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How I Punked Phil Elmore and why he stalks me...

Anyone with half a brain knows I mean Phil Elmore when I call him Ill Failmore. You see Phil is a wannabe "martial artist" and "tactical expert." Phil can't take someone disagreeing with him. Its funny because he disagrees with everyone else. Years ago Phil Elmore had a web forum, he's taken it down I don't know why, be I suspect to conceal evidence of his own illegal activity. As hard as I am on the Bujinkan for trying to be fraud busters when their art is itself full of fraudulent claims; Dr, Karl Friday from the History Department of the University of Georgia said that;

"The generally authoritative *Bugei Ryuha Daijiten* lists Dr. Hatsumi as
the successor to the Kumogakure Ryu (listing 13 generations, with an
indeterminate number of successors between the founder, Iga Ienaga, and
Toda Nobufusa), the Kuki Shinden Happo Ryu (28th generation), the Gyokko
Ryu (listing 30 soke preceeding him), the Koto Ryu (18th generation) , the
Shinden Fudo Ryu (25 generations, although this would take the school back
to the mid-11th century, at least 400 years earlier than any any historian
accepts the existance of any bugei ryuha), and one of 2 successors to the
Gikan Ryu.  The ryuha geneologies recorded in this dictionary, however,
are mostly transcribed directly from records of the schools themselves,
with little or no attempt at independent verification (which is nearly
impossible in most cases anyway--for *any* classical martial art

There is no listing at all for the Togakure Ryu; there are a number of
Gyokushin Ryu listings, but none specifically identified as ninpo schools
and none that list Dr. Hatsumi as a succesor; and several Takagi Ryus, but
no Takagi Yoshin Ryu and no Takagi Ryu listing Dr. Hatsumi.

The term "koppojutsu," is by the way, an odd one.  I can't find it in any
dictionary.  "Koppo" by itself means "bone art", which would make the
"jutsu" part redundant--"the art of bone art."

from: http://webdocs.cs.ualberta.ca/~mckellar/aiki/2001/5.html

This is important because Phil has a close association with the Bujinkan online. Phil and I had a disagreement over an online argument he made that because someone is out of shape they should not be told they can't defend themselves. After all no one would tell a little old woman she couldn't defend herself, because she is old. Well I pointed out that a fat person could always lose weight and an out of shape person could always exercise to get into shape but an old woman can't become younger. And from there, how dare I insult the great Phil Elmore...

Then came my address of a closer quarters shooting stance, the concept is similar to what is described below and was taught to me as something done in anticipation of extreme close range conflict. Again it had to b Phil's way or no way at all...
Here is the screen shot of Phil Elmore on his own forum saying our whole disagreement was about me not admitting I was wrong.
This is rather funny because he goes onto say he enjoys attacking me online. He goes on to make a rationalization about how I should not stand up for myself and of course make himself out to be innocent victim. Phil's comment was posted the 2nd of November 2010, which was a few weeks after I was Fort Walton Beach Florida, were these pictures were taken.

And well I get to travel, work with other martial artists and Phil gets the internet... He even admits here, what is funny is this came two months before the comment above.
And its rather interesting because Phil, finds violence "exciting" apparently he gets his excitement through starting conflicts online and harassing people, where it is safe. Of course, he and his "friends" all do this as a team of fat, socially rejected losers. Here Patrick Ferrari (the same who left comments on this blog: More Trolling from Phil Failmore) admitting to having creeper accounts on private forums to "spy" on their "online enemies." This certainly shows a pattern of conspiring with others... We'll focus more on Patrick at a later date & his now self-deleted comments on the More Trolling from Phil Failmore blog...
Of course its even better because under Patrick's comment is someone taking a statement I made out of context. Ah well... conspiracy is bad enough. For those who have seen Phil Elmore posting about online, just remember Patrick admitted he and Phil were stalking me and other Ashida Kim associates in 2010.
Here is a fun one Phil Elmore threatening to sue me, because he is done "fucking around" but he never did. Instead Phil started harassing and approaching anyone who was associated with me. This includes his attacks on Dan Bowen, Brian, Johnny Hunter and others... Here is a screen sot of Phil contacting someone just because I left a comment on his youtube page. Funny how, Phil says I'm a stalker for recording information of him stalking me.
Here is an even better one Phil, as Steve Miller (one of his troll accounts) referencing my Civilian Counter Terrorism class being cancelled. Whats really funny about this is it was an April Fools Day prank, to get Phil to commit a Felony.
And here is Phil as MartialCheckmate, sending me a text video over tube to brag about how the civilian Counter Terrorism Course of cancelled before Steve Miller sent me these messages.
It was kind of funny because I pretended to actually care about a "free course" I was holding on April Fools day. Free or not Phil intestinally became involved in trying to disrupt my business. Why to prove me wrong, because I disagree with what Phil claims to be an expert in. And if that's not enough Phil was not only trying to slaner me name but was actively pushing his lies and half truths to anyone who associated with me. So I left an event mentioned online and allowed Phil to attempt to interfere with it.

And why is all this done? Because I disagree with Phil Elmore. In 2010 Phil Elmore even called me a "fraud & child molester" (well before I was charged with possession of child porn in 2012 and it was dismissed in 2013, due to lack of evidence. This of course leaves an interesting question about how someone can be charged with possession but evidence of possession can not be found) and called in the FBI on Ashida Kim and myself claiming we planned terroristic threats against himself.
Nothing ever happened and to make matters even more entertaining, we filed our own complaints with the FBI for harassment and possible racketeering and definite conspiracy charges. This forced Phil Elmore into retreat were he apologized...

Phil Elmore's apology on Ashida Kim's old forum... the result of being punked into committing a felony and getting caught. There is so much to weed through on all the evidence we gathered.

And of course we halted legal proceedings against him, let Phil have a pass. You see Phil though all this information was gone, taken when we police took my computers. But, it has resurfaced so if the police took all the evidence against Phil and my computers it leave only one question to really ask. When did I get it all back & does this mean I'm going to filed suit against Phil? Or just rub it into his nose about how he got beat by a "fake ninja." You can read more about how I punked Phil Elmore in Never Back Down: The True Story Behind Sensei Ron Collins which demonstrates why Phil and Patrick are adamant to slander my name and discourage others from reading this book. This is also why Phil Elmore tried to have the publication of Never Back Down stopped... he never did.

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