Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 The Year of the Black Dragon

The Year of Black Dragon Ninjitsu:

This the Year of 2012 is the Year of the Black Dragon in according to the Chinese Calendar. It has been an adventurious year for me and it has sparked a great deal of interest in the methods I have used to gather information concerning mt court cases and police officers using informants to establish their own form of organized crime here in Beckley, West Virginia.

It was one of these methods (Chikari No Jutsu) I discribed in an earilier Blog: Keep Your Enemies Closer that sparked a great deal of attention to the subject of Yonin and Espionage Training in the Black Dragon Ninjutsu System. As Such I have decided to include a slightly less then full docturine of the Choho No Jutsu (Art of Espionage) used in the Modern Black Dragon Ninjutsu system.

The first edition of Black Dragon Ninjutsu was small red book pamplet that was very well recieved and many noted I placed more concern with training then I did with techniques. The Second Edition was a Home Study Course Handbook and this the Third Edition dedicated to my friend and mentor Grandmaster Ashida Kim contains a great deal of Espionage Strategy and Tactics...

A great deal of contraversy surrounds my association with the Black Dragon Fighting Society, Ashida Kim and Frank Dux, it is a little known fact that the Omoto Ryu claims some connection with the Kyokuryukai of Japan. This my interest in seeking out Grandmaster Ashida Kim and membership in the BDFS which shares similar roots. As such this 3rd Edition (and their will be no more editions of Black Dragon Ninjutsu; though I may publish a Black Dragon Ninjutsu II at an unknown later date) discusses and discloses the greatest secrets of Ninjutsu Yonin; the ability to Penitrate while Seen. With a virtual second book added to the origional 2nd Edition Text which has been expanded in itself dealing with information gathering, psychological manipulation, control and methods for analyzing human behavior. I truly hope this final edition does itself and the Year of its release the Honor it deserves.

Black Dragon Ninjitsu is Available in both Paperback and Hardcover Editions

Paper Back Black Dragon Ninjitsu $19.99
Hardcover Black Dragon Ninjitsu $29.99

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