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Ninja Vs Gray Man: The Ninjutsu Survival Strategy

Ninja Survivalist - an individual who possesses the skills, ability & intent to adapt & thrive in any situation or surrounding without standing out or as standing out as a hard target when needed, concealing his or her true skills, ability and/or intent from others.

Ninjutsu is the Invisible Art, meaning that is an art of doing things that are done secretly. Primarily an espionage, sabotage, scouting, assassination (typically enemy agents) and skirmish (think Commando Tactics & Guerrilla Warfare) system. So to discuss a ninjutsu method of survival does have a great deal to do with networking and information gathering. Two key aspects to the Ninjutsu Survival Strategy are Invisibility (Yes, we have this in common with the Grey Man Directive) & Preparation (also in common but on a different level).

Lets keep things simple; here is our focus.
1. Personal Preparation
2. Information Data Base
3. Network Information
4. Network Association
5. Adaptable Planning

Personal Preparation:
This goes beyond prep items to skill development and skill training. Skills are cheaper to maintain and don't need batteries. Our "Ninja Survivalist" is going to focus on developing combat skills initially, then go into other skills as well; first aid, herbal medicine, animal care, farming, mechanics, electrical work and so on. One should keep hard copies of required information especially dealing with herbs & medical treatment, use a common cold or flu are a testing ground for self-treatment, fix one's own car, change one's own oil or build one's own Bug-Out Cabin.

A gun doesn't give you the ability to defend yourself, your will to survive and ability to use it effectively do however. The focus is simple, be skilled and above all else never stop improving yourself.

Information Data Base
Beyond the individual skills and hard copies, keeping a designated "SHTF Laptop/Notebook" or USB stick with digital copies of more information them you can carry in hard copy is a must. Think of it this way; if you have a hard copy and the skill to fabricate a small generator using hand tools and liquid weld you can power your lap top, if your lap have designs for more powerful construction projects then you can easily turn Mad Max world into Fall Out: New Vegas.

Networking Information
The Grey Man seems to be a "Lone Wolf" style of survival. Lone Wolves don't last long in the wild and in a SHTF environment te "Lone Wolf" won't last long either. For this reason you need to Network with others; I'll go into how the 5 types of spies from Sun Tzu's Art of War can be used as 5 types of associations later in this Blog. Either way, the "Ninja Survivalist" needs to have a network for gathering information after a SHTF event and that requires some preparation before the SHTF event.

The goal is to establish a network of associates who pass along information to each other. This need not be a declared plan of action. It can simply be as simple friends met over the Internet through survival forums or CB radio, asking truckers about conditions up the road or just talking to local CBers. CB radio is vital give that it puts you in contact with local people and can be used with battery power.

Network Association
The "Ninja Survivalist" needs to establish a network of people in their life, we will take the 5 types of spies and apply the concept to 5 types of associations in our network.
5-Types of Spies:
Living: Living agents are spies sent out with the intention of returning alive to be used for other missions or to bring back important information.
Dead: These are spies that one intends to sacrifice, disposable proxies.
Doubled: Enemy spies who have been bribed or blackmailed to join with one's own side.
Native: These are spies native to a region under the control of the enemy; those the agent is an enemy native they are at odds with the enemy or the enemies policies.
Sleeper: These are spies trained and sent off behind enemy lines who await an activation signal to "awaken" and carry out a preplanned action.

5-Types of Associations:
The five types of associations makes use of one's association with different groups of people in one's life, many of us, especially professionals, already maintain this type of association groupings though many won't realize it until they read this.
Living: Living associations are associations we wish to maintain, these may be friendships, family or co-workers whom we've learned to trust and as such wish to see these relationship maintained.
Dead: Its sad to say but some people you just keep around because you need them. These useful relationships should be maintained and disposed of once their usefulness has ended. Ultimately all associations fall into either living or dead categories.
Doubled: These are the frien-enemy relationships were you've made some kind of alliance with a former enemy or rival. Such people either consider you a dead association; waiting to betray you when convenient or a living association where both are starkly aware of the other's faults and virtues.
Native: Native associations are people who live outside your area but are in contact with you. As such they can offer aid and/or assistance when leaving your immediate area & biggest assistance is information.
Sleeper: Sleeper associations are associations that doze off from time to time, with people not seeing each other for long periods but maintaining some connection. Usually this is family but friends from the military or a college fraternity also play a part in this role as well, really any social body that connects people can apply here.

Adaptable Planning
Situations change and the "Ninja Survivalist" has to be willing at adapt and overcome (yes, I was Army Infantry and "Adapt and Overcome" is our unofficial motto). In some cases bugging in is the plan in other case its bug out, the world won't adapt to fit your plan so plan to adapt to the changing world.

Using Survival Think Tank's Grey Man Definition and Four Stages of SHTF, I want to compared the Grey Man Directive to the Ninjutsu Survival Strategy;

Grey man - an individual who possesses the skills, ability and intent to blend into any situation or surrounding without standing out, concealing his or her true skills, ability, and intent from others.
Ninja Survivalist - an individual who possesses the skills, ability & intent to adapt & thrive in  any situation or surrounding without standing out or as standing out as a hard target when needed, concealing his or her true skills, ability and/or intent from others.

Phase 0: This is the No Alarm Phase.
Phase 1: Flash Mob/Frenzy Warning, Minor Increased in Violent Crime Rate
Phase 2: Mass Rioting, Looting & Violent Protest, Major Increase in Violent Crime rate
Phase 3: TEOTAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) open conflict, in the Streets... Think Balkans or Argentina with Armed Criminals becoming virtual Localized Warlords & Loss of Government Control Nationally.

Phase 0: Kit
Grey Man: Handgun (Concealed), Knife & Smart Phone
Ninja Survivalist: Handgun (Concealed with Concealed Carry Permit on a neck wallet), Multitool with knife blade, Tactical Folding Knife, Phone, Lighter, Flashlight (smaller the better) & (Pocket) First Aid Kit.

The reality is if the police stop they will ask if you have any weapons and search you, you can not refuse this search as its a pat down of the outside of one's clothing with the intent to search you for concealed weapons; this is called a Terry Stop or Terry Search and based off the Supreme Court Case Terry V Ohio ( At best you can pull out the neck wallet with one's concealed carry permit in a visible pocket and refuse to surrender your weapon until you are placed under arrest. An Altoids tin can carry the contents of a first aid kit, with a key chain flash light and lighter in one pocket, one's phone in the other and one's multitool on one's belt.

The situation is no overt chaos, that says nothing of one being the victim of violent crime and the Ninja Survivalist is focused on self-defense. The goal is survival and if injured in the course of self-defense one needs the ability to treat the injury. If you can't avoid a violent assault, practice escape & evasion and if necessary employ individual tactics; this is where the "Ninja Survivalists" self-improvement and constant self-training is key as matter of self-defense which is linked to minimal survival skills.

Style of Dress & Camouflage:
It is vital you understand that style of dress and color pattern is linked, just as self-defense and survival is inexplicably linked. Dress according to environment, and don't try to look like you're trying to blend in; to the trained eye the "Grey man" in earth tones and none descript clothing stands out. Remember criminals train to be criminals and violent criminals train to be violence criminals. Whether you wear a suit jacket or casual clothing depends on how others around you are dressed. In or around the professional offices of doctors, lawyers or other suited professionals the "Ninja Survivalist" is trying to blend into the crowd. At a Rock Concert all Black Clothing with "Fuck Everything" on one's shirt and Blood Red hair might be the proper camouflage.
Urban Color Scheme: Tans, Grays & at night Tans, Dark Gray (flat black) & Dark Blue such as Blue Jean Pants & Jackets in a Drab non-reflective color scheme blend in.
Rural Color Scheme: In a rural environment, Tans, Olive Green, Browns, Grays and even BDU or RealTree camouflage clothing might be acceptable. The RealTree or BDU is dependant on whether your rural environment is full of hunters and military fan boys who dress in camouflaged clothing.

Phase 1: Kit
Grey Man: Handgun with Higher Ammo Capacity (Concealed), Folding Knife, Smart Phone, Flash Light, Pepper Spray, 2 spare magazines on one's belt Back Pack/Currier Bag: weapon system can be kept in your urban style pack but concealed on your person recommended, along with extra water, energy bars, rain gear, socks, and phone/flashlight batteries.
Ninja Survivalist: Handgun (Concealed with Concealed Carry Permit on a neck wallet), Multitool with knife blade, Tactical Folding Knife, Phone, Lighter, Flashlight (smaller the better) & Back Pack (earth tone) with Standard First Aid Kit, Additional Ammo, 2 Bottles of Water (20oz), Poncho (dark color), Socks & Energy Bars.

Unlike the Gray Man, I don't agree with using a courier bag or brief case unless you need on professionally, I want my hands free if I need to defend myself. So a small back pack or camelback with additional pockets seems good to me; the water bladder removes the need to carry water bottles. Also think about running to avoid a dangerous situation, hands free means climbing fences, or ladders. In a phase 1 environment of increased criminal activity and the potential for peaceful protests to turn into flash mobs much like the L.A. Riots you might have enough ammo to deal with self-defense or survival. You're goal should b reaching a point of safety away from the violence that can mean hopping fences or climbing fire escapes.

Phase 2: Kit
Grey Man: Handgun with Higher Ammo Capacity (Open Carried), Folding Knife, Smart Phone, Flash Light, Pepper Spray, 2 spare magazines on one's belt Back Pack/Currier Bag: weapon system can be kept in your urban style pack but concealed on your person recommended, along with extra water, energy bars, rain gear, socks, and phone/flashlight batteries. Also suggests Body Armor worn under clothing at this point...
Ninja Survivalist: Battle Rifle or Shotgun, Handgun (Open Carried on a pistol belt), Multitool with knife blade, Tactical Folding Knife, Pistol Belt w/ Suspenders, with two Triple 30 round Magazine Pouch, with 30-round Magazines, Handheld Radio and (if the cell network is up Cell Phone), Lighter, Flashlight (Tactical) & Back Pack (earth tone) with Standard First Aid Kit, Additional Ammo, 6 Bottles of Water (20oz), Poncho (dark color), Space Blanket, Poncho Liner, 2 spare sets of Socks, E-tool, Binoculars & 3 MREs, Mainstay 3600 bar or food for 3 days, additional Ammo for both weapons. Body Armor is optional...

At this point, the government has lost control in major urban centers and many people will be open carrying. Personally, if everyone has a handgun I want something bigger. I suggest a Bug-In strategy but criminal activity, home invasions and violence might suggest otherwise. Covering kit with one's jacket or a coat is a must, however fortifying one's house is a top priority.

Let me state this as well for those who wonder about carrying the battle rifle; Gourko v. United States allows a common law US Supreme Court ruling that carrying a gun is an innocent act & Thompson v. United States allows a Supreme Court ruling that says Carrying a Rifle for Self-Protection is perfectly fine. In other words its legal and I'm going to show a gun I want to show that I can & do; out gun everyone else.

I suggest having a modular homesteader's kit;
Solar Panels, Marine Batteries, Rechargeable AA, AAA, D cell and 9 volt Batteries, Hand Tools; Hammer, Screw Driver(s), Hatchet, Axe, Shovel, Mattock, Saw & screws and nails. A large tent, 2 to 6 5-gallon Gas Cans, Food & Water stored of a Year (3 Years at most) & crop seeds. Two Large Tarps, one under the tent to keep moister from rising into the tent from the ground and one over the tent can be stuffed with leaves to act as insulation. Wired CCTV and monitors. CB radio in Vehicle.

Here the Network of the Ninja Survivalist comes into play; the ability to get early warning becomes a key to survival. The information passed along the network can allow Ninja Survivalist to Evacuate to safety. Ideally having somewhere to go but more importantly having different sources of information, this limits one's invisibility a bit compared to the Grey Man Directive but also comes with a simple realization. Now I don't want to look like some Tacti-Cool Commando Joe but I don't want to look like an easy target and don't want the Tacti-Cool types to think they outgun me when recruiting/press ganging me into the neighborhood militia.

Its important to remember the Shinobi (Ninja) of history were Samurai; meaning they were warriors/soldiers and spies. While I may seek to conceal my preparation once violence breaks out to the extent of localized or even National States of Emergency; all bets are off. While most vehicles aren't bullet proof, they can be up armoured with plastic shopping bags full of dirt; i.e. sand bags. As such if you're going to look like you're going to war. If you need to fight, fight to win... Stealth has its limits and if you're gonna be exposed, expose the fact that you should be last on that list of people to bring violence against.

This is a deterrent against those criminal types but could make you a target of law enforcement like we saw in Katrina.

Phase 3: Kit
At this point society has just broken down into chaos, welcome to the end of the world as knew it. From here the "Ninja Survivalist" is going to use his network and even expand it, if possible. One might have prepped as a "lone wolf" but you will survive as a community/group. The reality is there may be a massive die off in Phase 2 & even in Phase 1 leading up or transitioning into phase two. Reliance on camouflage as a strategy or any tactic as a strategy is poor planning and not strategic.

A strategy is series of planned goals that when met, inter link into the fruition of a final end goal. Camouflage is a tactic of blending into your environment to go unnoticed if observed. The Ninja Survivalist is in fact; makes use of all three forms of obstructing unwanted sight...
Cover: Any Object or Substance which hides one's appearance and prevents physical contact between opposition.
Concealment: Any object or substance that obscures appearance but does not prevent physical contact between opposition.
Camouflage: The tactic of blending with one's environment to escape notice but not sight; usually appearing as something else then what one really is.
Alarm: A warning of existing or approaching danger.

The Ninja Survivalist doesn't rely on camouflage or invisibility for safety but a mix of stealthy concealment and an invisible system of alarms; well invisible to those outside of it. Even if some enemy were to jam radio communications the Survivalist Ninja would make use of force multipliers like strings and bells, CCTV cameras powered by solar or some crank powered generator to keep them informed. Even the lack of communication in a network maybe a warning. When seen the Ninja Survivalist appears as "Hard Target" enticing criminals to look else where. In the case of a state funded thug using/abusing their authority the Ninja Survivalist is adept at losing any tails avoiding contact.

I cannot offer much advice in an environment such as the Katrina aftermath where Police and National Guard sought to disarm the population; except returning to a Phase 0 posture or evacuation if the early warning comes through one's Alarm Network & one has the time to do so. Ideally, one has an early warning allowing one to make better decisions and use more accurate information.


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