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Shadow Warrior Publishing

Introducing Shadow Warrior Publishing, which has started carrying my titles, is looking for authors. So stop by join the forum, check out the titles. Subject matter ranges from Martial Arts & Self-Defense to Survival & Military Tactics. Shadow Warrior will also be hosting a free e-zine as well...

Christian view of Self-Defense

I don't want to have a debate over scripture so I won't cite scripture too much, in fact I will try to avoid it as much as possible. What I ma discussing is my view of self-defense as a Christian. My view may not be your view, but my view is based on both scripture and my own interpenetration of scripture. We all know Mathew 5:39 about no resisting evil with evil and turning the other cheek. Many see this as a call to pacifism. I however do not, how can the same God which instructed Israel to kill and battle the Canaanites also not instruct us to defend ourselves.

The answer is found in the context of the subject, objectivity in Luke 22:36 shows Jesus instructing his followers to sell their coats & buy swords. Yet when one of the disciples cut off a slaves ear in the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus healed the slave he said "Those who live by the sword, die by the sword." Mathew 26:52 and Jesus said in Mathew 26:56 "all this was done that the scripture of the Prophets might be fulfilled."

So the disciples were to be armed but not use the arms to defend Jesus because of his special role in God's plan. This merely shows that weapons are not forbidden to Christians. In Luke 22:35 Jesus references a task were he sent out his followers without shoes, money, swords or bags to preach the gospel. This was also to show that God's protection extended beyond Jesus, for those disciples laced nothing. In Luke 22:36 he then says "He said to them, “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack. And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one. (English Standard Version)" Here Christ knows he will be arrested and here he instructs his disciples to prepare, including being armed.

When Peter strikes a slave, Jesus tells him to put away the weapon. Saying those who live by sword (those who live a life of violence) die by the sword (die violently). So relying on violence is not permitted but being armed is. More so, to look at the verse John 15:13 Christ teaches us "No one shows greater love than when he lays down his life for his friends." (International Standard Version). But does laying down your life involve defending yourself or others?

It is important to understand why Christ came to earth. He came to teach the proper interpenetration of the scriptures, not just blindly following the law but that the law pointed one to follow the spirit. The bible is full of people David, Samson, Gideon and others were warriors. In my view Jesus instruction to be armed is simple, self-defense in implied. Because the slave did not attack anyone and Peter attacked he did two things wrong. First, the old testament view of self-defense (an eye for an eye) was never broken. No one was initially attacked, so no one had cause to defend themselves. Secondly, Jesus was to die for our sins as foretold by old testament prophets. Remember Jesus said he came to fulfill the law in Matthew 5:17. Surely this includes the law of self-defense?

But, Jesus said "turn the other cheek." He did but there is a difference between someone bitch slapping you (an insult) and someone trying to seriously hurt you. The thing is the bible also instructs a Christian to let others to steal from you. The bible allows you to defend yourself and calls on you to defend others. You are not to defend property (the things of this world) or the use violence to get what you want. You are to defend your life and the lives of those who cannot defend themselves, you are not return insult for insult, violence is limited to self-defense and self-defense limited to the extremes of intent to do you harm.

Sociology teaches us, that the human mind is hardwired to react in four ways; posturing with threat displays (which the Christian is instructed to avoid), fight (only to defend life and to go no further then the intended harm, hence "eye for an eye"), flight (which the Christian is called to do to avoid danger) and submission (which the Christian is called to do unless their very life is threatened immediately). And bible teaches us to follow a path of least resistance. Some Christians are called to be lions to defend others, wolves in sheep's clothing as it were, to fight when urgently needed. Others are called to be teachers, so that the lions do not exceed by force alone. Self-defense is not forbidden, it is permitted by only within the limits of the force used against you. Should you be attacked and no greater injury result then your wounded pride, you may wound no more then your attacker's pride. If an attacker tried to kill you, scripture offers a bit f gray area, you may defend yourself within the immediate need to preserve your life by killing the attacker. However, (this is a very important "However") once the threat has ended so has the need for self-defense and the use for violence.

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A Christian View of Martial Arts

I started this concept with my blog on Survivalism & Christian Beliefs, so now I want to talk about Christian views on martial arts. Unlike survivalism which was rooted in fundamental Christian beliefs about the end times, martial arts (especially Asian martial arts) are rooted in other religious doctrines, like Buddhism, Taoism & Shinto. Oh sure, there are Christian martial arts programs but trying adapt a system dedicated to a non-Christian philosophy to Christian philosophy is problematic as best and cultish heresy as worst.

I am often hated on because I stated I only studied Aikido for 2 weeks and quit because I didn't agree with the philosophy. In my two weeks I learned Ukemi (breakfalls), a few wrist locks, a throw, a single arm bar, counting to 10 in Japanese and bunch of quotes from Morihei Ueshiba on the will of heaven, and enlightenment. Basically, not much... most of the time was spent talking about how sparring & competition was bad and how other arts like Karate & Kick Boxing were for the unenlightened. Needless to say this left a bad taste in my mouth when it came to having philosophy crammed down my throat. Not to mention a list of books about philosophy & Japanese history I needed to read.

Judo was very different, the principles of the philosophy were manifested in training and techniques. The concept of non-resistance or yielding to overcome, off balancing an opponent and disrupting an attackers timing were more in place with lose fighting concepts that had deeper philosophical meanings. Even then the philosophy, was less about spiritual enlightenment and more about understanding conflict in a general sense.

As a Christian, I have to address two primary issues in studying martial arts (I use the term "martial art" in a very broad sense here), (1) What do want to learn and (2) Does it agree with my own Beliefs? Sometimes these things come into conflict and sometimes they do not.

What I want to Learn:
This is mostly related to techniques and tactics but basically, its as simple as does this work for me, for my way of thinking and acting? Is it effective? Once I start looking at techniques and decided if the art is what I want to learn I have to address the issue o beliefs.

Does it agree with Scripture:
I have no ranking in Hapkido but I found Hapkido (trained in it here in the States and in South Korea when in the Army) was more my style. I spent far more time on learning to fighting then in learning philosophy, which fits my aggressive nature perfectly. Ultimately, Mr. Kim my Hapkido instructor in Korea a Buddhist, never pushed a philosophy or religious ideology on me. Which allowed to avoid my first concern in this area; and my concerns are...

1) Am I require to adapt a Religious or Quasi-religious philosophy?
Far too many times I see martial arts cults that require a person act out religious ritual that elevate a arts founder to the status of divine being or chant mantras to a plethora of deities. It is one thing to have a non-religious philosophy, in such cases one is free to pick and choose areas one wishes to keep or change to fit one's personal philosophy and views but, any religious dogma that one is forced to ascribe to (and this can be true of even Christian martial arts) is a dangerous area pushing into a martial arts cult.

Techniques can be sound and art good in every way that draws you to want to learn it, but then comes to quasi-religious or religious teachings. lists the Cult Warning Signs as;
  • Single charismatic leader.
  • People always seeming constantly happy and enthusiastic. Especially if you discover that they have been told to act that way for the potential new recruits.
  • Instant friends.
  • If you are told who you can or cannot talk to or associate with.
  • They hide what they teach.
  • Say they are the only true group, or the best so why go anywhere else.
  • Hyped meetings, get you to meetings rather than share with you.
  • Experiential rather than logical.
  • Asking for money for the next level.
  • Some cults travel door to door during times when women are home alone. They, and this is rather sexist, think that women are easier to recruit and once they have the woman then it will be easier to snare the husband or partner.
  • Saying that they have to make people pay for it because otherwise they will not appreciate it. This is of course a very silly reason, plenty of people are able to appreciate things which they did not pay for.
  • They do not allow their teachings or practices to be questioned. If you question, then automatically the group assumes that something is wrong with you. It can never be the case that anything is wrong with the group’s practices or teachings. Often they will try to shut you down by accusing you of having a “bad attitude”.
  • They will push you to obey by using guilt. They will demand complete “submission” to the group, its leaders and its teachings. They will do this by making you feel absolutely rotten about yourself. They will ridicule you and attack any weakness you might have (or invent weaknesses you might have if they can’t find any). Their goal is to break your will by causing you mental anguish.

  • 2) Am I required to do things that are against my religious faith and moral code?
    This addresses a lot of things here but, to be honest I don't have much against my moral code (low morals and all). However, I do find certain things distasteful and "tradition" should not be used as excuse to force another's morals onto you. Sometimes these morals are suggestive of acceptance of other religious ideas. I, personally, don't try to push my beliefs on others nor do I accept all others religious philosophies, simply because I don't openly voice my disagreement. Believe what you will so long as you don't try to force it down my throat.

    In the Survivalism & Christian Beliefs blog I talked about not believing in the Rapture. I don't try to force this view on other Christians, I'm happy to debate the issue using scripture but that's as far as we can go. Many times I have spoken to high ranking black belts who have old me in order to reach their level one must under the "higher order" of the art. This always meant religious indoctrination by degrees and not all religions; though almost all preach peace, forgiveness and salvation, agree on the moral way to do this. Thus getting us to my third concern.

    3) Am I required to alter my religious beliefs?
    This can go a lot of ways to hardcore combatives instructors preaching a gospel of "kill or be killed" to "chi kung" cults that will turn you into a "human tazer." There are even cults of personality that force a "gang mentality" of the tough guy attitude. When I am required to involve myself in a practice that alters my religious beliefs or practices I have to decide what is more important to me. Since my faith is a large part of my self-identity (how I define myself), I do not want to alter my beliefs without good cause.

    I don't expect everyone to understand what I did, I did out of faith in regards to the terrorist threats charge. Faith in my ability to manipulate the situation and faith in God to see me through. We live in a world of terrorist attacks, armed criminals, mass shootings, stabbings, natural disasters, riots and violent protests, where cops are killed or refuse to do their jobs or are recorded time and time again assaulting and killing innocent people. Where faith in our fellow man is as real as the "Easter Bunny" to most of us. I in particular has a very violent and chaotic personal life. I don't just have to believe that I am able to handle whatever is placed before me but, I have to believe my higher power will handle what I cannot.

    In all this faith in ourselves seems insanity and without suffering the trials of our abilities its all just a false hope. More then us, as individuals we need to believe in something. Our religious faith will be shadowed by doubt, just as our faith in ourselves will be shadowed by self-doubt. Trying that faith, will build confidence in our beliefs and sometimes all that is needed for us to try. Sometimes we are tested, other times we are denied what we want but that doesn't mean are prayers go unanswered (No, is an answer, it is the answer we don't want to hear but...), it means we must accept that something greater has something planned for us. No one likes to be tested, but it is by being tested we learn our faith is not misplaced. For those tests are how we "bare our crosses."

    We must make the choices that best define us, like my interest in aikido that I dropped because I was having a pseudo-religious philosophy crammed down my throat & replaced with my study (though limited) of Hapkido, I found a better fit for me in that art. I believe that my life serves something more then me, my wants and my desires. As a Christian, I have to put Christ first, even in the study of martial arts. This is sometimes difficult when the thing we want, disagrees with our faith. We must set aside one or the other and that becomes a test within itself whether we put ourselves or Christ first.

    Wednesday, January 28, 2015

    Survivalism & Chrstian Beliefs

    I'm not a perfect Christian, hell I'm not a very good one. I lie, cheat, dink, cuss and fight. I'm not charitable or kind and, I don't often forgive well or often. I'm a work in progress but, that's not to point. I certainly don't lack confidence in myself, often its the confidence to try and fail. Pride another vice of mine but I put my faith in myself and in God. I'm no preacher, priest, prophet or saint, but I don' have o be perfect. God doesn't ask that I be perfect he asks that I try... perhaps I'm so much a sinner many ill think I shouldn't talk about God and Christian faith. I, however, think I'm the perfect person to discuss God's grace. Jesus did not come to gather the saints but to teach sinners like me.

    I have faith in myself & when that fails I have faith in God to carry me the rest of the way. John Hagee today said that "Storms prove whether a tree is alive with strong roots or dead with weak roots to be uprooted." He named all these passages from the bible where prophets where tested. I do no believe in the Rapture, I believe that we Christians will go through the Tribulation and be tested to be examples of God's word and will to a sinful world. This is a fundamental Christian teaching I was raised with and the core of the old Survivalist movement I grew up in and around. As the old survivalist movement was deeply rooted in Christian values before it became more open and term adapted by other groups, before the final change of becoming the more Politically Correct term of Prepper and Doomsday Prepper. The distrust of the government based in the old survivalist movement was based on the idea of a one world tyrannical government under the anti-Christ and a war on Christians.

    I'm not expertly qualified to or have the time to outline this for you in this blog, so please accept this reference to third parties;
    The Rapture: A Popular but False Doctrine by Cecil Maranville of World News & Prophecy.
    The Rapture Theory from
    This bible study from Living Church of God by John H. Ogwyn titled The Secret Rapture- False hope for End Time Christians
    How about Morgan Lee from in her article No, Christians Should Not Believe in 'Left Behind's' Rapture Theory, says Prominent Christian Philosopher

    Survivalist philosophy, is much like the Boy Scout philosophy "Hope for the best an Prepare for the Worst." When the survivalist movement and its cousin the militia movement became influenced by non-Christians and 'summer time Christians' the focus changed. Events like 9-11 and Katrina, have only brought in the newbies, were as the Stock Market Crash and Great Depression in the 1930s taught my grandparents to be preppers, only they didn't call it prepping or survivalism, it was called living. The 1960s saw the rise of the survivalist movement due to the threat of nuclear war and Cold War. This only increased through he media and books during the 70s and 80s. The movement took  hit with Waco and Ruby Ridge but stayed in existence. However the Y2K scare, really brought in several non-Christians and other ideologies.

    The Marxists and pseudo-revolutionaries of the liberal ideologies, who also stock food, medical supplies and weapons, have used the "survivalist" and "prepper" title to push their own agendas. Books like Che Guevara's Guerrilla Warfare, Mao's On Guerrilla Warfare & the Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla by Carlos Marighella have been circulated throughout the Prepper world as "tactical manuals".

    Without that Christian philosophy (many Christians rejecting the Christ's warnings in Mathew chapters 24 & 25 because of the "rapture") the survivalist community has been divided. Regardless a storm is coming, the U.S. has experienced riots, localized social unrest in relation to the deaths of Eric Garner and many others by the police and the NYPD choosing to not do their jobs to teach the mayor a lesson for his "disrespect" o the badge. We are watching the system fracture and break at various points. What will happen during further economic distress?

    Police are told survivalists, preppers and constitutionalists are a threat and the enemy. Yet, Marxists ideologies are pushing people to attack the failing system, to see the wealthy & educated as tyrants and the poor as a oppressed people. This is simply basic Marxist  Revolutionary Theory, all the while directing the state against those of opposing ideas. The system will be stressed further as the economy shifts closer to the tipping point, tempers and desperation flare.

    As a Christian Survivalist I don't just put faith in myself but in God. I look not to avoid the storm but, experience it. To be tested and strengthened by it. I pray for strong roots and a willing heart. I can look back on my life, see everything I've faced, what I've fought for and know I can stand the next test. If I'm wrong about the Rapture then I lose nothing but, if I'm right and don't prepare I've only myself to blame. Looking at the world and all that's happening around us, we can see the storm clouds on the horizon, we can see what is happening to our nation & the rest of the world. Your faith has to be strong not only in your preparations and your abilities but in something greater then yourself.

    Saturday, January 24, 2015

    There are no experts... Only people with opinions

    I never claimed to be an expert, only to have knowledge and a willingness to share it. Thing is much as I explain to my fellow preppers, if you have a plan and are prepared before problems occur you become the defacto community leader because you had a plan. Likewise, when you attempt to give an opinion or make a statement you become a defacto "expert" by planting your flag on the mountain or mole hill of knowledge. Which I have done and have been called an expert by others. So I will wear that title, I am an "expert."

    Since I am an "expert" who has questioned other "experts" let me add I do not think any "expert" is beyond questioning. Quite honestly, experts must be questioned. Like Obama-care's experts who pushed it through, there are experts who offer their expertise (or point of fact reputation as an expert)for sale. Many such experts, associate with fellow experts who agree with them and there by use the old gang mentality of peer pressure (called peer review) to push their agenda. Here politics plays a role as well, as one will support the other for some agreed upon mutual benefit.

    Many times, people allow the term expert, like the term leader, to confuse the reality of the matter. They are not totally removed from the other, however. A leader doesn't just tell people what to do but sets the example. An expert is someone who has planted their flag on the mount of knowledge and by doing so is expected to lead others to that mount. In the martial arts and self-defense world, this comes about in two main forms;
    1. High Rank Experts: These are people with high rank or claimed high rank in a particular martial arts system. Various martial arts corporations and cults, have added rank above 10th Dan due to the need for higher rank to draw out more claims for knowledge to be taught. Usually this is because of the high amount of 10th Dan ranked instructors running around, and to push the idea of secret knowledge. In my experience "secret knowledge" doesn't exist, its an excuse to make more money keeping people chasing after unicorns, and other fictional trophies.
    2. Experience Experts: Then you have those who claim expertise based on their experience, most often those are people who have a military or police back ground. The problem is making that knowledge fit into your world as a civilian. This is sometimes more creditable from those with a law enforcement background then a military background. Either way, these are people claiming to have used what they are teaching. Like the high ranks, these claims can be made up... Thus, we approach the sport fighters claim that a competition record is required.
    I don't claim to be the best, oh hell yeah I do... I'm the best at what I do and what do I do? I live my life, I've been set up, falsely arrested, falsely accused, lied on, lied to, assaulted, shot at being unable to return fire and had been handcuffed and beaten by a cop. Basically low intensity warfare of non-military sort. So in that regard I am the best. For what its worth & how it might relate to your life, I'll let you decide. In that regard I've used my martial arts knowledge to defend myself and I've used my ninjitsu training to do likewise.

    My highest rank is a 6th Dan in Black Dragon Ninjitsu/Omoto Ryu Budo from Ashida Kim, given ceremonially for the book Army of Shadows, the only Ninjitsu manual on the subject of small teams tactics and choho no jutsu (Art of Espionage) based principles. I've fought in an underground fighting contests but they don't hand out certificates, been involved in a gang (less criminal and more protectionist) from Charlotte NC. I've taught hand-to-hand in the Army and was even awarded for it, have years of time logged in jail dealing with felons and other dangerous criminals without a luxury of a badge for protection. I don't claim to have much more then experience using what I know, and I've used it against martial artists, criminals, punks and even a few blue collar working stiffs.

    At the end of the day you have to consider do I have more experience using my ninjutsu systems manipulations, tactics and strategies in the real world then academic study from a book or in a class room. I've also used principles of espionage (called Choho no jutsu in ninjutsu) to beat a corrupt legal system. At the end of the day, I'll leave you to make the choice. Does that experience make me an expert or just someone with knowledge? And, if I have that experience and knowledge am I an expert to someone who doesn't have it?

    Think what you like, its your life and yu have to live it...

    Monday, January 19, 2015

    The Lies of Phil Failmore

    Well a lot has been said about me & I address some of this in the Defining another's Character blog. The fact that I've called out Phil Elmore for lying about me in various forums and Facebook groups is a matter of record. I've always been asked what did he lie about and I've fallen silent, mainly because I don't always know where to start. So I decided to start by breaking it all down in this blog.
    From Phil's first article on me...

    First the link cited by Phil does not exist, and as per the Wikipedia page cited below closed in 2009. Phil's original article as per the Way Back Machine's dating was 2011. So how did Phil get information from a dead link, that hasn't existed since 2009 in 2011? The answer is he didn't... Phil Elmore made it up but, why? To create proof that I went back change my story about my ranking and training back ground...

    Hell Phil, even harassed my site manager into shutting down my site, then made references to the missing site to push these falsehoods. Yet could offer no proof of his claim of back tracking except to his own words. Oh he might reference Barron Shepard who refused to get his facts straight or Don Roley both of which are Bujinkan members & notable trolls and liars.

    More so, Phil Elmore asserts I have no creditable training in martial arts, combatives, firearms and so... Yet I was awarded for being a Soldier in the US Army (11Bravo), Team Leader and (yes) Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor. Giving me far more creditability then Phil Elmore on such topics, at least in my humble opinion. Add to that my time spent in Jail, which Phil Elmore loves to address and, I've spent more time dealing with dangerous criminals then Phil Elmore himself.

    The fact is I'm always training in different styles & with different people. Rank isn't important to me. Nor do I live in perpetual fear of the homeless. You see Phil is sad creature stuffing his face with Kristy Kreams, to eat away is sadness. Phil is an internet tough guy who pushes his own paranoid fears victimization (and thus his interest in self-defense) into his theories on martial arts & self-defense. Lets just look at his FAQ from
    Here Phil Elmore argues a society full of predators, yet I know people who haven't been in a fight since high school and some people who have never been in a fight much less people robbed, murdered & raped. Further down Phil argues with himself that "Rather, we state quite plainly that among the handful, dozens, or scores of people whose paths you cross on any given day as you go through your life could be individuals who represent a threat – and you won't know ahead of time who they are.  As a result you must maintain a perceivable level of alertness when you are out and about. " I can only laugh at this... and then cringe at those who follow this type of thinking.
    Never mind that  people with more experience & recognized sources in the Reality Based Self-Defense industry advocate Educated Awareness (my term) as do I. Its not hard to recognize a potential threat, it only takes education (and/or experience) and awareness. In fact, Marc MacYoung addresses this freely on his own site and goes into great detail about recognizing a criminal threat. Jim Wagner the father of Reality Based Personal Protection calls this Threat Recognition.

    Quite honestly, this is only one of many errors of rational thinking that defines the Martialist Philosophy of Phil Elmore. He actually says you are always in danger & well read for yourself;
     " You're not in constant danger, no – but the fact that danger exists is a constant one.  Societal predators adhere to no fixed schedules and recognize no restrictions on their depredations beyond those imposed by force or its threat." and goes on to add "I hope you never have to fight anyone for any reason.  But if you must defend yourself – if you find yourself faced with force that cannot or should not be avoided and you choose to preserve your well-being or the well-being of others –  I hope every such fight is unfair.  I hope you are so prepared that there is no question who will win and who will lose if you must use force against an aggressive foe.  That is what it means to "fight unfairly," to "cheat" when engaged in the gamble that is life."

    Thus, Phil I advocating a paranoid fear of being under constant threat & advocates being so prepared that there is no question as to who is will win and who will lose. That's childish and stupid, criminals (I should know according to Phil I am one) do exactly that, they cheat & they cheat better than you do. So why would Phil lie? Because lying & cheating is what he advocates. Winning at all cost.

    The problem is no one wins a self-defense encounter, you survive it. That's why I break the two forms of violence (social & asocial) into three categories of encounters. Not every criminal encounter will require potentially fatal uses of force. And lets be honest I have my critics. Following their logic I'm less then nothing, yet these "15 Dan masters" and such waste their time trying to discredit & attack me.

    My personal opinion is thus, Phil Elmore is a internet tough guy & paranoid narcissist who bullies the homeless online (because they can't read his internet postings) and poses with weapons and dreams of the day he will be attacked and rise to occasion. His philosophy of  preparation to cheat is exactly the same thing done by criminals. Hell Phil Elmore states "Yes, how dare I have an opinion?  Lots of people think you've got to have an impressive resume to have an opinion.  Still more think you've got to be a member of some select club – say, the club of instructors, or the club of military veterans, or the club of law enforcement officers. "

    Sure Phil has an opinion but, here he expresses that one doesn't need to be in the "club of military veterans" (which I am) to have an opinion about the things I write about. God forbid, someone use logical thinking and Phil would agree "I say that anyone can express a logical opinion and substantiate it using reason.  Every argument can stand or fall on its own merits.  Every concerned citizen has a right to his opinions and may express them as he or she sees fit."

     Logic therefore stands to reason that someone who feels a need to harass someone via the internet & goes out his way, even lying, to make this person into a liar and discredit him is in fact hiding something himself. That a person who believes his opinion is valid without the "military" or "law enforcement" experience or that he understands criminality without the "criminal" experience. I'll give Phil credit, he has a right to have an opinion. Whether to say his opinion matters is debatable.

    Ultimately, Phil's claims lack proof & as already addressed his claims to me being a sex offenders was a lie. Phil had actually involved himself in the Terrorist threats case, and supplied screen shots from Ashida Kim's old forum as evidence against me. What Phil failed to realize is that my every action was part of a plan. A plan that involved manipulating him (again) into harming himself, after the April Fools day prank from 2011 where I tricked Phil into committing a felony. Which goes into him further digging his hole with the article he did on me, now achieved in the Way Back Machine. Phil thought to escape a law suit by removing the article and seeing me locked up on terrorism charges. Yet here I am, free & Phil now seeks to hide his own criminality.

    It is my unprofessional & personal opinion that Phil Elmore suffers from undiagnosed mental health issues, and personality disorders: Paranoid Personality Disorder, Anti-Social Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive (Anankastic) Personality Disorder are my guesses. As Phil seems to be fearful and obsessed with the poor coming to take his stuff, sees all altercations as a "life or death" extreme and has been known to harass those who disagree with "logical" and "rational" (therefore in his own mind "correct") opinions. Yet I am not the first or only person to make these assessments of Phil Elmore.
    Phil's appearance on the cover of the fictional Paranoid White Guy Magazine from 2004, & his own trading card from The internet bullies Phil now tries to fit in with, kind of reminds of the loser kid who attacks other loser kids in high school to fit in with the loser kids who pick on him in high school.
    And lets not forget his own Phil's own comic strip Fantasy Warrior...

    Following Phil's logic, I am a petty criminal with no training. Despite the fact I was in the U.S. Army as an Infantryman (11 Bravo), a team leader (normally a sergeants position) at Specialist/Corporal, and hand-to-hand combat instructor. Phil need not have my experience to have an opinion but seeks to prove he is superior in his opinion by falsifying evidence of my "lies." By Phil's logic I must be a combat hardened special forces commando to have an opinion of equal or greater substance to his own.
    In essence, Phil demands the bar be set so high demanding proof of others while in fact establishing that he can have his own unsupported opinions. Phil's logic is that I am the common criminal, if I am the common criminal (my pride assumes I am an uncommon criminal, despite Phil's claims) then how prepared is Phil's "Everyman" to deal with me. The fact is Phil likes to tout my criminal record to declare I am petty criminal, is a way defuse the fact that Phil wishes the truth, needs and demands the truth be otherwise.

    Phil Elmore who defines himself as " I'm an everyman – a doughy white guy of average intelligence and above-average writing ability with about a decade and a half of short-attention-span-theater martial arts cross-training to my credit."
    Goes to explain his lethality for killing and maiming techniques like the palm heel strike. Phil needs in his mind to regulate me to his fantasy definition of the common criminal. He must (like Barron Shepard & Don Roley, friends of Elmore) declare me guilty of every crime of which I have been accused. This is to protect his fantasy of being a lethal, combat effective "everyman." To protect a fragile ego that cannot accept that dispite my many flaws, I do have training & experiences to give me a greater knowledge of certain things then Phil Elmore.
    Phil can't accept this. His original article never noted my awards paperwork and the article he published in retraction never once noted it as well. Because, I feel Phil Elmore needs to conceal all traces of creditability & accomplishment from me to conceal his lies, and attempted manipulations of events. Phil chooses to believe that those with a criminal record are so deeply flawed as to be below the average person, so much so that he is some how superior. Yet here I stand (sit while typing this) proving that Phil Elmore lied. I suppose he might sue me for defamation or threaten to do so. I say by all means please do... because you'll have to prove I defamed your character & I (we, don't worry who else) have ever Youtube video & lie you've ever published on the net. It would only save the money of filing my own suit by filing to counter sue.

    This only scratches the surface of Phil Elmore's lies about me. There is lie, that I am some how fixated on him, yet Phil Elmore cyber stalks me across the internet. Trying to discredit me and turn other against me. Silence me, not for my criminal record but, for my declaration of the truth that Phil Elmore is a liar & stalker online.

    Sunday, January 18, 2015

    Paris, ISIL & the New State of Terrorism

    With the sudden explosion of terrorism, the front line movement of ISIS into ISIL, the Paris attacks and the new state of terrorism as warring factions united in the middle east. We are starting to see the formation of a new wave of terrorist threats. A wave of terrorism predicted my me in TM 725-15 The American Homguard Anti-Terrorist Handbook, reprinted in a 2nd Edition in 2012.
    Countries like Israel and, in particular Israel, have dealt with terrorism for decades. As such they have faced many different threats from many different sources united against the Jewish nation-state. Americans now stand at the threshold of needing such similar defense. I am against militarizing the police but, I am also leaving Americans unprotected. Hence I wrote the Paramilitary manual based on my training & experience in the US Army as a team leader, hand-to-hand combat instructor and soldier.
    What I will propose in this blog is going to anger, offend & discourage many of my fellow Americans. The best way to defend our country is to arm our fellow Americans, to encourage firearm ownership & to offer paramilitary or military training to employ those weapons. The easiest way to do this is through the draft, but that would mean expanding the military at a time when president is more concerned with an appearance of improving services to Americans then protecting them.

    The draft can be cross referenced with Terrorist Watch lists to prevent possible threats from gaining a foothold on military training & gaining important first hand knowledge of our military. I have no power to do this, so I took the American Homeguard concept (not my idea) and provided the Anti-Terrorist Handbook. Paramilitary combat training isn't the focus, identifying and avoiding terrorism is. But, it provides basic paramilitary training to ensure that if no outside help arrives the individual can fall back on training to adapt and survive.

    This also means the militarized police are less a threat & less likely to be seen as a threat because many more Americans will have military training to help protect the country. In fact, the only way the American people can be protected against terrorism is to be armed, trained & prepared to react to such threats. I am a supporter of S.L.A. Marshall's belief (in Men Against Fire) that we are making weaker men in the US by are culture of entitlement & excuses then Grossman's theory (in On Killing) of video games raising a generation of child killers.

    Making matters worse is the "war on police" that is striking out across America. People distrust, dislike and are plainly fearful of the police in America. While I won't paint every cop with a broad stroke as being corrupt or bullies. I will point out that the NYPD have proven that the police had without services to effect policy. In essence, holding our civil government captive because they have the guns in society. This has only divided the police force further from the American people. Who are unfortunately tasked with defending us. More so, the labeling of Constitutionalists as the enemy;
    And as much as I admit I do not like Bill Maher, he addresses the issue well. Though I would argue he attacks the conservatives by saying they are not alarmed ad against the police militarization movement.
    Finally, in the end the only defense you as an individual have, is in defending yourself. This occurs first in recognizing the threat, avoiding the danger and reporting the incident. If that fails then a basic knowledge of paramilitary tactics, self-defense and survival techniques allows one a chance to survive. Against a paramilitary police force actions geared toward gathering information/evidence of wrong doing and a law suit is the only prescribed defense.

    Thursday, January 15, 2015

    Defining another's character... I'm not who you want me to be.

    I'm writing this in response to inquiries about someone posting on under the name Toda Shinryuken who is being credited with being my troll account. Or at least 2 different people have asked me about in only 2 days. I don't need a troll account to say what I said on my Youtube account & in this blog. More so, its something that Roger Conant addressed in his article, though nowhere near as bluntly as I have...

    This of course leaves two possible directions for this;
    Direction One: (that which I doubt) is that someone is my fan & is pushing the Bujinkan cult trolls buttons...
    Direction Two: (what I believe is happening) is that my Bujinkan-cult trolls are attacking themselves, using things I've said publicly to blame the trolling on me. This allows them to use Barron Shepard's address of my arrest record (complete with an arrest that isn't my own) and Fat Failure Phil's claims that I am a convicted sex offender to slander my name on Bullshido. Lets deal with 2 things first...

    Barron Shepard is a narcissistic punk who refuses to deal in facts & look at evidence by his own admission in postings on this blog, he won't address my criminal record. More specifically he won't address facts associated with my criminal record.

    And Barron was even offered copies of my legal paper's to create a more accurate depiction of my alleged criminal record. Its alleged because Barron doesn't have facts just names, including a Ronald Lee Collins who is in fact a black man. Nor does Barron even know why I was in a Kentucky jail, he just knows I had a picture taken there.

    Like Barron, Phil is not concerned with the truth. Phil has admitted he wants everyone to see me as the psychopath he's always known me to be. In other words, he doesn't like me & since I have a pair he's scared. Phil has decided to claim that I am a registered sex offender, all sex offenders in West Virginia are registered as per WV Code 15-12-2 (b). But lets us look on the West Virginia Sex Offender Registry at (I'll post screen shots at the end of the blog)

    And of Course we know that Sam Browning is bias having thrown his hat in with Blunt Phil. They need some reason to keep talking because I refuse to listen. Quite honestly, the Bujin-cult trolls don't matter & as someone who is such a waste why do they need to stalk, hound and harass me? To me its simple, I am better then them. Always was and they know it... You see they need me to be the bad guy, justify their own actions, stalking, harassing, threatening & driving others to end their lives. This comes as a response to my blog about Dan Harmon's death. I've always contended that held to the same standard Takamatsu's lineage is fraudulent and I don't (didn't) need a troll account to say it.

    Now to the Sex Offender Registry:

    As you can tell my names not on it... Phil Elmore lied.

    Friday, January 9, 2015

    Fake Koga Ryu Ninjutsu & Events leading to Dan Harmon's Suicide

    The Bujinkan's internet trolls have been emboldened by the death of Dan Harmon. With evidence showing that by all accounts the Bujinkan's internet trolls had something to do with Mr. Harmon's death. I a by no means a die hard Dan Harmon fan, in fact prior to my arrest I had called Dan a fake Koga Ryu practicer during a phone argument. That being said harassing him, stalking him & threatening through troll accounts is not something I ever did &, other's cyber-bulling of him is not excused by it.

    Here is part of a conversation where Phil Elmore hiding behind one of his proxies tried to say that my dismissed charges were the result of a verdict of Not guilt by reason of mental illness. I post a video called I'm Back where I showed the state dropped the child porn charges without even attempting to bring them to trial December 3rd 2013...

    Phil Elmore in all desperate need for me to be somehow guilty, of the crime of terroristic threats has chosen to ignore facts & spread his lies once again. Under WV Code 27-6A-4(e) states "(e) If the verdict in a criminal trial is a judgment of not guilty by reason of mental illness, the court shall determine on the record the offense or offenses of which the acquitee could have otherwise been convicted, and the maximum sentence he or she could have received. The acquitee shall remain under the court's jurisdiction until the expiration of the maximum sentence or until discharged by the court.*  The court shall commit the acquitee to a mental health facility designated by the department that is the least restrictive environment to manage the acquitee and that will allow for the protection of the public." Meaning if found not guilty by reason of mental illness I would be in a hospital not typing this blog. The fact that I was placed in William R. Shape's Jr. Memorial Hospital to be found competent to stand trial is irrelevant as I discussed this in a video titled I'm Out;
    *emphasis added by me...
    Now I even provided a copy of WV Code 27-6A-2 (b) items (1) (2) & (4) that were violated by Raleigh County Prosecutor Kristen Keller. Thus establishing a public record, along with the Habeas Corpus I filed from Sharpe's which is also court record. This shows that Kristen Keller lied to have committed in violation of WVC 27-6A-2 (b) & thus provided false evidence to the courts. Now it could quite possibly that the case was overturned due to the prosecutor lying, its also possible that my release came from said appeal I filed but no I was found competent.

    Now being sent to mental hospital while sane & being placed on excessive medication & treated as if you are irrational for seeking to file a habeas corpus is not a pleasant experience. In fact, without my attorney becoming involved, Mrs. Reed my Advocate for Patients Rights & assistance from Dr. Glanns in getting the facts addressed on my medical record (that Dr. Miller's report was based on alleged events separate from my charges, in act my charges was never addressed). Phil Elmore was personally involved in trying to influence my case, as was Don Roley who referred to my hypothetical legal argument involving Bad Elk v. United States & Brady v. Ohio as  terrorist threats. Having invested in seeing me labeled a criminal they failed. So now Phil Elmore seeks to harass me using a false pretext that I was found insane.

    To do this I was added to facebook group where I've been given the 3rd degree until I grew bored with the whole thing & blocked several accounts (Phil's has been blocked since 2012). This resulted in the comment I took a screen shot of addressing the group (Fake Koga Ryu to lure in Koga Ryu practicers & harass them) encouraging Dan Harmon to commit suicide.

    These people seek to harass & badger others to withdraw & commit harm to themselves. All to claim some air of legitimacy & authority they in fact do not have. That's why one of the more notable Bujinkan internet trolls Dean Eitcher has been posting videos denying this very fact. Yet as about its been admitted they encouraged Dan Harmon to kill himself. Hence evidence by denial...
     At some point the question needs by asked why do 15th Dan "experts" like Don Roley waste time badgering "frauds & fakes," harassing them & trying prove them as frauds if he (and those like him) are in fact legitimate martial artists of such alleged skill & ability. Why so called "experts" like Barron Shepard claim to speak for the Koga Ryu but have no training to represent the art & by his own admissions is more concerned with personal agendas then truth or facts.
     Barron even posting on my blog refused to address incorrect information he was presenting, effectively admitting to spread of half truths & outright lies. These are the legitimate martial artists of the internet, cyber stalkers and cyber bullies trying to push their own cult-like agenda of the worship of a dead man. A bunch a individuals who seek to claim authority through rank & yet fail to act as human being or adults because of it.
    Of course there are fake martial artists, and there are crappy unskilled martial artists as well. There are people who know history, forms & break boards but have never used their martial art outside of sparring in their school. Some who never even sparred in their school & its all done in the name of ego and business. I write and I teach on occasion, I have a business investment in martial arts. I however teach my own system based off my own experiences & knowledge. some of that knowledge 'm by no means as expert in nor do I claim to be an expert in all things. You don't need to be an expert to have or impart knowledge. You don't need to have a high ranking to in some organization's codified system to have or impart knowledge. Finally, to see those who have such ranking & expert knowledge act like spoiled children & cowards behind a computer screen harassing & attacking others, instead of the experts & adults they claim to be... is well discouraging & disgraceful to anyone interested in martial arts or wishing to join the martial arts community.