that the definition of “beliefs” in ancient times were the thoughts and emotions a person contained in their minds, whether they agreed with this mental states or not.

So then following your train of thought, the Simon Necronomicon isn't a Satanic text or, even a Dark One. So doesn't that mean all the reports of "evil doings" associated with the practice of ritual magic from the Simon text, is people drawing in from what they are projecting into the world. If you use the rituals with evil intent you attract evil forces?
Warlock Asylum: The Simon Necronomicon entertains a belief in dual forces, good and evil. However, it encourages the practitioner to pursue the good. Most of the text lays out heavy caution against doing ritual regularly.

So Ninzuwu is very much against absolutes or, black and white thinking to the way it examines experience and the world then? I like that... Its a very enlightened and mature world view. I wish more people had it, honestly.

Warlock Asylum: It’s about developing your soul. The subconscious mind is identical to the craft of gardening. Pulling out bad thoughts like weeds and planting good thoughts in your mind makes for a healthy harvest.

 Ninwuzu has a Shinto element or root as well, So would you care to tell me a bit about that?
Warlock Asylum: Ninzuwu has a lot of things in it as pantheonic religions didn’t see themselves separate from each other. So it is important to remember that first. We do invoke the kami and participate in a form of spiritualism similar to Shinto. However, Shinto is the Way that possesses Japanese cultural aesthetics, we are not limited in that sense and take on a global perspective. In view of such, Ninzuwu respects figures like Jesus as a kami (a force of influence), and many others.

The term Kami is a compound term developed from two ancient Japanese words, ka .meaning fire and mi for water. Together, kami could be defined as a force of influence (ka =fire) over the environment (mi = water). A lot of words in ancient Japanese seem to compare to ancient Egypt and the Zulu language of South Africa.

Also I have to ask, you do a lot of work with the Simon Necronomicon, I already know the answer but, I am going to ask any way. Are you in any way associated with the Order of Dagon or, Lovecraftian themed church of Satan off shoots?
Messiah’el Bey: I used to work with the Simon Necronomicon about five years ago. Today, I work with Ninzuwu, which includes Mesopotamian, Shinto
, and several other elements. It’s a path of its own. The Simon tome was more of a template in how to approach the Chaldean gnosis. I am working on a book that will be available in 2018 that explains much about the Simon tome and Ninzuwu.

I have no associations with anything “Satanic,” or the Order of Dagon and etc. Satan is a Christian entity and I’m not a Christian. Nor do I want to entertain its antithesis. I am sure that people from these schools wish to examine the Simon Necronomicon, but it is not a dark working. Most of the people who I mentored in that system improved their lives greatly, even curing disease and etc.

Yeah I am also a fan of Ashida Kim. He was a mentor of mine & I think vastly under rated. So what drew you to Ashida Kim?
Warlock Asylum: My work in martial arts was more with esoteric goals in mind. In some schools of thought it takes years to reach a certain spiritual gnosis of how the art can be applied. Sensei Kim reveals this early on in his writings. As a practitioner of spiritual sciences, it is very easy to see this in his writings.

 That reference to the inner world for me has always been science and psychology. It is my filter for perception... That said I tend to find looking at most systems of magic tend to be based on an older science of sorts. The five elements of Chinese Alchemy for example is linked to martial arts like Hsing-I Quan but, if you get deeper into the concepts its points to small teams tactics, overall Strategy, psychology and so on. What would be the Ninzuwu take on this?
Warlock Asylum: Here is a secret that is taught in Ninzuwu that would advance a martial artist by decades if applied. The five elements of Chinese Alchemy can be applied in many ways. However, its use in martial arts is very simple, merge with the element of the given environment. When one merges with the element of the said environment, there is no fight, only peace. In the last Matrix film, Neo merged with the environment to defeat Mr. Smith. If man can’t defeat nature, then merge with it to fight an opponent of nature. That’s martial arts.

Ninzuwu is a martial art, philosophy and spiritual path correct? So how does one gain rank in that and what are the ranks? What are the purposes behind such ranks?
Messiah’el Bey: Ninzuwu is a culture. Part of our culture includes martial arts. We have our own calendar and language also. As for the martial science of Ninzuau, Ame-no-ukihashi, we really don’t do rank but work with a person till they understand a certain set of principles based on doing the forms. What good is giving someone a rank, if they have not learned any mental and spiritual cultivation? That would betray the intent of martial arts itself. This is why I respect the work of Sensei Ashida Kim though he receives a lot of criticism.

Sensei Kim requires that his students make contact with the spirit world, or inner world in much of his literature. I am also aware of who his teacher is, but that is another story. In Ame-no-Ukihashi, the Ninzuwu martial science, much of the training occurs in dreams, once the student enacts the martial forms.

So following the Matrix as an example, Neon did merge with the Matrix. But, in reality... I think mankind is a bit egotistical to think we can control nature. We can't even control ourselves, really. What is your opinion of things like global warming and such?
Warlock Asylum: It’s not about controlling nature. It’s about merging with nature. This is covered in initiation. In shamanism initiation represents allowing ourselves to merge with the mind of all. The experience cannot be calculated as it means different things to different people. However the aim is the same. Our idea of anything divine is nothing but fantasy until we cross that threshold and see the greater good. Remember the Samurais were so skilled because they felt their work was for the greater good and this is the foundation of martial arts as discussed in Ame-no-Ukihashi.
Martial arts began with shamanism. In ancient times it was believed that if a person attacked his fellowman he was under the influence of evil spirits. So the shamaness had to release this evil spirit from the coffin (physical body) by striking the victim at certain points of the body. In order to do this work one must become a vessel for the higher mind. It’s very simple.

 I have to cut this short and I do so hope to have you on again or, perhaps even do a Skype interview. So thank you and allow me to give you the last word on the interview, so what are your parting thoughts?
Warlock Asylum: Thanks for having me as a guest. My final thought for everyone reading these words is that each and every is an opportunity to improve our lives and ourselves. It’s never too late!

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