Sunday, January 6, 2013

I do not want I war; but I will start one...

I do not want a war, I do not want the bloodshed and pain that comes along with combat and constant conflict. This is not a war I should have to fight. It was a war my Grandfather should have fought, a war my father and mother should have fought in the 70s when it was political. We let men like John F. Kennedy tell us greedy men were using our government and politics to push their own agendas and Ronald Reagan build our economy back up after the welfare state of Carter kept us being dragged down by the Great Depression. Thinking was going to be OK if we just had the right leader, my parents did nothing to stop the first AWB or were even aware of the Department of Justice PATCON Operation that allowed an FBI informant to build the real bomb use in the OKC bombing. PATCON stood for Operation Patriot Conspiracy (google it) it was a DOJ program instituted by the FBI under the Attorney General under the direction of President at the time William “Blowjob Bill” Clinton.

We were at war when innocent Americans were falsely arrested, falsely imprisoned and in the later 50s, 60s and until 71 when the FBI under the COINTELPRO (Counter-Intelligence Program) to combat the Civil Rights Movement & Communism. Then last because a humble black preacher humbled himself in protest and allowed himself to be beaten, sprayed with fire hoses and have dogs attack him. Martin Luther King; named at the monk Martin Luther who lead the Protestant revolution against Catholic Church. He justified the Black Panthers who's vow of being armed for “self-defense” showed they needed a reason to be armed to defend themselves from a corrupt government. That was using brutality against a peaceful non-violent man. The Civil Rights area conflict was not about being black or white, it was about being Americans. As Americans we should have fought to make ourselves free before I was born, our parents and grandparents should have fought before it came to this.

Now it falls on me, and my children will have to fight a war I'm willing to start because if I fear if I don't start it they won't have a chance to. I am willing to be the villain, to be hated and hunted to bring more bloodshed and pain into the world. We have been at war with an enemy attacking us psychologically, politically and using clandestine warfare against us before they called it the FBI Counter-Intelligence Program, PATCON or even the present Counter Terrorism Programs; started under Reagan who while good for our economy was a plague on our civil liberties and the Iran-Contra hearings proved that. Those same bad choices and excess use of scare tactics & psychological warfare have shown us that we need to defend ourselves from the government.

The difference is I, swore an oath against the Tenants of my Christian Faith which says to “swear by nothing that is on earth or in heaven but instead yet your yes be yes and your no be no” to “Uphold and Defend the Constitution & Ideas of the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic” before my country, my family and my God. I do not want glory, honor is in my word my oath to my Country, the ideas of liberty and my God. I don't care what religion a man is, that is his personal choice. In the end it comes down to a choice, we all have a choice...

I will not stand by and do nothing, I will make the choice and have made the choice in my heart to fight this battle. I will history and God decide if I am a villain or a hero. I don't care who stands with me, if I stand alone so be it. One day I will die and I hope it is a good death, before I die a good death I must live a good life. I'm human, I have my faults and my weakness and my insecurities and my fears... but the man serves a greater calling. We have allowed it to come to this point by degrees using the system and we our forefathers have fought in that system, so long as blood shed is an opinion I choose not to use it but you take away that opinion then it leaves to believe you fear me having it and I will use it.

I don't care what uniform a man wears, I've said it was stupid to proclaim all LEOs as good guys because of the uniform they wear. I once wore a US Army uniform that didn't make anything but a man in a uniform but I know a man who watched the guy in front of him land on a landmine and the force knocked him into a tree and with a broken neck went out in a mined LZ and pulled 2 men out of hell itself. When the medic told him to stay there he bad a broken neck he ran out there again and dragged back to more guys. The man was a hero and the uniform didn't make him one, his choices did. That man was my Senior Drill Sergeant in basic training...

Of everything he taught including a few things born out of experience and not in the US Army Manual he taught me this; we as men and women make that uniform mean something... We all have choices to make & just as its stupid to say that all LEOs are good guys it also stupid to accuse them all of being Jack Booted Thugs and the same goes for our military. When the time comes I hope I can make the choice to be the kind of man who rushes into hell to save others and risks it all for who I am & what I believe. There is a line in the sand and you cross it I will cross it into hell bring it with when I push back & I simply won't cross that line, I will run as fast and as far as God and my legs will carry me. I'm no hero I'm just man inspired by them.

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