Sunday, March 4, 2018

For everything there is a Season

Well I mentioned the surprise and secret fight with the MMA fighter... Completely stunned a lot of people but, really don't matter...

See it provided a platform for talking about God. I often call certain martial arts groups cults. And they certainly exist within the martial arts community. However, tomorrow is March 5th. The last day for Kristen Keller to respond to law suit, I was told by my detractors would never be served... Until it was served.

I am no prophet but, I was shown God's will because I asked God to show it to me. I know this shocks people but, eh... Your belief or unbelief is not mine to be concerned with. I am here to convince of God's will or, even his existence. That is between you and the God to work out between the two of you.

I can only show what God has shown me or, more importantly... What God has done through me, I can take no credit for anything. No more credit then a hammer can take credit for the work of the craftsman.

I don't expect people to understand why I can basically lose everything and have faith in God. To be honest, sometimes its very hard. I have come to accept two things, 1. That I am were God wants to be for the reason he wants me to be there and 2. That I am fit to serve his will... But, that is why I am here doing just that.

See if I was fit to serve God's will, I would be the person who gets the credit, when it is God doing the work. Does that make sense to you? It is no surprise that I speaking of God, the first edition Black Dragon Ninjitsu has a reference to God and every subsequent edition as well... The hardest thing for me to do is to do nothing, I am my own worst enemy in that regard.

Why am I evem bothering to rype this up for you to read? Probably because right now I am doing nothing... On the way back from Florida my alternator went out, had to drive from autoparts store to autoparts store getting the recharged.

At one point I was getting off the interstate at an exit, one of three that were all camp grounds. And I said, "Its gonna be fine. God will look out for me." As I was coasting down the off ramp onto a mainroad with no street lights and nothing around me but forest, the road dipped and everything was black night. My head lights were even dying on me. But, coasting out the dip I saw the orange flashing lights of a fire stone truck... The driver was there dealing with someone else's trailer that had gotten a flat tire and, wasn't just willing to help me, but charged my battery for 30 minutes with the Jumper cables.

Now some people say it was luck and, it might have been but, who is to say "luck" wasn't God's will. I honestly believe that, my life is weird and bizarre, that there has to be more to it then just me. Faith is a hard thing to have and, it is even harder to keep... Especially, when your life is falling apart. There isn't really anyone I know, who can relate to me and my experience in life. And, I have to believe that my life in that regard serves a purpose...

I just don't always or completely know what that is... All I know is, tomorrow is the last day for Keller to respond. So far she has not &, silence is an admission of guilt... A $25 Million Dollar admission of guilt.
Last updated 03/02/2018... 
That was Friday.
So here is my question, what does everyone think they will say if and when, Kristen Keller doesn't answer and, doesn't explain why she violated WV Code 27-6A-2 (b) does that mean I am right and that she falsified evidence... Or is it just $25 Million Dollar luck? If she mailed a response and it shows up post marked before tomorrow what happens next?


  1. So Ron, are you starting to realize you won't be sipping champagne and eating caviar on a yacht? Nope, instead you should get used to powdered fruit juice and mac & cheese in a trailer park for the rest of your life.
    I'll throw you a bone. In the move to dismiss the person you are suing stated (among a few other things) that your claims for defamation fail to meet the pleading standards of Twombly and Iqbal.
    What is that? I have no idea. But you better know what that standard is, maybe read the summery of the entire case. If you don't, you don't have a chance. You don't have a chance anyways but....
    I am not telling you this to be nice. I know how this will be a ninja mind fuck on you, like I always manage to pull off without you acknowledging it. The chances are good that you will ignore what I say and not do any looking into the matter, because you think I am lying and trying to lead you astray. So when the mail comes and you see that exact thing listed as one of the points, your heart will sink. And you may start to realize I know far more of this little game you are a small part of better than you ever will.
    And even if you do start researching, your case is doomed. You have no chance of winning because you really are a crazy, child- raping coward. But you have less than two weeks to prepare a statement, and every hour you spent in effort that will do nothing is time elementary school girls can walk home without fear of being jumped and raped.
    You will get a letter in the next few days. Then you will see what I say about the point is correct, just like I am always about things like this. So when I say you are going to lose, you can make bets on it. Have fun losing once again and telling the world that two separate courts found and upheld that you are a lunatic pedophile and very petty criminal.

  2. Wow... Don, you are still claiming I to have gained some superior hand when all your doing is grasping a straws... Haha...

    You do realize Don, that if you read my motion I left the path open to argue, malicious intent.

    I did so knowing it left Keller to make the argument she did, I am only replying to you knowing you are dumb enough to prove your own malicious intent, which is where the Twombly and Iqbal come into the picture. It is also why I pre-emptively addressed the potential for a violation of Judical Ethics as this now calls for an evidentiary hearing.

    Thank you for the information but, I was already aware. All that is left is a matter of evidentiary hearing and, in so doing proving my case. A simple matter of presenting state codes and copies of motions filed in previous cases. But, an Iqbal hearing would allow me to call witnesses & prove my case before a jury even hears it. Opening the door for a summary judgement.

    But, thanks for caring. Don, I can always count on you to show off my superior mind. Thank you.

  3. You really don't know. And I further show how you dance to my tune. This is so funny to me. When you lose, remember that after all your talking about god, it can only be because he hates you. And he hates you because you rape little girls.

  4. Oh, and once again I prove that your vow to put me behind you was just an attempt to deny the truth I always tell about you. You were so easily to manipulate.

  5. Not at all Don, it is I am playing you. You keep trying so hard to get a response from me and, who better then you to keep trying champion the lies of the Prosecutor..?

    The reality is Don, I am not done with you but, I am done with the drama. You will witness my victory or, defeat. Though we both know a victory is just as likely and, as much as you hate to admit it. I am right.

    There is no debate, no argument and all your attempts to get in my head are the result of the psychic real estate I own your own mind. You are following this case and my every move because, I own you. That is just how it is Don and, I am saying this because, you will me best witness of all Don... You don't want me to win but, you will have no choice but to see and, will lose everything if you don't admit it. That is just how it is...

  6. I enjoy watching you fail. I enjoy making you respond to me. And I can always get you to dance to my tune.
    You have less than two weeks to write a response that satisfies the judge. You can't do it. You don't know how to do it. And of course, the truth is not on your side. I love how you build this up as proof that god wants you to win. Because you will lose, and prove that if there is a god, he hates you because you rape little girls.
    Powdered fruit punch and mac& cheese in the trailer park is all you have to look forward to for the rest of your life you pedophile.

  7. Its not I will fail... You are counting your chickens before they hatch. Know why I am responding to you Don? Because I can... I am done with the drama, you aren't. It infects you like a disease. I heard a rumor the Bujinkan has washed their hands of you is that true?

    As for Twombly and Iqbal well that played into my hand. See the Defendant's lawyers made a false statement in court, I will persue perjury charges against them and will file with the lawyers disciplinary board and BAR Association. In either event, they are seeking to have it dismissed on the grounds of Prosecutional immumity.

    However, here in the 4th Federal Circuit a federal court in Virginia upheld a ruling that Judicial Immunity doesn't protect violations of rights or the law. It went to the U.S. Supreme Court, which I am aware of and didn't respond with it when Sam Browning brought up Prosecutorial Immunity on Bullshido. Why show your hand right?

    Thing is Don, you are so invested in me being wrong... You are displaying how bad I have damage your fragile, drunken mind. As of the rest... Well here is a US Supreme Court case saying Judges and Magistrates don't have the immunity to violate the laws or an individual's rights.

  8. Sorry forgot to add the link...
    Pulliam v. Allen,
    466 U.S. 522 (1984)

    1. How is a case about judicial immunity claimed by a magistrate relevant to your argument against prosecutorial immunity? I've seen a few mad unrepresented litigants who appeal every little misunderstood point, make complaints against lawyers, judges etc and waste 5 years of their life on misconceived applications. It is not a recipe for a happy and fulfilling life. I don't know which you are less skilled at: martial arts or the law.

    2. Because her attorneys are claiming Absolute and Qualified immunity based on a US Supreme Court case Imbler v. Pachtman which grants a Prosecutor the same immunity as a judge. It was then overturned by Pulliam v. Allen saying that judges or, in that case a Magastrate can be sued based on their actions which violate the law or, constitution.

      Now that and a few points being further addressed to settle the Twombly and Iqbal issues should have this case proceeding to trial if not directly offering grounds for a Summary judgement.

      See the ultimate issue is the fraudulent filing by Keller in violation of WVC 27-6A-2 (b) which violates statutory guidelines set by code and, in combination with Pulliam v. Allen grants no immunity. I have until the 19th to file the motion and I am still gathering material and factual evidence to file with my motion against the mismissal. But, that is all I wish to say at this time.

  9. You really think that is going to work? Oh, I can tell that you have no idea what is really going on. This is better than Game of Thrones for amusement value. Keep it coming.

  10. It should work Don and it is a direct rebuttal to Sam Browning's question on Bullshido. It is the very answer he wanted but leaked here on this blog using You are a pretext for leaking the information. There are other relevant issues to be addressed but they will be addressed later, when I so deem it.

    You are just my pawn Don. See you can't walk away from this because you need Keller's lies to support your own. Walking away means I win, beat you back into silence and that means if this goes to trial, I win because you said it wouldn't. And it means if I win at trial or by Summary Judgement once the provisions of Twombly and Iqbal are met... Well, that means I won again and you witnessing that victory will mean you will have to make a public statement concerning that... If you don't well Donny boy, that might be the last Prime Rib you have for a while and, Don... Please enjoy it.

    Perhaps really treat yourself to a Fillet Mignon? Take the wife and kids out to eat? Just go easy on the wine, you drink too much as is... LMAO

  11. I do not have any access to any paperwork, but I take from the exchanges here that there is a chance the case will be dismissed before it ever gets into a courtroom. If you recall, I said that could happen and yet you claimed you would at least get a chance to argue your point in front of a jury.
    Now that you have been shown to be wrong on that point, maybe it is time to acknowledge that you do not know the legal process as well as you think. And you might remember that I said you need a lawyer for this sort of thing.
    It is real simple, if you don't get a lawyer at this point, you will lose. Your chances are very slim even so, but you have no chance without a lawyer.
    If you don't get one, that is your choice, not God's. When you lose, remember that it is not because God turned his back on you, but you turned your back on him. You didn't get the help you could get, you didn't work for his greater glory and your purpose was to gain money and repair your reputation. You thought God should come and help you. Instead you should have thought about how you could help God.
    When you are handed defeat, it is perhaps time to reexamine your life and consider how your turning your back on God, using him only as lip service, might have gotten you where you are now. Everyone can be saved, even a man that has done the vicious, yet petty, things you have to others. But you have to change yourself and let God into your heart in deeds instead of just words for anything to happen with His plans for you.

  12. Haha... Wow. Ok let me deal with this with three easy points.
    1. Yes, I am looking to clear my name. For whatever reason God allowed all thats happened to me but, it is according to his will alone. Not my will...

    And, you're right I stand no chance in this without a lawyer. Of course, if God with me who can stand against me? So I will take my chances in faith, as I have done for a decade.

    After all, David fled from Saul and was hunted by him. He returned and cut off a piece of Saul's clothing as proof that he could have killed Saul but chose not to. He was looking to clear his name as well, wasn't he?

    Clearing my name is part of it but, my case will set a framework for others in West Virginia to follow to seek justice in the courts against a very corrupt state government. If it didn't happen to me, I wouldn't be able to fight it and, I wouldn't be able to help others by proxy.

    2. Ooh... Your psychic... Not. It doesn't take a psychic to know Keller is going to respond with all kinds of legal loopholes to try to avoid the law suit. I just happen to have found ways to close them all and, no I am not going tell you what they are, just yet...

    I fully intend to present the facts for all 3rd parties in my state who need this information. As I said, my case will potentially be a framework for others to respresent themselves and bypass all the legal red tape used by the corrupt to escape justice. I am mailing it out friday the 16th and, it should be there by the 19th.

    3. I will not have any doubt, see I gave myself a stress headache for 2 days telling myself "not to get my hopes up." The truth is forcing doubt on myself just isn't who I am, I wasn't built to surrender, to quit or to just give up. Its not me and, God willing I am going to win this. You remind me of the story of Job and the devil saying to curse God or doubt his love.

    I have no issue using you clowns to address the very facts and keep people looking at these bouts of verbal fencing. It only adds to the witnesses for what happens next... See you can try to play like you are all knowing but, my case is statutory, rooted in legal codes and court rulings... Physical evidence is the key point here and, it cannot be denied or, avoided. So just wait till Friday the 16th.

    Because at point has Kristen Keller claimed to innocent of charges... Let that sink in for a minute.