Friday, November 13, 2015

Way of the Warrior...

This blog varies between survivalism, prepping and martial arts, to just the insanity of my life... I live an interesting life but we live in interesting times. The world is changing around us and following the ebb and flow of nature is impossible in a convoluted mess of information and personal drama, our world presents. We all feel something is about to happen but it will not happen suddenly, there will be warning signs and watchers who will see the coming changes and will seek to warn others but, many will not listen.

What we need are warriors, I don't care were you call you faith from or what culture represents your warrior image, Viking, Knight, Spartan, Samurai or Shinobi these are all names but for what is the Warrior Achetype. Simply put the world is changing and, change brings conflict. Honor, Courage and Codes of Morality... The warrior knows he will die and death is accepted for it is better to to die then live as a slave. Death is better then submission for we all die but, to live is a struggle and a war we face daily.

I know not the day nor the hour, but do know something is changing we all feel it, even if, we do not see it. There are so many possibilities and we are so caught up on preparing for the what we see. Economic collapse or war, terrorism and on and on we go... but where are we going?

This is the nature of the warrior, you are a shield to the weak and a sword to those who are an enemy. The enemy is anyone or anything that seeks to do you or yours harm. My interest in martial arts is only in what tools it puts, in my tool box. I don't care for style or lineage. I care about what what works... It might shock people but, I hate fighting. Why? Because I am good at it. Violence and bloodshed are things that come naturally to me but, they are not what I am about.

Remember I'm the guy who stood alone without any weapons and who used internet trolls and haters to manipulate the government at the state level to draw out these hilly billy blood feuds for some unknown purpose. The simple fact is, it is just insane to dismiss Terroristic Threats  charges.... without trial. And if, some form of violence where ever called for, imagine how that would look?

No, I don't mean to make or imply anything threatening only to show were the state of West Virginia (those in power under the cloak of the states authority) failed to prove anything and then just dropped everything after I manipulated them into even more corrupt practices. Besides my "threat" (actually a hypothetical legal argument) was simply a basis for using the Standard of the US Supreme Court in Bad Elk v the United States & Mapp v Ohio which I mistakenly called Brady v Ohio, to publicly address the corruption in the Raleigh County and West Virginia State Government.

Know this, I'm calling all warriors to stand ready, to build your tool boxes and dig in deep. This going to be a long slow burn before the big plunge. Also know this, I did nothing of my own power the whole time I was fighting "my war" God was fighting for me, with me and everything happened according to his plan. I did nothing he did not do through me. As I said, everything was dismissed & I've had time do something if I had decided to do anything... but what I did was not about violence or threats of violence it was merely a stratagem of "painting them" into a proverbial corner. Of allowing corruption to run it course and then stand secure behind my line in the sand.

For a while this blog has remained idle while I have been engaged in the real world doing the thing I wanted to do from the very beginning. Living a quiet and simple life. There is a saying Si vis pacem, para bellum, If you want peace, prepare for war... When engaged in a war you must first decide the kind of war you wish to fight. For me this was a legal and political war... What are the results of little endeavor? Well there is solid proof that Kristen Keller lied and falsified evidence in court. Combined with the false statements of Trooper in "investigated" my statement, we can show a pattern of falsehood and corruption to cover up past falsifications of evidence and well... justification for the hypothetical legal argument is again supplied by the state. It invalidates the "good faith" of any "investigations" or "warrants." It establishes a pattern and long standing history of corruption that Christopher Dorner did not and unlike Dorner, I am not so filled with hate I wish take anyone's life or so desperate as cause chaos were innocent people (I'm talking about the civilians shot by scared LAPD cops and not the cops the themselves) are harmed. I have no intent to harm anyone and never did, like David coming out the cave with a strip of Saul's skirt in hand to show that he could have harmed Saul but did not wish to, I sought to point out I could do so but had no intention to do so. I did so at a time when police informants were working extra hard to entrap me and anyone associated with me, with the full sanction & protection of the police. The same informants who sell drugs, shoot up people's homes, break into people's homes and steal their cars all with the protection of the police who are charged with protecting our society.

West Virginia is a micro-cosmos for what is happening throughout the US. And while many want to to latch on to labels to blame others like racism, class-ism and so on. They are neglecting the core element, simple human ego and greed. At the core of all such "-ism's" is the simple belief that one is superior by reason of class, race, religion, position, status or size of one's bank account. There will be those who try to excite the masses and spread chaos but remember the simple truth... puppet masters are always behind the curtain. Violence only sparks a violent reaction, even when that violence is justified. I am suggesting to all who wish to stand up and fight to do so, but to do so with a calm mind and a light touch. Educate yourself, educate others, gather your information and fight a non-violent battle just as I have done. I'm am not speaking as someone who spends his days preaching propaganda but as someone who has done it.

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