Thursday, April 30, 2015

The SHTF Ninja...

If you know me you know I'm a ninjutsu guy and I admit ninjutsu is the biggest joke of the Martial Arts world. Well actually the martial arts world is the biggest joke of the martial arts world. Ninjutsu ranges from "fraudulent instructors" to "legitimate instructors" trolling and harassing people online and basically comes down to the pussification of martial arts. Martial is another term for military and Martial Arts are Military Arts; meaning art used for combat. So instead of fighting wars martial artists are waving rank certificates and talking shit online, because they don't have the courage to talk shit to someone's face. It gets even funnier when so called adults, brag about talking trash to someone online.

Lets look at that behavior as we were still in high school, you talk shit online but don't say a word when someone is in your face. You loose a) creditability and b) look like a pussy. This is why my response to internet challenges, many times no one showed up, is to either make the challenge to my face or else you're a bitch. Martial arts have only two legitimate manifestations; contact sports & self-defense. Anything too deadly to spare is useless & anything devoted totally to restrained competition is likewise useless, just less useless.

Ninjutsu is not martial arts, ninjutsu is Espionage & Strategy according the Iga Ninja Museum of Japan compared to some "white guy" telling people ninjutsu is a martial art because he is heavily invested in said martial art or lonely losers who follow the herd of cultists online to fit in somewhere and the associated martial arts cult that will teach you to be "capable of encompassing all that constitutes universal justice and all that finds expression in the unfolding of the universal scheme."

Now regardless of my opinion of how much BS is floating around in the so-called martial arts community, survivalists, preppers, doomsday preppers and militiamen can make use of modernized codified concepts like Espionage and Strategy that come from ninjutsu. Do you need some enlighten philosophy to deal with creditable threat to you, not everything is warfare, civil unrest and human threats or do you need to know how to plan, think & establish a information network in your area? What benefits you more, understanding universal justice or understanding likely threats to you and developing a plan to limit that threat as much as possible.

Most preppers I know are more concerned self-defense and community organization. Rather then try to understand the "Will of God" or the "Universal Will" they deal with simple survival strategies like Economic Collapse, Civil Unrest (you know like in New York, Baltimore, Chicago and Boston...), Crime, Hurricanes, Floods, Landsides, Tornadoes & Earth Quakes. The simple truth, Ninjutsu is more relevant to people planning and thinking of solutions to problems then people living a mystical ninja fantasy life.

As my belief that both potentially lethal techniques and less then lethal competition techniques both need to be part of your arsenal, that's simply a judgment based on experience. Not every fight has been against a trained opponent I wanted to or felt I had to severally harm. In some cases I just restrained a drunk friend and in other cases I tried to seriously hurt someone. A simple palm heel strike can be a "show stopper" for someone but so can a rear-naked choke, course in a court that palm strike and whether it came in response to a verbal threat or a physical threat holds a lot of sway in court. There isn't much use for Espionage and Strategic planning in the martial arts, in business, paramilitary groups, strategic war games players and others it has great value. So I deal with whom, information is more valuable to...

Plus, I'm a survivalist. I share an interest in survivalism and emergency preparation. I consider survival skills like first-aid, wilderness bush craft and similar associated with both ninjutsu and survivalism/prepping a hobby. This includes tactical training as well...

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