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Espionage Warfare: The Ninjutsu Doctrine of Skirmish Warfare: Proxy Warfare & Guerrilla Warfare...

Espionage Warfare: The Ninjutsu Doctrine of Skirmish Warfare: Proxy Warfare & Guerrilla Warfare...
Black Dragon Ninjitsu Guerrilla Camp Handbook

The doctrine of Choho no Jutsu; the art of espionage, is the back bone of the ninjutsu. Skirmish tactics have since evolved into what we would call "Commando Tactics" & Guerrilla Warfare. The fact remains the skills of a soldier are universal whether amateur guerrilla or professional infantry; camouflage, tactics: battle drills & individual drills, marksmanship, field craft & basic field reporting in the modern sense of soldiering. Professional soldiers have additional skill sets like first aid training, land navigation & more importantly leadership. From day 1 of US Marine Boot Camp on Paris Island & US Army Infantry OSUT (One Station Unit Training a combined Basic Training & Advanced Individual Training) leadership was pressed on each of us.

Leaders lead by example, is the simplistic nature of the lessons hammered into us. Choho no Jutsu also speaks of leadership and the use of Proxy forces (or Disposable Agents). This is the given nature of most intelligence operations by training and arming a guerrilla force which is in nature a proxy force;

From Wikipedia: (I know but it will do)
A proxy war or proxy warfare is a war that results when opposing powers use third parties as substitute for fighting each other directly. While powers have sometimes used governments as proxies, violent non-state actors, mercenaries or other third parties are more often employed. It is hoped that these groups can strike an opponent without leading to full-scale war.

The 5-types of agents have a dual purpose here; not only can it be applied to those who do the spying for you but also for everyone around you period. Recent experiences in adapting and adopting this knowledge have taught be a few things; training willing agents takes time and their willingness to operate under your leadership & unwittingly recruiting agents the obvious; unwitting agent, is very easily accomplished if you know how to manipulate others into doing what you want; simply make it their best interest.

5-Types of Associates (Unwitting Agents): Taken from the 5 types of agents...
Living Associates: Associations you wish to keep; trusted friends, close family & so on.
Dead Associates: Associates you meet and use and break contact with think of a one night stand were you don't even give a person your real name...
Doubled Associates: Associates who are friends and enemies; frienemies. They try to hide their intent to harm you under a guise of pretending to be your friend. You can use this very easily against them by giving them false information.
Sleeping Associates: Associates you keep because you "need them" when you don't need them you put the association to sleep (have little to know contact with them)
Native Associates: Associates within a group, organization, family etc. which you oppose and supports your cause.

These individual's must be manipulated/motivated by causing some form of emotional response; anger, fear, lust, sympathy or greed. So to the agent everyone is an associate and to be manipulated to fulfill the end goals of their shinobi handler unwittingly. Thus enemies can be tricked into becoming allies by allowing the shinobi to direct their oppositions.

5-Type of Agents:
Living Agents: The Agents one sends out & expects to return after their task is completed.
Dead Agents: Agents one sacrifices to the enemy or takes no regard for their losses.
Native Agents: Agents recruited from within the enemy's sphere of influence.
Doubled Agents: Enemy agents bribed & gifted with comforts to be turned to your side, if you cannot bribe them, blackmail them or else remove (assassinate) them.
Sleeping Agents: Agents trained for a single mission who await an awaking signal, once awakened these agents carry out a specific mission & return home to be debriefed. In this way, seemingly loyal individuals can become a massive threat & possibly bring back additional intelligence after their mission is completed.

Ninja Agents & Rank:
Doroboru: “Thief” refers to criminal unwittingly recruited as dead or native agents.
Ronin: “Wave Men” hired mercenaries unwittingly recruited as dead agents.
Genin: “Low Men” low level agents commonly trained to be dead, sleeper or native agents. Skills commonly focus on assassination, sabotage, low level espionage & burglary. They may also be trained in some form of martial arts (combat skills) if they lack such to fulfill their needed task.
Chunin: “Middle Men” mid level agents who have a greater understanding of high level ninjutsu skills such high level espionage, intelligence warfare & psychological warfare operations. Either trained in the all elements of ninjutsu due to heritage or a dead agent who consistently survives making use of the limited low level ninjutsu training they were given as genin. Often trained as Living Agents.
Jonin: “High Men” high level agents whose skill is matched with experience and becomes an innate ability to function. True living agents.

Now it must be understood the Doroboru & Ronin are not ninja and hold no rank but maybe recruited willingly or unwittingly to be used as dead agents of the shinobi; usually because they possess skills required for the task. Ideally, a genin would recruit the criminals and mercenaries under the direction of chunin who may even exist as close a supposedly recruited mercenary or criminal serving the genin. When you understand this you develop an understanding of ninjutsu as espionage & has espionage can result in proxy warfare; as mercenaries and dead agents are trained for proxy-forces to keep an enemy fighting a "third party."

When the proxy force faces the enemy, the chunin and genin take notes of the enemy's response; tactics, SOPs (standard operating procedures), discipline, morale & equipment used. All this information is used to analyze the enemy's strategy for their operations and disrupt this strategy. This is also the given nature of what we call "State Sponsored Terrorism" in which a Nation trains and funds terrorists to operate as a Proxy Force. This is also true of guerrilla forces as well...

The Genin is a field agent trained in a lesser standard of ninjutsu. These agents are quite often Disposable agents, similar to the guerrilla or proxy forces that are sacrificed to engage an enemy. It must be understood that shinobi will not engage the enemy directly nor will he sacrifice himself in a fool hardy attempt at penetrating the enemy's fortress or base camp to steal information. A shinobi; a chunin will of course train a genin as a proxy agent to act for him.

Black Dragon Ninjutsu Espionage Camp Handbook

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