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The Ninja-to: Sword of the Ashigaru

Image from & scene from the movie American Ninja

We are all familiar with the Ninja-to. The ninja sword with its square guard & short blade. History however has no record of the ninja-to & more importantly the Shinobi seldom used to run about in black garb from head to toe. While such a uniform might have been used by Ninpei or Shinobi-soldiers who specialized in scouting & reconnaissance behind enemy lines (they were the lowest form of Shinobi relying on Innin to gather information and intelligence).

Ashigaru literally means light foot & the Ashigaru were essentially peasants conscripted into a local landowning samurai. These land owning samurai Shugo-Daimyo fought each other Onin Wars and during this time many kuni ikki (provincial uprisings) allowed the rise of Sengoku-Daimyowho arise from the position of Kokujin. Kokujin (also known as Ji-Samurai or country samurai) often held the position of shugo-dai the landlords of the Shugo-Daimyo; who resided in Kiyoto and later Edo; modern day Tokyo, was a class of lords who arose out of the Shugo; governors of the Muromachi period, where the governors of lands were required to live in the Imperial Capital. Later adopting the title of Shugo-Daimyo or Governor Lords the Shugo-Daimyo administered through the Kokujin.

The shinobi during the Sengoku period were ji-samurai and many were Sengoku-Daimyo. Localized lords who claimedtheir domains from Shugo-Daimyo unable to retain control of their own forces from  distance. The common sword of conscripted peasants, low-level professional soldiers and even mercenaries who became the Ashigaru. The Shinobi agents trained in innin (even if they were true masters of the complete transmissions of the art of ninjutsu, including yonin skills) would not doubt use a common lesser quality sword rather then carry a finely crafted weapon for a particular samurai or clan. Doing such would in fact, betray the shinobi.

Let us use reason, I wish to infiltrate an enemy town posing as a merchant. Do I carry the finely craft Katana of a Samurai of my station or a plain, cheap sword befitting the image of a lowly merchant peddling hi wears? Would a high level Shinobi such as Hattori Hanzo be in the field as a scout with his finely crafted Katana or would he order out low level ashigaru/ninpei to bring him back information of enemy positions and dispositions?

The Ninja-to does not exist in history, yet it exists as a common sword made people of low status. The sword was not restricted from being worn by all but the samurai as many believe. Instead two sword, the Daito & Wakasashi were restricted to only be worn by the Samurai class.

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I am a Ninja Warrior! So does everyone keep laughing at me?

I am a Ninja Warrior! So does everyone keep laughing at me?

This blog is meant to be Satirical for comedic purposes but its also meant to engage in the reality of what ninjutsu is or isn't. It may offend some people and that isn't my goal. I say lets all just sit back and laugh at the reality of our art is portrayed.

I have always found martial arts to be a big let down. More often then not I've been drawn into the hype and found it less then what it was advertised as. Martial arts have always been seen as a joke by people on the street and in everyday life.

Take a Look at Karate as viewed by Red Fox & the Writers of Sanford & Son...
The moral narrative to the story is that Lamont wants to study Karate to be a “tough guy” and being relies on Karate to make him tougher to stand up to a bully with a reputation for violence. Its a comical look at the truth that certificates & belts do not condone any thing beyond one's ability to actually fight. Having not engaged in actual violence, many will seek a proxy for combat experience. Playing paintball is not the same as doing a tour in Iraq.

Or Jim Carry as a Karate Instructor...
A look at prearranged drills taught in many martial arts classes that use over exaggerated attacks to instill a sense of false confidence.

Ninja by ICP (Insane Clown Posse)
A whole song dedicated to every little kids dream of being a superhero and adolescents desire at having the power to change one's life in a sudden and amazing way.

The hype in Ninjitsu is, well, extreme. For years ninjutsu has been portrayed as a mix of secret killing arts, stage magic and guerrilla tactics. In truth, with most legitimate independent study coming from Antony Cummins lead Historical Ninjutsu Research Team & Historical Ninjutsu Research Team Facebook Group where ninjutsu enthusiasts can discuss history, the translated shinobi densho (written by ), show case their own experiments in using the historical information gathered by Antony Cummins.

On a more personal level, I've applied methods gathered from “fraud ninjutsu” instructors all one has to do is look my Blogs is Koga Ryu really Dead or The “Last” LastNinja to see where history & the claims of others on the internet really don't match up. As it turns out there is no proven ninjutsu lineage or tradition. So I looked at skills and basically created my own art, mixed with applications of modern US Army Infantry training. As someone said the other day in speaking with me about my art “What is more dangerous then a Ninja? A ninja with a gun.”
For the hype and hoopla about martial arts and even ninjutsu (which is actually ancient Japanese Espionage Skills & not martial arts) the reality is that it often becomes a matter of hype. Appearance is not the same as substance. You see one must always look past appearance to the substance at its core. In doing this we find many things and most people are not as they appear. A friend of mine commented on Don Roley's habitual use blogs attacking Ashida Kim, Frank Dux and I, suggesting or stating (I don't know I don't read Roley's blogs) that he consumed my every thought. Yet as I was told it seems that Roley is instead obsessed with my school and me. I kinda laughed at this comment & told dear “St. Thomas” I might quote him on that but wouldn't give his name (I don't want him harassed).

You see Don Roley, has been using false names; fake profiles and such on the internet to harass me and level complaints with none other then Antony Cummins trying to get Mr. Cummins to separate himself from me. Why? Because to Don Roley, Antony Cummins & I are his biggest competition. Antony representing actual historical ninjutsu examination and education and myself someone who openly admits I don't have a proven lineage. This same Don Roley who is more then happy to lie (once more) excluding information actual facts for more lies to get his way.

Now I very much admit that in my FullDisclosure Blog I graphically stated I did not intend to do any harm to Greg Duckworth (the West Virginia State Trooper responsible with Chrissa Kunrod of the Raliegh County Prosecutor's Office & one Theresa Redden mother of Ashley Redden; who forced Ashley Redden to give false testimony against me). Now while I very graphically explained I could have done certain things, I also stated I had no intent to do them. It wasn't a threat it was a very clearly made point: I could have killed you & still can but don't want to. I didn't make that point because I am a bad ass or ninja killing machine, I did it because I have very real enemies with very real guns and very real bullets that will kill me. I did it to draw someone into the spotlight of internet drama & ninja related childishness that is ninjutsu on the internet.

Screen shot of what I said:
As you can see, I make it clear I have a concern for my life and the lives of my friends and family. While graphic in what I could have done, I have no fear in where I draw that line in the sand. A far better men then me; my Senior Drill Sergeant in the Army once told us the story of how he broke his neck parachuting into a minefield & of how he ran out  on that same mine field to rescue four fallen soldiers. He told us this story and then asked us why he did it. Answer came back because you were a Ranger or because you were Special Forces. And he corrected us with this lesson, he did what he did because he had to do it. The Uniform is cloth, the tabs meaningless if the man wearing them depends on them to define rather then himself.
Screen shot of Don Roley lying yet again:
Once again distorting the facts t push his own agenda. Fortunately Don Roley is too stupid to see why I used him. Now Trooper Greg Duckworth of Taylor Made fame is publicly addressed on the internet, in the 3-ring circus side show we call ninjutsu on the internet. Putting a spotlight of sorts on him and keeping me a bit safer with everyone's eyes on us both. Makes it harder to make me "disappear" especially true now that a private investigator is examining my evidence and following my own investigation into the events.
He wants to be dirty Harry... but he's just dirty...
Facts remain, with the asshole above trying to kidnap me using false charges to cover up his own involvement in child pandering, drug running, illegal gun sales, drug dealing & other crimes and trying to make out to be some sort of terroristic, pedophile, sex offending-stalker (sounds a little much for me to be on a $25,000 Bond right?) who shouldn't be on the street. Being called a fake ninja (in truth we all are fakes in the ninjutsu community, I just admit it...) or crazy, (many would call me crazy just for taking a stand but if I don't who will?) isn't a concern. In fact they may be welcomed by the time this is all said and done. Other then a very hyped & graphic warning used to draw in those whom would (with their own added twists) draw my little spider above into a very public spot light, the substance is just as simplistic & just as powerful; I wanted attention on us both...
But what is the substance and what is hype here with Don Roley? You see, I find the whole Takamatsu lineage and arts less then useless. Takamatsu has forged many “tall tells” and of those who want to sit around telling them to each other to reinforce their illusions of competence and skill or boost their feelings of false security I welcome them to do just that. Only, please don't cry because I don't believe you or I think you are full of “it.” (whatever “It” is)
I address this in highlighting the problem here. Many times what people feed as hype in the advertising of a particular martial art or in general in any product is very different from what is presented. How many hamburgers look like they do in the commercials? That is the commercialism of the martial arts and with it the hype, often unfounded and many times pointless beyond selling you something. When there is a lack of substance to support the hype, those selling the over hyped product resort to lies and name calling.
It doesn't matter were you find your hype, in competition arts and sports like MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), in Reality Based Self-Defense (often with the same draw backs as any self-defense system) or in traditional martial arts espousing a lineage to some great warrior and offering you the secret skills of the “ancient order of wombats.” In the end the hype and substance must be separated. So to answer the title question; I am a Ninja Warrior! So does everyone keep laughing at me?

Because you have done nothing of substance to support your own hype. What good is a certificate in (enter martial arts here) or a trophy from (enter competition here) if you've yet to prove who you are in the face of adversity and difficulty? What does it matter how you hype yourself or your accomplishments if the substance of your character is lacking? You can be a “Ninja Warrior” but what have done with the title or is it merely something that hangs on your wall gives you a feeling of accomplishment?
The legitimacy of the claim to being a "Ninja Warrior" is based more on accomplishment & skills then lineage. One doesn't become a "Ninja" by training or by lineage, the fact that ninja is an extinct additional duty of a samurai class that became extinct with the Samurai class itself. As no ninjutsu school has a proven lineage & the only source of historical ninjutsu being the historical documents themselves, we must ask what is the direction of our training? What is the goals of our club or dojo? 
If its to sit around telling yourself you're something or someone your not because of a lineage that doesn't exist and depends on trolling internet forums for attention. You might be better off enjoying a good LARPing round of Alliance Roleplaying to feel nice and ninjery. However, if you're looking at authentic skills then get into the historical documents and experiment. As for modern ninjutsu well that's were modern technology, martial arts and the best in physical and psychological training meet real world application of historical ninjutsu to fill in the espionage base that is as unknown to most civilians like myself.

You are wht you make yourself out to be and you have to power to master your life and yourself. Ninjutsu is no different then Karate in that they are both tools. You can use a hammer to bash something or to build a book case (trust me I've done both... lol). I've met men and women who defined themselves as warriors & served their country honorably with distinction and courage in the military, I've also met people who defined themselves as warriors and fought for those who couldn't fight for themselves defending handicap kids from bullies or filling bags of dirt to build levies against floods to protect their communities. Warriors are defined by the battles they fight and worth of their sacrifices...
No battle is fought without sacrifice & this is something the warrior must accept. You can choose to fight for yourself or something more. For me the ideas of justice, honor & freedom out weigh any master on this earth. Either way the sacrifices must be worth the battles or he war, sometimes you do not get to choose the battles or the war, they choose you. In either case you must choose to fight or accept your own falling...

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There is a Difference in Knoing the Path & Walking the Path...

While the words come from a movie the Matrix, spoken by the stories mentor to main protagonist Neo a fictional character they are no less true. There is a difference between knowing the path & walking the path....

But what is your "Path."

Paths take us to many places and are often more important then were we end up. Many times people place more importance on the path then the lessons of the path. Living your life, is your choice no one can do it for you. While my life has been largely linked to the practice & sadly the politics of the ninjutsu community is a basic reality. However, as I said there is a difference between knowing the path & walking the path.

I have used my skills, addressed in various blogs how I used Chikari no Jutsu (The Art of Entering the Circle) to become familiar with the family and associates of those I am at war with in West Virginia. I abstained the direct tactic of war fir the indirect tactic until such time and place as such as it is required. However, I followed the second principle of Espionage Warfare in that I have "[Subverted] anything of value in the enemy's country. Implicate[d] the emissaries of the major powers in criminal undertakings; [to] undermine their position and destroy their reputations..." as well.

I have even applied the third principle even enlisting the aid of those who sought subvert my efforts from within using Fukuro-Gaeshino Jutsu (the art of feeding an enemy false information using a doubled agent) tactic known as Hotarabi no Jutsu; giving the enemy supposedly "secret information" via informants and snitches. As well as Karsura Otoko no Jutsu is a art of limiting the enemy's intelligence resources and spreading false information. Even using Kamigakure no Jutsu the art of seeing what is hidden by God or seeing with the eyes of god; analyzing personality types, facts and information to options to predict the mostly likely outcomes, actions and objectives. 

While some of my friends see this as negative, I do not... I am simply walking a path I was destined for. Destined is such a strange word and perhaps this is my ego speaking; as I find the likelihood of these people coming head to head with someone using my skills as an uncommon and unusual in the least. Honestly, my skills are mostly academic & in this case I am inexperienced in its application. Ninjutsu is not a path, it is not a finger pointing to the moon. Ninjutsu is the act, the means of pointing to the moon and my choice to act the finger.

It is not in my choice to act that matters, it is not how I choose to act that matters, it is in understanding that my path is reaching apex where my will is achieving results. Ninjutsu is not my path, my path is life. In my life I stand behind certain ideas; freedom, justice, honor & self-discipline. You see my outburst in Full Disclosure served several points; one of which was to excite the internet trolls whom I've already outed as spreading lies and half-truths.

The truth is Ninjutsu for the most part is a Joke...  All the cheerleading trolls deserve is a dishonorable mention and the point in past blogs outlining their lies. The reality is ninjutsu is so full of frauds because as a whole the system is full of recreations and false lineage claims. I've outgrown that but picked up a few very useful skills & have used them. My path is my own choosing. I do not believe I am simply meant to be a ninjutsu instructor & this chaos and drama serves to prove my own actions serve a purpose and seek results.

What is my path, my life... what is the goal of my life? I haven't decided, I am an adventurer. I live for the adventure & I'm perfectly happy being blow about by the wind. My path is one that I walk alone, seeking  self-improvement and to find a honorable. I desire to neither follow or be followed for the path I walk is one of my own content. However, the world is changing around us and I find that my skills and actions (even though they seem a bit silly & flamboyant) is used to draw the spiders out of the center of their webs in the shadows and expose them openly in the spot light with me on display.

Being displayed is not where one wants to be while plotting and politicking. Being on display is not where one wants to be when trying to subvert another. So don't confuse the puppet show with the puppeteers. You see I put out just enough evidence to prove criminality in the State Government. And no matter how outrageous or silly I appear its all for show...

You see this spider weaves his webs in the spot light & under your nose. Because while you're here in the spot light with me, you have more to hide then I do. After all I've admitted my faults and wrong doing... However, there is more then my life at stake & for the 8 years I've lost others have lost whole lives. For the shame & disgrace I'm supposed to feel at false charges and wild accusations, other have very real things to feel ashamed and disgraced for. The fact remains my path is to fight however I can, because others will not or cannot. My path is more important then ninjutsu or making money, my path is my own.

Knowing the path means one is not walking the path... this is called learning.
Walking the path means one is living their lives to fulfill a goal in service to forces beyond themselves... this is called experiencing.
Finally, one helps others along the path... this called being a fellow traveler/a friend.
We never reach the end of our journey until we shed this mortal coil or stop learning as human beings.

Decided what your path is and walk it... only you can decide how much your path/your life is worth. But in martial arts we get so caught up by titles like master, grandmaster & so on, that we forget its not the skills you have that define but the direction your life takes you.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Life of a Modern Ninja...

I fancy myself in my own self-deluded egoistical mind as a modern ninja; after all I seem to be fighting my battles with as much truth and airing people's dirty little secrets as I do with anything else. I know I am an egoist...

Ninjutsu is in many ways my life. You see I rely on skills (many which are not historically accurate) to survive, not as an instructor or as a writer, but in defending myself from Organized Crime (in at least two varied forms), false arrests & threats of violence under color of law.

Allow me to address some of this far more directly, I spoke to Lt. Deeds of the Office of Professional Standards 3 times about coming out & speaking to me to fine an official complaint. He either refused or in not so many words told me wasn't going to do anything, and finally threatened me with pressing child pornography charges; (Sorry BlogSpot is being anal retentive at the moment). This occurred before I handed the March 2012 complaint...

Now lets look at my complaints prior to being charged with child pornography;
March 2012 complaint to Lt. Deeds

Now I gave Lt. Deeds a chance to do nothing and make excuses, I did just that & after handing him proof misconduct and making an argument for the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree doctrine. Trooper Efrid claims a 2nd Search Warrant in the Arrest warrant which wasn't filed until April 14th 2012 the day after I threatened to go to the Superintendent the day before; April 13th 2012. 

March 2012 complaint to Capt White: Head of Professional Standards

Now as one can tell I was in contact with Capt. White's office by phone and given his insistence on using the chain of command, despite his investigators refusal to do anything regarding the evidence given to Lt. Deeds. Thus, I preemptively filed a complaint describing my concerns that Capt White would do nothing to the Superintendent to the State Police.

This all prompted a second series of letters & complaints Dated April 13th 2012 the same day I threatened to go to the Governor & Superintendent on Lt. Deeds and Capt. White for their silent condonement of criminality carried out by the West Virginia State Police and even attempting to silence it.

Lt Deeds 2nd Letter:

Now if you notice I rub it in that they exposed themselves so easily. In fact, having a recording between me & Lt. Deeds sent to Capt White (if the recording didn't work it was on Capt White to investigate my allegations; as such an allegation in writing and on say YouTube or in a public forum only discredits the integrity & authority of the West Virginia State Police Office of Professional Standards.

My Arrest April 19th for an Arrest Warrant Filed April 14th the day after I prepared the paper work and threaten to go to Capt White's Superior only served to highlight an ongoing pattern of harassment & criminality.

Add to this the Letters from Southern Regional Jail, highlighting the lack of investigation and evidence that should have been part of an investigation. after all they are investigating a crime or an alleged crime right?

Lt Deeds SRJ Letter:

Capt White SRJ Letter:

Now its important to realize right from the get go, that I addressed the 2nd Search Warrant to Capt White of Professional Standards from within SRJ. In the above letters. This is the same Search Warrant mentioned in the Criminal Complaint for at a June 11th Motions Hearing which was the focus of the two videos below.

And Addressed by Assistant Prosecutor Pat Lamp as not existing in the Above (top position) video but described in the Criminal Complaint he did give us as pat of iscovery, and was thoroughly discussed by Trooper Efrid at my Preliminary Hearing which Magistrate Massey claims he recorded yet disappeared.

Arrest Warrant & Criminal Complaint:

Complaint to Governor Earl Ray Tomblins:

1st Governor SRJ Letter:

2nd Governor SRJ Letter:

Have you seen the "the Ninja's Strategy" hidden before you yet? (Sounds ominous but is completely BS for drama & humor lol)

Sure its there, you see by giving them information that allows those mentioned to cover it up, conceal it and lie openly in court (such as Pat Lamp saying the 2nd Search Warrant doesn't exist even though its named in the criminal complaint), I display a pattern of bad faith that reveals not only Troopers Moore, Marsh, Palmateer, Duckworth, Efrid & Lt Deeds as being corrupt and criminally intended to abuse their authority but we also have Christine Keller, Mary Jennings, Massey, Judge Hutchison, Pat Lamp an others.

Quite simply, I was allowing them cover up evidence knowing there were several ways in which those elements would have been on record. Missing records only show the depth of a criminal conspiracy in an attempt to cover up the criminal actions of the Officers. Most importantly, by sowing actions taken in "Bad Faith" to conceal evidence and falsely seek a wrongful conviction with no intent seek justice as per Brady v Ohio. This serves to create my defense, pre-emptively so, for my need for self-defense against false arrest, assault & battery and kidnapping under color of law.

To do this I had to allow myself to be assaulted, falsely accused and allow my name to be slandered. I have, however managed to establish 3 simple facts that's cannot be avoided;
  1. Court records are either magically Missing or Sealed after I addressed them in court before a WOAY reporter while giving testimony on the stand...
  2. Several accidents have occurred such as a Clerical Error that revoked by right to a jury, my preliminary hearing before Massey goes missing after I name several corrupt members of the Raleigh Count Judicial System in a 8 page statement to Police and entered onto file at said Hearing (referenced in a Judicial Ethics Complaint) which creates a general distrust for the Government of Raleigh County & the State of West Virginia.
  3. Add to this complaints even sent to Booth Goodwin in response to Lt. Deeds trying to pass te buck, in an attempt to have Federal Prosecutor's try me without the evidence they were secretly withholding. When that did happen they had to charge & try to cover their asses with the 2nd search warrant claim until I addressed evidence tampering being associated with it.
Statement to Booth Goodwin Federal Prosecutor:

Quite simply, all the corrupt government of this state can do is falsely charge me, lie to conceal their own faults & rely on the slanders like Phil Elmore, Don Roley & Baron Shepard to defame me. Hoping it will distract me from them & keep me trying to defend my name. However I'm addressed this in the Internet Experts, Bujinkan Lies, Open Letter to Jonathan Russell & If you get proven a liar get your friends to lie for you Blogs. The facts remain the evidence & lack thereof speaks volumes...

And in both cases I simply employed the Ninja Arts of Fukuro-Gaeshi no Jutsu, specifically the Strategic tactic of Hotarabi no Jutsu; feeding the supposed "secret information" to get them to act in a way that furthers your plans. You see, the worst thing anyone can do is believe their own propaganda about the enemy because I just let you all bury yourselves. What you thought I depended on you to uncover your own corruption and wrong doing? Oh yeah, I did just not like you expected!

Updated Information 8-26-2013: Sorry for the delay but had issues getting the audio to upload.
So now we see why I addressed Baron Shepard, Phil Elmore & Don Roley directly in this, they were the propaganda artists helping to spread the false image of who I was created by the local police. Once they were exposed for what they were; liars and frauds making slanderous and false accusations. They proceeded to defend themselves the only they could. Attacking those I associated with even if every so loosely & parroting what I had been charged with without any regard for the evidence.

But lets look at where this started and what the West Virginia State Police thought to cover up; the search warrant was signed by Magistrate Mary Jennings... keep in mind I've never been charge with terrorism.

Now its vitally important we address three things;
  1. The material about making "pipe bombs" was on Thomas Keller's computers...
  2. Thomas Keller said I had planned to "Blow up" Beckley &...
  3. That Thomas Keller had called the police; thus the "responded to" statement otherwise the officer would have been "dispatched to."
 Now in Thomas Keller'sown statement he says the officer came to him, in the Search Warrant its says Thomas Keller had Terroristic Computers on his computer and said I had an intention of blowing up Beckley? Strange how they happened? Yet, I have not been charged with a terrorist threat. As exposed above and in previous blogs as well as this one (examine The Ninja: Understanding Strategy & Tactics) there is a serious issue with the official paperwork not matching the statements made by the prosecutor in court. Or those of Lt. Deeds the Investigator for the West Virginia State Police Office of Professional Standards.

In the face of the evidence all my detractors can do is sit behind false identities on the internet and bark like toothless dogs. Even when I call out Trooper Greg Duckworth, showed him where he lived at in Beaver. Greg Duckworth who is personal friends with the Reddens, attends church on Table Rock Rd, less then 3.5 miles from Nelson Redden Road & less then 3 miles from the Kirks house (also having attended their church on Scott Ridge Road) Brianna Lane is approximately 9 to 10 miles depending on route from the Lillys on Rabit Run Road, including Michelle Jennings-Lilly daughter of Magistrate Maryanne Jennings. The Lilly's just over 8.5 miles to Nelson Redden Rd & 1.6 Miles to Scott Ridge Rd. All using Google Maps

This is my life, seeing moves before they are made and convincing others to make the moves I want them to in order to stay one step ahead of survival. Afterairing out ceratin facts like this little group association; I prompted none other then Amanda Kirk (mother of Leah Kirk) to post comments on my YouTube account;

Now if you noticed, as I addressed to Mrs. Kirk, she was more concerned with being known as a friend of Police Officers then accused of pimping out her daughter. Well I'm sure those she pimped Leah out to, won't volunteer information nor will her husband. However, the close proximity to each & associations admitted by Mrs. Kirk to Darrell Lilly (and thus his wife Michelle Lilly daughter of Mary Jennings) is enough to raise a conflict of interest.

Notice John Lilly (son) & Damn J Lilly (son)? That's John Nathan Lilly & his brother DJ. Darrell Lillies sons with his ex-wife Pam Lilly. The same John Nathan Lilly who jumped me & who made threats over facebook.

Course what really matters is this;
My Arrest Warrant with Criminal Complan for Child Pornography...

And proof of my Alibi, on February 25th 2011 I was in Southern Regional Jail waiting on a bond revocation hearing that I wasn't released from until February 28th 2011...

You see I've spent 8 years fighting for my life, more so in the last 3 then ever before but I don't let this constant pressure break me. I am stronger because I know I'm stronger because of it. While my name has been disgraced and I've lost more then I will ever get back; time and peace of mind (lets face it in my Nietzschean & Machiavellian mindset I won't have peace of mind until any of you are no longer a threat, even potentially), money is of no concern. Power is a matter of perception and I have a perception you can't grasp.

An awareness that well to quote Machiavelli "Men honor titles, titles do not honor men." Meaning your position is nothing without yielding to the power it claims to hold. Without "respect" for the symbol it have no power. Which means my "threats" (actually just a graphic way of stating I have no intention of harming you) served three purposes;
  1. It got the cheerleaders foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs... yet since it didn't convey an immediate threat of harm it would be a "false arrest" and perfectly able for me to resist. Drawing more attention to the facts I addressed. Well at least the Tooth fairy & the Easter Bunny weren't involved... like FBI Agent Mike Yansik.
  2. It grabbed everyone's attention... Hell calling me into court is just going to prompt a misdemeanor charge, which without an immediate threat will get thrown out without me even paying bond & would make any actions taken in self-defense perfectly legal. So I could technically hurt someone, and wile I'm admitting to tricking you into breaking the law, you have the option to do nothing knowing you'd break the law. Kindof murky ground isn't it?
  3. I make you look weak either way, people laughing at you whether to your face or behind your back, the thought running through your mind that people who see your face on Billboards or on your CD covers in Little General is going to eat you alive Greg. Its because you have no power, no strength of will except that which you get from having others on your side. Me I am myself, I don't need "back up" or a "badge" to claim any power except the power of my own will.
You see, if people believe I am weak I a happy... The best way to hide strength is to act like a weakling, always trying to prove your strength. Strength isn't measured by size (I'm 5'4" 4 inches below average height) or muscles... Strength isn't measured in gear, guns or equipment I have none of those. Strength isn't about skills or training... Strength isn't money or political influence. Strength is mental toughness. Resolve.

As much as you may hide your anger from those around you they can all see it. Somewhere inside yourself you know I'm coming for you; may be not in a physically violent way, may be not simply limited to a law suit, may be both or neither. May be something else...

You see I'm the Hunter here; ever mindful of the fact I'm dealing with a dangerous animal and that it can turn on me at any moment. Of course I'm also mindful of the fact, that you've involve others ad dragged a lot of others into this mess. See I act alone, I stand alone and in the end I will fail or succeed alone. You need your pack of toothless dogs pretending to be wolves but resembling more a pack of barking rats. You've just gave me the fight I always wanted; one were I don't have to hold back; Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, Survival, Propaganda, Strategy & Tactics even on a socio-political level.

Course this all just Psychological warfare isn't it? Me airing your dirty laundry and "pushing your buttons" all the while you're plotting your next move & are distracted from my move in this game. Tell where you relying on me not having the criminal complaint through discovery and Pat to deny it existed or do you have something else? Oh of course your not going to tell me, most likely you don't have a plan yet? I know you'll get Ashley to try to sweet talk me right?

Oh right even WOAY brought the "He raped me" claims of Ashley Redden's even though I was never charged with rape. Isn't that lying on the stand...? Oh what a tangled web you weave, my, my... You know my story hasn't changed in all these years.