Saturday, June 24, 2017

Barron Shepherd clearing the way for Don Roley to Back Down...

So I saw this video from Barron on Facebook yesterday... Trying desperately to give Don Roley an out after I pointed out Don Roley bringing up his kids to me and calling me a pedophile is not normal... "Normal people" don't want pedophiles or anyone they thing will harm their child thinking about their Children.

So Barron, wants to talk all this shit about when I came to Florida. Know what Barron doesn't want to tell you?

1. About the time he said he signed up for Ruckus in the Cage and didn't show up...
2. About the time he said I never talked to Chris Smith who manages Ruckus in the Cage & I posted a picture of my phone records showing a 4 minute conversation with Chris...
3. About the time He said he was gonna come see me and never did... But, I drove to Winter Haven, Florida.
4. How about the time, he acted like a punk hiding behind Edson Berto while acting like he wanted to fight but, didn't actually try to fight me? It's the talking shit, he wants a medal or a cookie for in his video...
5. How about the time, Barron lied about a challenge I never issued to him. Took pictures at Edson's gym and claimed I Didn't show? But, Edson met me the day after...
6. Or, the time Don Roley called Barron sick and old, which he blames me for &, said he wasn't going to go to the Lexington Seminar after I suggested we fight on neutral ground... (also see on the Video)

All this is seen in the video & linked blogs. What not Realizes it I am talking about August so he will start arguing over his backing out now &

Now since I mentioned Edson Berto let me make this statement about him before, people start making shit up... I have nothing but respect for Edson and his father for what time I actually got to spend with them &, I thank Edson for allowing me and Barron to waste his time with this petty online Bull Shit... Edson not is part of this Bull Shit and shouldn't be brought into in anyway. He only became involved because Barron needed a "Big Name," locally in his corner & used Edson Berto... Edson has nothing to do with anything, involving me or Barron or Don. Barron Shepherd wanted to drag Edson into this after he ran away from Ruckus & couldn't get me to set a hard date because my mother was in the hospital...

To Edson,

I am sorry that Barron and I have drawn you into this little feud. Much respect to you, Sir... Edson has nothing to do with Barron & I and, I am not going trash talk Edson for allowing us to a) waste his time & b) trying to mediate between Barron & I. He is a true martial artist and an excellent mentor to the Children and Adults to teaches and coaches. When I am back in the area I would like to train with you, as in having met you for only a short time you strike me as a person with a good heart and, amazing integrity. Again I am sorry for wasting your time and having you involved in this...

Please... accept my public appology for this Cluster F--- & your name being mentioned...

For those who do not understand, I am not afraid of Edson Berto, nor do I believe I can beat him in a fight. Edson first tried to mediate the conflict between me and Barron. I honestly, felt ashamed that Edson the youngest of the three of us was the most adult, and the most responsible. My praise does nothing for Edson that, his actions haven't already done. While me and Barron were acting like School Children, he was acting like a true master... No, he doesn't have a magic scroll or sparkling belt. He represented himself, with respect, with dignity,  with courage and honor. I think he just ignored us, treating us like the "squabbling toddlers we acted like..." (Yes, I am telling you I didn't act in a proper manner).

You see, challenging someone online isn't the point... Looking big and bad isn't the point... Being deadly isn't the point... Beating someone's ass isn't the point... The Point is how you handle it. The goal is "who is stronger" and the point it how you handle that strength? With Courage, with Honor and as an Example to those who look to you to lead them... I have seen all this in Edson Berto & only knew him a few minutes. I don't fear him, even though he could beat me senseless because Edson is a Good Man. You can't fear a Good Man... unless you are a Bad One.

See Dux was all about shutting Roley up... He sent his own people into Don Roley's seminar in Lexington Kentucky... I went to protect the BDFS, I was invited by Don and, wasn't told not to bring someone. I told him, I would Come to his house in August, ok when August gets here we will see... But I told no one, I was driving to Florida &, I was going to set up an MMA event with Edson because that is who Barron picked... I Picked Chris Smith, because he is about the only guy doing this stuff in WV & its all amateur.  Basically, he was there... He only cares about making money but, Edson,,, God Edson actually cares about his school and, his students, Edson offered to let us spar in his gym and squash shit. But, Barron was all about the "tough guy" act.

The Problem is we aren't good People (not Barron or Don or I)... Not, like Edson, If any of his kids read this please be like Edson. Edson is a better man then me, a better person then me. Its the simplest way to explain this, The Goal is to be Strong Physically,  Mentally & Morally but the point is to use that Strength Wisely. I admit I was a weaker man & allowed these Scoundrels too much attention. Its doesn't matter who backs down or steps up, so much as.... how you handle it.

What defines your strength the people you beat up or, the fights you win or, the metal of your heart? See while we fight and squabble over these internet challenges and threats, the defamation and trying to arrange legal traps. The Real World is full of Real People doing Good Things for real people. And all the Ducking & Dodging, all the Twists and Spins are just pointless drama... Either You will or you won't, ether you do or you don't... Most fights are best to walk away from and, some fights you... You can't walk away from, the choice is in what defines what is worth fighting for your ego, the championship, your life or your place as a man...

Talk shit, Type shit, do this , say that...
At the end of the Day, all that matter is what you do now & why?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Watching Don Roley Fail, Part 4: Family Man

So Don Roley is where we are...
Part 1: I showed Don Roley, infamous Dix hater and fraud buster... Lying to protect Dux even have a video...
Part 2: Talks about Don Roley's latest challenge video and basically reinforced what I said round Christmas time & in part about making outrageous rules to avoid a fight.. About Don making excuses for being bitch. It also cites Don's proxies trying to cover for him.
Part 3: Goes into someone's admission of me gathering 20gigs of evidence to prove conspiracy and Don Roley's family. I did apologize to Don's wife for calling her a whore. Then I told Don he was less of a man for hiding behind the law, the keyboard and his family... With a totally new video addressing said strategy of setting insane conditions to fight someone and turning their desire to kick your ass for lying and harassing them into an excuse to claim the "rights of the challenged party." And why and how Don Roley hides behind his family.

So here is installment 4... As Promised we are going to talk about Don Roley: Family Man...
I am sorry this, video has been taken down because Don Roley is a "Snow Flake" who needs a Safe Place to hide his hiding behind his family & possible molestation of his children... Bear with me as Upload the video to a new location.
Follow the link when Provided:

And, we gonna touch on That already established pattern of creating online Challenges. Go bit further in establishing it... But, we are gonna take this further... But, I want to clarify something and will do using the latest conversation on the subject. Only because it is the latest and shortest...
Even one of the Troll Accounts see's Don Roley's Challenge to himself, in my name,
 for what it is...
And even Confirmed this later. Though no one wants to admit Frank Dux sent BDFS members
to Don Roley's seminar in Kentucky...
And, if you read, you no doubt see a common theme to my argument. That theme is simple, it is not my job to look after another man's family... It is not my responsibility to care for another person's wife or kids... Now, I do realize this means or, will be interpreted as a certain lack of empathy on my part or, perhaps a failure of mine to understand social norms and shared societal values...

It's not, I understand the whole concept and I feel empathy and share that social norm and societal value to not involve someone's family. But, I DIDN'T involve Don Roley's family, he did... Now, I have in the past had people who tried to threaten my girlfriends and/or my mother, to force me to submit to their will. I responded by closing off my emotions and telling them "Do it..." And when abusive bullies, liars and subhuman creatures like Don Roley try to hide behind thier family, I do the same with my emotions.

You see I don't have empathy for or, share empathy with people who hide behind women and children. I don't share values with those who hide behind women and children and, I don't have empathy for the women and children either... Because those societal values that says "you don't harm women and children" is why these people pretend to up hold those valies, while using women and children as human shields. You can't feel empathy for someone, whom is just meat to someone else. So for Don Roley to hide behind his wife and children to expect Societal Norms and, culture values to effect me and yet blatantly use his families to deflect his own actions shows a certain lack of cultural values, understanding or acceptance of social norms, a complete lack of empathy and, serious lack of moral and ethical motivation. Which are all signs of a clinical psychopath (an older term for what is now known as Anti-Social Personality Disorder).
Now some of you might not understand this, or why I say this... I wish, I could share your ignorance. The shooting of a US Congressman in Washington DC, has shown that the criminals (often members of the extreme liberal left) who often refer to themselves as "street soldiers" do in fact believe we are at war.

Many gangs use kids as young as 12 years old, or younger as "child soldiers." This is a theme we see other countries as well in the Middle East, in African and saw during the fall of the USSR and, the following uprisings in Eastern Europe... They are also seen in the inner cities of America and European nations. So these child soldiers are a common theme among the financially poor and morally bankrupt. Child sex slaves are reported throughout the world. The subject is largely taboo and, thus ignored by most people... However, it simply highlights the struggles and trials of desperate and, hopeless people abused by the depraved, the moral bankruptcy, of the abusive and, manipulative.

How does one defend a village in Africa or, Afghanistan from 14 year olds with AK47s? The same way one defends being robbed at gun point by 14 year old gangbangers... By not being fixated on the moral and ethical societal rules that say you do not harm children or, place children in harms way. Now I am not saying that you should harm a child because a monster hides behind them & uses them as a shield. I am saying that said child is already in harms way and, you must accept this fact. That if you allow the fear of harming the child to keep you from acting, you are just as guilty as the abuser.

This is the SWAT team metaphor or, Hostage Rescue metaphor of urban combat taught in the army. Civilians in built up areas are often trapped between two military forces, just as hostages are in the same room with hostage takers & SWAT teams when the shooting starts. Doing nothing gives the enemy power, room to maneuver and, a safe place to hide & attack you from. Going into such an area places the civilians in a momentary higher degree of danger but, it prevents them from being victimized from those who seek to use them as human shields but, it also means they be the unwanted victims of those trying to save them. It is a no win situation for those trapped in the middle.

We live a civilized society, or allegedly so... Yet children are used as sex slaves, child soldiers and human shields right here in America, we just choose not to see it. This is the danger of American freedom, of our openness to ideas and different ideologies. It is also a failing of the American Character to assume that society's values and shared cultural morality is in fact shared... We allow the comfort and safety of the public image of society, to hide the fact that these evils do occur right here in the US. We hide them without knowing that we hide such dark deeds because, "they are not normal." Because these deeds "are not normal" we see them as an exception to the rule, rather then the rule of human nature...

However, normal for the child of an abuser, a victim of abuse in the home and, "normal" for a child of a drug addict are not the same "normal" for what are told is the "societal normal." The "normal" of the insane and, the "normal" of those who encounter them is not the "normal" of a healthy person in a healthy society. Just as the normal of the terminally ill those with cancer, Parkinson disease, HIV or diabetes is not the normal of a physically health person either.

"Normal People" don't acuse Someone of being a pedophile and then hold up and gloat over their child... As if to say "Look I grow my own at home..." You would think you would want your children away from and not even thought about by someone you defame as a child predator? At least I would not...

Screenshot of Don Roley from Novemver 26th, 2017: 
Mentioning his Kids...

"Normal People" don't challenge themselves in someone else's name seeking to invent rules that show a wanton intent to commit a felony & hide behind their wife's cancer and thier children's need to have a father... After all, that victory you are so assured of means you will face Prison and leaves you no room to escape conviction.

Nor, do "Normal People" mentioned their children to people they accuse of being Child Predators... Those who do are often "closet pedophiles" or Child Predators who molest their own children in their own homes. Yes, that is incest but, more importantly, it is how undiscovered predator's brag about "growing their own," much the way meth cookers brag about being able to cook their own dope & not have to pay high prices for the drug.

Basically, let me ask you "normal people" (parents with children especially):
Would you talk about your child with someone you say or, believe (as Don Roley claims he does) is  both Mentally Ill & Child Predator?
If so, why would you want someone Mentally Ill & a Child Predator to even think about your children?
Is bringing up your children, even if to bait someone into threatening them, not child endangerment?

Don Roley challenging himself Video:

So here is Don Roley Challenging himself in my name, hiding behind the family claiming I threatened his family... Yet, Don Roley brought his family into this many times. In fact, one could (and I do) argue that mentioning your kids to someone you believe to be both mentally unstable and a child predator is at worst "covertly" bragging about molesting your own children and at worse Child Endangerment. This is why I call Donald James Roley of the Colorado Springs Bujinkan a "Closet Pedophile." It is also why I feel Don Roley is hiding behind his family, using them as an excuse and a means of exploiting them, as a way of manipulating the law & opinion. Rather then fight me in a sanctioned MMA event, rather then face me on neutral grounds Don Roley elects to try to set "legal snares" by challenging me by, challenging himself in my name.

Don Roley claims I am threatening and endangering his family, yet he endangered them (if he believes his own propaganda) by bring them up to someone he claims is mentally ill & a child predator. Don Roley will no doubt slander me all he wants, however you have to ask... Ok you don't have to ask but, I will ask you...

Which is it, there can only be two options, here?
a) Don Roley doesn't believe his lies about me... or;
b) Don Roley does believe his lies & is knowingly endangering his own children (doesn't matter if he is touching his own children inappropriately or not) by bringing them up to someone whom he claims is a mentally ill child predator... He is making his family a target to hide behind them, like a

I will leave you all to decide your own opinion, as to whether Don Roley is hiding behind his family, molesting his kids or, both... My opinion is already made up. This is why I call him a "Closet Chomo" (Chomo is a Street Term for Child Molester) & yes, it is the exact something as being a "Closet Fag." Both have their sexual urges, both try to bash those like them, those they suspect or, accused of being the same thing they are to hide their true nature out of shame... If you are wondering, yes. I am saying the people who hate homosexuals the most do so out of shame of their own homosexual desires. So they project their own self-hatred onto hatred of those who are or are just said by another 3rd party to be homosexual. The big difference is, what two or more adults do in their lives isn't my business. Same basic concept applies to Child Molesters, Drug Addicts/Dealer like Mitch McConnell and other shameful areas of society.

Allow me to show you all the Bigger Picture...
Don Roley has made a lot of claims about me and, Don forgets I stated in my Blog I am Done Talking, that I said I was coming to Don Roley's house to challenge him in person. See Don wants to spend multiple blogs attacking and defaming me yet, he whines like a little bitch when I show him as a liar... Don Roley wants to challenge himself in my name, yet... Don Roley forgets I wasn't going to challenge him until next month. August and Don Roley can claim his Seminar was posted in May talking about August but, he said something about Kentucky on Youtube to me.
So you can't time travel to August when I come to call you out and accept a challenge not made, to decide what to do in August... Your "slip of the tongue" revealed your intention to challenge me, even though you tried to do so in my name to make up rules as the challenged party... Without Bujinkan members to back you up, without the law to hide behind or your family as an excuse to be a coward... You have nothing. So the Gazebo rest area/park is our location for neutral ground, I will give you to rest of the information when I get there... I will even give you 3 days to show up and meet me.

Don Roley said meeting him at his seminar in May in Colorado was neutral ground? Well how about the Gazebo Rest Area in the Middle of Colorado Springs, at the junction between North & South Sierra Madre St & Pikes Peak Ave? I never been to Colorado Springs, but I can google some shit homey... Come on thought you was supposed to be a former 11B (infantryman, like me) don't you remember the term "Map Recon?"
This Structure is were I will be at &, I will be shooting up date videos periodically so we all know I am still there... I might leave for food or, something... but if I do I will leave a video saying I am leaving before I do and a video showing when I got back.

See Don, I will be in Colorado Springs for 3 days (talking shit while I am waiting on you) to let you step up and face me... You won't even be Maryland then, and Don, if you don't come out and face me. You are going to let a as you claim (but we know your a liar), a mentally ill, child predator, who called your wife a whore, accuses you of molesting your kids, hiding behind your family, the Bujinkan and the law... You are going to let you this person you talked so much trash about, come into your own town and, not defend your family, your honor, your manhood or your reputation. See you failed...

As for that bigger picture,
1. You confirmed where you live and now I can serve papers...
2. You went silent after I proved you lied on my blog and said I would prove Dux, who was them unnamed was involved in the Lexington affair.
3. Your own accusations against me, are what I am using to condemn your claim to love your family...
4. I am offering neutral ground in your home town... Coming to you and waiting for you to show up. I am even giving you an excessive time frame to show up... 3 days.
5. The Gazebo is 21 Minutes from your house at 15465 Holbrein Dr.
6. I lose so what I am "a fraud" but if Don Roley loses, to me... Well.
7. Don is dancing around the fact, that he trying to set rules for a challenge I never made Like Barron did in Florida. The Difference is... I never left West Virginia, yet with Don. So the pre-pussing out is all the better for show.
8. Guess we will see when I show up. The Ninja Mind Control wasn't getting Don to think about his family, to worry about his family. Terrorists don't worry about human shields.
9. The Mind Control was in getting Don to keep talking about how much he loves and has concern for him family & them expose his hypocrisy & self-interest. See Don wants to slander my name, but he brought his family up months ago to bait me. Problem is when I say I will show up and call him out at his house. He gets scared, challenges me by challenging himself in my name & crying I must accept his rules. He did this in Lexington... Getting Don to conceal his cowardice and thus expose it in greater detail.

Part 5: The Final Part will be posted when I reach Colorado Springs & in the mean time, we will deal with how Don & Barron have lied about challenges online.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Watching Don Roley Fail Part 3

Yep, I am an asshole.... So I mentioned how Don Roley's proxies are crying foul because, I called Don Roley's wife a whore... I am sorry, to her, not Dim Roley.

So as a man, I do admit when I am wrong... I do offer Don Roley's wife my sincere apologies and I did go a bit over the top with that "whore comment." You have not only my apologies for my comments but, my prayers & wishes for you to get through your battle with cancer. Now please excuse me while I address and deal with your husband.

Don Roley's challenge in Kentucky was meant to entrap me legally. However, under Kentucky law Don would have been just as guilty of a Felony in the way of a Second Degree Assault... And, regardless I am not going to commit a felony to win a fight...

See under Kentucky Revised Statute 508.020 it states anyone who "intentionally causes a severe injury to another person" is guilty of Assault in the Second Degree.

Screen shot of Kentucky Statute 508.020:

Now Don Roley risked jail with his own challenge to me, to challenge him. He did this knowing that Kentucky would extradite back from West Virginia... So even if I won the fight, Don gets to put me in jail, actually prison since it would be a felony, defame my name online while I could do nothing about it and win the online war between us. It would also prevent the law suit. So even if Don loses he still wins, its good strategy except, for someone who claims they could easily beat me and claims I know it... It Reeks of doubt and fear. Doesn't seem like Roley thinks he can beat me... "A fraud with skills or training" as he claims.

Remember the law suit is the goal here... Don Roley, Barron Shepherd and Phil Elmore have all doubled down because they know they will lose... A former Dux Ryu associate gave evidence to Pattrick Ferrari for Elmore (more proxies). 20 gigs of Harassment as a matter of fact.

Screen shot of Patrick Ferrari admitting it: From December 2016

Now the same argument can be applied to Don's challenge in DC however... It can be and I would be easily extradited from DC. See even if Don Roley makes the challenge and commits the crime, he can always argue the terms were meant to deter me from showing up and that he was acting in self-defence. It is his event and has a lawful reason for being there which, is why I want to fight him on neutral ground.

Don Roley challenging himself video:

Its also why I said I was coming to his house. See I didn't threaten to come to his house, I said I am coming to challenge him. Don Roley gets no conditions as the challenged party until I actually challenge him and you got Don Roley backing out like a bitch before the Challenge os even made (there is screenshots of a whole legal argument about why under Colorado Law.

Under Colorado law, Don Roley can talk shit to my face like he did on the Lexington video, to provoke me and I am going destroy him. Because provoking someone to violence to claim self-defense... In Colorado if Don agrees to step outside, neither of us can claim self-defense. In Colorado well they don't have to extradite Roley & might now extradite me.

And well... As I pointed out, Don Roley was willing to take the same risks as me in Kentucky and been willing to commit a felony. I bet je would have fled Kentucky before I made it to the hospital, if je could have put me there. So all this talk about Roley's family and how much they depend on him is just talk & how he doesn't want to risk going to jail is stupid when he did in Lexington.

It is called Hiding Behind a Woman and Your Children. Its not being a father or a husband. See when Don or one of his proxies cites me saying "lets pretend I did threaten his family." Don Roley is forgetting when he attempted to engage in a felony in Kentucky. Don Roley Attempted a Felony Assault in Kentucky. When he, if we are to believe his own statements of his belief in his success & skill, attempted to commit a felony assault. How important was your family then? No, Bitch you know you can't beat me & are proving it now online.

But, if Don Roley was willing to commit a felony and abandon his family, his wife and kids, to defend Barron's honor in Kentucky was Don Roley hiding behind his wife and kids and making excuses in Lexington? DC Code 22-404.01 Aggravated Assault shows that " a. A person commits aggravated assault if: 1 By any means, that person knowingly or purposely causes serious bodily injury to another person."

Don Roley is a testicle-less sub-human creature with no integrity and holding a lower standard then pond scum, sewer slime or feces. Hiding behind his computer, the law and his family... I am sorry for calling Don's wife a whore but, I am even more Sorry that, she married a pathetic little bitch like you who wants use her, her children and illness as an excuse for not being a man.

Video Don Roley Family Man:
Coming Soon...

Still Coming to Your House Don...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Watching Don Roley, Fail Part 2

So once again Don Roley is following the Trolls guide to Internet Tough Guyness... Also known as something written by Phil Elmore. So Barron Pussed out and Don Roley is crying because he doesn't get the play the You Challenged me and I get to make the rules game...

Oh no... Don is in full scared shitless mode.
Honestly, he looks a bit taxed mentally and emotionally... Its what happens when you are a bitch...

So Don posted this video on Youtube and I didn't get to watch it until later yesterday... For 7 months I have been trying to get Don Roley to meet me on neutral ground and for 7 months he has been making every excuse he could not do it... Now, after I said I was done talking and coming to his house does Don Roley want to play the "I am the challenged & I get to make to the rules." game. No, Don see I didn't challenge you. I said I was coming to your house and I was gonna challenge you there. You can't set conditions for a Challenge you never received... You are pussing out before I have even asked you "Are we gonna do this or not?" See, you tried that same shit in Kentucky and now that its been addressed that Dux sent people to Don's event... Don is still clinging to his lie as it slips away on the current of truth...

I can't help but get a small laugh out Dux being covered for by Don Roley. Even made a little 13 minute video showing Don Roley wanting me to commit a Felony in under Kentucky Revised Statutes 508.020 and trying to challenge me without challenging me like a bitch...

But, this is a game Don Roley has tried to play before... And now he realizes I am not playing with him either. So here we are... Don Roley ignoring 7 months of him refusing to step up on neutral ground. Don Roley trying to set me up like a little bitch and pretending like he isn't coming to or commenting on this blog. As seen in the video above & here is the Funny Thing About Neutral Ground... Don, you could use any Dojo, Dojang or Gym outside of your event to fight me.

So just to burst his bubble I posted this comment on his Newest Youtube video.

Oh but it doesn't end there... See I been having Phil Failmore telling me not to mention him because once again Roley is going to use a page out the old Failmore play book... Already covered in Part 1.

I have had two trolls Phishing for details on when I will be at Don Roley's house? Why so he can skip town. Oh no... You only need to know two things & 1. I am coming to your house and 2. You can spin it all you want but, you, Reek of fear, lies and failure. I have spent 7 months trying to get Don to face me on neutral ground, where and when could be worked out. Seven months and all Don can do is lie and make excuses. Now he is afraid I will shoot him? He is the threatening to shoot me by proxy. Oh no... But, tell someone I am done talking and they start getting worried.

Basically, neutral ground can mean anything... It can mean parking lot, a dark alley or even an uninvolved martial arts school or gym. I bet almost any random MMA school or Boxing gym would volunteer to let us throw down. But, Don Roley he is talking about guns and shit... Cause this is Tombstone and we Doc Holiday, Ringo Star and shit...

The internet challenge game... WTF? So Don Roley wants to slander my name, act tough and then now... I have to go to Washington DC, were open carry is illegal and I don't have a concealed carry permit, to be patted down because Don Roley is scared I might try to shoot him... After I told the puddy tat if he wants to shoot me on his doorstep to go ahead and do it... That's not extreme or a bit nonsensical but, asking me to commit a class C felony under Kentucky law isn't crazy either...

Don in the immortal words of Fun Boy "You are seriously fucked up." Don Roley's ass pirate fellow Failure, Fat Phil Failmore using a troll account had this conversation with me on Facebook...

Basically, I am an asshole for wanting Don Roley to share equal legal responsibility in fighting, by fighting me on neutral ground. Challenge or not, its the only way I can be sure he won't cry to cops when I break something like he asked for and send him to the hospital... That's not a threat that is Don Roley's condition for deciding victory... Don Roley's wife has cancer and it is claimed that Don can't risk jail because of his poor wife and kids. Only... I have to ask he could risk being crippled by fighting me? He can risk jail by intentionally causes me injury? He is so scared I will shoot him. Yet... I have mentioned a firearm? Don Roley claims I am a dangerous and violent criminal who is mentally disturbed... And... He still wishes to provoke me, believing I am "that crazy?" This is not the attitudes or actions of a rational or reasonable person.
Posted for reference:

However, As seen in the comments on part 1 of this Series of Blogs. Don Roley, trying to use self-defense as a basis for his claim, to be able to kill me on his doorstep. His own claims and actions aren't reasonable or sane. So I am willing risk my life, let an unreasonable and deranged liar and psychopath, carry out his very public plot, to kill me. I am willing to risk being crippled, to cripple you since that is your condition to fight you.

You, Don Roley, can't claim self-defense and you can't shoot me without losing your life to getting raped in prison. All you can do is either agree to fight me or bitch out on your doorstep on video.
Posted for reference:
So here it is all nice and laid out... If Don Roley wants to shoot me, he better have a damn good lawyer.