Monday, February 26, 2018

I present to you a question of faith...

So once again, MMA fighters become the factor. Since I am making a prediction about events and with it comes a planned secret video. I fight with a local MMA fighter, no holding back and very little rules.

How is it a secret if I am telling you? Well, I met this man at buddy Tim's birthday party and kept fucking with him all night. Yeah I was drunk but, I saw this man for what he was. My end... He can and will put me down and I have to straight up admit it... This isn't some Icy Mike bullshit where he isn't going to give it his all and, I will get fucked up.

God has designs for this man and, he is a man on fire. He is the kind of man who isn't old enough to buy alcohol &, still deserves to be called a man. Well the video is a secret because we drunkenly agreed to fight each other. It will be filmed and, we hold onto the footage. He might be a chance to rekindle my dying embers of fighting spirit and faith. Which is why I really want to fight him. Now, this is a full tilt fight without anyone holding back. The fight hasn't happened yet but, so the video doesn't exist... Yet.

But, it will...

My predictions and my secrets are already here:
Last updated February 25th 2018... Started on the 24th and then I left my phone at Timmy's. I saw him and, knew God sent him to me. Never met him before, that night but, yeah thats my guy. Same size and build as me, bigger then Icy Mike and about the same weight.

This is simple proof I can bang and, with someone who isn't holding back. Why? Because, Icy Mike held back and, as much as it was an insult to him that I didn't even try to fight back... It was just as much an insult he didn't give it his all... Ah but, this man. This man, is not going to insult me or himself.

Why am I saying this?

The one, thing I never questioned about this man... His faith. I don't question it now, I know better and, I didn't question it then. No, I have faith in him. I have faith in the God who sent him to me...

Just I have faith in the other trials and tasks put before me;
And, this fighter who's name I haven't mentioned. Don't worry, I don't have to, he is another "better man then me type." A hero type, a grenade jumper, if I ever saw one.


  1. Please, don't insult our intelligence by trying to say you didn't fight back against Icy Mike. You failed because you lack the skills, not because you didn't try.
    As for your suit being dismissed, all it will prove is that an independent judge looked at the evidence you presented and said that it had no merit at all. It will not be a victory at all for you. All it will do is prove that everything you said was wrong. Your enemies are already aware of this blog and hooting about it. If your suit is dismissed, they will say that it proves that you really are everything they say. And yes, it looks like you will have it dismissed.
    As for this fight, yet another video of you being beaten won't help you at all. Maybe you should find a way to pull out of it. I am familiar with your claims of being trained from childhood by your mother. The video of you being beaten so easily by Icy Mike shows that you lied about that. I can't put it any kinder. Another video of you being beaten will just convince the world that your books on martial arts aren't worth buying.

    1. Haha... And you make my point quite clearly. You are talking about how I have no skills and my products aren't worth buying... Who is selling anything? I am going get my ass kicked, win or lose. Everyone can see what I am going to be doing. See real effort and real skills.

      Your focus is attacking my business or, history. Thanks for the admission. I am going to sit on the video because, I want to keep my skills off the YouTube... For now, with the Informant situation. I don't want or plan to use my 9mm. But, well who knows...

      Sorry, mate, no one is buying the "proof" you are claiming. That little blog I show above in the screen shot, will prove everything I have been saying from the get go... Why you think Mike was pissed?

      What rubs you the wrong way, is that I am about that a lie. We don't need to discuss what I am saying or debate it. Its real and its happening... For everything there is a season.

    2. What? I kindly gave you advice to help you avoid trouble and you accuse me of trying to attack your business. It is very simple, you sell books about martial arts. With all these videos of you being beaten, why would anyone buy any of them from you? We can tell you were trying your best against Icy Mike, but you weren't able to land a single blow.
      You are getting very paranoid and attacking people like me with your best interests at heart. I am trying to let you know that your suit against the government will almost certainly fail. It probably won't even make it inside of a courtroom. You need to stop putting all your hopes and dreams into it, because when it fails, and that is the best bet, you are setting yourself up for intense disappointment.

    3. Ok... I am setting myself for intense disappointment. But, all my hopes and dreams don't have shit to do with winning the law suit...
      1. I can appeal...
      2. Anything but, a jury saying, Kristen Keller didn't falsify evidence, its my word and the evidence saying she did. She has to prove the evidence doesn't show a violation of code, or remains something hanging over us all.

      Remember, I had a "ninja" in the Water Protectors. And, I have spoken with you on this blog before. You don't get it... I am fighting someone local and, someone who reminds me of me at his age. Its gonna be fun, win or lose its a fight about heart. I want that fire back and, fighting him will rekindle those embers into flames. That said, it also shows what I can do.

      You say I tried against Icy Mike... Ok. Believe what you want. Then you should enjoy the possibility of a second video like the first.

      You say I am setting myself up for disappointment... So what, that's life. Suck it up, we have all been disappointed before. So what? I don't need a tissue.

      Fighting this guy isn't about proving anything. Its about getting my heart right. This is about, respect and passion. I might get my ass kicked but, I won't get disappointed. Either, I win in court or, I don't... But, Keller has to win as well, because the people who see that evdence know the truth of the evidence, I presented.

      More likely, you are playing the "friend" role to try to convince me to give up. That won't happen.

  2. You cause me again?
    You don't understand the law. Do some talking with a real lawyer. The person you are trying to sue can get the suit dismissed before it reaches a courtroom. She can ask for a judge to decide her fate. And you failed to prove bad intent on her part in anything you posted in your blogs.
    If you were a lawyer, you would realize this. I am not your friend. I do know of your crimes against children. But as a christian, I have to treat you with kindness. And I am telling you that you had best get ready for the very real possibility that this case will be dismissed at some point, you will never be in front of a jury and any appeals you file will also be rejected. If that happens, and it likely will, you need to be prepared mentally for dealing with it. People use lawyers for a very good reason. Anyone who has passed the bar exam could tell you your chances. The fact that no attorney would touch this case despite the chance of getting 30 percent of 25 million should tell you all you need to know about your chances.
    You have too much wrapped up in a case that is 99 percent certain to go nowhere. I fear something will snap in you when you realize that you will never get anywhere with it. Please go to a counselor of some sort and get help before this happens.

    1. You are not a lawyer either... What is Bar Number? You don't get it do you, I prove malicious intent at trial that is for a jury to decide not the Judge and, at trial, not from the bench. Definitely, not for this blog.

      You don't get it... I showed evidence of damages, it means the case cannot be dismissed. If the Judge dismisses it, I file an appeal and, report the appearance of Impropriety to the US Courts which if the mere presence of Impropriety is present, retrial. Any dismissal for anything other then, I am wrong... Don't clear Keller of the accusations.

      And I bought a gun, passed a background check, have video of me shooting it and the receipt posted on my Facebook. Make up excuses and lies, it is what it... All appearances to the contrary, Keller falsified evidence and I am sane and Lawfully Armed. Which is why you keep claiming I will snap if, it gets dismissed. No, I won't snap... I took a bunch of unneeded preparatory steps in case it does. It won't...

      You are not a Christian, you are a holier then thou, prick who claims faith in God anf rejects the key teachings of his Son...

      "Judge not lest you be judged." - ring a bell?

      What is the rest of that? "For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." If you are a Christian and, I am innocent man and you are accusing me of harming children and slandering my name. You are going to be judged by the same standard of false accusations.

      As for the lawyers, everything is God's will. Win or lose, lawyer or no lawyer... The difference between us as Christians, is that I am horrible Christian and, have not shed many of my sinful habits, thoughts and feelings. Yet, I have done things you deny and, seen God's help for me in the Darkest Places... I have no fear of losing in that courtroom because, I know God is with me. I have my faith... I don't doubt myself or, that God is with me. However, it turns out it is God's will and his doing. If I win in that courtroom, ita because God gave me the tools and, worked his miracle through me. Even then, the devil and doubt still weigh on me but, I have already learned to leap without looking, in faith that God will catch me. All you are concerned with is having to admit you are wrong and, having to see me succeed in an arena without any formal legal schooling or, training. I will be victorious because, I know God goes out before me.

  3. Seriously, do you realize how you sound? You act like you are the chosen hand of God. If this case is dismissed before it ever goes before a jury, as it likely will, then you perhaps need to understand that it is God's will. Please get some therapy to deal with the stresses this is causing you. And honestly, five minutes of talking with a real lawyer about this case will let you know just how bad your chances are. You are seeing things as you wish to see them, not the reality.

    1. I am a Chosen of God... All Christians and Messianic Jews are called to do God's will. He outlined our gifts and our purposes for them in the Bible.

      You say you are treating me with respect because you are a Christian. What a Joke... I speak of faith in God and you speak of lawyers, as if God cannot win a Court Case through me..? I am not a lawyer and everything you say is true, by human designs. However, to say that God cannot take someone unfit to be a lawyer and, allow him to win in court is just Un-Christian like...

      Read Mathew 19:24 to 19:26... When Jesus said it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of needle then it is for a rich man to enter heaven. His disciples asked him who can be saved and he said, "With this man it is impossible but, with God all things are possible."

      I don't doubt God's will or, my faith. I doubt my strength to serve his will. Sometimes to even know his will, what I know is this. I am no David but, I have my giant to topple and, much as David said when his ability to bring down Goliath was questioned about facing that Giant and said "Whenever, my father's sheep would get snatched away by a bear or lion, the lord protected me from them. He will do so here as well."

      God has been with for the last decade of false arrests and harassment. He has been with me in my darkest moments and, in jail and, facing countless false accusations. What makes you think he has left me now?

      Is it too hard to believe that, I have faith in how things turn, however, they turn out... If I win this case, which I ain't fit to fight, much less win, then you will have to check your pride and, admit the truth. I have faith that God will deliver me.

    2. What makes you think God wants you to win this case? I think you should talk to a pastor about this. Instead of convincing yourself that what you are doing is God's will, maybe you should ask yourself why you have gone to prison and all the other terrible things you have gone through. If you surrender to him and what he wants for you, instead of thinking he is going to work for you, then you might finally be able to rise above the life you have now. Don't let your ego get in the way of accepting his role for you. You may not like it, but that is the way He works.

    3. Who says he doesn't, want me to win this case? Who says God wants me to surrender and, accept this..? Man up and admit YOU want me to accept this.

      I was innocent and, I am innocent. However, you are trying to talk me out of what I feel in my heart and what I know to be true to accept your lies... To accept the lies of others who have repeatedly, lied and harmed others.

      I will speak to a Preacher about it... Plan to call one later today as a matter of fact. However, Don't think I didn't notice you trying to slide that LIE in that went to prison, either... Trying to pretend to be concerned because, in all actuality all you want is for me to feed your lies about me. Its a pathetic move and one that is easy to spot.

      I never went to prison, was never found guity of a felony. But you are speaking of God's will as If you know about my relationship with God.

      Gos will use me for his will, whether I know, lile it or, not. Story of Jonah the Whale, Jonah was swallowed by a whale trying to run from his duty that God set for him...

      Samson, was given one job, Don't tell anyone the secret if his strength & to be the force that beat back the Philistines... He messed that up and, God still used him to fulfil his will.

      You speak of the law but, while I don't have to prove Malicious Intent, I proved falsified evidence concerning my commitment to Sharpes. That falsified evidence is also why I can and do own a gun. Why I made a point about it... I proved you, all liars. You are still lying here.

      You are pretending to tell why, the law suit won't go through, why I won't win but, who do You think you are fooling? Not me...

      God's will is for him to reveal to me, in his own fashion and in his own time. It is not for any man to dictate to me. I am not speaking of "religion" but, faith.

    4. Listen, you need to think. I am saying that if this case is dismissed, then you have to accept that as God's will. So far, you have not done too well in life. All else being the same, I think you can consider that a sign that God wanted all that to happen to you. What makes you think it will change now?
      Three year old kids get AIDs through blood transfusions and die. That is God's will. We don't know why he does what he does. But if you think you know it, that only shows your arrogance. Instead of saying that you will win because God is on your side, you need to ask if he really is. You need to surrender yourself to what he wants, and now what you him to do for you.
      Go call the pastor. You will want to develop a relationship so he can be there. I do think this case will be dismissed before it gets into a courtroom. I am not trying to stop you from trying the case. I am telling you the facts about its chances and trying to get you to prepare for defeat.
      God might want you to lose everything and be homeless, without a friend in the world to help you. If that is what it comes to, you just have to accept it and still love him. If you don't give up your belief that he works for you, then that likelihood goes up a lot. Don't turn your back on God because he doesn't give you what you want.

    5. You keep trying rationalize surrender... That I should quit fighting, to what end. You don't care about my relationship with God. You care about, me not winning this lawsuit.

      I was told it wouldn't be served, it was Keller has until the 5th to reply... I proved damages, injury with that motion in the sealed evidence. Keller has to explain why she violated 27-6A-2 (b) and why my injuries doesn't deserve redress...

      Prosecutorial discretion and, that don't matter. Will I appeal if we don't get a trial, yes...

      Fine maybe I am where God wants me, maybe I am just like Job in the bible. However, you are still lying... You don't believe it won't make it into a courtroom. You know it will, any motion must be settled in court... So even to dismiss it, it will see a courtroom.

      You aren't worried about the Preacher or, my relationship with God. So I am more scared of God using me then, I am of him not... See understand one of the requirements of faith is accepting long suffering and struggle. Its what comes after that scares me, look at Moses, David, Job, Daniel, Samson and especially Jesus... All had hard and rough lives. They endored much to get to Where God wanted them and, then endured even more. The Apostles all had rough lives and much suffering.

      You don't get it, its not ego or anger that drives me. Each court battle has exposed and peeled away another level of corruption. What if the Federal Courts are next? What if I struggle until I 80 to clear my name and die, broke, alone and die in the gutter... Its not the point, the point is whatever, I do will be built on by someone else or, not, whatever.

      You are trying to argue your point, cool... I accept how you feel and I don't agree. I think you are trying to convince to give up, to have doubts but, after trying to sneak a couple lies in the conversation.

      We all know that's not the truth. The truth is you want to make set myself up for failure. To push the idea that I will lose before, I win. I have faith in God because, I have endured much and on my own would have given up long ago.

      Its not about what I want, it is about an oath I swore before God and, having been told to swear by nothing. Yet, I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. I will fight until I win or die but, I will fight. Win or lose I will keep fighting, even of it is only my punishment for Swearing to God to do something.

    6. As for my arrogance in saying I feel I know God's will. Have you asked him to show you his will? I have, I did... Sometimes, God's answer is no but, sometimes he does speak to you. I don't mean I hear voices or anything like that, I mean sometimes God's answer is "Yes."

      That is why I have been bothering to argue all this with you. Just to say, that I asked for him to reveal his will to me and, he did. I won't say in what ways but, I will say he did so... Which means to me its all a question of faith. Do I believe what I have seen right before my eyes or, do I listen someone trying to tell me I will faith, lying about me and telling me the opposite of what Gid has revealed to me.

    7. Do you really want to fight a battle until you are 80? Especially since you are not a lawyer.
      Let us just take a look at your idea that you must present your case in front of a jury. First of all, defendants do have the choice last time I checked to have a jury, or they can ask for a judge instead. Which do you think the woman you are suing will chose, if it even gets that far?
      Are you following the news? Do you know that Trump's plan for the dreamers was struck down by the courts and the Supreme Court refused to accept the appeal? So you can appeal if/when you lose this case. But there is no assurance that is will do anymore than this one.
      When you are defeated, as I think you will, maybe it is time to revisit your life and reexamine your relationship with God. You admit that you are a horrible person, and yet claim to be a christian. Maybe you could try devoting yourself to helping others in homeless shelters and the like. You can't know what God wants. But after all these defeats in your life, you might want to consider that you aren't doing things that please him.

    8. Ok, so a man who believes in God asks him to reveal what he wants of this man. When shown this man acts in accordance with what God has shown him he wants...

      Another man who wants to see the first man fail, rationalizes everything but the truth.

      The 42 USC 1983 claim form does allow the plaintiff to select a Jury Trial. Copy & paste the link below:

      What you say has no bearing because, you are trying to shake my faith. You ask do I want to fight until I am 80, no... Does it mean I won't? No...

      You are trying to convince me that your opinion is greater then what God has told me to do. I think not... And, what happens if I win. What happens when your lies are exposed?

  4. Well Ron, it is great to see your people skills are just as retarded as ever. I think he is really trying to help you. Because you are going to lose this case.
    But this is what you do. Any time someone tells you what you don't want to hear, you reject and attack them. This is why you not only have no deep friends you can rely on, but why you have always been a failure and always will be. The rest of us admit we were wrong and learn from our mistakes. You can't do that. That is why you have never been married, never had kids, no career or skills to take pride in and are wandering around the streets, fearfully looking over your shoulder in case I am hiding in the shadows. This is your life, and it is what it will always be.
    And it is great to see you are so crazed and narcissistic that you are now saying god has told you to do this. That gave me a great laugh.

    1. Hahaha... Don we aren't going to rehash the old drama. See I found a fighter, I consider him a friend amd like him off the rip. Kid has heart and skills, and fire... His faith is stronger then mine because, I am always doubting and being a cynic. But, he grew up getting beat by a drunken dad and, it has lit the fire in him... Its a fire thats burned low and, might rekindle my own. That is the only reason I am fighting him or, want to.

      I am glad I gave you a laugh, keep laughing. I have friends who have "been in the trenches with me." I have deep friends and, well fuck the rest of the doubters.

      Someone, telling me I am going to fail isn't going to convince me Inam wrong. I know I am not, you post in the comments almost daily, trying to act like you have some evil master plan... Bitch Please.

      As for God tellinge anything, he did show me in dreams (visions) that came true after the fact. One of which involved Troop Gilkerson and Josh Stevens. Gikerson even told me other troopers and cops told him I was crazy and violent, and wanted to kill cops...

      Yet, he was alone when he stopped me for carrying a BB Gun and, I peacefully surrendered my Creed to him when he detained me and questioned me... He gave me my gun back and, I would like to consider him a friend. Certainly, he is a professional but, he is a bit of a sarcastic person; so he got my sarcastic humor. We get along fine... Josh Stevens knows me from when I was on bond at his dad's old company.

      I don't hate cops, I hate bad cops and, it was Josh who said I should do a video about the good one's. I did.

      Here is the link:

      Its not narcissism, when a moment of soul searching, you ask God to show you if you are doing his will. Its nothing when he responds and shows you moments which will or must come before whatever he is using you for come to...

      David was Murder and Adulterer, Moses was a killer and had a bad temper, Samson started off strong but, disobeyed God and he still used him to serve his will... Daniel was thrown in a furnace and then a lions den but, he came out just fine. Joshual was sold into slavery by his own brothers and, became a Governor in Egypt. I am no better then them, just as bad really and not worthy of the forgiveness God has given me.

      You once said, "the universe has rewarded you for your work in Ninjutsu." But, I am the narcissist...

      Know what you hate about me, Don? Its not the lies you spread, as excuses... It is because, I am a narcissist just like you. We both have massive egos, so does Dux and many others here. But, guess what Don? I have been fighting in court one corrupt court case after another and, losing time with family and friends, defamed, disgraced and juat plain mentally beat the fuck down.

      I asked God to show me what his will was... He showed me a younger, stronger and more on fire version of me, who reminded me, who I was... What I was like.

    2. He showed me dreams of the future that leade to making a YouTube videp about the "Good Cops" who are just as disgusted with the corrupt and problems here in American. In my state, we don't have an opioid crisis, we have a plague that is Killing People like a disease and destroying families and lives. I still had my doubts until, I looked into the eyes of the Man I used to be. And, I can tell his faith was so strong that, it rekindled the faith I used to have and need to keep this fight going...

      Don I don't give a fuck if you are in WV or not. There are people here who want to kill me and, you are just talking trash online... Icy Mike owns a school, he has students and, while I didn't try to fight him outside a half assed attempt a single leg takedown... Just to prove I could go further if I wanted. I let go, took a few hits and, felt bad more then upset. Icy Mike, insulted me by not giving it his all, so what..? I didn't fight back and don't care. No one is hiding in fear of you, except yourself. You are trying so hard to act like I scared of you but, its all a show. I am surprised Jason didn't take my head off, they way I came at him. Its all good though, I a douchebag and owe him an apology. He is as cocky as was and with good reason, growing being beat by a man, builds up a pain tolerance. He is likely to beat my ass...

      You say I am a narcissist. lol... Ok, maybe I am. I am no prophet and, have mountains of sins weighing me down. I am not worthy of God's love but, he gave it to me anyway...

      The original Black Dragon Ninjitsu published by Dojo Press, even mentioned faith in God. God does not choose the fittest, he chooses the least fit because, that is how you know he was at work.

      My faith is Torah Prophesy and, New Testament Gospel. I took countless beatings by life, until I let go of the anger that has fueled me my whole life. In preparing for this step, which I almost didn't take, Don... I had people suddenly using methods and, others looking at the evidence wanting my help with the same corruption. I am not doing this for me and what, I get... The money will be nice but, it will go to helping those in greater need then myself. See, I been to some dark places and what we need here is someone willing to take God's love to those dark places.

      I am not being rewarded Don, of those which much is given, much is required. If I get $25 Million Dollars, it isn't for me, it is for me to preform the Lord's Will and help others.

      So one last point Don, you serve yourself and thinks the universe rewards you for putting yourself first. I have been fighting for myself and, when I want to quit and Go to God, he shows me I am fighting for him and his will. Thats why after I punked you and showed how I could comtrol you, I also forgave you for all you have done... All can ask is for you to forgive me and, I have a special video coming up for Brennon Cleveland. Don, you will never have to ask me for forgiveness because, I do.

      Thank you for showing me the same, flaws in myself, I saw in hated in you. You actually, helped me out Don. I hope you have a greater life, then you pretend you do now...

  5. Oh you guys should check out...

  6. I'm making prime rib for dinner tonight. Do you remember the last time you could afford that? Treasure the memory of whenever you had it last. I know you are totally off about the reality of what you have to do for this legal case. I made you give up that bit of information without realizing it. So it will be mainly instant ramen for you for the rest of your life.

  7. Enjoy the prime rib Don, I am more of a Sirloin tips kind of guy. Actually Don, you haven't made me do anything... I am presenting information based on my own willingness to bring exposure to the case. To be honest, no one cares more about this then you, Keller and I.

    You are relying on Keller's lies to reinforce your own exaggerations of them. Don't get it do you... I am using you to keep attention on this case. I am leaking key information slowly on my own time. The best part isn't even addressed yet.

    But keep waiting and commenting. I am using you, manipulating you again telling I am doing so. And you are still falling for it. That's the best part, I have left you so mentally scarred that all you can do to rail silently and continuously in comments that either don't get approved or get approved days later then I seek you use you as a sounding board. I own you Don and you can't walk away because, doing so would mean I won. Course, not walking away means you will be a witness to my victory in court. So either way I win.