Friday, January 9, 2015

Fake Koga Ryu Ninjutsu & Events leading to Dan Harmon's Suicide

The Bujinkan's internet trolls have been emboldened by the death of Dan Harmon. With evidence showing that by all accounts the Bujinkan's internet trolls had something to do with Mr. Harmon's death. I a by no means a die hard Dan Harmon fan, in fact prior to my arrest I had called Dan a fake Koga Ryu practicer during a phone argument. That being said harassing him, stalking him & threatening through troll accounts is not something I ever did &, other's cyber-bulling of him is not excused by it.

Here is part of a conversation where Phil Elmore hiding behind one of his proxies tried to say that my dismissed charges were the result of a verdict of Not guilt by reason of mental illness. I post a video called I'm Back where I showed the state dropped the child porn charges without even attempting to bring them to trial December 3rd 2013...

Phil Elmore in all desperate need for me to be somehow guilty, of the crime of terroristic threats has chosen to ignore facts & spread his lies once again. Under WV Code 27-6A-4(e) states "(e) If the verdict in a criminal trial is a judgment of not guilty by reason of mental illness, the court shall determine on the record the offense or offenses of which the acquitee could have otherwise been convicted, and the maximum sentence he or she could have received. The acquitee shall remain under the court's jurisdiction until the expiration of the maximum sentence or until discharged by the court.*  The court shall commit the acquitee to a mental health facility designated by the department that is the least restrictive environment to manage the acquitee and that will allow for the protection of the public." Meaning if found not guilty by reason of mental illness I would be in a hospital not typing this blog. The fact that I was placed in William R. Shape's Jr. Memorial Hospital to be found competent to stand trial is irrelevant as I discussed this in a video titled I'm Out;
*emphasis added by me...
Now I even provided a copy of WV Code 27-6A-2 (b) items (1) (2) & (4) that were violated by Raleigh County Prosecutor Kristen Keller. Thus establishing a public record, along with the Habeas Corpus I filed from Sharpe's which is also court record. This shows that Kristen Keller lied to have committed in violation of WVC 27-6A-2 (b) & thus provided false evidence to the courts. Now it could quite possibly that the case was overturned due to the prosecutor lying, its also possible that my release came from said appeal I filed but no I was found competent.

Now being sent to mental hospital while sane & being placed on excessive medication & treated as if you are irrational for seeking to file a habeas corpus is not a pleasant experience. In fact, without my attorney becoming involved, Mrs. Reed my Advocate for Patients Rights & assistance from Dr. Glanns in getting the facts addressed on my medical record (that Dr. Miller's report was based on alleged events separate from my charges, in act my charges was never addressed). Phil Elmore was personally involved in trying to influence my case, as was Don Roley who referred to my hypothetical legal argument involving Bad Elk v. United States & Brady v. Ohio as  terrorist threats. Having invested in seeing me labeled a criminal they failed. So now Phil Elmore seeks to harass me using a false pretext that I was found insane.

To do this I was added to facebook group where I've been given the 3rd degree until I grew bored with the whole thing & blocked several accounts (Phil's has been blocked since 2012). This resulted in the comment I took a screen shot of addressing the group (Fake Koga Ryu to lure in Koga Ryu practicers & harass them) encouraging Dan Harmon to commit suicide.

These people seek to harass & badger others to withdraw & commit harm to themselves. All to claim some air of legitimacy & authority they in fact do not have. That's why one of the more notable Bujinkan internet trolls Dean Eitcher has been posting videos denying this very fact. Yet as about its been admitted they encouraged Dan Harmon to kill himself. Hence evidence by denial...
 At some point the question needs by asked why do 15th Dan "experts" like Don Roley waste time badgering "frauds & fakes," harassing them & trying prove them as frauds if he (and those like him) are in fact legitimate martial artists of such alleged skill & ability. Why so called "experts" like Barron Shepard claim to speak for the Koga Ryu but have no training to represent the art & by his own admissions is more concerned with personal agendas then truth or facts.
 Barron even posting on my blog refused to address incorrect information he was presenting, effectively admitting to spread of half truths & outright lies. These are the legitimate martial artists of the internet, cyber stalkers and cyber bullies trying to push their own cult-like agenda of the worship of a dead man. A bunch a individuals who seek to claim authority through rank & yet fail to act as human being or adults because of it.
Of course there are fake martial artists, and there are crappy unskilled martial artists as well. There are people who know history, forms & break boards but have never used their martial art outside of sparring in their school. Some who never even sparred in their school & its all done in the name of ego and business. I write and I teach on occasion, I have a business investment in martial arts. I however teach my own system based off my own experiences & knowledge. some of that knowledge 'm by no means as expert in nor do I claim to be an expert in all things. You don't need to be an expert to have or impart knowledge. You don't need to have a high ranking to in some organization's codified system to have or impart knowledge. Finally, to see those who have such ranking & expert knowledge act like spoiled children & cowards behind a computer screen harassing & attacking others, instead of the experts & adults they claim to be... is well discouraging & disgraceful to anyone interested in martial arts or wishing to join the martial arts community.

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