Friday, July 5, 2013

Attack by Stratagem: The Socio-Politics of Courts & Corruption

Stratagem according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary is defined as;
a : an artifice or trick in war for deceiving and outwitting the enemy
b : a cleverly contrived trick or scheme for gaining an end
2: skill in ruses or trickery
So Sun Tzu's advice to attack by Stratagem is advice to attack one's enemy though deceptive tricks outwitting enemy. The truth is the "enemy" must not even realize the ruse of the Stratagem until such a time when the action is turned. I can address a great many cases when this is manifested in my life. The "trick" to Stratagems is making your "enemy" think they are hurting you by taking actions that benefit you.
I am currently wrapped up in a court case dealing with government corruption on a local level. The fact remains that I wasn't arrested without first being prepared for the situation. As a natural human action, people posture before initiating physical violence. Its nature, animal instinct built into our cells. We have four responses to conflict Posture; putting up a threat display to ward of challenges and attacks, if the posture doesn't work only three responses remain Fight, Flight or Submission. So threatening me with arrest for filing complaints only lead to me filing complaints.
Of course, me "calling their bluff" forced them to carry out the threat, but it also meant I could record conversations with them. File more complaints and put pressure on them to act. Of course, I'm charged with a crime, but so what? Charged isn't convicted and well, its kind of pointless to argue you're not charging someone with a crime to cover up the complaint when there are recordings and the police wait until after the Head of Professional Standards (what West Virginia State Police call internal affairs) is threatened to with being named as silently condoning his Professional Standards Officer trying to cover the evidence and threatening additional charges. Arrest warrant came out the very next and a year after the charges allegedly occurred.
Now statements by officers are suddenly disappearing from court records; no record of the preliminary hearing the original case that started the set up is missing. And yet, I have a mountain of evidence showing corruption (well corruption or gross incompetence). Meaning these professionals have either to explain to a jury how the defendant has evidence which appears the police fabricated evidence, covered up for fabricating evidence and lied in court or the court clerks, officers and prosecutor are so grossly incompetent they should go back to school and relearn their job. 
The best part is that I have a stalker, actually a few and some haters to boot but, most stalkers are haters. People just waiting to watch me fall & yet I even beat them with Stratagem. One such individual who wants to be me; I mean lets face it a "ninja master" who is fighting government corruption sounds like the script to the next American Ninja movie and I was in the Army as well. The facts, remain & I've made a point to talk about infiltrating the social circles of their criminal kin. And yet here we are slowly moving up to a court date & the prosecutor hasn't turned over evidence they agreed to turn over. The truth is simple; in an 8 page written by me at the time of my arrest and turned over to the officer and the Magistrate names those I know to be involved in criminal activity. I named names & those names are actively engaged in trying to undermine my Natural Rights critical to my defense. Along with disappearing court recordings and evidence the prosecutor claims to be willing to turn over but isn't. Now this raises two very frightening and powerful questions.
1. Was this conspiracy already in place as I've alleged or is it manifesting to deliberately tamper with evidence to convict me and therefore make me "wrong" in my allegations?
2. Does it matter considering that these people are now acting exactly as I predicted? After all acting in a manner criminally liable to your position of lawful authority actually countermands said authority & regardless of whether such a conspiracy existed before it certainly exists now & has left a very well documented paper trail. So does it even matter at all that I allege prior activities when the current activities reek to high heaven of corruption or gross incompetence?
That Stalker I mentioned has been busy keeping up with the case and taking things out of context in a attempt to sabotage the case. Yet, despite their attempts to discredit me they help to fuel my battle by lending notoriety and credit to me case. I've even been careful to make comments dancing close to the line of making an actual threat. This Stalker has address this in the World Net Daily articles yet is too frightened to actually use my real name referring to me instead as "John." Add to this that these "threats" are ignored by the powers that be, because act on them puts them in a position to be exposed further; a odd ball trick of stratagem that of simply daring your enemy to attack in defiance. The enemy doesn't know if you are bluffing or double bluffing (bluffing that you're bluffing). As such they don't know exactly what to do and cannot afford to manipulated to exposing their corrupt conspirators any more then they have already.

In the end the Socio-political situation is this; the Raleigh County Courts cannot give me a fair trial as all evidence points toward the police fabricating evidence and prosecutor covering it up. I've even gone so far as to request a psychological examination to determine I was sane. The prosecutor even wanted a second one which I took.

The problem is thus, if this is happening to me and I've been involved in helping others similar events have happened to then the reality is it stands to reason that its happened before. So it will happen again and in that respect; the Raleigh County Courts have only two options. Continue digging a deeper hole of "unexplained" disappearing evidence or cut their losses and walk away. What they stand to lose is political capital, influence and reputation. Their social standing, their creditability and the appearance of Professional Ethics. Every case involving those officers, every Professional Standards complaint investigated by those Professional Standards Officers, every case touched by the Prosecutor and during her time as Assistant Prosecutor, ever case investigated by the Assistant Prosecutor's involved are all suspected of unethical if not illegal activities.

False arrest is considered an assault & battery which makes a false conviction more of a kidnapping. Thereby affirming my right to self-defense under Bad Elk v. United States. The exposure of the evidence and recording serves to arm others with a means to use what it is happening to me to be used to defend others. While my World Net Daily stalker calls this "Trial by YouTube" I call it "Material Evidence to the Character of the Courts" and allows anyone dealing with Trooper Moore, Efrid, Palmateer, Duckworth of Taylor Made fame or filing complaints to Lt. Deeds of the Investigating Officers for the Office of Professional Standards to use what has happened to me as a means of "self-defense" in court. Thus adding more stress on the Courts to find a conviction or to face a public loss of creditability.

Now the Police and Prosecutor will always retain their assumed powers to those who assume these agencies have power, but without the assumed power of authority and the people who submit to it they have no power save the power of their guns and their organization. This is no different then the Mafia or a Street Gang as the assumed authority of the law under the constitution of the State & the US Constitution. Without the authority of laws, then all that is left is the authority of force.



  1. Desperation, Ronald. It fits you like one of those orange jumpsuits. Not once have you expressed disgust for there being child pornography on your machine. All you do is throw misdirection and circular logic. You're pretty much done for and you know it.
    Previous attempts at seducing young girls with drugs and alcohol, stalking them, chiId porn on your computer. Everyone knows you are a dangerous pervert. A mentally disabled pedophile on government disability. Regardless of the verdict in your case, the right people know exactky what kind of piece of shit you are.
    No amount if "stratagem" can change what you are. No amount of bluff or double bluff can change the fact that you are permanently branded as the creep you really are. It's over for you. I plan on making sure everyone knows this as long as you have a presence on the web. You can't do shit about it.

    1. Patrick, really then let see... because he fact remains you just admitted you are trying to harass me, stalk me & influence public opinion for your own end. Are you Sharpton now? You & your buddies Phil Elmore and David Pearson can only run your mouths behind a computer. Trying to influence public opinion because Phil is only tough behind a computer.

      The constant stalking is sad. The facts remain, your gay buddy bang hate me because while you sit around dreaming of living an exciting life. You just sit behind a computer and wine. Tell you what, lets see...

      I mean I got the cops, prosecutor and judges to further incriminate themselves. I have them on tape threatening me with Child Porn Charges (, I have them claiming second search warrant exists, then it does get mentioned on the warrant ( I have magical vanishing court records. I enjoy the path less travelled and using you fat pansies to spread the word is the best part.

      Lets face it, you'll sit at a Computer stalking me, harassing me, harassing those I associate with. The fact remains you will always be below me & we both know it... your pathetic, worthless and useless. Tell me Patrick how does feel to follow a worthless creep, who's only way to look creditable is to talk trash behind a Key Board.

    2. Influence public opinion? First of all, fuckface, anyone who mattered would have had to have heard of your phony perverted ass. Public opinion also doesn't matter in this case, considering it's a bench trial. You're pretty stupid.

      Let's entertain the delusion you have that you are somehow superior. Your technique is utter garbage. Your grasp of grammar and spelling is laughable. You are a mentally disabled pervert with no job and you are soon going to prison. I hope that helps you keep things in perspective. You'll have plenty of time to think about all that in prison. When you get out you'll be marked for life as a sex offender. I will make sure to let everyone know that for the rest of your days wherever you dare make a presence online. What are you going to do about it?

    3. Ronald, you seem obsessed with homosexual sex. Tell the truth, little man: Did somebody bad-touch you in the Southern Regional Jail last year? A tiny guy like you, who has almost no ability to fight, would probably be really popular in jail. I can see the other prisoners taking advantage of you. That must be why you're so convinced anybody you don't like wants to fuck your mouth and rape your ass. You know, because that's what people who don't like you tend to do to you, while you just take it, helpless and alone, tears silently streaming down your cheeks.

  2. Didn't you say he was disabled due to mental health issues? Well if he was found sane by the magistrate as he claims, I think someone should probably make sure your country's Social Security finds out he is defrauding them while pretending to be a mental case. I mean it would be your civic duty as yanks, right?
    Unless...he really is insane and a bloody pathological paedophile and dangerous stalker. Which is it Ninja?
    Don't blame anyone for being stuck in a corner when you painted yourself there, Mr. Collins.

    1. Ronnie can't hold a job, so the government pays him money every month for being a loser. This is why we're all jealous of him. He leads this incredible life where he's sort of poor, dresses badly, has no job, has a lengthy criminal record, and can't do any of the things us "normal" squares do, like go to work or hold a family. So he sits in a room in somebody else's house because he can't afford an apartment and self-publishes shitty, illiterate books about the martial arts, and we're all supposed to look at that and go, "My God, this guy has an incredible life. That must be what it means to be exceptional." Let us know how exceptional you are when they convict you of possessing kiddie porn, shitbag.

  3. Did a little digging on you, Mr. Collins
    You've been a busy lad.

    6/28/98 driving under the influence

    10/12/05 contributing to the delinquency of a minor

    11/12/05 contributing to the delinquency of a minor

    3/23/06 battery to police officer

    4/20/06 harassing phone calls

    4/20/06 assault

    6/4/09 unlawful/malicious wounding

    12/15/10 assault

    12/15/10 stalking

    2/9/11 stalking

    2/19/11 obstructing an officer

    8/24/11 destruction of property

    8/24/11 obstructing an officer



  4. Sure seems like a pattern of behavior, doesn't it? Stalking, assault, stalking, assault, stalking, assault, PEDOPHILE. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  5. So little Ronnie the midget thinks he is a martial artist, but the only rank he has ever held is the fake rank he got from his buddies the ninjas, who promoted him to fifth or sixth dan because he showed up at a waffle house. Strike one; Ronnie has no martial arts skill. And Ronnie can't have a place of his own because he can't afford it, so Ronnie has to live with relatives. Strike two; Ronnie is a basement dwelling couch leech. And Ronnie can't hold a job because Ronnie's never held a job unless you count that time he airbrushed tattoos on underaged girls at the mall, so Ronnie is unemployed and his "business" is a fantasy; strike three. We can keep going. Ronnie says his life is great but he has been arrested over and over again for stalking, battery, and now for child porn. He is probably one of the most hated people in his little town, but he is afraid to ever leave. He hates himself so he makes up these grand lies about his history and his background, and tells everybody how they all want to be him, but then he goes on youtube and freaks out because he's afraid he's going to go back to jail where they kept making him somebody's fucktoy all last summer. How WAS last summer, Ronnie, getting repeatedly ass-boned by the other inmates? Did you give them your thousand yard stare, tough guy? Or was it more like a gaze of affection as you looked over your shoulder at the guy reaming you? You're no pit fighter. You're more of a glory hole gladiator.

  6. T funniest part is how sad you girls are... One if you're so invested in trying to counter my blog and insult me then you're showing how insecure you are. Scared I won't be convicted ad all your attempts have gone to waste? Worried your attempts to discredit me have fallen on deaf ears?

    Truth is I out smarted and played you all now you're whining about it... funniest shit I ever seen. Pathetic... The best part is how you're reacting to me calling you homosexual, feeling a need to prove your manhood? Afraid people will think you are in the closet. Its OK homosexuality is considered a life style now and I don't care that you're gay just a) please quit trying to recruit me for your "boy band" and b) just be you. I promise we will all accept for who you are. See I don't wear BDUs outside my service in US Army as an infantry soldier, I don't need to pose with knives and show the "Rock raised eye brow stare" or run around in an LBV/Tactical Vest to feel like a man. See I'm quite happy being me & if I was wrong you wouldn't need to justify yourselves or try to rationalize away your own self-hatred and shame by projecting it onto to me.

    And while I have a lot of enemies in Beckley, I don't hide that fact. The best they can do against me is kangaroo court. And I still have "Aces up my sleeve." Course they say you can judge a man by the power of his enemies; mine are cops, lawyers, judges, "respectable" martial artists, criminals and thugs. And sadly I don't even consider you worthy of being called my enemy; who are you a loser behind a computer screen using spam e-mail accounts and projecting you homosexual prison rape fantasies and self-disgust onto me. I guess you need attention from someone right?

  7. What a strange little man you are. You are actually more worried about someone's choice of pants than you are about the fact that you lied for years about being in the Marines? What does that say about your desire to pretend to be someone you aren't, Frodo?

  8. Gentlemen, gentlemen, we're losing sight of two important things here. No, three. One, Ron can't fight. Two, Ron is four feet tall. And Three, Ron is obsessed with gay stuff, which is probably good, because where he's going, there's a lot of that to be had whether he likes it or not.

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