Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Civilian Counter Terrorism

In light of both the Baltimore Riots & the media creating a narrative of race and class warfare. In light of the Garland, Texas attack & the media (certain parts of the mainstream media anyway) who are using it to attack the 2nd Amendment, I've decided to make this blog.

Four years ago, looking at both history and future I developed a Civilian Counter-Terrorism doctrine. This doctrine is based on Level 1 Counter Terrorism training I received from the US Army & my own initiative. Before you get all "yay US Army Counter Terrorism" let me put this into prospective, it was done via an internet course taken over a computer in the office. I was 11B US Army Infantry in an Air Assault unit (1/503 Air Assault out of Camp Casey Korea) which is now an Air Borne Unit out of Italy. I got out the US Army in 2005. Here is a brief history of 1/503: All this is background information to the fact I already had Infantry training which included room clearing and urban warfare similar to what SWAT teams get. What the Level 1 Counter Terrorism Course gave me was a factual reference to spotting terrorist threats in a civilian environment.

So for civilians I don't consider the tactical combat stuff valid, after all you have cops and military personnel with the right training and experiences. It is their job (bluntly put) to kill and to die, so you don't have to. A civilians best bet for fighting terrorism is simple; Be Aware to Threats, Avoid the Threat before it Becomes a Danger & Report the Threat providing as much detail as possible. So four years ago I made these videos...

Everyone loves the Tactical Moniker & guns are cool, sexy and tough guys carry them... In truth, the people who carry guns have to able to use them. I fully support Concealed Carry, Constitutional Carry & Open Carry they are manifestations of our God given right to self-defense. But, like in Garland, Texas, the "bad guys" sometimes show up with bigger guns and wearing body armor, and you might be out gunned. So use common sense, use the system.

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