Saturday, December 20, 2014

I'm back

We are all aware of my legal troubles which brings me straight to this...

The child porn charges were dropped and dropped only because of the terrorist threats charges. Rather then sit around without trial & wait on to set up by police informants without an a way out, I chose instead to post a hypothetical but, graphic, legal argument. I have since had the child pornography charges dismissed without trial due to no evidence being turned over. This was done December 3rd of 2013.
More so, the State has once again resorted to lying to cover up evidence directly violating West Virginia Code 27-6A-2(b) to do so. Proven in this video below;
 You see my argument could not stand as an open change highlighting the misconduct of the state, regardless of the legal codes the US Supreme Court holds sway over the law. The fact that Trooper Duckworth was named as the "victim" & that the 08-MAP-4-H transcript will prove he did not do his job but violated the law by coercing a witness; Ashley Redden to give false testimony. More so, the Stalking & Assault case transcript will show his attendance & raises the question of why an Oakhill cop was attending a Beckley trial? Finally, the blog addresses the falsified evidence in the child porn case. And then, I am declared incompetent to stand trial because Prosecutor Kristen Keller lied to Dr. Miller.

Notice in Dr. Miller's report he cites an incident date of 25 February 2012 not the August 2013 date on my arrest warrant. Nor does it cite the blog as the record side of events but instead uses 4 cases already dismissed. In a nut shell Keller violated the law to cover up the state's abuses of power and criminal actions but committing criminal actions. Fraudulent legal process in violation of West Virginia code 61-5-27a. Begging the question how creditable was the Terrorist Threats complaint anyway, if they lied to make me look crazy & I'm here to tell you all about it?

So I decided to seek a lawyer's expertise & asked this of Sam Browning of Bullshido. Who avoided the code issue and started spinning the truth using Dr. Miller's paraphrasing of my statements. So here we are I'm back...

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