Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Interview with "American Shaolin" Chris Friedman

 I am going to welcome Chris Friendman to my Blog he has written a one book for Shadow Warrior Press and revised and improved it before self-publishing it in China and offering it directly on Amazon, trained in Shaolin Kung-fu in China, as well as, other Chinese martial arts. He also writes for JetLi.com and a kung-fu magazine. You also offer a travel service to train in Kung-fu in China as well. Not to mention other styles of martial arts here in the states... Thats certainly a list of accomplishments, is there anything I left out?
Hi Ron well I am now embarking on the role of a novelist writing my first novel in the true crime genre.

Now I was thinking of not putting you on the spot but, no... The hell with it, I am gonna put you on the spot. You used to train in the Bujiinkan, as well, didn't you?
Yes, I trained in Bujinkan for about seven years. During that time I also crossed trained in several style. I have always used free sparring as part of my training and as most know traditionally in the Bujinkan they don’t spar, as part of their training. So I would train in systems like Sambo and Judo during that time. I reached the rank of Shodan then, transferred over to the Chinese arts. I was always slightly more interested in the Chinese culture and, liked the idea of having many solo drills and routines to do as part of my training.

Now you've seen the bad with it and I am not ask you about it. Its been discussed publicly on Facebook and privately. I am not going to beat a dead horse. Your instructor was a pretty amazing guy and you talked about him in your book, would you share that story?
Several of the Bujinkan instructors I trained under worked in security and law enforcement. One worked as a guard in Rykers Island and told many stories of using the stuff in real life. There were a couple of other instructors they had brief brushes with adversaries on the streets also with interesting stories to tell.

Now to be honest, I wanted to get that story out there because regardless of the art, he seemed like a very good guy and a highly skilled martial artist. I want to use him as an example of what the good Bujinkan Instructors look like...

So can we agree to leave all that under the bridge and talk about you and China?
Well, that particular instructor was very humble and friendly. He obviously had a lot of real life experience and, was not puffed up with false prestige. Sure I love to share my adventures here with anyone who is willing to listen.

Now, lets start with why you went to China? And how long you been there?
I always wanted to train in Asia. I grew up watching kung fu movies on channel five. I would put on a karate gi after and, go into my backyard in Long Island, New York do kata and imagine I was one of those guys in the movies. I got my first chance to take a two week trip there to train. Loved it, met a friend while there and, made the plan. I have been living here about eleven years already.

What is it like coming back to the US when, you have been living in China so long?
I feel really nervous. The people their behavior everything. The thing that makes me most nervous is how easy it is to get into a conflict with people in the states. Very different from China.

Have you met Jet Li yet? What's he like?
I never met Jet Li. I did do some extra work on films in the past but, never got to meet any of these big wigs.

 What are your instructors like in China?
They have all been really nice and open with me. I will only train with teachers whose personality suits mine. That goes for in the states as well. I don’t need a Master to tell me how to live sleep and eat. Just someone who is friendly easy going and willing to teach me what I’m looking to learn.

Now you wrote an article for this blog, detailing the differences in how the training in China is so different from the US would explain that here?
In the states there is more real life violence. Here they fight as in Sanda but it is mostly for a living like a job. Very few people get into fights on the streets here. The motivation is different. The basics are very solid in China, they have more patience and discipline you can say. Also usually there is less cross training. The country isn’t as open as in the US. Both are good and have their benefits.

So the Chinese arts you have studied do stress Sparring Correct?
Since I have been in China I have studied three system each has its own story. Baguazhang in Beijing. I took private lessons and every once in a while I would have a partner and do some application. As far as I know his group classes didn’t spar. Back in the state where I did Bagua Zhang they spared every week, and did special drills as well. Shuai Jiao (Chinese wrestling) which is  like a very aggressive version of Judo, where you wear short sleeve jackets and, very aggressively grab yank pull and throw each other. I trained with professional fighters the majority of the time and, the wrestling sparring was very rough. I got my ass handed to me weekly.

Within Songshan Shaolin all the school do Sanda as part of their curriculum. School levels in Sanada vary. I train once a week with full time Sanda fighters and, also spar with my traditional Shi fu students. Sanda is like most other forms of kickboxing but, also has throws. I also had a couple of real incidents but, we can save those stories for another time.

And how do they feel about Grappling? They are not all limited to just striking as seen in many forms of competition like Sport Karate?
Sanada has throws but, many schools these days seem to be neglecting them and, focusing on purely kickboxing aspect of it. Qin Na which has always been an integral part of Shaolin and, other styles of kung fu, has become very rare around here. Luckily I have found an old school teacher that knows the stuff well. Qin Na has all kinds of locks holds and escapes, even some ground fighting.  The Baugua Zhang had lots of locks escapes and thows, but no ground fighting. Shuai Jiao was all throws.  One of my Shuai Jiao coaches went on to become a MMA fighter. Because he came from a Shuai Jiao background when he began to cross train in BJJ, he picked it up real quick. He is a Beast on the ground weighs 125 pound and, can just destroy me on the ground and I’m 170 pounds and, was at one time a decent ground fighter.

So you've read the Shadow Warrior version of World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets, what are your thoughts on the Book in general?
Very interesting read. Count Dante was quite the character. I heard he was a very good fighter so there is no disputing the guy had skills and, was tough. I don’t agree with his philosophies. Firstly, in my opinion, martial arts are more than just fighting and, if you learn to control your mind and emotions you can not only avoid many fights but, improve health. I think if you had an option of using your martial arts to live a long healthy life or, a reckless dangerous one, the former is better. The fact that he died young and, even one of his students were killed says something about this point.

How about Count Dante and, his view of martial arts and racism in the martial arts?
I agree with him on that point. Prejudice suck and is evil in any shape or form. To fight against it is righteous and courageous.

Did you have any experiences with Racism in the Martial Arts, in China?
It is very subtle and sneaky form. They won’t come out and, say something but, they are very insecure around foreigners as they call us here.  Especially, around their woman. As far as martial arts training no. On the contrary my teachers have been very happy to have such a dedicated and, sincere student.

 I would say when have grown a lot more beyond that here in the US, wouldn't you?
Both have been important parts of my growth. I had a wild up bringing and, now to be in the strict environment of Chinese life style helps to balance things out. But, for people growing up in China it is like they are in a bubble. They are very limited to what they experience and, know about the rest of the world. I also am very grateful to have lived in another country, it teachings me a lot, to see things from other perspectives.

 In fact, I think the world of martial arts has opened quite a bit in our life times. I mean we have experienced a flowering and, openness to be able to learn martial arts as we have in the years since Dante's time but, we have also seen a rise in frauds and invented lineages as well... But, have you seen the same patterns as well in China?
In China if someone creates a new branch of an existing style, for example my Bagua Zhang teacher did. It comes from the traditional stuff and, not some imaginary linage. But that is my only experience with that subject. There might be people in China making up lineages. I don’t even really think making up a style is so bad, if the artist is gifted, the problem is they often lie about the history to seem more legit.

Now these adventures, seems the only word which comes to mind, you sell. Allowing people to come to China and train there, is amazing. I mean its living the dream for many martial artists... Its not just site seeing, its hard style training. Very serious stuff right?
Yes, the training is hard but you can do as much as you feel comfortable with. Many student here are young and, train full time so if someone older and, don’t train for a living, they will understand the fitness level won’t be the same. So it will be up to the student to decide how hard they want to push their bodies. If someone comes to train with us, they can learn Shaolin Basics, forms, empty handed and weapons, sanda (kickboxing), two man conditioning drills, qin na self-defense, shi suo (a traditional tool similar to a kettle drum), meditation and qi gong (health qi work). Or they can choose to specialize in any of the mentioned skills.

 In fact, the Chinese have a different view of rank don't they? How do the Chinese view rank in a martial art?
It varies and, if it is a government run organization, they have pretty formal ranks but, I never went that route so can speak much on it. With my teachers it is usually student and instructor. I have reached instructor level and, been certified by two of my Shaolin Shifus already. The term master is a tricky one, usually it is a term used by others who respect your level. Of course these days people call themselves "master" and, put it on their business cards even in Asia. I prefer the term Shifu which is just used for martial arts teachers. I have had a few foreign guests here call me Master, which is flattering but, I don’t take it too seriously. I never heard my teachers call themselves master either. I also don’t like calling anyone master because I practice Hinduism and, that is a term reserved for God.

 In fact, I am very late in getting this interview up... So I have to  cut it short, which is a bad thing... In any event, I would like to thank you for Interview and, want to ask if there is any links to your articles with Jetli.com, Shaolin Tai Chi Magazine and other sources so readers can follow you online?

Ah yes my YouTube channel and my latest article on JetLi.com, A Day in the Life of a Shaolin Foreign Disciple.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

For everything there is a Season

Well I mentioned the surprise and secret fight with the MMA fighter... Completely stunned a lot of people but, really don't matter...

See it provided a platform for talking about God. I often call certain martial arts groups cults. And they certainly exist within the martial arts community. However, tomorrow is March 5th. The last day for Kristen Keller to respond to law suit, I was told by my detractors would never be served... Until it was served.

I am no prophet but, I was shown God's will because I asked God to show it to me. I know this shocks people but, eh... Your belief or unbelief is not mine to be concerned with. I am here to convince of God's will or, even his existence. That is between you and the God to work out between the two of you.

I can only show what God has shown me or, more importantly... What God has done through me, I can take no credit for anything. No more credit then a hammer can take credit for the work of the craftsman.

I don't expect people to understand why I can basically lose everything and have faith in God. To be honest, sometimes its very hard. I have come to accept two things, 1. That I am were God wants to be for the reason he wants me to be there and 2. That I am fit to serve his will... But, that is why I am here doing just that.

See if I was fit to serve God's will, I would be the person who gets the credit, when it is God doing the work. Does that make sense to you? It is no surprise that I speaking of God, the first edition Black Dragon Ninjitsu has a reference to God and every subsequent edition as well... The hardest thing for me to do is to do nothing, I am my own worst enemy in that regard.

Why am I evem bothering to rype this up for you to read? Probably because right now I am doing nothing... On the way back from Florida my alternator went out, had to drive from autoparts store to autoparts store getting the recharged.

At one point I was getting off the interstate at an exit, one of three that were all camp grounds. And I said, "Its gonna be fine. God will look out for me." As I was coasting down the off ramp onto a mainroad with no street lights and nothing around me but forest, the road dipped and everything was black night. My head lights were even dying on me. But, coasting out the dip I saw the orange flashing lights of a fire stone truck... The driver was there dealing with someone else's trailer that had gotten a flat tire and, wasn't just willing to help me, but charged my battery for 30 minutes with the Jumper cables.

Now some people say it was luck and, it might have been but, who is to say "luck" wasn't God's will. I honestly believe that, my life is weird and bizarre, that there has to be more to it then just me. Faith is a hard thing to have and, it is even harder to keep... Especially, when your life is falling apart. There isn't really anyone I know, who can relate to me and my experience in life. And, I have to believe that my life in that regard serves a purpose...

I just don't always or completely know what that is... All I know is, tomorrow is the last day for Keller to respond. So far she has not &, silence is an admission of guilt... A $25 Million Dollar admission of guilt.
Last updated 03/02/2018... 
That was Friday.
So here is my question, what does everyone think they will say if and when, Kristen Keller doesn't answer and, doesn't explain why she violated WV Code 27-6A-2 (b) does that mean I am right and that she falsified evidence... Or is it just $25 Million Dollar luck? If she mailed a response and it shows up post marked before tomorrow what happens next?

Monday, February 26, 2018

I present to you a question of faith...

So once again, MMA fighters become the factor. Since I am making a prediction about events and with it comes a planned secret video. I fight with a local MMA fighter, no holding back and very little rules.

How is it a secret if I am telling you? Well, I met this man at buddy Tim's birthday party and kept fucking with him all night. Yeah I was drunk but, I saw this man for what he was. My end... He can and will put me down and I have to straight up admit it... This isn't some Icy Mike bullshit where he isn't going to give it his all and, I will get fucked up.

God has designs for this man and, he is a man on fire. He is the kind of man who isn't old enough to buy alcohol &, still deserves to be called a man. Well the video is a secret because we drunkenly agreed to fight each other. It will be filmed and, we hold onto the footage. He might be a chance to rekindle my dying embers of fighting spirit and faith. Which is why I really want to fight him. Now, this is a full tilt fight without anyone holding back. The fight hasn't happened yet but, so the video doesn't exist... Yet.

But, it will...

My predictions and my secrets are already here:
Last updated February 25th 2018... Started on the 24th and then I left my phone at Timmy's. I saw him and, knew God sent him to me. Never met him before, that night but, yeah thats my guy. Same size and build as me, bigger then Icy Mike and about the same weight.

This is simple proof I can bang and, with someone who isn't holding back. Why? Because, Icy Mike held back and, as much as it was an insult to him that I didn't even try to fight back... It was just as much an insult he didn't give it his all... Ah but, this man. This man, is not going to insult me or himself.

Why am I saying this?

The one, thing I never questioned about this man... His faith. I don't question it now, I know better and, I didn't question it then. No, I have faith in him. I have faith in the God who sent him to me...

Just I have faith in the other trials and tasks put before me;
And, this fighter who's name I haven't mentioned. Don't worry, I don't have to, he is another "better man then me type." A hero type, a grenade jumper, if I ever saw one.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Incoherent Ramblings and Rantings. Waiting to get Everything Rolling.

So I am sitting here... Waiting. The Raleigh County Prosecutor Kristen Keller has been served and has until March 5th to make a reply or, I win $25 Million Dollars by default. Upside, I get $25 Million Dollars... Downside, I don't get to expose all the corruption in West Virginia to Federal Authorities...
Oh, the problems I face... However, many of you might not know this but, I am not an advocate for violence. Sure I own a gun and, I have every intent to use it in self-defense. In one case, as I already discribed, I used it to defend myself against a drug addict and police informant. Did I go to jail or, surrender my weapon to police when I shot them?

Nope. Didn't shoot them, didn't have to even draw the weapon. A verbal altercation involving a threat to use a knife was ended by my own threat display to use a gun. This is an example of the comcept of Social Violence and Conflict Interaction Theory in Street Focus Jujitsu, where by there are four reactions to conflict and that interaction was ended at the Posture or Threat Display Phase.
All thanks to my lovely little friend here. Now my comments section is flooded with unapproved comments that just gives me a little giggle, daily as I read from trolls and haters losing their minds at me owning a firearm...

When I bought it the ATF made me wait 3 days...
My unboxing behind Pizza Hut waiting on pizzas.
And my test firing it at trash in a Creek.
Oh, and just to rub salt in the wounded pride of the trolls amd haters. I even posted a copy of the sales receipt on Facebook. I know my cyber stalker haters and trolls will have no doubt seen it there as well. See below...
Well here is the long and the short of it... I have posted my evidence multiple times and, it is found right here along side the mention of one of the Unnamed Cyber Stalking Trolls.

That evidence and why I am legally allowed to own a gun is West Virginia Code 61-5-27. 61-5-27 Fraudulent Legal Filing, Fraudulent Legal Process and so on... Its rather long and I will let you read the link... Is why I can own said firearm and why I am waiting on Kristen Keller to reply to lawsuit summons.

Her own actions violated WV law. The false information given to Dr. Miller produced a false official document, a fraudulent filing, which lead to fraudulent official proceedings. And making all resulting fraudulent proceedings a felony charge.

More so, this overlaps with 18 United States Code (USC) 242; Deprivation of Civil Rights under color of law and civil code in which I am suing Kristen Keller, 42 USC 1983.

Funny thing, losing in court could result in Felony charges for Mr. Keller. Not answering the Summons and losing the law suit does not. However, fighting the lawsuit can cause a situation where Kristen Keller faces up to 10 years in federal prison.

So all the trolls can do and rant and rave incoherently in my comments section, make empty threats and blog about me... Each time making me giggle as I sit here waiting. Twittling my thumbs at the self-satisfaction of Winning.

Am I an Ego driven Narcissist..? Probably. However, all that I am doing is what God made for me to do, all that I have is what gave me and all that I am is what I am because of the creator who made me. Maybe it is my ego that makes me believe the Creator of Universe, gifted me with great friends, teachers and mentors to allow me to craft a fine and elaborate spiders web of activity and influence. Or, maybe it is the truth I hold in my heart. That I can do all things in Jesus Christ's name.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Heart & Soul of America: Gun Control Vs Personal Responsibility

The crux of any moral arguments for gun control is simply this... Government interventions verses personal responsibility. Now like so many Americans I dismayed and mournful of thoae killed in the Florida School shooting...

I have been quiet on the issue because, out of respect for the grieving families, I do not wish to politicise the tragedy. However, I am also an American who has been victimized by the legal system, false arrests and false allegations. My detectors are busily trying to defame me and, interfere with a present law suit against Kristen Keller for fabricating evidence... All this has been shown to the world here on this very blog.

Guns are not a problem with America. Americans are a problem with America, all colors, religions and philosophies are an issue with country. Not because of right or wrong but, because of a lack of personal responsibility.

Under U.S. common law standards the police have no duty to protect you the individual. Nor, do police have a duty to protect the public in general. Think Inam wrong research Warren Vs District of Columbia. Yet through the laws, schools have become a killing field for our nations children because, it is a gun free zone. That is all fine and good for the law abiding citizens but, nit for the criminals who violate the law anyway.

We have come to live our lives so caught up with self service that we fail to see what is happening to our fellow man. We expect government and laws to do what we should do anyway... Take care of ourselves and, act with our own moral responsibilities.

I say this because the Government, the FBI dropped the ball multiple times in regard to Nicolas Cruz and, lives he stole in an act of violence. Allowing anyone else, including all to human and all to humanly flawed government, to take responsibility for us is a crime against ourselves.

The debate over guns can be summed up this... Who is responsible for your personal safety? If you say you, then you need to get yourself into a good self-defense class and, if you say the government you are denying your responsibility as an adult.

I understand guns make some people nervous. So does a dark skin tone, if we allow the media and movies to paint all darker skinned Americans by roles and statistical averages. However, we do have a right to use our guns against our own government. That is why the 2nd Amendment was written and why the 1st Amendment gives us free speech, freedom of press, freedom to assemble and freedom to petition the government for redress of grievances. All steps to be taken before the gun is needed.

As someone who has dealt with abuses of power and false charges, I have no issue telling you I am not a blind supporter of the police. However, I also have acknowledged that police officers have a very difficult job.
As a gun owner, I feel the need to be armed at almost all times. And I have even described instances were Police Informants have threatened me and being armed was a deterrent for further violence. And, I have a particular fear of the Brotherhood of Blue and, way they can paint you a fiend on paper.

But, ultimately personal responsibility is the deciding factor. How we choose to deal with people, rather then how we let our emotions and fear judge events for us. As a gun owner, I take personal responsibility for my safety and self-defense. As an individual, I choose how I will respond to events and, not let events decide for me.

The real issue isn't guns but, people. Its the hearts and minds of society so drunk on our self importance and narcissism we stop caring for our fellow man but, we have stopped caring for ourselves. We have become a society lost in our self-importance that we fail to see the value of others.

No law, no taking away of guns will fix what is truly broken... The American Heart and Soul.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Message to DOJ: Screen shots

The following is a list of screen shots revealing my message to the Department of Justice concerning the level of corruption and criminality in the Raleigh County Court System and various Police Departments within the state of West Virginia...

It was successfully sent but, what did I say... Read yourself, this lawsuit is only the tip of the iceberg for what I want, a formal investigation, into Raleigh County WV and other countries... I am not alone, there are others with similar stories wanting to know when swamps

Monday, February 12, 2018

Second Open Letter to Donald Trump...

So, I sent one e-mail to the Whitehouse and even published the text on this Blog.


And its getting a lot of attention, even sparked my own God Sisters to jump put and defend Ron Jennings, and Mary Jennings based on a small bit of currently proven false information, concerning someone claiming to be Mary Jennings son "Chris Jennings."


What they ingored was the fact, that (a) they admitted to a personal friendship with the Jennings family, (b) to social club interactions through the American Legion and (c) my own personally witnessing of corrupt and criminal behavior in the court room from former Magistrate Mary Jennings, in that she allowed Ashley Redden's mother to physically abuse/assault her to give false testimony. So why they trying to use one bit of false information to discredit everything I witnessed and can be proven with a transcript of case number: 08-MAP-4-H

False testimony and coercion admitted to by Ashley Redden admitted to on the stand before Judge Hutchinson, case number 08-MAP-4-H, and has been followed by repeated threats and harassment from the local police, following a long line harassment and attempts to conceal said case and admission by Ms. Redden of coercion.

Ultimately, boiling to this point along a series of events. In my first, Open Letter to Donald Trump I said, they falsified evidence based on information I withheld...

My computers were seized with a false search warrant signed by Magistrate Mary Jennings, using a witness who like my "siblings" claimed a certain amount of relationship with Mary Jennings. When proof was presented to Lt. Deeds from the office of professional standards, my complaint in regards to how the WVSP violated my rights and concerning evidence that the West Virginia State Police had evidence proving their "Witness" Thomas Keller, admitted on recording made by me to having been caught by me, recording child pornography...

Which he admitted to here, under oath during a interogatory in an unrelated civil case against my own land lord:

I also made a legal argument extendeding to the "fruit of the poisonous tree" docturine of the common law standard but, left out the existence of a "good faith exception." Meaning that any attempts to counter it would be addressed as anything but the claim of mistakes made in "good faith." This prompted to WVSP to violate the law and fabricate an arrest warrant against me, using my own legal argument in my complaint, layed a trap with a legal loop hole and all...

Said fabricated arrest warrant, included the mention of a second search warrant. This warrant was never supplied to me by the WV State Police or, the Raleigh County Prosecutors Office...

Allow me to first address that a copy of my arrest warrant must be supplied to me in one of three ways by WV code 62-1-4, WVC 62-1-5 & WVC 62-1-6 found on the state code site. Secondly, that it was never supplied to me & the Assistant Prosecutor Pat Lamp did in fact, state two things which are in violation of the arrest, before a sitting Judge, the Honourable Judge Kirkpatrick. These two statements were 1. That these was no mention of a second search warrant and 2. That the State Police did not a have a copy of evidence of contraband material for which I am claimed to illegally possess.

I represent a copy of the Arrest Warrant purchased by myself from the clerks office and I represent a video secretly recorded and published on YouTube of said court hearing...
Link here:
and here:
And the video is here:

Now, this is nothing as it allows me to, address the motive of the Prosecutor Kristen Keller to have fabricated evidence and the present law suit against her. As to cover all this up, the Prosecutor refused to take it to trial in accordance with the Rules of Court Procedure.

As, no evidence was ever produced but claimed to in the possession of the police when, they aquired the warrant. When I testified to this, Kristen Keller lied and falsified evidence to try to have me committed to deprive me of my right to due process. Instead she only provided me evidence she falsified court documents and evidence to conceal a prior pattern of abuses, false evidence and coercion leading back to the first hearing with Mary K. Jennings, which has no court record of the trial and, on appeal the witness Ashley Redden said she was coerced by her mother, Trooper Duckworth and prosecutor, before Judge Hutchinson.

The fact, remains that my first letter to you was meant to draw in the attention of others and prompt my "family" to highlight their involvement with these people, only goes to address depth of the corruption in the state of West Virginia. Furthermore, Kristen Keller's own actions in dismissing the Terrorist Threats case without trial has created a legal precedence in the Raleigh County courts for Resisting a False Arrest based on Bad Elk v. United States and has shown a pattern of impropriety and corruption in defense of corruption in the state.

Even my motion to Judge Berger where I accused her of violating Judicial Canon 1, and the dealing with an appearance of impropriety is seen by the sealing of documents, I wished attached, documents that were already publicly available on this blog and throughout the internet.
Here: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2018/02/it-all-ties-together-for-my-finale.html?m=1
Here: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2016/01/barron-shepard-proven-liar-and-slanderer.html?m=1
And Here: http://blackdragonninjitsu.blogspot.com/2014/12/im-back.html?m=1

Thus, by sealing those documents of evidence the judge provided grounds to be sued through the Federal government, Judicial Conduct & Disability through the US Court System: http://www.uscourts.gov/judges-judgeships/judicial-conduct-disability

My point being Sir, there is a long and tangled web of lies and deception. With my own, not being needed or fruitful without, the need to expose said corruption within the court system locally. That the transcript of 08-MAP-4-H showing that Hutchinson dismissed one count and that the reason for was the witness stated she was coerced...

So again, Mr. President, I am asking you to investigate the courts in Raleigh County and throughout West Virginia. Drain our swamp! Here is the full public access to the legal documents online and evidence of corruption.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Open Letter to President Trump: #OperationPOTUS

Ok, so P4P has this operation to try to Get President Trump's attention and see if he will Drain the West Virginia swamp.

So here is my address to Mr. Trump, I am pretty sure I am the first Ninja to try to contact you. However, here in West Virginia things are so bad, we the people of this state and not just myself are begging for your help.

You know this is the basic fact of the matter, this court case may alter everything signicantly... I mean we have a man, falsely arrested and missing court records, warrants based on lies that used information I withheld... Same way I did this to the troll crew repeatedly, I tricked cops into making mistakes... I capitalized on to develop proof of fraudulent warrants & hastely written statements. Just like I did to the troll gang...

All the information has been, sprinkled across my Black Dragon Ninjitsu blog. Now I don't care about anyone's opinions of me... Here is the deal, call me the boogie man because, I am a ninja and ninjas don't fight... Most can't fight.

But, I played them all and everything is already out in the open, so please go onto the federal court database and look up my case, Why is parts of motion sealed so you can't see it online... I already posted it on Facebook and my blog? So why bother, unless they are trying to cover this up?

So, I am asking for federal investigators out of DC, to look into this. Regardless of my manipulations of the officers, they would not have been manipulated into obvious deceptions, to prove they were making up evidence as they go along, because my little paper trail leads back to a senior FBI agent, in my area...

I am asking anyone who will to send this Trump Twitter and the Whitehouse. I am also Asking P4P to post their stories in the Comments below..

And I will send this to the whitehouse myself...

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Late Night Ponderings... The case and my continual Need to Defend Myself.

So once again, a Police Snitch threatens me with a knife... It didn't even get drawn just mentioned and threatened.

Ok here is the Story, I was at a friends. An asshole, meth head and thief and snitch basically forced his way into my friends home and tried to act friendly. Since he claimed he wanted to beat my ass a couple years ago... I asked him if remembered me?

He acted kinda friendly and then out of no where looks at me and says, "I will fucking kill you, I mean I will just slit your throat, cut your head clean off."

My reply was to look at him say "It a good day to die."

He reached for his knife and I put my hand on my gun. Then he tells me "I am serious. I will fucking kill you."

My reply was "I know I believe you but, I just don't fucking care."

This is nothing to be concerned with, it is pretty common for the police to use informants, snitches, to set up innocent people and attack people who are trying to expose this local corruption.

So here is the deal, I can easily outgun a police snitch who is a felon amd can't legally own a gun, so he carries a knife. However, since when did the criminals care about laws and legality? Its not like a criminal can't buy a gun illegally.

Then he decided to test me afterward, with a taser his meth head wife had and, was shocked at my speed in blocking and grabbing his wrist. None of this matters in the end, since it was basic Conflict Interaction Theory; he put out a threat display to claim his "alpha male" status and, I put out a threat display that I was willing to fight. He used being armed with a knife to make himself more intimidating. I had a gun and, I think I might be faster.

I am seeing a lot of snitches coming around friends and family. And, we can't exactly be open about "Get the fuck away." as these are people protected by a corrupt police and judical system to harass, threaten, set up and steal from people. They are also capable of stabbing you, performing butglaries, home invasions and even arson. And they will get a slap on the wrist or totally ignored by the police. Sometimes evidence is even lost, concealed or never collected.

In the past officers, like Beckley Police Officer Bailey, have pretended to investigate situations where their informants were working for them. So the major concern is, where is the threat and how to avoid it before it becomes a danger.

If I have to defend myself against a police snitch, I am going to be arrested without any investigation or, evidence of a crime? Imagine being attacked by some methed out, nut job with a knife and having to defend yourself only to be declared a criminal for doing so? Are my friends and family going to be harassed to keep from exposing the truth, that will bring down a whole corrupt system?

Provided the Judge Berger, does her job and turns over the evidence to a federal prosecutor, (Judical Canon #1, 2, 3 & 5) and the Federal Prosecutor actually investigates the evidence of open political corruption. I will have no other means of safety except to be armed and to maintain on constant state educated awareness of political, social, other factors including METT-TC and OKOCA in evaluating my surroundings and, and situations.

BDFS Beat Down: Koga Yang Vs Lil Billy

Ok so Koga Yang has thrown down the gauntlet to William Aguiar 3. Now Kang explained to me that William Aguiar threatened a female student of him...
Now Lil Billy Aguiar, claims to own the BDFS and be rightful heir to the BDFS. While he did file to claim trademark status for the logo, he has no proof of said organization. He is actually committing trademark fraud...

The (other) "Black Dragon Fighting Society" is clearly an attempt at sabotaging others like Grandmaster Miskel and Ashida Kim who have an actual connection to Dante and the BDFS under Dante...

When I wrote the "infamous" Classified and more famous Classified Report on lil Billy. However, he has found allies in the Bujinkan and the want to be Ninja Masters who have Bujinkan rank under the Home Study Courses.
This is a scream shot of the Bujinkan's wannabe, Self-styled Ninjitsu instructor who hasn't even passed to Godan test to be an instructor.

He removed an image of all of us together in 2010, Stoffel, Dux, Ashida Kim and me at Fort Walton Beach, Florida in 2010. Yet, these people are all in denial of their mutual association as who is the real Black Dragon Fighting Society... Everyone but, Lil Billy because, Stoffel broke away from Miskel and Ashida Kim.
William Aguiar the Third is the son of a former Chairman who ignored his other BDFS family to try to claim Dante's Legacy as his own. When no was interested lol Billy's daddy dropped the BDFS and full contact competition for "The Spa and Fitness type of Martial Arts." in other words his daddy ran a McDojo.

At one time we were all againist lil Billy and his attempts to commit Trade mark fraud. Sameless plug time, all the facts on Dante and the modern Black Dragon Fight Societies can be found here The Special Shadow Warrior Edition of Worlds Deadliest Fighting Secrets.

Monday, February 5, 2018

So I filed the Motion to get Everything going today.

I waited until February 5th to file my motion to have a court order to get everything moving...
So I posted, all this info a head of time and, made a big show of it... Then when I went to court house, the clerks had to call the judge because of the attached documents... Stuff I released here...

So the publicity did a good job of ensuring the courts took notice. The video explains everything and, I am sure the publicity had an effect on this...

So here it is that moment, when you step of the ledge and learn to fly. Already had it once but this is a new game with new players.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

How many people pay attention to the Black Dragon Ninjitsu blog...

Well some people claim no one is paying attention and, yet, others want to hide behind the lies of a corrupt Prosecutor hiding the actions of corrupt cops and, a corrupt assistant Prosecutor with ties to what is in essence the mob.

In only six short hours the Black Dragon Ninjitsu blog; Dr. Kazoo falls through, has gained almost a humdred views... Don't believe me. Look.
That is just 98 views on the Facebook page for Shadow Warrior Press alone... In six hours. That is quite interesting isn't it..?

In six hours my blog has attracted about 100, who they are individually I don't know... What I do know is the only defense Bujinkan Trolls can come up with is glad you went to Japan...
1. I do have connections to Japan and, stated this when I said The ONLY connections to Ninjutsu the Yamabushi of Togakushi have to ninjutsu is that Fujita Seiko trained with them...
2. How does one not know the same connections in Japan didn't direct me to the Japan Times article I cited in the previous blog, here...
3. I have a long history of asking hard questions... Even going so far as to indirectly point out that Takamatsu and Hatsumi have taken the time to copy the accomplishments of Fujita Seiko and other Martial artists of the time...
4. I honestly, don't doubt that Sean Askew is a bad guy or, an intentional liar. He does seem like he wants to believe his instructor and, his lineage. So he could be a victim of simple faith. We all are to some extent.

No, what is really of interest is this;
More people are observing the evidence of how, I played the trolls to show case the "Ninja Mind Control" Skills, the Tactical Ability and Strategic Thinking of all this context. I can lose to Icy Mike, not even put up a fight really &, no one cares... Because, like Icy Mike said, Ninjutsu is full of geeks who can't fight. No, one looks to Ninjutsu to be an effective martial art. We all know MMA and competitive systems have a better skill development standard and, better training methods.

All this goes back to the very motion I am sending which proves a large chunk of my case. So to all the Haters, keep hating... You just became my best commercial, no what you accomplish or, how much you acquire, you will have been an unwitting agent working for me to keep evidence brought up and a proxy by which to attack the state... To help clear my name.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

It all ties together for my Finale... Another Domino falls

The idea that all that has been said and done ends with this court battle, is not true, in the strictest sense.

I used the arguments with the online trolls to keep and information seen online. Starting with calling out Barron Shepherd for his lies about me... I used this as a point of fact for exposing his other lies... His lies don't end with me but, himself and his family as well.

William Aguiar III, named Barron's wife and Barron as defendants in his 2007 lawsuit against Ashida Kim and Floyd Webb.
Barron and his wife Wendy, were/are owners of badassfightwear.com. Yep... Barry sells MMA T-shirts. However, with all due respect to Barron, he did try to leave his family out of online arguments. Whether that was due to Frank Dux claiming that Barron was suffering from a mental illness, not wanting his wife to be involved in another law suit; this time from slander or, actually seeking to protect them from the negative effects of all this BS. I don't know and, suspect some form of all of the above.

Regardless, the link between Barron Shepherd, badassfightwear.com and Winter Haven Judo to the Blog Barron Shepherd proven a Liar and a Slanderer is seen in this blog.

The above information is thanks to Bill Aguiar and his public blogs about his lawsuit from 2007. It should be noted that Bill Aguiar, did not win that lawsuit. At the time for reasons I will explain later but, mentioned in Never Back Down, I couldn't directly attack Keller concerning her lies and falsifying evidence. Yet, I could argue the point with Barron Shepherd.

That all ended with my move to confront Barron in Florida. Except, I wasn't there for Barron. I actually drove to Fort Meyers to drop my friend Jeff off at his cousins. He joined the Venus Project. Jeff took the picture at the Welcome Center.

I wasn't committed to the Florida, fight deal but, I knew if I was there he would either see it or, not. Any fuckery would be dealt with...

Barron tried to make a show of my appearance by pretending to have challenged me and, that I didn't show up. But, that got funny as after dropping off Jeff and, hanging with Ashida Kim. Yes, we are friends... Take it how you like.

However, Micheal Black who is on my friends list, I was gonna visit and train together. But, I had trouble with my alternator on my POS Saturn and had to not make the trip. I was perfectly fine not confronting Barron. It would have been a very anti-climatic but, whoo hoo. I have better things to do then waste my time on people who prove themselves liars for their own self promotion.

I didn't give a fuck until, Duncan Saunders (also on my friends list) gave me the screen shots of Barron's Post which was mostly on this blog. Then with a few follow up points. Barron was left with his whole series of claims making posts on pages I don't even see or try to see...

Which lead to yet another, series of events at the Last BDFS seminar I attended. This lead to my current situation. Several members I regard with respect and have some faith in my methods, know what is coming. Which lead to all the drama over the last year with Don Roley and my New Years Good Bye Messages... Ending With Don's own admissions in the Comments that he had to be paid to fight me, after I accessed him of molesting his daughter, called his wife and daughter whores and told him graphic language what a "violent threat" from me sounds like, if I made a threat. Which I did not do and, after several attempts to goad me into continued drama. I stated Don's constant trolling as proof of ability to always try to prove himself, through me.

I don't have to get involved with, such drama to show how Don Roley is sputtering in place, in his anger. Manipulated into a seathing and, filled with a compulsive anger by someone he sees as inferior, to his own narcissism. Oh, to be the underdog in a fight.

Tenuki, or ignoring your opponent is a Go (Japanese chess-like game), gambit to take a future loss while establishing a final win. A reversal of fortune. This can be refered to as Kami no Itte.

This isn't continued drama... Just stating how it is. Because things are going to get wild. I am preparing a motion to the civil court to ask for three things.
1. To be armed at all times on state and federal property, relinquishing my weapon only to Federal Officers when present but, to have court permission so that I am not committing a crime to have it on state or federal property.
2. To have the flag lifted and that my case moves forward and attached be sent to the Federal Prosecutor to investigate Kristen Keller, using the evidence for the Civil Case and my testimony to the federal prosecutors office. This also might snag a Federal Judge too...
3. By filing this motion to the court I am also supplying supporting evidence of "damages" to the court. While the issue of "good faith" or "bad faith" can be addressed at trial, it shows an action that is at best criminal negligence and at worst, a capital crime; a felony that would result in life in Prison. Kidnapping...

Also, I want to ask the families and people involved in Punished 4 Protect & others to come forward in West Virginia and all my readers to write Judge Berger, your Senators, the Governor Jim Justice and President Trump himself...

Anyone and everyone who wants to bring this corruption down. Write the Federal Prosecutor to look into the Raleigh County Police and WV State Police and Local courts involvement with organized crime. Because I can prove it with just the mention of Michelle Jennings marriage to Darrell J. Lilly &, my own court records.

Because, I left mouse tracks all through the system. I tied Keller to others and, it will have a domino effect if not swept under the rug in a settlement. Because we can prove and link the Prosecutor to corruption but, we can't make the Feds or the State persue charges.

Or, can we!? Can we raise so much noise that the President and, the political parties take notice. I am standing here all alone and, I took it, as far as I can take at this point. I know I can and will win this suit... But, money and clearing my name mean nothing if this can happen to anyone else.

I have plenty of attention from the martial arts and survivalist forums. But not one person is stepping up to bring real attention to corruption. Well at least not until Punished for Protecting stood with me. Now we can bring it all down, stop the human trafficking of minors in the state and help end corruption.

And, I need us to, overload the system. The same trolls trying to attack me are trying to attack Francesca, are the same trolls looking to not see me win this lawsuit. Because, they are as corrupt as Kristen Keller falsifying evidence, the judges and cops protecting pedophiles like Robert Harry Whitmore, to get them to entrap innocent people...

I don't care if you don't like me... I don't care if you think, I am a scum bag... I don't care if you think, the worst of me. I am not asking you to buy a book or, anything... I am asking you to put your money where your mouth is. To prove you want to do something other then talk shit on the net, and drag me down because I am "a fraud." Because, if you do nothing... You are just as guilty.

You see, I am going to tell the world this story and, I am going help a lot of people. I am not looking to make myself into some big business name with all this. Because at the end of this... I am going to do what a ninja should do. Just disappear.

Though I will use whatever, resources are at my disposal to help organizations like Punished 4 Protecting to protect families and, curb as much of the human trafficking of minors under the color of law, as we can. At some point hopefully very soon, we will have a full interview with Francesca on what I know, though a partial interview has already taken place.

Simply be warned and, please understand, I will not be engaging in more online drama with these trolls like Don Roley, Barron Shepherd or Phil Elmore. I have already played that out. They will be mentioned because, through them I was able to "openly conceal" evidence against the state that everyone need to see, needed to be in the public eye and, yet didn't need to be directly aimed at the corrupt state government until the law suit was underway.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dr. Kazoo Falls Threw... Why the Bujinkan hates me... Part 2.

Ok, so this gets into the newly discovered statements accredited to Hatsumi on research cedited to Dr. Kasem...

I will address the statements below...
Now this is interesting because on Why the Bujinkan hates me... Dr. Kasem's claim to finding Toda Shinryuken's grave must now be disproven but, its also a means of discrediting any lineage claims without hard evidence.

Additionally,  I am trying to give Sean Adskew the benefit of the doubt. However, he makes many excuses for why the Togakure Ryu lineage is so disjointed and even mentions fictional characters. However, as Hatsumi stated in Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu, sold as Ten Ryaku, Ten Chi, Kinryaku no Maki in Japan, there is no written transmission of the school (also addressed in the link above), so said Takamatsu.

I can and, will, also point out that since no lineage exists beyond what Takamatsu claims, we also have to look at such claims with a grain of salt.

Take the Kobusho, which existed from 1856 to 1866, Takamatsu lived from 1889 to 1972 meaning that image of who Toda Shinryuken might be in the Why the Bujinkan hates me is not proof of anything...

For one... The Kobusho was ended 23 years before Takamatsu's birth. So this and the name of Toda would have already been established in Takamatsu's life time... As would be the presence of Toda Hisajiro as an instructor.

Secondly, Ninjutsu is not that special. Almost every Koryu system had some form of it. The formation of specific schools lf thought came during Tokugawa Shogunate period of peace. Many had no specialty originally and were established as specialists in certain areas of combat, much later in History.

Hence, why certain Jujutsu Ryu also include weapons arts like Tantojutsu, Bojutsu, Kenjutsu and Hojojutsu, yet specialise in unarmed fighting, Jujutsu.

Third, what Sean Askew is suggesting is the dumbest "Ninja Move" of all... Calling his Secret Ninja Grandfather Toda Shinryuken as opposed to Toda Hisajiro, doesn't protect the mythological ninja secret of the Toda Family...

Lets say I am enemy ninja, I look up instructors at the Kobusho. I find no Toda Shinryuken but I find Toda Hisajiro's listed as an instructor there. Toda is a family name, so maybe Toda Hisajiro is related to Toda Shinryuken? Lets investigate Toda Hisajiro's family and goings on... It is just as likely that Takamatsu, made up the name Toda Shinryuken as a source for his invented Togakure Ryu and based the exploits of Toda Hisajiro's own life.

Finally, we get to Kacem... Kacem Zoughari is a PhD in Japanese History and Culture from Paris. However, if Hatsumi's words are true and, there is no reason to doubt them at this time. Dr. Kacem Zoughari is now a discredited source with horrible stain of providing false information to support the Bujinkan Lineage and, to make money off fraudulent martial arts claims and teachings...

Why the Bujinkan hates me...

I have written numerous blogs, tearing down the lies of Takamatsu and Hatsumi. A lynch pin of these lies is the existence of Toda Shinryuken...

Now Missing master Toda has been found. Only he hasn't... Yet.
 Ok, so a man by the name of Kato, of Tennen Rishin Ryu, also a great fan of Hatsumi's (we will deal with this later) is claiming to have trained with Toda Hisajiro at the Kobusho.
 Ah... Toda Shinryuken was really Toda Hisajiro. And he taught at the Kobusho for 3 years...
 Picture of Toda Hisajiro and others...
Kobusho Wikipedia entry for reference.

Ok so... If Toda Hisajiro was an instructor at the Kobusho, their should be records of his lineage. Why... Well this would prove a listing for the schools claimed by Takamatsu outside of "Takamatsu story time..."

Also, when you have 6 schools passed through one person, some without any written transmissions or densho. Like is claimed with Togakure Ryu.

Here is a image of the English Translation of Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu.
Page 115. Hatsumi quoting Takamatsu about Takamatsu writing his own Densho. And this is true of all Toda lineages claimed by Takamatsu.
Page 116 ends the Densho quote. So let us assume that Toda Hisajiro is a real person, let us assume he was an instructor at the Kobusho.

This still leaves some interesting questions;
1. What arts did he train in and teach?
2. Is he a true ancestor of Takamatsu's?
As a "grandfather" he is either Takamatsu's father's father or, mother's father.
3. If he is Takamatsu's grandfather did he actually teach Takamatsu anything?
4. Is it possible that Takamatsu, like so much of his lineage is founded on lies and embellishments?

Consider that Takamatsu would have heard of this man and, used his name to claim a link to the Kobusho. A claim that Hatsumi has kept tucked away to claim legitimacy.

5. Where was this fact when Dr. Kacem of the Bujinkan found the grave stone of Toda Shinryuken's grave was found in 2007?

6. Meaning that said grave would have to tied to Toda Hisajiro's grave & Why did it take almost a decade to produce this information?
In otherwords, it has all the makings of a scam, dedicated to preserving the lies told and pushed by the Bujinkan's cult structure. Fundamentally, it also means my many blogs detailing the truth of the Bujinkan's fraudulent lineage and historical claims are having an effect, since I have stated many times the foundation of the Bujinkan lineage is linked to Toda Shinryuken.

Sadly, it is easier to believe Takamatsu used a notable relation to attach his lineage to... Then to ignore the repeated historical inaccuracies claimed by both Takamatsu and Hatsumi regarding ninjutsu... 

7. Also how common is the family name "Toda" and is there any proof of the Toda family connected to Takamatsu?

Though I must admit Takamatsu has not been above lying about his geniology in the past, just ask the Kuki family. I am curious to see where this leads. As according to Japan Today, no Japanese had family names or, Ser Names, unless connected to an important family or clan, until after the Meiji Restoration.

Even then many adopted "important names" with no relationship to important families seeking to gain a bit of added credibility...
Why does the Bujinkan hate me, because I take issue with historical lies and false claims of "Legitimacy." Either way, I am waiting to see the arguments and if any of points will be addressed which is why. Course I have written enough in this blog and, been supported by those who troll the Bujinkan, enough to show why such claims are to be addressed in these ways. I know I am certainly curious and, looking forward to debunking these claims...

Note: Some of my questions have been answered...