Thursday, August 11, 2016

Legacy of the Kokuryukai: The American Kokuryukai and what it means...

I few people have asked about the newest book Legacy of the Kokuryukai and my American Kokuryukai Organization. While the "instructors" handbook is available to everyone via Shadow Warrior Publishing, memberships are not for sell nor are they offered online.

Why start a martial arts organization and hold the membership to being invitation only?

The reason is very simple, I want to keep out the trash. Keep the politics to a minimum and the goals on point.

Why announce the Existence of the Organization?
To draw interested people into associating with our members and allowing them a chance to try to get involved. Like many Private Social Clubs, we (I) want you (the outsider) to see us and wonder about us. Such clubs from Motorcycle Clubs (especially 1%s) to the Free Masons have their secrets, their unpublished members and their by-laws to live by. We are no different but, the American Kokuryukai is not for sale and neither are memberships they are earned by hard work. So you know we are out there but, you don't were, why or who is a member.

Is the American Kokuryukai restricted to Black Dragon Ninjitsu students and members?

No... It includes other systems of ninjutsu and some other non-ninjutsu martial arts. Currently, a Shaolin Kung-fu artist has been invited, a ninjutsu expert or three and, others are sure to follow. The historical Kokuryukai of World War II fame, used proxy groups and various methods of training from any place that gave them an advantage. The American Kokuryukai uses the strategic and tactical elements of Black Dragon Ninjitsu but, is focused on making Ninjutsu a Strategic-Survival-Combat System & using any martial art, self-defense or combative system to further that goal.

To do this, we have to drop the "Ninja-Warrior Sales Pitch" and focus on Ninjutsu as the Invisible Art, the art of things done in secret as if you were never there... So we will honor the Spirit and truth of the Samurai, that they were warriors first and ninja second. We seek to develop personal systems of combat (not based on someone else's style or tradition but what works for you the individual), based on cross training and develop of personal understanding of principles, lifestyle and development goals. This is a starting point where we address elements like strategy (a individual study thereof), tactics and philosophy to work on things like psychological manipulation and controls, goal setting and developing a plan of action, core life styles taught through a "cloak & dagger" style Adventure Camp & Social Club. From here, we develop a network a instructors in multiple systems and styles, cross training, learning and developing a Fraternal Order of Strategists and Leaders. We seek to use martial arts and ninjutsu (modern and historical) to develop the Leaders of the Martial Arts world...

How is this done through a "martial arts" fraternity & what qualifies it as an "acceptable martial art?"

Its not done through the fraternity it is done through personal development. What qualifies as an acceptable martial art is any system with physical requirement to take action against another living human being & has a focus (it does not need to be the central focus) on Self-Defense. This means a "too deadly to spar" Self-Defense School were you never apply what you learn against another person is not qualified for membership but, an MMA school that teaches a Karate-based Self-defense system and trains fighters to enter MMA using Muay Thai and/or Brazilian Jujitsu is... A Hapkido Dojang that doesn't spar and is focused on Self-Defense techniques for comat doesn't qualify but a Tae Kwon Do school that includes light sparring and self-defense training along with breaking and forms does qualify. Because the acceptable system needs to allow you to test your limits and explore your strengths and weakness but also needs a practical base outside of looking good, winning trophies or patting egos.

We don't need to provide all the answers we want to expand your knowledge, open your mind and your eyes and help you start asking the right questions... It's about how you develop yourself and not how you justify your expanse of time and money. As long as you are improving yourself a human being and doing so with a practical goal of self-defense and self-improvement. We want you to help us better ourselves and will offer the chance help us better ourselves in return. The Fraternity doesn't give you anything, that's not already within you. We are just trying to help you find "it" within you and help ourselves find "it" within ourselves. The individual acts and in individual benefits, we just do so as a team of individuals following their own paths to summit.
If the Book Legacy of the Kokuryukai is a manual for Private Fraternal Order then Why sell it on Shadow Warrior Press?

Because Secrets are dangerous and making the information publically available means that people can see what the organization is about & what our goals are. I want the American Kokuryukai to not be limited to a text or written philosophy that is unmoving. I want a fluid and adaptable institution that brings people together to learn from each other & don't much care how people view that idea. The Book covers some of the Real History of the Real Kokuryukai, it addresses the Omoto Family connection and addresses some basic doctrine of Espionage & Clandestine Warfare so that all members regardless of Martial Arts can study and learn, even if it only is through the book. A place were any martial artists from any style or tradition can come together and focus on strategy and cross training with the many different variations of martial arts that exist in the world.

So because I know rumors and lies will spread about the Organization Across the Web like Wild-Fire, just as they have about myself. I also know that giving anyone the opportunity to see what we honor and what teach in the Art of Strategy is only the tip of the Ice Burg... The Book does not contain everything one needs to know & no one knows it all. The best we can do is always seek to keep expanding, growing, learning & developing yourself as an individual. Strong individuals make strong groups, weak individuals weaken the group... We just want to help you realize your potential and your strength.

Have a Good Day & God Bless,
Ron Collins

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