Monday, April 10, 2017

I am not gonna explain why I came to Florida... I will just show you.

So I hear Barron and Don Roley are in full, spin mode... Trying to convince the net I came to Florida to claim I challenged Barron and some such none sense...

I came to Florida to convince James Edson "Little Tiger" Berto, I am serious about wanting to fight Barron in a cage...

I make no pretenses about it...

Look at what I said to Edson.

See I make no mention of fighting Barron right now or, any of that BS. In fact, neither one has a fight until Mr. Berto signs us up for one. Unless we agree to fight at his gym tomorrow as part of a sparring session. All we have is me trying to talk to a promoter, who didn't think I wanted to fight Barron when I did but, had a string of bad luck, my mother in the hospital and my car Being  wrecked prevented ke from setting a date. 

I even drove down to meet him in person. No... Shit talking and no challenge... Just working out the details on how we set this up. Between me and the promoter...

But, someone it trying to claim victory without a fight... Knowing I am not gonna meet Edson until tomorrow (April 9th 2017)... Why is that? What is he hiding from? Can't be me, I have no skills and I am a fraud right?

If I was, then why hide and try to make me look like the one hiding? Why dig your hole deeper and get proven a liar... By your own doing.

Take a look for yourself. It is, what it is...
Who said anything about fighting Barron with an hours notice? I asked to meet Edson Berto, in person and hash out the details of an MMA match between me & Barron. Not to fight him within the hour...

And Dawn Roley admits to stalking me... Yet, he actually admits to pulling a Dux... Sitting idol and watching the web for every comment made about him. 

Wow what fun these idiots are. Hanging themselves online with their own words. Best part is... They just put themselves on display as actually being worried about the appearance of "backing out." 

Oh well... This will be fun, regardless... Because we already know that law suit is underway. Just focused on the State Prosecutor in Federal Court & not the trolls. 
Reality is, if Barron wants to fight me or not... If a date gets set or not... I came here to prove to Edson Berto I was serious and, that was all... Barron & Roley made a cute fantasy out of that fact. Twisted it into something its not, because they were scared to look weak and they only made themselves seem weaker... Made themselves seem more pathetic... 

And imagine, if I just wanted to go to Disney World in Orlando and was joking about "picking a fight" on my facebook..? Imagine how stupid they would look...? Or maybe you don't have to...

Met with Edson at 4pm and Barron... Fight should be Amateur, event June-July. And Barron went through all the trouble lying and pretending I ducked him, I challenged him but all he did was prove he a liar... 

Drive to Florida about $300
Barron making himself into a liar... Priceless.


  1. You're a delusional dick tucking sack of shit.

    Either man up or shut the fuck up and get back on your meds.

    1. Why didn't Barron man up? He said I was right there? No BDFS between us... Yet, by his own admission he talked shit and didn't do shit...

  2. Well, why not settle it when you had the chance? A ninja is always ready at a moment's notice, right?

    1. I came to talk to Edson and told him I was ready for an event anytime he could work something out. He said maybe June or July at the earliest... That was business plain and simple...

      Why didn't Barron settle it when he had the chance? He said he talked shit to my face but, he didn't use them hands...

      So why didn't he do anything? See I know the game of talk shit and while a person is defending themselves verbally and not focused on the physical threat to hit them... So my silence was nothing but awaiting him to close the gap.

      Course Edson siad he didn't want us fighting in the parking lot. So I obliged him and Barron didn't do anything but run his mouth. The question is where is the public MMA match, all licensed and legal?

  3. No one is stalking you, you crazed elf. You wont fight anyone. You cant and everyone knows you cant. Did you visit Radford? How was that reunion? Did he teach you any new ways to dick tuck? Please keep this blog going, I find it hilarious.

    1. Right... So if I won't fight why lie about me challenging Bitch Tits? Why post a picture from Tigers World MMA when I wasn't supposed to be there until the next day?

      Sorry but, Barron did it to himself making himself look like a bitch by lying and trying to look tough...

      I am happy you find Barron humiliating himself to be so hilarious and hope you gain further enjoyment from blogs following this one, as Barron and his merry band of online warriors make themselves look like fools.

  4. If the "heads" of BDFS have said that members should not participate in things like this, why in the hell was Ashida there?

    1. Where did I say Ashida was there? Ashida was not present, though he lives in the same town. Barron picked the fight promoter and, I wanted to speak with Edson the fight promoter simple as that. That's not a "Dojo Storm" like Dux prompted in Kentucky, nor was Ashida presenpresentI talked to Edson or when Edson called Barron to get to the bottom of things... Barron showed up all bluster and bullshit but was happy to stay behind Edson.

      I explained the issue of Barron talking shit online and even showed Edson Barron's picture from the Day before when Barron claimed I showed him (in the blog above) and the false claim to me challenging him. Thats why Edson called Barron and we was going to try to mediate between us and let us spar in his gym until Barron started making threats to kill me or have me arrested and Edson asked me to leave. Simple as that there was no BDFS involvement or involvement from Ashida Kim.

      It was just me alone... I mean seriously I could walked in to talk to Edson and he could not have been a stand up guy and I could have gotten jumped by Barron, Edson and whatever BS...

      However, Edson isn't an MA politics mouth piece and was a pretty good guy, for all the little bit of time I was around him. He seemed mildly amused by the situation and was a bit shocked I showed up alone. As well as Barron's antics...

      Way I see it... Barron did more damage to himself lying a bout a challenge that was never layed and a fight I never ducked. Tell me how creditable is someone who makes up challenges and lies about people not showing up?

    2. Both Edson and Van said that Radford Davis showed up with you and then left before Barron arrived. Looks like YOU just got proven a liar, Ronnie.

    3. Haha... Trying to justify your own lies Barry?
      1. I left my car at Edson's and Ashida picked me up and took me out to lunch... Ask the guy from the car wash, I was there charging my phone while I waited on Ashida to get to. I was having car trouble, I even told Edson this because I met him later then expected...

      2. Barry as you know Edson's father is a friend of Ashida Kim's and that's why YOU picked him as a promoter for the MMA event we were supposed to have 5-6 months ago when my mom got sick and I wrecked my car... So I held off on the event until after the law suit, which is already under way by the state... Ashida simply went in with me to say "hi" and split to not he involved in what transpired...
      3. By your own admission Barry, we were face to face and nothing happened. Course that was largely because of your bluster and acting like you wanted to fight in the parking lot...
      4. Edson also asked me if I was willing to spar you at the gym. But, you started talking about people lining up to fight me and Edson was worried that more then just you would show up.

      We walked outside to meet you and he told me to have whoever was with me clear the parking lot (then realized the white car he thought was waiting to be washed was mine and I came to his gym on my own).

      You just stated Ashida was not involved in whole affair and left before YOU showed up Barry.

      5. Don't take my silence for fear... Hardly. See I often teach Criminal Tactics or common Street Fighting tactics in my self defense classes. One of those tactics is called "Keep em talking" wherr an accuser starts an argument or accuses you of something so then while you are focused on verbally defending yourself, they hit you... Its also a means to close distance under pretext.

      I was thinking of fighting (defending myself) and nothing more. You made no attempt to get past Edson and I agreed not to fight you at his school.

      I was a guest there and had no issue with Edson. So I showed him the respect of acting according to his wishes.

      6. The fact is Barry, you want me to he guilty of something I didn't do because, I am proud of my accomplishments was little as they are and the best accomplishments I have don't come with a record or a business plan because they are helping people get ahead. People are using my methods to protect and defend themselves at Black Rock and in normal life. I don't compare myself to you or anyone else because my journey is my own.

      See I fought my own private war for almost 10 years. I beat corrupt cops, dirty judges and a prosecutors all with connections to organized crime. I did so using my "fake ninjutsu" and once the trial gets underway... Well it will all come out. I took a vacation, helped a friend get to Florida after he got stuck in North Carolina and took measure of YOU Barron.

      You being proven a liar, proven to lie about a challenge never made or a fight I never ducked only males you look like a fraud, a liar and a weak person. You did all that to yourself and just like when you walked up and got all mouthy on the phone... You showed fear. Cornered animals lash out and people are no different...

      Ashida Kim dropped me off at my car and left before I talked to Edson, because Edson's father was curious about the whole thing and who I was. Ashida was involved in the affair and you are the one trying to prove yourself behind a keyboard. See in the end you won't cover the truth on your blog because, you are a liar and you proved it.

      If its helps I am proud of you for all you accomplished. I really am, I just think your douche bag and a piece of shit as a human being.

      Enjoy your life because, I don't much care about you or for you.

  5. So, in other words, you aren't going to show up for the fight, because you are an impoverished coward.

  6. No... That's not what I am saying. I am saying whether I show up or not, win or not is irrelevant. I am saying you are irrelevant Barron.

    See, you by your own actions proved you are a liar and all this keyboard warrior online theater doesn't change the record... (1) You lied about me online and interfered with my court case along side Phil Elmore and Don Roley. (2) That you & "MRaymond Locktoolz" tried to set me up to be arrested in Florida with an unsanctioned event. (3) That you lied about signing up for Ruckus in the Cage and never showed up. (4) That you tried to rush me into MMA event in Florida with Edson acting as the promoter for said event, prior to Lexington & after I proved you lied about Ruckus and Speaking to Chris Smith. (5) That you backed out of Roley's Lexington Seminar only 6 hours after I suggested we meet there and fight. (6) That Don Roley issued his challenge to me and manipulated Dux into sending BDFS members to Roley's event. While my concern was in protecting the BDFS, ot also had to do with not wanting it to appear that the BDFS was fighting my battles for me. You know make me look as weak as you for having to hide behind Don's skirts. (7) Thats why I manipulated Dux into his admission of those facts on messenger and proved Don Roley lied about me. He placed himself in the arena defending your cowardice, after all. (8) That also openned the door to me being able to prove that Don Roley's research into Fujita is biased and fraudulent, intended to disprove anything but the lies told by the Bujinkan & Hatsumi. (9) And this is the most important part Barry... YOU proved you are a liar and coward, when you posted about a challenge I never layed to claim I backed out of a non-existent fight and that (10) I came to your hometown and met your fight promoter in person to let him know I was serious about fighting you.

    Do you realize Barron, if you wouldn't have made those false claims I would have met Edson and it would have been a quiet arrangement to fight. No theater and no BS... So now here we are. Edson called you because I showed him your lies online and he wanted to get to the bottom of the issue. Win or lose, show or no show, it doesn't matter...

    Because all this online keyboard kumite between us doesn't matter. I came to Florida, your hometown and seen you face to face. And, what did you do... You lied to make yourself look good.

    How are people supposed to take you seriously now? How are people supposed believe you and believe your lies online?

  7. Barron was so irrelevant that you drove for, what, 12 or 15 hours, only to dick-tuck when you were face to face with him? Nobody takes you seriously, Ron. You are making excuses because you aren't going to show up for the fight... and everyone knows it. That's why they call you Dick-Tuck when they aren't calling you "pedobear."

    1. Still don't get it do you... I was there to see Edson Berto. Barron only became involved having to use Edson's gym to lie about a challenge I never leveled and a fight I never missed because, its all in Barron's head.

      Barron didn't do shit and by his own admission Edson asked me to leave. But, Barron's lies, something he manipulated himself into making up is calling his ethics and backbone into question.

      I am simply waiting on paperwork from Edson and if I get no paperwork there will be no fight. Again the game is force me commit to something still in the air... Sorry Barry not gonna happen.

    2. Still don't get it do you... I was there to see Edson Berto. Barron only became involved having to use Edson's gym to lie about a challenge I never leveled and a fight I never missed because, its all in Barron's head.

      Barron didn't do shit and by his own admission Edson asked me to leave. But, Barron's lies, something he manipulated himself into making up is calling his ethics and backbone into question.

      I am simply waiting on paperwork from Edson and if I get no paperwork there will be no fight. Again the game is force me commit to something still in the air... Sorry Barry not gonna happen.

  8. Deep down, you know you can't fight, and you know you're an out of shape midget who has no training and who has lost every fight he has ever been in. You will do anything to avoid getting beaten on video for the world to see. Everyone laughs at you, Ron, and now your poverty is public record, mr. zero-income-lives-off-disability.

  9. I guess this is meant to what illicit an emotional response? Make me get angry or somehow feel ashamed? Seems to me, you are making excuses ahead of time for Barron not having the fight set up...

    I am laughing at all of you now...

  10. You realize that you may as well have just admitted that you are angry and ashamed of yourself, right? Well, good. You should be. You own three shirts and you carry yourself like a homeless person.

  11. No... Actually, I am not angry or ashamed of myself. I see the pointless insults for what it is... That I am right, that Barron is searching for a "win" and won't take part in any MMA event.

    This is called deflection and its amusing that you are avoiding the fact that no paperwork has been sent to me and that Barron is all talk... No proof and was caught lying about a challenge. He made himself into a liar, publicly and all you are doing os covering for his failures. Is Don Roley going to come to Barron Rescue again..?