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Choho No Jutsu: Applications of Ninjutsu in the Modern World

Choho no Jutsu: The Application of Ninjutsu in the Modern World
by Shihan Ron Collins

Before I get into the nuts & bolts of the article the reader needs a brief and practical understanding of what Ninjutsu is and what a Bujutsu is, then we will look at principles of Choho no Jutsu (the Art of Espionage). Bujutsu is general term for "Martial Arts" referring to any system of combat, strategy & tactics associated with open warfare; Bu means Military or War & jutsu means art or method. So martial arts are the methods of war or military actions. Ninjutsu is made up of two characters, Nin (also pronounced Shino) meaning "to steal away" and in variation to "forebear" or "endure" & Jutsu which we already know the meaning of. As such Ninjutsu is the Art of Stealing Away & Enduring; hence its association with stealth and invisibility. Ninjutsu however, is not the art of invisibility but the invisible art; methods for acting through secrecy.

As such, we will begin to discuss the application of ninjutsu and will first familiarize ourselves (the reader) with the six principles of Choho No Jutsu, the five types of agents & a modern addition for context, defining the difference between types of intelligence (information) to be gathered.

Espionage as a means of Warfare:
  1. The direct tactic of war is necessary only on the battlefield, but only the indirect tactic can lead to a real and lasting victory…
  2. Subvert anything of value in the enemy’s country. Implicate the emissaries of the major powers in criminal undertakings; undermine their position and destroy their reputations in other ways as well; and expose them to the public ridicule of the their fellow citizens...
  3. Do not shun the aid of even the lowest and most despicable people. Disrupt the work of their government with every means you can…
  4. Spread disunity and division among the citizens of the enemy’s country. Turn the young against the old. Use every means to destroy their arms, their supplies, and discipline of the enemy’s forces…
  5. Debase old traditions and accepted gods. Be generous with promises and rewards to purchase intelligence and accomplices. Send out your secret agents in all directions. Do not skimp with money or with promises, for they yield a high return…
  6. Act with Moral Superiority to draw the trust of the enemy’s people, in this way you gain the enemy’s own people as an ally against him.

5-Type of Agents:
  • Living: The Agents one sends out & expects to return after their task is completed.
  • Dead: Agents one sacrifices to the enemy or takes no regard for their losses.
  • Native: Agents recruited from within the enemy's sphere of influence.
  • Doubled: Enemy agents bribed & gifted with comforts to be turned to your side, if you cannot bribe them, blackmail them or else remove (assassinate) them.
  • Sleeping: Agents trained for a single mission who await an awaking signal, once awakened these agents carry out a specific mission & return home to be debriefed. In this way, seemingly loyal individuals can become a massive threat & possibly bring back additional intelligence after their mission is completed.

Types of Intelligence:
  • Direct Intelligence: Information reported by agents who have seen actions directly themselves.
  • Enemy Intelligence: The information the enemy has gathered himself, stolen by you of course such as logistic reports, intelligence reports & battle strategies. Enemy Intelligence can also be false information to allow the enemy to gather against you, meaning the enemy knows what you tell them.
  • Human Intelligence: Information gathered by social interaction such as from rumors, interrogation & other sources of “second hand” information acquired by the agent.

Now that the reader has been given their recommended "homework" I will begin by defining the role of ninjutsu and in fact Choho No Jutsu as a day to day manner of living and application for "social self-defense." To begin with, let state that the types of agents/spies can also be applied to associations;
  • Living Associations: Living associations are people you wish to keep in your life, they are trusted family and friends, spouses and children whom you wish to keep close and protect. This can include from only double life (as batman; joke donot take serious) or closeted skeletons.
  • Dead Associations: These are people you don't care if you're friends with or not, people you pretend to be their friend (frienemies) or just someone you associate with for a purpose like being friendly to the mailman, busboy, waiter or your mechanic.
  • Native Associations: These are geographically distance associations, internet bullies, pen pals and so on.
  • Double Associations: The "true frienemy" an enemy pretending to be your friend who helps out your more obvious enemies. You don't attack them because they haven't done anything "obvious" yet but you sure don't trust them.
  • Sleeping Associations: Friends and usually "sunshine friends" who don't stay in constant contact with and who you can count on every couple of months to help you out for a bit of your time and "friendship."
Ok its not a pretty thing to put in these terms I know but most people maintain this form of associations whether they know it or not. Its that parallel that has caused me to explain what I've observed in those terms.

Espionage as a means of Social Warfare:
  1. The direct tactic of combat is necessary only on the battlefield, but only the indirect tactic can lead to a real and lasting social victory…
  2. Subvert anything of value in the enemy’s sphere of influence. Implicate the friends in opposing undertakings; undermine their position and destroy their reputations in other ways as well; and expose them to the public ridicule of the their fellow associates...
  3. Do not shun the aid of even the lowest and most despicable people. Disrupt the work of their efforts with every means you can…
  4. Spread disunity and division among the friends & family of the enemy’s sphere of influence. Turn the young against the old. Use every means to destroy their unity, their resources, and the discipline of the enemy’s associates…
  5. Debase old traditions and accepted rituals. Be generous with promises and rewards to purchase intelligence and accomplices. Surround the enemy with your "secret agents" in all directions. Do not skimp with money or with promises, for they yield a high return…
  6. Act with Moral Superiority to draw the trust of the enemy, in this way you gain the enemy’s own associates as an ally against him.
You'll notice their is a difference in how the work of Sun Tzu is express in this context and that extends to this modern usage of Choho no jutsu from ninjutsu. As the Ninja were essentually spies but also served as skirmish forces, sabotage agents, assassins & scouts so the whole scope of ninjutsu is a long and varied subject. However, Choho No Jutsu is historically the foundation of the arts of the ninja.

 Using the above principles we see that they can be applied to people in our day to day associations; friends, family, pen pals, enemies who try to act friendly toward us & shady friends we really don't want to be associated with.

In this age of information, the world is a smaller place and as such our enemies varied from distance internet trolls to asshole co-workers and buddy system bosses. It is in this world the use of modern ninjutsu not as a martial art but as a form of social self-defense comes to play. By now you've seen the term "social self-defense" mentionedfew times & I will now define it in detail. Social Self-Defense is the act of keeping toxic relationships and toxic personalities out of your life. These Toxic associations are individuals intent on setting you up for failure and dragging you down. Either to a) climb over your efforts to succeed or b) pull you down to their emotionally distraught level of thinking.

An examples of this principle in practice:
I'm going to take a few moments to give you a couple of events in my life, that reflect my application of these principles.

Since my release of certain key points of information on police informants who aid in framing people for the city police. I has had a person I know to be a police informant try to call me and ask were I am at, what I am doing and when I try to politely change the subject persist in maintaining those questions. This person is both a Dead & Double Association since I know she's two-faced and liar. So when she asks me about anything I lie to her, I tell her things I want my enemies to jump that just aren't true and since I'm feeding the enemy false information; I already have the enemy intelligence I need to avoid any traps and ensnarement.

In fact I cut all possible dead associations I don't need leaving the most obvious and the easiest to read in place as the way for my enemies to go. So that when they attempted to ambush me and assault me they did so in full view of the video cameras that caught the act & allowed me to both gather proof of the attempt to "fish for information" before and after the assault. proving an active intent to do me are and developing a case of self-defense if and when I have to do severe damage later on in this matter.
As said individuals are carrying out a mission I predicted; police informants attempting to harass me through said informants for catching them trying to frame me and others in the past knowingly using false statements from informants & falsifying evidence to justify the informants false statements... As well as the police trying to cover up evidence and therefore my need for self-defense so that they can entrap me for charging me with the crime of self-defense.
By making this publicly known, I disrupt the police strategy of entrapment and expose the criminality which is a danger to the society we live in. 
"Victorious Warriors win first & go to war; defeated warriors go to war first & then seek to win…" -Sun Tzu's Art of War



  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Deleting my comments instead of answering? Does this mean that you didn't press assault charges on the guys that assaulted you?

  3. Nope one of the two were informants for the police, don't know about the other and I deleted you comment initially because I thought it had nothing to do with the subject. However I will leave this one since its on the "blow back" from what I did in this case. Either way, since I know I will automatically seen as the "bad guy" I'm happy to let the police do nothing and cover evidence up; my lawyer already has the CCTV footage (even though the BPD didn't) and I have Captain Rogers on tape admitting to covering up for other Beckley Police Officers try to set up me and one of my students. So I already have a air tight defense if I have to defend myself a second time which means I don't have to hold back... except where self-defense becomes assault legally.

  4. Here's the problem: you can't use the cop's non-response to an assault you never reported as evidence of a conspiracy. It's not a cover-up when they don't respond to a non-complaint. Their having the video isn't a big enough deal by itself since the incident was relatively minor & no one complained. It just makes them lazy.

    You should've called them & pressed. You have no street cred to defend & if you did, taking a beating didn't help it. Had some witness called the cops you'd all get hauled in & your bondsman might've pulled your bond. Then your case gets fast-tracked a bit more & you can't even save up some commissary money anymore.

    I'm loving the Ron Collins show as much as anyone else out there. Don't let us down by pulling a bonehead move & ending up in county ahead of schedule. Also, pepper spray is cheap & legal. And carburetor cleaner is funny as hell when it accidentally gets in some fuckhead's face. It's not designed to be safe for use on humans like pepper spray. Carry a gap gauge with you to make it seem innocent to curious cops.

  5. Oh I did... Even went to the Mayor, the recording released in the latest video (aside from Capt. Rogers admitting I came to him about Stuart & Capehart; who work with a BPD Officer Redden, setting up my student & me and giving them medals) I have him trying to cover up the video by saying Officer Bailey was going to the Beckley Fire Department; they physically monitor the tunnel due to the tunnel being under the Fire Department but the whole city wide CCTV system is managed by the City of Beckley and specifically by Robert Kelly of the BPD. Seriously Jeff you should keep up with what I have on youtube... lol

    So we have evidence of Stuart an Capehart falsifying evidence and harassing me, my student and his brother. Captain Rogers covering up for them and giving them an award to justify any "mistakes as taken in good faith" except where I have the Prosecutor's office trying to "get rid of/not accept" exclupatory evidence making Capt Rogers in volation of the law.

    When I filed complaints on Officer Bailey's "laziness" as you put out it goes back to Capt Rogers. All the Captains and it keeps coming back to Rogers. Stange no..? Add to that Bailey doesn't take a complaint and Rogers tries covering up the CCTV footage issue with the BFD thing in the face of me stating go to Robert Kelly. Sorry mate...

    As for the use of pepper spray or carburetor cleaner I think I will pass. One, I simply don't care... As the Evidence stands now, I have the WVSP lying, removing evidence from a forensics lab & otherwise trying to falsify evidence, destory exclupatory evidence & otherwise harass me. The Beckley Police harassing me & protecting criminals who are linked to those I've mentioned being part of a criminal conspiracy. I think I have ducks in a row all I need to do is wait... lol

    Sorry to disappoint & they have seen more of the evidence then I put on YouTube. So that is hardly the end of the evidence or anything more then a shot across the bow.

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