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Interview with William Williams: Water Protector, Street Medic and Black Dragon Ninja

Ok, so I am interviewing you because you are someone who has actually used some of the Black Dragon Ninjitsu methods in real life. You have been involved in Security for Seasonal Outdoor event, a Water Protector and I believe even involved in the Historical Ninjutsu Research Group on Facebook.

So lets start, with a few introductory questions and move on from there.

Lets begin with your martial arts background, what got you interested in martial arts?
When I was in Middle School and High School I used to read Black Belt Magazine. But it wasn't until I was in Chillicothe and came across Don Madden's dojo, it was then that I got interested in Karate, Jujitsu, and Aikido. I used to walk 4 miles to and from the dojo and to pay for some of my classes I used to to do clean up and do yard work for Don.

So Don Madden taught all three?
That is true he used to teach all three I don't know if he still is. I know that his daughter is teaching Jiu-Jitsu now and I think someone else is teaching the Aikido classes I don't know about the karate anymore.

You pretty much started off with a well rounded idea of mixing Striking & Grappling from your first Dojo then?
You can say that but I do my best to avoid grappling.

And of course what is your martial arts background?
Mainly jujitsu, Systema, and Guided Chaos. I read and studied many works by Steven K Hayes, Masaaki Hatsumi, Ashida Kim, you Ron Collins and Anthony Cummins. So have a pretty good understanding of the Shinobi Arts. Mind you the names are listed in the order in which I got the books.

Guided Chaos, what is that? I have never heard of it.
Guided chaos is built off of War II combatives and Native American wrestling known as catch-as-catch-can as well as a few other things.

Now your Security work is pretty interesting, care to talk about that?
So my father owned security and private investigation company and was parterned with another for over 20 years. In that time I received quite a bit of security training and I also worked off and on as a bouncer.

But, you have also worked running security for a season festival with hundreds of people to?
Actually that was in the many thousands , most of my work involved making sure people didn't sneak in.

So in being a bouncer and having worked in security like that, how much attention do you pay to body language and such "on the clock?"
I pay a lot of attention to body language.

In fact, what do you look for when trying to assess a potential threat?
Things I look for or sudden fast movements large gross gestures. Examples would be people pointing at other people, pointing to the ground, pointing to somewhere else. I also tend to pay attention to the size of people. A lot of my problems don't come from big people but from people who suffer from the little man syndrome. It's not so much size as in physical but with presence size and how they act.

And were have you used Ninjutsu in that area and, how?
Stealth moving, camouflage, Shadowing someone, and I've used pyrotechnics for scaring off people. Martial arts for disarming a few people and restraining others. So how quite to say it but, "verbal jujitsu" to diffuse situations and control them.

I think Verbal Jujitsu is a better term then Ninja Mind Control but, I like the mind control term because its so overly dramatic and comical that most people won't take it serious. That said what if any methods of Black Dragon Ninjitsu in that regard did you use? You don't have to use the specific Japanese terms just a rough description will do...
Don't really remember the term exactly but I'll explain one of my tools. I use the mnemonic Flags it stands for fear, lust, anger, greed, and saftey. These are things that will motivate people and can be used to manipulate people. Also emotional states can help an example would be if I see someone crying it's a good chance that they are sad sadness usually results in something being lost. So revolving my conversation around finding out what is lost helps resolve that.

 So one of my more memorable moments in Oceti dealt with a person up on the sacred Mounds. One of the jobs of security and the Akicita was to keep people off of sacred site areas. Well there was a person I needed to ask to get off of the Sacred Mounds. So how I usually do this is this I will start praying silently and walk up to them them and politely ask them to not be there. When I did this with this person that person started to call me names cussed me out and called me dapl. I just kept my distance and maintain my presence, finally that person told me that I was lucky they were leaving. To which I replied if you want to do me harm I'll let you I won't even raise my hands. It was at this point the person realized that they had just become everything they just called me. And I could see it in the body language because that person's shoulders dropped their head dropped and they walked away silently without another word.

You mentioned Stealth Movement and Camouflage, what Stealth Movement and Camouflage techniques did you use as a Water Protector?
Mainly staying to the Shadows, walking silently, and avoiding being seen while doing recon on dapl. There are other things we employed but I am not going to discuss them here.

What are your thoughts on the newest Pipeline leak in the Key Stone pipeline after have been a water protector?

It's absolutely horrific that oil is going to poison the water permanently. What most people don't realize is that oil seeped down into the ground to the water table they'll only clean up the surface. So all those chemicals are in a water tabpe that will seep into the surrounding areas water supply also the initial area will be saturated and will eventually end up in the food that's grown there. They say they'll do a thorough job but when was the last time you ever seen a Corporation actually do what it says?

Well to answer your question, when political pressure has been leveraged against them. We seen something similar with the Civil Rights Movements of the 1960s, my own state has a history of similar movements to provide Coal Miners with the same labor rights as factory workers.

More importantly, you were trying to protect the water table which, I am no expert but, my unserstanding is that those chemicals will effect the Standing Rock Suix first and spread out to effect surrounding areas. It would get into our crops and even the cattle grazing on them before getting ingested by us. Was that your understanding?
Yes and as we can see with the newest spill and its After Effects we will be proven we were right from the beginning.

I realize we can't get into to many specifics due to the Operational Security of Water Protectors but, you did employ a mix of Black Dragon and Historical Ninjutsu in your security plan?
I would say I used the few the black dragon ninjutsu skills, not so much on the historical.

And what can share about what you used in regards to elements used as a Water Protector?
Pad and paper, Street medic skills training, organize direct action skills trianing, Shields, helmets, armor, padded clothing, rain gear, ear plugs, gas masks, eye protection, and prayers lots and lots of prayers.

I get all the protective gear elements but, pad and paper? Why was paper so important?

It was important because it was how we recorded information and passed information on easily. Examples of things like license plate numbers, vehicle descriptions, descriptions of people, incident reports Etc.

Now you mentioned Street Medic skills, what is that?

A street medic is a person who by staying within the boundaries of law provide Health Care to those in need both in actions and in their own communities. Street Medics do this by working a lot with herbs because herbs count as food supplements and not medicine. Street Medics evolved out of the civil rights movement due to the fact that they had need for medical attention during their actions and knew they wouldn't get any from anywhere else easily so they had to do it them selves. With a online search of Street medic manual you can find more information and the history of Street medics.

So you actually found some value in the Ninjutsu intelligence gathering methods I teach?
They fall in line with what I know from my work in security so yeah.

Ok, enough shameless plugs... Isn't there another Water Protector situation occurring at another location? Is there any advise you would like to give those other Water Protectors?
Yes currently line 3 in Minnesota is starting to heat up. Soon the kxl is going to be going active as it's got its approval.

I was speaking of the Water Protectors out in Montana, so there are two separate events like what was seen at your action?
Could you please clarify I'm not exactly understanding what you're asking.

I just wanted to clarify that there are two more oil pipelines coming through treatied lands and/or also a threat to the water supply in those areas. So what was your experience as a Water Protector?

That's not an easy question to answer.

Well then let me ask an easier question, Would say your experience was good or bad?
It was a mix of good and bad but overall a good experience.

Was it worth it, knowing what you know now?
Very much so I would do it again in a heartbeat without a second thought.

Did you sustain any injuries while Protesting the Keystone Pipeline?
Yes I sustained quite a few injuries, they include abrasions, bruises, cuts, minor fractures and few minor burns, these injuries came from camp life and attacks from agitators.

The "other guys," we will get into who the "other guys" were later, were using rubber bullets, pepper spray, tasers and water cannons in low temperatures, right?
Yes and in low temperatures less-than-lethal can do serious bodily injury up to and including killing someone. We were very lucky to not have any fatalities while we were out there. But we did have to deal with a lot of very serious injuries broken bones, shot out eyes Etc.

Now the tribal leaders didn't want the protesters to have or use weapons correct? You were basically unable to defend yourself from those assaults?
The the elders told us no alcohol no drugs no firearms. It was it was Securities job and the Akicita to do their best to make sure those things didn't end up in Camp. We were allowed to use flak jackets body armor Shields and clothing. So yes we had little to defend ourselves with.

Do you believe that if you support one, for lack of a better term, "anti-government group" you should support them all?
No I don't, some groups use tactics I don't agree with.

Did the Water Protectors being non-violent have anything do with your supporting them? No... Wait, joining them would be the correct term, was the use of non-violence a part of why you became one?
It had a very great part and why I joined it started when I started seeing Medics get targeted. My thought was if you're going to beat on someone and shoot someone might as well be me, not someone trying to help someone else.

What is opinion of those actions, that it seems that, the government is trying to divide us as a people? Like for example that if you are pro-police you are anti-civil rights or, that if you are pro-liberty you have to be anti-cop... Can a person be pro-police and pro-civil rights? Such as, support the cops for protecting is from criminals and, not supporting those officers who violate any individuals rights?
At one time I might have agreed that yes you could be procop and civil rights, but of late I don't think so anymore there may have been a time, but not anymore. I agree with more and more with not supporting cops because the history of law enforcement is directly tied to human oppression. So now I don't think you can be procop civil rights.

Yeah, my own experiences have had a similar effect on my own outlook as well... I can support individual "good cops" for doing the right thing but, I can't support "law enforcement" as a whole. Especially, after seeing cops using informants and snitches to catch other people and, allow those informants to commit crimes against innocent people. Not even addressing all the times harassed or, had false charges brought on me for exposing corruption in the first place.

I agree corruption in law enforcement is at an all-time high and is continuing to grow. You can see this in the level of police brutality as well as how Justice deals with indiscretions with police.

Now I mention this because during your time as a Water Protector, wasn't the police who were on Sovergn Tribal Land defending a private corporation's oil pipeline? And what kind of actions did these police officers take, against you protesters?
No it was Private Security, Morgan County Sheriff's department, and BIA and yes they were actively protecting a company that was violating the law.
At some point all of these things were used in one way or another. Shields, body armor, riot gear, assault rifles, shotguns, semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, ballistic helmets, night vision, FLIR, IR lights, Stadium lights, constantina wire, concrete Jersey walls, batons, tasers, Stingers gernades, concussion grenades, flash bangs gernades, water cannons, lrad, pepper spray, and tear gas, some new gas was used out there, some people got nauseous, others got loopy and lightheaded. Not to mention aerial planes and helicopters using Stingray devices to block radio transmissions and cell service. Land Vehicles included buses for Mass arrests military vehicles for transportation and carrying of firearms, standard law enforcement vehicles, SUV style law enforcement vehicles, pickup truck 4 wheel drive style law enforcement vehicles, as well as many civilian style vehicles, snowmobiles for snatching grabs, construction equipment vehicles for creating building and moving barricades.

Hold on, the BIA is what?
Bureau of Indian Affairs.

So a federal agency was supporting a private company?
Yes more than one.

Now just to be clear, this all happened before Trump of elected. And, I feel, I have to point this out to people because, it was the Democrat President who had a say over the BIA and didn't defend the rights of the Standing Rock Suix over a corporation. If a Democrat President is defending a corporation what makes anyone think, Democrats are better then Republicans or Republicans any better then Democrats? Personally, I think its a great example of why John Adams was against the formation of political parties and, the pay to play nature of politics...
You're not alone in that view. I don't get into politics. I'm an anarchist and I will always be one. Anytime you put a government in charge you are basically saying I consent to someone else's rule whether they do a good job or a poor one. More often than not it's going to be a poor one. I just feel it's easier that when you see a problem at a local level that you gather people together make a decision and deal with the problem why do we need some oversight agency?

Now just to be clear about everything, there were US Military Veterans who came out & took action with you, correct? It wasn't just a bunch of anti-establishment protesters it was people who all believe in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights?
That is correct approximately 5,000 US veterans came out.

What did the Tribal Elders and Tribal Council think of the Protesters? They supported your actions?
From the elders that I spoke with they supported the actions of the water protectors to the end at Standing Rock. I would like to point out that Standing Rock wasn't the actual name the camp was Oceti Sakowin, we just called it oceti. In the beginning the tribal council supported us greatly at the end we were sold out by Dapl Apple Dave.

I am gonna keep referring to it as Standing Rock because that is the name people like myself who followed it online are more familiar with.
That's fine I was just clearing it up for people. I just wanted people to understand that's where the fight was was not on Standing Rock. It started there in sacred stone camp. Then overflowed onto the banks which became Rosebud camp and then across the river which became Oceti. But the pipeline was only on treaty land not Standing Rock so a lot of staging occurred in Standing Rock. If that pipeline breaks it affects the whole standing Rock reservation and everyone Downstream.

Now there where reports of the Water Protectors being used by the Tribal Council to get a stronger pay off from the Oil Company, to your knowledge is any of that true or partly true?
I cannot confirm that, but my personal opinion is I think something like that did go down.

Well Oath Keepers which is a Veteran started organization which supports our Oath to Uphold and Defend the Constitution broke the story... The link is here ( if you are interested... You don't have to read it but, I would love to hear your thoughts on it, if you do?
I'll go read it but I don't know how much good I'll have to say about it because I have very little faith in Oath keepers. So after reading it I still maintain my view I said before I don't have a lot of faith in Oath Keepers and there's a lot of deception falsehoods in that article and it's just propaganda for the corporations.

What do you think that the new batch of Water Protectors in Montana may be exploited or, will be? And if so in what way?
If they do it's going to be pretty hard they learned a lot from Oceti. You're always going to have somebody trying to pick up Goods or money by saying "hey help this group" so it is possible abuses could happen.

During the times you were involved in the protests, did you suffer any injuries? Or, did you see how others suffered some injuries? Were there times you was afraid for your life?
Yes I suffered a few mainly illnesses, Cuts, bruises, Burns, and other related injuries. From what I saw there are some major injuries such as broken bones, Burns both chemical and physical, severe lacerations, and eyes shot out.

Were there times you was afraid for your life?
No I don't think I ever had that fear when I was out there, now in South Dakota it's a bit of a different story. You have to understand that the reservation that I was on I basically had no rights. So let me lay it out for you if a tribal member attacked another Tribal member on tribal land there is a protocol for handling that legally. If a non tribal member was to attack a tribal member on tribal land there's a protocol for that as well legally. However if a tribal person was to attack a non-tribal person on tribal land the protocol falls into the non-tribal number. What this means is they won't collect evidence or anything to Aid the non-tribal member so even if it was to actually make it into a court of law there would be no evidence to deal with the tribal member. The only way that I could prove anything was if I recorded it on video camera which I did many times. Which led to the situation in which I was attacked and my phone was stolen to get rid of all evidence I'd ever collected while I was in Camp on that reservation.

We know and saw the images of the Police using Dogs, Water Cannons and Pepper Spray on Standing Rock Protesters but, did they ever try to use any psychological warfare methods on you and, if so what were they?

Yes they did they would do constant flyovers night and day with and without light sometimes at night. They would do patrols on snowmobiles and chasing, harassing, and snatch and grabs day and night. Not to mention the false propaganda media that was just flowed in the mainstream media. Not to mention the wall of Lights that you could just see from one end to the other end of the line, mind you it was about a mile long.

Now you mentioned Snatch and Grab before; for those who don't know its a more politically term for kidnapping, are you telling me Police officers obducted protesters?
Yes it happened quite a few times in Oceti.

Where those taken ever released or, at least, charged with anything?
Some got released but all had charges leveled on them some of them have been dropped. However there has been a movement in which after the charges are dropped more severe charges are leveled. Also ethnic demographics seem to play a big role in who gets what and who has charges dropped sooner.

What steps did you take and, I don't want to compromise any Security here for anyone, to combat some of these methods? I know they were spying on you guys during the Protests.
Earplugs helped a lot. Mainly are fact check in and double check in and triple check in to make sure our information was accurate also was a big help. There are a lot of false flags and rumors and this person said stuff that went on a lot. Weenie we had spies in the camp we even knew people were letting them in when you got over 5,000 to 10,000 people in a camp it's really hard to keep out spies. One of the worst infiltrators in any movement is yourself, I know it sounds really funny but you get to the point of paranoia where you see everybody as an agitator or infiltrator. Therefore you're the worst agitator you're the worst infiltrator because you're disrupting the system because you believe something that isn't true, or may not be true, or could be true.

So, it no doubt takes a good bit of self-discipline, to not psych yourself out. I am sure you have walked away with new understanding of how pressure and constant state of heightened awareness can wear you down. You probably find it a lot easier to connect with people, like veterans, who don't have that experience?
Don't you mean have that experience and yes I do tend to connect better with veterans even though I've never seen a Battlefield. But I have seen battle so yes I do relate better with vets.

What do you want tell people about Standing Rock and, what you experienced?
Again Oceti not standingrock. See the real fight was on the treaty land not the reservation which is standing Rock. That said I really don't want to tell anybody anything about what I experienced out there you would have had to been there understand. But the whole reason we are fighting the way we are is because if we don't there is no future for Earth it'll only take a few hundred years for this to all end.

Well just to be an asshole, sorry but, I don't think we can save the Earth by whats happened at Oceti, we have no control over other counties like China & India. That said, we aren't talking about the whole Earth, we are talking about a major ecological threat here in the American heartland?
I disagree we had Chinese Nationals we had people from India we had people from the Middle East we had people from all over the world and what most people don't realize is that these places have indigenous First Nation people too. This was a indigenous movement to start with it started with the youth and women. My taking the concepts and ideas and ideologies back home we can keep the water fight going and it grows and eventually we save the planet.

How do you feel about the Federal Court ruling in your favor?
It helps but for how long. More importantly what are they going to do about all the law violations these companies! North Dakota,  and the United States government took?

They will tell you to sue the government and its a civil matter... That's to textbook response, anyway.

And that there lies the problem. There is no one actually held accountable and that needs to change.

This is pretty unique, in that for the first time in a long while the Various Tribes have stopd up against the Federal Government and stood together. Do you believe we will see a more organised and, collectively more political action coming from the Native American tribal governments in the US?
Actually I'm pretty sure that it is the first time in history this has happened, in fact it was approximately 600 tribes came together. There will always be water fights in the United States for a very long time and the Indigenous First Nation people are going to continue to stand up and fight. They have told me many times that they would. That they've always been fighting for grandmother Earth.

I, for one, am glad to see it, I don't believe in man made climate change but, I do believe we are poisoning our air and water... Here in West Virginia we are fighting a similar battle with natural gas and coal companies but, our whole state economy is based on it... I think the same is true for the US and oil and ultimately, there are no easy answers but, there are wrong answers?
It's true but it's also deceiving, there are many options that can be done just by doing research and DIY work. We can get off of oil with no problem the real problem comes with the fact that it's the corporations that will suffer as they don't want to lose their dollar or their power control.

Also I think this is the first truly major Treaty Violation in decades, maybe a century since the old days of "Westward Expansion" or, Militarized Conquest and Settlement depending on your outlook.
There hasn't been one treaty that hasn't been violated.

Now in full disclosure, I have been seeing the same online trolls popping up here and there, after they got played by myself and the Other ground forum over at since I announced this interview. And I suspect they will soon start stalking and baggering you as well, a great example of this how Phil Elmore starting misrepresenting Icy Mike's statements and blogging about him. So in light of that does it make being associated with Black Dragon Ninjitsu a bit intimidating?
For some yeah it could be quite intimidating, for me not really I'm kind of used to being a black Sheep and the underdog. Wouldn't be my first rodeo.

Well they can't do anything worse then what you've already endured. With that said, I am proud of you & what you did... Thank you & the other water protectors.

Now you do have a unique nickname, 9 tails... Is that a Naruto Reference? Where did you get it?

No it's not a reference to Naruto or Pokemon. It is however a reference to Japanese Kitsune. Has more to do with tricksters and trickster personas. Also the fact that I write it with the number 9 has significance as the number 9 mean 0 and all numbers so it is in fact the Alpha Omega.

I guess that concludes the interview, thank you for Standing up to Protect the Nation's Water Supply and this Interview is there anything you would like  say?


Note: This story highlights the same trials  issues that William Williams faced as a water protector. 

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Happy Thanksgiving, Indigenous Peoples Day and 2017

So its Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be thankful for, among them my fight with Icy Mike and the help from the Unlikely Allies from the OG.

Now I have to point out something you guys reading this blog aren't considering. Something I bet, none of you ever considered... That the MMA crowd isn't a bunch of bullies and meat heads. Oh sure they have their fair share of them and MMA is a brutal sport. So is Boxing for that matter.

However, the guys on the OG saw first hand the cyber bullying of my online stalkers and as someone over there pointed it, they behaved like a pack of predators chasing injured prey, trying to hamstring it for the kill... But, I am not dead yet.

And this is no doubt a testament to the morals and ethics of the guys on the OG. Rather then jumping at lies and rumors they offered me a chance to prove myself and, it was a chance for my own reasons which I didn't fully take. So yes... I am thankful to them. And, yes I am using them as an example of our perceptions of MMA fighters and proponents as Thugs is wrong.

Now, you will have noticed I also mentioned Indigenous Peoples Day an alternative to Columbus Day and sometimes used in place of Thanksgiving. Well I still remember the story of Thanksgiving, that the Protestant Pilgrims almost died, had it not been for the Natives who helped them live here on the East Coast. And Westard Expansion under the claim of "manifest destiny" generations later was a crime against the Natives who were already here...

Now what do those two things have in common? That it is that it easy to beat someone you perceive as weaker or, injured but something different to stand up for the "little guy."

There is a difference between the preception of reality and reality. Do the guys at believe my ninjutsu claims? No, and I don't require them to... Are they going to suddenly study ninjutsu now? No, I am not asking them to. The simple truth is, none of that matters. I am just thankful they were there.

We've seen the spectacles and the chaos, leaving 2017 on a higher note then when it began, as New Years fast approaches... We can't change the past, we can't predict the future and we should all be thankful for the things we can't control. Just be thankful for those people who have your back when you expect it (like me and the OG or the Pilgrims and the Indians) & becareful not to screw them over later on...

Happy Thanksgiving and Indigenous Peoples Day.

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Allow me to fill in the Gaps...

The hard truth is this; I am the ultimate underdog. Been the underdog my whole life. One thing you learn as the underdog is how to take a punch.

In losing the "fight" against Icy Mike I make two clear points. 1. That I can take a punch, because you will get hit. Its a fact of life and, if the aggressor is bigger and stronger you will get hit a lot and hard. So sick it up... 2. All the haters who are pissed a kickboxing former SWAT cop and a "Fake Ninja" former Infantry Team leader and former Hand-to-hand combat instructor manipulated and exploited a former Reserve Policeman, A ninja master in the Bujinkan Ninpo 15th Dan with 15 years training at the Bujinkan Hombu Dojo. It doesn't matter of Icy Mike was holding back when he hit me multiple times in the face... Thats an average training. It was nothing to take those hits because that is average for training.

Yeah between Barron Shepherd bitching out repeatedly and lying to cover up for lying (only compounding the deception. And my manipulation of Don Roley, into agreeing to fight me and come to West Virginia. Its like that, why prove a lineage when I can prove methodology. And winning or losing a fight means nothing compared to fact that ninjutsu is not a martial and compatible to any martial art. That just taking the hits is enough because that is just a day. Training is just that jardd should be and, if it ain't that hard at a minimum it is a McDojo. It is fake martial arts...

If you don't get punched with enough force to leave a few bruises, get stunned and a busted lip its not real martial arts. And as for ninjutsu, if you ain't a manipulating people to gather information or, make them act to  your advantage... You aren't being a ninja, even then its what you might call it LARPing but what else you gonna do to practice those skills?

Well I have an interview with someone who used Historical Ninjutsu and Black Dragon Ninjitsu from my books as a Water Protector...  This means someone has actual experience using Ninjitsu in a political and social action against a militarized police force.

His evaluation of my methods that he used; shows that as an "unofficial" and "unranked" self-taught individual can use my strategic and intelligence gathering methods. With his own adaptations, it shows that there is proof, my methods work. Not just by me... Add Johnny Hunter's experience of training with me & the independent actions of the (for now) unnamed activist it provides multiple sources of reference.

The lesson, action is more then rank and more then paper. Action is the expression of the art. A painter is known by their painting and a martial artist should be known by their effects in the world. A competitive fighter proves themselves and expresses themselves in the ring or on the mats. Their art is the action of competition but, for the self-defense minded the expression is in avoiding the threat before it becomes the danger. The modern ninja does this in the  expression of influence without overt action.

So there are gaps in the training recommended in the book. Skills that you may learn academically but, must express through action. Express yourself within the art, take action. So we will discuss that application. And, it is simply not just the application within the physical action of strikes and grappling but, those higher elements of psychological manipulation and information gathering, real Ninjitsu. So consider this a warm up for the Upcoming Interview.

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The Texas Church Shooting and Antifa...

While it is a debated issue as whether Devin Kelley the Shooter at the Baptist Church in Texas was a member of Antifa or not... We cannot deny certain facts.
1. That Antifa has pledged a Communist Revolution to begin on November 4th 2017.

2. That Antifa considers White Male Christians to be an enemy and all Christians to be an enemy of theirs. This is seen in a leaked Antifa Handbook.

In fact, we simply need to look at the same Handbook to see why Christians are to be targeted...
 In the above text, Antifa or, at least this particular chapter, talks about White Privilege and seeks to turn all minorities against "White People." They do so with massive holes in their argument, such as mentioning the Atomic Bombs dropped on Japan by America... However, China, Korea and other Asian nations who suffered at the Japanese Invasions during WW2 aren't going to swayed by that argument. They would have to forgive Japan, Asia's own "Nazis" for war crimes in World War Two like the Raping of Nanking (Warning Graphic Video with actual images of the War Crime in the Link). However, the real "anti-Christian" thoughts appear on the next page, seen in the image below...

Here we see, mention of a New World Order and one world government. All things Christians fear and seek to avoid. Believing a New World Order to be a symptom of the End Times prophesied in Revelations and plainy explained in Mathew Chapters 24 and 25. Something I have even written about myself, In Living Without Rapture. Not to mention the Bible's teaching that Homosexuality is a sin and wrong... Thus, Christians are "Fascist" by the Antifa standard...
3. Much as I already predicted the acts of violence would be aimed at pushing Gun Control. Gun Control doesn't make is safer, it allows people like Devin Kelley to illegally own weapons to harm people and the people they harm to have little to no, means of protecting themselves...

Add to this, the shooter Devon Kelley converted to Islam (not all terrorists are Muslims, nor are all Muslims terrorists it just so happens that Islamic Terrorism is a major global threat right now) & swore allegiance to ISIS. Which not only is supportive of Antifa goals and philosophy but, ties ISIS into the mix. There has been a political divide among the left, as Black Lives Matter does not want to support, the predominantly white, Antifa or, feels to need to be supported by Antifa.

Let me state my personal opinion on this, I am a Christian. I supported the concept of Gay Marriage however, because 1. As a Christian the bible teaching is not to judge others and not to worry about anyone else's salvation but my own. 2. The bible teaches to also avoid sin and since I am not tempted to be gay, the Bible's teaching to avoid being gay isn't a problem for me. 3. As a Christian who taught to not judge others, I don't feel I have a right to recognize or not recognize a person's human/civil rights based on my own beliefs. So there... Want to be gay, be gay. 

Don't want to be gay, don't be gay. I don't want to be gay and believe it to be a sin. I don't think my sins are any better then you and I know I am a sinner. So that is my beliefs, lile them or don't... You kinda have to accept them because they ain't gonna change but, if it makes you feel better you don't have to like them.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The real Threat on November 4th is to the 2nd Amendment!

I am pretty vocal about my beliefs, I feel no need to hide them. Many of those who know me, know I believe in putting America and Americans first. And, don't get it messed up with all the BS and lies from the left-wing propagandists... American first doesn't mean "White America" it means all of America. Now if you follow how groups like Antifa think, that makes me a "racist neo-Nazi." I am pretty ok with it, they are idiots... Even though my philosophy takes away from neo-colonialism, foreign interventions & focuses more on citizen Americans of all skin tones, sexual identities and religions.

Note: Antifa supporters and groups, if you want some. I am down.

Now many of us, look at groups like Antifa and laugh. If you are a civilian with minimal firearms safety training and, no tactical training, you are scared. And, you should be because, you set yourself up for failure. You have made yourself a target by failing to prepare to face a modern and realistic threat.

However, that besides the point or, more correctly, that is part of the point. The whole point is that Antifa a left-wing Communist militia is going to try to spark mass riots to have a pretext for using their guns to spark a revolution. This is on the Antifa website. Now Antifa, can't win that "war" but, Antifa can use their own violence and crimes with firearms to push for greater restrictions on firearms. Which is a "war" they can win.

And, while many of you don't get it. I do... Antifa was built on communism, out of Communism and for Communism. The Soviets used  the same basic framework in every communist revolution. Why would they want to limit the availability of firearms? Because what they don't want is a counter revolution.

The Right-wing, Conservative extremists have had a longer history of militia organizations and, pro-second Amendment groups. Most of them being Veterans and, law abiding citizens. Since about the 90s, when conservatives became concerned with Ronald Reagan's Civil Rights policies and the War on Drugs, being carried over by Bush senior & Bill Clinton, the left, especially under Clinton tried to associate the Right-wing Patriot movement with the National Socialist or Neo-Nazi movement of the left.

That is right, however what a few people fail to understand is that the white supremacists and Neo-Nazis are members of the left-wing. Now if you don't know where the term comes from or completely what it means... Click Here. Otherwise, what you saw in the recent clashes with the Neo-Nazis & Black Lives Matters are two sides of the same coin. The socialist coin...

The members of such groups are often criminals themselves or, associated with criminals. They make use of a whole black market for illegal gun sales and drug smuggling to get weapons "off the books" and don't care if legal gun owners face legal restrictions, restrictions they are going to ignore any way. So when Antifa acts up, so will Black Lives Matter and many socialist or communist related groups. The Alt-Right (as in Alternative Right) is just the left-wing posing as the right wing. A 5th column if you will for the right.

The problem with the Right-wing is that it is slow embrace new ideas. While the Right-Wing conservatives are a greater military threat; pro-gun, pro-conservative values like hardwork, self-sufficency and self-discipline. They are also slow to change or understand change. The left is a cluster fuck or opposing ideologies they are a greater subversion threat with few individuals who can or do present a competent military or paramilitary threat. They do adapt to change well and can do so, via using social media well. Each of these groups on the left are not very organized and each fighting with themselves, as much as the right for control.

Antifa's isn't a massive physical threat nor are their like minded paramilitary groups. However, consider that they are banking on the rest of us to play by the rules... The most likely targets for the Antifa uprising on November 4th is going to be classic soft targets like mass shootings at restaurants, shipping malls, schools and bars. They will justify their violence to push for gun control and, disarm the public even further. Remember their goal is to overthrow the US Government and, establish a communist nation. They cannot force the rest of us to accept this if we have the means to resist that force with force of our own.

What will start as groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the Neo-Nazis committing acts of violence will grow into attacks on the 2nd Amendment and the Patriot Movement (the real far right) who did not commit acts of violence even in the wake of Waco and Ruby ridge. More so, Timothy McVey who carried out the Oklahoma City Bombing of a Federal Building was reported to the Government by those same patriots.

So now we see the Alt-Right, left wing Neo-Nazis posing as the far right, to draw in and disgrace the Patriot Movement by proxy... More so, we can expect a full on attack against the 2nd Amendment and YOUR right to self-defense as an individual.

Friday, October 20, 2017

How to spend November 4th...

So Antifa has declared that they will stage "Nation Wide Protests" leading to the 2nd American Civil War. Now this coming on the heels of the Tragedy in Las Vegas and the Antifa connection, which may be a bit premature as I and have heard the Las Vegas Shooter may have been an FBI informant who was selling said firearms to members of ISIS who knew he was an informant.

This means the ISIS claim to credit was legitimate and, that the Antifa claim was "wishful thinking." However, it does show a desire to commit violence among the Antifa group. So while I will not say Antifa won't stage their "little event" in hopes that others will commit criminal and violent acts to begin what they term the second American Civil war... I doubt it will be the event they claim it will be...

More so, you have to understand where this strategy and its goals leads us. To do this the study of Warfare, particularly guerrilla warfare needs to be addressed. First let us be clear Antifa has declared themselves a militant arm of The Hack-ivest group Anonymous in the past and, Anonymous has outright denied them, their agenda and Antifa's tactics here. So there is two things against Antifa... 1. A history of resorting to the use of and, support for, violence to push a political agenda and 2. Propaganda, lies to gain support for their use of violence.

So Antifa will use violence, I have no doubt about it. They will praise anyone using violence against anyone they see as an "enemy."

Now allow me to Cite Che Guevara; Guerrilla Warfare: A Method.
"We consider that the Cuban Revolution made three fundamental contributions to the laws of the revolutionary movement in the current situation in America. First, people's forces can win a war against the army. Second, it is not always necessary to wait for all conditions favorable to revolution to be present; the insurrection itself can create them. "

Note the statement that the 2nd fundamental contribution to revolutionary warfare is not wait for the conditions to be right but, that one can create the situation...
 .  bbq mcg How does one create the situation?

Allow me to quote the answer from the cited text above;
"These dictatorships carry on within a certain “legal” framework. 
M adjudicated by the.  
Tv'selves to m their work 
Nthroughout the unrestricted period of their class domination. Yet we are passing through a stage in which pressure from the masses is very strong and is straining bourgeois legality so that its own authors must violate it in order to halt the impetus of the masses."

The answer is to use violence to force the government to violate the civilians civil rights.

So with Antifa being an organization drawing from the old Soviet Communist party, they are seeking to use violence against people to incite a government response to restore order. Thus, creating a self-fulfilled prophesy of government oppression.

But, why? To free you from the oppression they create... The reason exists even further into the beginning of the article I am citing from "This article will express our views on guerrilla warfare and its correct utilization. Above all, we must emphasize at the outset that this form of struggle is a means to an end. That end, essential and inevitable for any revolutionary, is the conquest of political power. In the analysis of specific situations in different countries of America, we must therefore use the concept of guerrilla warfare in the limited sense of a method of struggle in order to gain that end."

What to do on November 4th, basically go in with your life and allow the children to throw their temper tantrums. However, realize you are dealing with an undeclared terrorist threat, intent on sparking nation wide violence. So be high alert for potential criminal threats as well as Antifa violence. Avoid all locations where protests and rioting are taking place. Carry an appropriate legal self-defense weapon and a Bug-Out-Bag.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Las Vegas & understanding why Ninjutsu is not a martial art but, valid none the less

The last two blogs prior to this one have been focused on the Las Vegas shooting and connections to Antifa, as well as, evidence that proves multiple shooters on sight... Ninjutsu is not a martial art and, no martial art would have helped anyone survive the mass shooting that took place in Vegas.

Martial arts were originally designed for battlefield usage by professional soldiers. But, as time went on and tactics changed with technology, so did martial arts either as systems attempting to maintain a lost tradition or, as sports. Firearms, matchlock rifles made use of spear and halibred fighting techniques for the bayonets. Eventually they were they were replaced with rifles and pistols that allowed even more shots to be fired. Today some weapons hold 200 rounds and can fire 600 rounds a minutes, those these are belt fed machine guns available only to the military.

The internet has made the knowledge to build bombs, improvised firearms and so on freely and readily available. Certainly the disturbed teenage boys who killed so many in a school in Columbine didn't got to the middle east to learn to build bombs... No they got plans from the Anarchist Cookbook and built their own.

Welcome the 21st century and a new era of threats. In the new era of potential threats martial arts is generally useless, except under certain conditions. Terrorists of all stripes, criminals and the insane can learn to build bombs, improvise weapons, tactics and harm you with relative ease.

While some may scream for gun control, guns make up only a very portion of violent acts. The Muslim women who ran people over with a car did not use a gun and, the neither did Timothy McVeigh. While martial arts might help one in a fight, many people will resort to using weapons... We live in a time when knowledge has increased and with it the risks to personal safety.

More so, a valid argument against Gun Control is found in US Supreme Court Case Warren V. District of Columbia in 1981, "police have no constitutional duty to protect individuals." And was cited in 2005 in court case that was covered by the New York Times. The police do not exist to protect abd serve the community, they protect and serve the GOVERNMENT. You simply don't matter enough and,  must therefore seek to protect and defend yourself. Any martial will do and, in the 21st Century many people train in MMA and contact sport martial arts for fitness and conditioning for conflict. As most violence is Socialized Violence lacking any intent to do severe harm. Additionally they study traditional arts for history and culture and, self-defense combatives to learn effective techniques for use with intent to do serious harm. The key element is that ninjutsu is not a martial art, so it can be applied to any martial art system.

Now lets ask the real question, how can ninjutsu help you to survive an active shooter scenario? First off, ninjutsu is ancient Japanese Scout and Spycraft. Those particular skill sets address things like escape and evasion training that, stealth, survival and avoidance. What does this mean? It means that if you ignore things like mystical sakki training and, apply some educated awareness to your situational awareness. You have to realize the term "Situational Awareness" comes from the Military and, service men and women have a military intelligence network and get safety briefs from their chain of command about potential threats.

As a civilian the best you can do is use the internet, watch the news and study tactics and delevop your own emergency plans. It is not only taking personal responsibility for your safety by carrying a self-defense weapon, observing your environment, training in martial arts, paying attention to the news and information about threats online but, also knowing basic tactics for paramilitary groups, most common operations methods for groups and common tactics used by most criminals...

Now how would that have helped people under attack by a rifleman from a window in Las Vegas?
1. It would have began with answers to the following questions, answers no one would have unless they asked themselves...
* What are the most common and most dangerous threats to your safety today?
* What are the goals of those who threaten your safety?
* Am I a target by any political groups, criminal organizations or terrorist groups and why?
* What is the security where are you at?
* How will you respond in the extreme case of a serious threat?
* What are the most common and likely tactics used by those extreme case scenarios?
2. Is another simple question, what can you do about it?