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Interview With Colonel Bryan Hunt of the Militia Movement


This is an interview with a Militia Commander who I have had the pleasure of knowing for some time via the internet Colonel Hunt has spent about 30 years in the Militia Movement & was elected to his rank by his fellow Militiamen. While I am not a Militia Member I have grown around the members of the Movement back in the 90s. I have a great deal of respect for the movement & the goal of re-establishing our government as a constitutional republic. As such, I wish to help give readers of this blog an inside look at the goals, ideas and principles of the movement.I also as a survivalist suggest the militia as a means of getting "free" tactical training in basic infantry tactics but, would warn readers to be cautious as that is a dangerous road full of confidential informants and agent provocateurs who will try to get you do illegal things...

Colonel Hunt, has agreed to help give us an inside look at the movement & help us navigate that road... Be warned he is very professional and so you will see much leaked information, if any here (I assure you will find none).

HI Ron Colonel B Hunt here ill take these questions one at time.

1. To begin with Colonel Hunt would you like to tell us a bit about yourself & the Movement?
Question 1 I have not served thirty years in the Militia its been 23 years 
since 1994  I joined the Militia as a PFC.became the unit commander after being voted in as a Lieutenant I was appointed as Medical Commander  in 1997 by the late State Commander Col Joel Wilson deceased, bypassing rank of Captain. I was his medical operations commander [State medical Commander) I held that post for roughly 19 years I became the State Commander by Congressional Appointment 2014 I have five deployments since 2005 Minuteman project ( I was the medical Commander for the MMP project). Bundy ranch, Operation border convoy and additional border operations that occurred.

2. Can you tell me about the 4th Continental Congress & its goals?
The 4th CC is Civil authority that its a goal is one to provide professional oversight to the Militia in the United State Two a recognized  provisional civil authority in the event the Federal and State Government fails completely in its duty (declares Martial law) I implore your readers to study the American Revolution there in lies the answers within the founding fathers Declaration Of Independence and the US Constitution.

3. Why do you think people should join the Militia Movement or the 4th Continental Congress?
Because it is your Right and Duty . "Freedom is not a spectator Sport ." General Will Flatt Defense Secretary fourth CC (retired)

Following up on this, you said the Militia is part of our right and our duty... Could you explain this a bit more in depth, in regard to Federal Law concerning the Militia and the 2nd Amendment? 
see the second amendment  Article 1 section 8 gives a basic understanding of the Mission of the Militia The founding fathers putting the second amendment were very clear that all citizens were to be armed and trained. George Washington understood this very well, after he became president he made a point to drill the Militia during his tenure . Federal papers are also very cleal that a regular standing army was a bane ( destructive) to liberty.

Also see title 10 section 311 of United States Military code ,classes of military the un org militia being the last class recognized as a class of the military

4. Now when we spoke on the Phone you talked a lot about disinformation & a lot of subversive actions within the Movement by the Federal Government, what can you tell our readers about these people and their actions?
 I will not name names know this the Federal Gov through DHS has infiltrate with over 40,000 are usually paid to create problems and confusion  everyone from agent provocateurs,  disapators and dissenters. Agent provocateurs are usually undercover feds easy to detect . The undercovers will usually get you to break the Law not just bend it .,offers of expensive weapons or modify this one that one build this or build that look at example of Hutaree Unit out of Michigan.

Following up on this, I'd like to inform readers that the Hutaree was a Christian Militia that was framed by an FBI Confidential Informant. They were all arrested and later the charges were dismissed.

5. Now to give myself a plug, as you well know I am the Author of the Poorman's Guide to Prepping & TM 715-25 Anti-Terrorist Handbook (which is now in its second edition & written to help people train themselves as individuals to survive a terrorist attack and has been expanded into small teams organization & warfare) both of which encourage someone to get training & discuss basic concepts to use to train themselves but, we were discussing on the phone the issue of “lone wolves” and “unaligned militias” during a societal breakdown in the US. Do you think such people will do more harm then good & why?
The question is a little difficult to answer because many specialized  units will have to operate on their own those units that operate such a way we are in process of establishing communications with. The lone wolf though can be problem, because many of them feel they don't have to answer to anyone but themselves on the other hand such individual could be useful should they choose to recognize a command structure.

Following up on this, I'd like to ask... What are the hazards of people acting alone? I assume things like story from World War II of a French Prostitute who only serviced Nazi Soldiers and was very openly pro-Nazi. Near the liberation of Paris some French citizens took it upon themselves to kill her and only after her death learned she was a spy for the French Resistance. Basically, I see "lone wolves" acting in ways that interfere with strategic goals or make a movement look bad, is that the reason you say they need to recognize a command structure? 
Yes the lone wolves could be destructive in their well meaning action case in point .The Burns Standoff; the people that initiated the standoff would not listen to various militia leaders and commands that this was not a good idea to preemptively strike a federal installation and hold it in a barricaded situation.

An Additional follow up on this, The Militia Movement and the general term for Militia causes a bit of confusion. A Militia is an irregular military or paramilitary force & the Militia Movement is political movement adhering to Constitutional Principles and Values. I know you know this but, I want to clarify it for my readers who may not. So what is the threat of Non-Militia Movement, militias?
The real Constitutional Militia is not political there is a difference between the Militia and patriot community you can be a patriot and not be affiliated with the Militia you may be a tea party member or a first amendment rights advocate ect. the Militia is a defense Military system that is to be used in the event (1) the united states is invaded. (2) the Government turns its gun on the population the mission of the militia is  three fold see the Constitution (1) suppress insurrection (2) repel invasion (defend against enemies foreign and domestic) and (3) execute the laws of the union are up held . The Militia is a separate entity separate from any government agency as the militia is their as a checks and balances.

Anyone may be a member of the militia not everyone that claims that title is if they don't pass the smell test of the Constitution then they are a domestic enemy the Militia defends the Constitution not over throw it. Many white supremacist claim the title but no where in the Constitution does it say the militia is exclusive to the white race or any race for that matter again you must look to the Constitution to find the correct answer many of these group white and black under wartime conditions would be deemed an enemy of the republic.

6. Have you seen the movie Amerigeddan about Martial Law and UN troops on US soil? If so what is your opinion of he movie?
Hollywood is Hollywood they take an event and use it as entertainment "War should be left up to the professional soldier and doesn't belong in some Hollywood movie" letter to Obama from the Quiet Professionals, on the other hand " You want to see the technology out their watch the movies." Mr Brumbaugh.

7. Now can you if would provide a list of known Agent Provocateurs within the Militia Movement & Patriot Movement so that those who are interested can avoid entrapment? 
Again I will not name names because some could be innocent I refer you to the rules of question 4. A clue though a  lone wolf attitude is a very small clue of course.

So then I take it there are just a few young people out there who have no clue and are setting themselves up for failure without realizing they are doing so? Not intending to be a problem but not really learning to handle their own?
Yes, a lot of the new people coming into the Militia are that is why a uniformed standard is being developed to curtail some of this.

8. Also can you provide me with a list a State Representatives to contact, if anyone wants to join the Militia Movement or the 4th Continental Congress?
There are many Militia commands and units do your home work. 
We the American people are the Militia .At this time there is no list of reps or delegates that is currently being compiled I implore you to come take a look at the website currently we are seeking five national delegates 250  from each state, 2 State delegate from each state total 150 and 2 representatives from each state total 150 the quorum total 500 delegates people will be able to vote for these people anyone can be a delegate or rep,as long as your not in a recognized Militia system separation of powers . There is actually two schools of thought on that though .

9. Now we talked about this on the phone... You have been involved in a few “stand offs” with the Feds such as Bundy Ranch and so I'd going to ask you to tell us some War stories about these events and what lead up to them. Would you mind?
 I cannot expound upon war stories on this venue I am not in the Miiltia so I can have war stories to tell. As a far as Bundy Ranch and Burns standoff, Operation Gold Mine and other standoffs I'll say this The American people specifically the patriot community for last twenty years has become disillusioned and frustrated to the degree. We will continue to see events leading up to an all out conflict. Unless things change by some miracle we return to the Constitution The Militia is a checks and balances when all else fails. It is also there to protect from foreign invasion see US Constitution article 1 section 8 .

I can also refer you to the General Secretary Mike School for the law end of things he can be reached through face book and on the 4th cc site till further notice .

Colonel Bryan Hunt 31st Field Light Foot Forces headquarters
Thank you, Sir for your service to the Constitution and this interview...

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