Thursday, December 17, 2015

Will of Iron: Understanding the Fighting Spirit

Under the Chinese Zodiac I am a Metal Monkey. Monkey is one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac but each animal has a Element of Five Natural Forces. So this, zodiac has inspired me to write the title Will of Iron (as the Movie/story Iron Monkey is based off my Zodiac persona). I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about what it takes to be a real fighter... He had read my interview with Cult of Ninzuwu and he had questions, those questions and the discussion that evolved from them inspired this blog...

First off, let me tell you all something... I am not an impressive person, I'm short and I "don't look like a martial artists" (whatever that means). I'm not going to wow with modelling good looks or intimidate you with size and inhuman amounts of muscle. What will do is surprise you. It is this reason and this reason alone, I often speak of my own exploits.

Secondly, I don't have much respect for the "martial arts" community that has proven itself to be a bunch of whiny punks behind a computer screen. I have respect for fighters, and no I'm not talking about Ronda Rousey or Fabricio Werdum. I'm talking about real fighters (not saying they aren't), about people who suffer, sacrifice and just don't give up even when they fail (and especially fail repeatedly). May be coming up those champions did but being a fighter (at least to me is a mindset).

See I can tell you about the time I fought for money, when I was homeless and 15 to 16 years old. Everyone makes a big deal out of kid fighting drunks and addicts with no training and skill or the experience to back it up. Whoo Hoo I beat up scrubs! (There should be some dripping sarcasm there if you hadn't noticed.) Because, fighting for money was better then robbing people and I didn't have the money to buy drugs to re-sell them. Oh and I was 15 so I couldn't get a job. My fight, was simply dealing with being poor... at 16 I got a job at Wendy's and made more money then I did fighting for it.

Does that make me better then Rousey or Werdum? No... but some troll will say I said I was better. You see we love watching MMA, boxing and martial arts movies because they are about people facing adversity. We love war movies because its about someone rising to the occasion and overcoming. In the military, they taught us "No One rises to the Occasion, they Just Fall back on Training..." And the Military is 100% right, but we have been trained by life since we were born. How our parents raise us and teach us (train us), to treat the world and others is how we will react in world.

Let me clarify this for you a bit, if your parents teach you its acceptable to quit, give up and let people walk over you. You will allow that to happen... But, if your parents teach you to stand up for yourself, to accept failure but, not to accept not trying and to see yourself as someone of value. You will do that as well...

I can't wait to see this new Rocky Movie, Creed... Because so many people loved Rocky so much they don't even remember he lost in the first movie. The whole theme was explained in the Rocky Balboa movie (2006) when he said "It's not about hard you can hit. Its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward." The same theme is expressed in the Creed movie preview, because the theme of the Rocky movies has always been about overcoming.

I think it is the perfect way to end the franchise by passing the torch but, my point is people can talk trash, they can sabotage your goals and belittle your dreams. In the end, it is simply whether you give up or give in. Fighting spirit is about the will to take your hits, to be beaten down and get back up. Not every fight is about hitting people or waged against another person but, all fights are waged against life, a world full of people and countless hardships and problems. Too many people don't have the will to fight, because the will to fight is the will to live...

As I said, I can only speak for myself but, I can say this... What I did, anyone can do. They just have to know how. It is not about winning or losing it is about being willing to fight. Fighting battles you can't win means that winning means nothing to you (you can't win anyway right?) but, the fight has meaning. It means you can, take the hits, get knocked down and get back up again. While everyone is pointing to what I was charged with and what was claimed they haven't seen the evidence or the facts...

Here is the arrest warrant, Case Number 13F-1026...

Here is the Psychological Evaluation by Dr. Miller that lists the evidence given to him by the State, AKA Christen Keller the Raleigh County Prosecutor.
This clearly shows that Kristen Keller, never supplied the evidence in regard to my case she was required to do so by, West Virginia Code: 27-6A-2 (b). Which goes to show you the issue was that I stated a clear and legal argument justifying that anyone call defend their self against false arrest, if they can prove the officer acted in "bad faith." It also makes any warrants issued by the Raleigh County Prosecutor against seem suspect and issued by means of political goals as opposed to lawful interests... Otherwise, why bothering to attempt to try to suppress lawfully required evidence and make Dr. Miller an unknowing (?) accessory to fabricating evidence?

So while I chose to fight, knowing I couldn't win a "war of resisting arrest" (My second Amendment Right) without being labeled a "terrorist," I knew a battle fought in court (over my First Amendment Rights talking about my 2nd Amendment Rights) could be won. I just had to take the hit of being arrested falsely, yet again and, fighting the winnable battle in court. Which the court dismissed without reason on September 11th, though we had already agreed to their capitulation prior to that outside the court and the media's eyes. Though I am still curious about if the case was before Judge Burnside because, he was once married to Kristen & far from impartial?

Regardless public information is admissible in court and, so I leave Beckley (and all of Raleigh County) an early Christmas present. Proof of prior bad faith actions, by the state police and prosecutor in conspiracy with each other. This is grounds to showing why one should have an evidentiary hearing and question any discrepancies in statement and warrants of any trial until the State takes action concerning it. To see more publicly available information on police misconduct, the states use of informants & police misconduct is all inside Never Back Down: The True Story of Ron Collins, with recordings on YouTube. See it is not the whether you can't the fight, it is winning the fights you can win and being willing to get knocked down, and get back up to fight until you can win. Heart is not something you can teach an adult or a teenager, it is something you teach your children. You don't learn you have heart by quitting, by taking the easy road. You do it by leaping without looking and trust God (or whatever you believe in as a higher authority, for me it is Yahweh or Jehovah, which ever name you prefer for God) to give you wings... So I fought to give everyone the tools to fight back, the question is who is going to fight and who is going to lay down?

If nothing else, you go numb from getting hit and keep getting hit as you move forward...


  1. This is so pathetic. You went from being this self-styled Ninja master to some loser who shares links on Facebook and who is still talking about something that happened to him three years ago. Talk about disappearing into obscurity. Enjoy your deepening irrelevance, Ronnie.

  2. What is really pathetic, fat boy, is that I'm so pathetic and yet you took the time to stalk me and make this troll account because you're too big of a pussy to use your real name. Seriously... how pathetic is that?