Friday, March 13, 2015

More Trolling from Phil Failmore

So the great failed one texts me and asks for a quote on a picture I posted with my blog the Road less Travelled. Apparently Phil seeks to call me out as a liar and wants a quote to abuse, to make himself seem relevant.

This picture was taken by me of the village out the "back gate" of Camp Casey (you know the gate across from the old Charlie Company Barracks, oh you don't you wasn't there) across from these barracks.
Picture taken from a camera (a vey cheap one a that) from a taxi cab. But hey lets call it what it is, Phil Elmore needing to feel relevant and authorative. Oh yeah and once again lying... If Phil seeks to claim I was never in Korea &, lets be honest that is where he is trying to go by claiming I lied about the picture. He is forgetting that I was stationed on Korea in the US Army. That my little US Army medal for among other things being a team leader and hand-to-hand combat instructor was given to me in South Korea also known as the Republic of Korea (the ROK).

I've visited Japan, Korea & China while station in the ROK. Never made it to Thailand to attend a Muay Thai boot camp but, wanted to... You can live your life doing things or you can camp behind a computer screen trolling away at others who do & hating on them for doing so. Lets be honest, Phil Elmore has never served in the military (any branch of the military), never was a hand-to-hand combat instructor, never won competitions in the military as such, never been to an overseas country much less awarded for anything while it. Phil Elmore is a fan boy who never even attempted to achieve his dreams.
I make no excuses for things I say and do, you don't like it I don't care. But, simply to address the stalking behavior of Phil Elmore, his allegations I lied about being in South Korea or taking a picture of being in South Korea is irrelevant to the fact Phil Elmore is a cyber stalker, more specifically my cyber stalker. I long ago quit dealing with him, quit arguing against him and quit trying to beat someone who lives their life online.

We all know I've had to endure some serious shit, been charged with everything to make me into the worst human being imaginable but, I survived. I have had to not only compete with corrupt cops who hide behind their badges and positions in society but their snitches, outlaw bikers trying to kill me & their flunkies but I had to deal with a fat, never was punk like Phil Elmore hiding behind his computer screen. I don't like Phil Elmore and I can and have torn down his theories on martial arts and self-defense with ease because its just bits and pieces from other more accomplished self-defense "experts." I'd even bother to challenge Phil Elmore to a fight but, well the fat wanker went so far as to call in CPS on Dan Bowen to get him to duck their fight. He's supplied "evidence" to the police in my terrorist threats charge to see me found guilty and that failed. Phil has interfered with me and my attempts to get my business going (all the times I had to restart it because of people who are of a greater threat to me), with all that he pulls some petty lie about a picture from South Korea.

Sadly, a challenge to fight Phil would be pointless... You see the fat coward will never fight and as I exposed in another blog (Phil had taken off facebook because it was the truth), he depends on the Bujinkan trolls to offer him creditability).
Phil Failmore still stalking me... yet again.

Oh sure Phil stands behind Damian Ross and gets some support from Damian. Sadly, Phil might practice Damian Ross's self-defense combatives or at least endorse them. They both make some of the same claims about self-defense posted here on Ross's site.
Market puffery aside, the WW2 Combatives taught by Ross is based off the old Fairbairn/Stykes system and it is pretty simple, direct and effective. It would be stupid of me to deny that fact. I'm a supporter of the older Hand-to-Hand methods, I disagree that anyone can use them effectively. Damian Ross doesn't say this on his sight, he says "you don't have to be fast, strong, experience or incredible shape to know how to survive a brutal attack." One look at Ross and you can tell he has physical ability and I agree you don't have to have physical ability to know what to do. You need ability (physical & mental) to do it. That's a personal matter for someone to workout on their own or under instruction in a class. So don't think I'm attacking Ross, I'm not. I wish him the best of luck in his business or his endeavors. The Self-Defense Company has an online list of its instructors: Phil Elmore isn't listed. You can learn the best martial art from the greatest masters in the world & it is still up to you to defend yourself. I don't fault Damian Ross with Phil Elmore's exaggerated "Everyman" claims of self-defense; you know that you just have to know what to do without the ability to do it.

We all know what those claims are about how "eye gouges" and "groin shots" can stop someone bigger and stronger then you, or beat anyone in a ground fight and how criminals are all lazy and weak with no experience or training at using violence so knowing is just enough. Damian Ross is adamantly against the new US Army Combatives (MACP) Program (according to people I've talked with about him). This is a cause championed by Phil Elmore, I disagree with both in only two points; a) not every situation in the army requires lethal force (I know, right) which is what the WW2 style of combatives is built around but the military is being used more and more as a global police force so & b) I don't want to be standing up with bullets flying at me in a fight. I agree with Damian Ross that the MACP lacked key elements and relied too much on Gracie Jiu-jitsu.

Without Damian Ross using Phil to review his self-defense system and in turn Damian Ross' supporting Phil for the advertising, Phil would have few people listening to his bad, illogical & inexperience based bad advice. Phil also did a great deal of advertising for Paladin Press which marketed him with his few written books to date like Street Sword & Flash Light Fighting. Perhaps I'll write a book on ridiculous mall-ninja "street weapons" and lets not forget his laughable PDF books like Shorthand Empty Hand (where he mixes and matches concepts to invent a self-defense system with bad kung-fu poses) and Street Chucks (about using illegal nunchaku for self-defense). A "Black Sash" Liu Seong Kung Fu/Kuntao, yet Phil hasn't produced a single valid and intelligent Martial Arts book of any credit. Everything else has been those trashy little Mack Bowen adventure books.

Lets look at Phil's other lies...
1) That I'm homeless... yet I typed al this from my home. Phil wants a home address so he make wild accusations to the police, may be have me SWATed or harass me in some other fashion. Unlike both Phil Elmore and Greg Duckworth, I don't put my home address online where any crazy person can have access to it.

2) Phil says I can't own a firearm. I don't need to pose with guns on the internet to look tough like Phil Elmore.

Phil Elmore is nothing but a mug slinging marketer for Omega Publishing Inc. which owns both Soldier of Fortune (you know the guys Frank Dux sued and won against in court for printing lies) & Paladin Press (Ashida Kim's old publisher who robbed him of royalties from over seas sells). Other then penis envy, Phil Elmore would rather hide behind his computer screen with made up stories about a picture I took from the top of mountain, in Tongduchung (may have misspelled that) I the Republic Of Korea. No, what Phil wants is to discourage you from reading about the truth and those same threats I mentioned in the up coming book Never Back Down:
Out later this month... so buy this book and piss of Phil Elmore.

To be even more stalker like, Phil Elmore texted me and called me 3/12/2015 to comment about his pointless allegations.

Sorry for the poor quality, I used my web cam... but it is Phil Elmore by his own admission and the phone number is public information where Phil Elmore is such an exert on self-defense, writing his articles on technology and yet is too poor to afford a PO Box because he has all mail delievered to his home or his job. Oh and its even funnier when you look it up on google maps. See the self-defense expert placing his private information out on a public medium is unsafe.

Hardly intelligent or practical for safeties sake. I'm not going point out what I could do with this information. I did that to Greg Duckworth, not as a threat but as a fact in how someone shouldn't let ego allow themselves to leave their home and family at risk and got charged with terrorist threats. Well yeah, I pointed out I could have done something if I wanted to years ago (I obviously didn't), I explained this in Never Back Down. My point is aside from my cell phone that I can ignore or turn off, I don't make my home address or other personal information openly known on the internet (I think I mentioned I have people who've tried to kill me in the past). It is simple safety for you and your family, you never know what kind of crazy person might stalk you or seek to harm you. Not to mention identity theft. Phil stalking my online is bad enough without him peeking through my windows and hiding in my bushes. The same is common sense (I would think so at least), to anyone in law enforcement to use Post Office box when dealing with the public as part of business, which was part of my point to Gregory. That's why they list department addresses on warrants and department phone numbers, so that the wrong people can't find out how to track you down. It is SOP for a reason.

Phil's antics not only with me but with Muslims, Feminists, Liberals, Minorities & others is well known over the web. If a Muslim would happen to be a radical (a violent radical at that) or someone was just tired of his shit? Phil Elmore not only puts him & his family at risk but his co-workers as well. I point this out, getting off my original point that what you see is in deed Phil Elmore's correct phone number, to address the fact it publically available information by Phil's own hand & that it isn't safe, tech savvy or very self-defense oriented by someone who wants to sell you on self-defense. Hell he can't even bitch about the screen shot because as you can see, he asked me to share the article, so I did.

As far as the picture goes, believe what you want I'm tired of dealing with a cyber-pansy wannabe tough guy trying to prove he has a pair behind a computer screen. Lets deal with the picture, since Phil Elmore decided to make his post...

More Proof Phil Elmore is a liar...
Here is the picture in question on my desk top...

Here is the two dates, of importance the date last modified when it was originally created (transferred from camera to my computer in South Korea) on March, 29th 2002. The other date is when I transferred it to this computer January 9th 2015.

I took the time to download the same image off the alleged blog cited by Phil Elmore and look at the dates all March 13th 2015. Guess Friday the 13th is bad for Phil Elmore.
Here is the same file on my desktop, compare the image name to the that above on properties. Guess we all know who lied now don't we?

Just an Update:
I know Phil will have this taken off facebook to cover up is childish antics but this about an hour maybe two, after this blog was posted...
Scenario Drills had 62 hits today, The Road Less Travelled 55 no doubt linked to Phil Elmore claiming the picture is from an Indian blog. More Trolling from Phil Failmore has 49 hits and the blogs date of 3/13/2015 shows it was updated today... so how does I feel that everyone knows your a stalker Phil? Now that you've failed more...


  1. Oh one more thing... Phil's cited page is a December 2014 blog my image is proven in the blog above to be from March of 2002. That means my picture is 12 years... Why a blog on India is using the 12 year old image I don't know. But failing to present an older image we are looking at my own being original. I know Phil Elmore has spammed my facebook page trying to prove he didn't lie. Its far more likely he copied the image off an old profile of mine and regurgitated it over the many different blogs that all say the same thing, with the same images from December 2014. Again, my image is March 2002 with the evidence in the blog above. Phil is only highlighting his desperation to being proven a liar.

  2. Lol won't be long til you're back in jail. Keep it up Ronnie. It's pure entertainment.

    1. Patrick are you and or the rest of your punk ass group of internet tough guys threatening me with the law once again because your scared little bitches. Go ahead send an e-mail to the police, call them.

      Oh I get it Phil can't hide behind a copyright to an image he doesn't own and gets proven a liar. Show me tat image somewhere before March of 2002 when I first went to Korea. Dude when are you going to grow up? Please show that image before December 24th 2014, my blog proves the image is March of 2002 on my end. All the "articles" with that image say the same shit and have the same images.

      Phil said to share his contact info, I did... but you guys won't leave well enough alone so now I'm going to start picking through your information. Like Tug Hill Studios, Dave Pearson used is home address the Street View from Google of the address even have the "Pearson" sign out front. Fact is Patrick, you & Dave have rode beside Phil and helped him troll and harass not just me but others. I'm not threatening you, I'm just saying its very unsafe to harass people online and throw out all that public information about yourselves...

      So try to make up more lies to send me to jail... not like you boys haven't tried before and failed.

  3. I know you're not threatening me and believe me when I say I am not the least bit concerned about you. You're completely harmless. So I'm not worried about you buddy. :)

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  6. Wanna do this? Haha I have way more than that my friend.

  7. I left you putting a social security number on the blog because well, that's not public information is it? I guess you just attempted or knowing the blog is monitored threatened to put my private information online. Funny thing because you just kept saying you wanna do this. And I take that as a threat. So Patrick guess what federal law you broke?

    Well hey I'm just commenting on how you idiots throw your private information out online. You're obviously flustered... Hope no one steals my identity or damages my credit rating.

  8. It is public information and it's not illegal. More where that came from.

  9. Lol judging by your credit score I don't think you'd notice.

  10. Guess you better get the feds after me Ron. Haha. Go for it.

  11. Not that hard to get a background check Patrick... congratulations lol
    Course, two can play that game. ;) The address on my drivers license is old, I never update it unless I need a new license & move soon after.

    Yeah my credit score sucks... happens when you keep going to jail for shit you don't do. Why do think I was being sarcastic about anyone stealing my identity. What is like 609? But I don't use but 20% of my credit debt. Anyway, Pat you seem more like you're the one posturing...

    Come on show me where that picture is at online older then my 2002 March 29th claim above? Right you can't and you're just distracting people from the fact Phil lied about it, because he is scared of the truth in the book coming out. Have fun trying not to look scared, you're doing a very bad job of it...

  12. I'm not scared. BTW, one of your friends gave me your personal info.

  13. No one is worried about your illiterate ramblings. I'll buy a copy so you don't starve.

    1. He could do with some weight loss. Prison feed him to well :)

    2. Never been to Prison Noinden, but yeah I was fed well and I'm working on losing the extra weight. Went up to 196lbs from 167lbs, I'm back down to 183lbs and dropping.

  14. So now you're admitting to Phishing schemes? Boy you jus keep digging deeper an deeper don't you... I'd say you sound pretty scared, all posturing and acting tough. Making threats with my personal information. Now granted you work with Phil but you also live in Rochester don't you?

    Now a least you're smart enough not to plaster your personal address all over the net. I'm sure your girlfriend will be happy you didn't endanger with attempts to act successful lol

  15. Oh and BTW if you're scared of me harassing Kristy, don't be I don't mess with people's families that's more in line you three...

  16. You did threaten to murder Duckworth and his family on this very blog. Be careful Ron unless you think orange is you summer color too

    1. No I didn't.... but keep lying its all you do.

  17. I'm not admitting to phishing. One of your friends decided to send us all this stuff. Lol guess even those close to you are sick of your crap. I found the note your mother wrote to try and help your case particularly touching. She must be naive or as fucked up as you are to support a child porn grapher like you.

  18. That's a lie right off the rip, my mother never wrote any letters. And now you are decaring me guilty of a crime without due process of law, that's slander Patrick. Prove I was convicted of being a child pornographer?

    You, Dave and Phil have been harassing me and stalking over the net, even before to child porn charges. The fact is, you are just some fat useless telemarketer, supporting another fat useless telemarketer in being a cyber tough guy with paranoid fantasies of actually mattering. Even now you are phishing to pretend you have more info then you do. Your earlier comments reek of posturing and weakness. The best part is Phil is using you as a mouth piece, you're a minion to weak pathetic liar. You are Phil Elmore's peon lol

    And yet you've presented no proof that picture isn't what I say it is...

  19. I'm not here about the pic lol you sound upset Ron. I have a copy of the letter. I have copies of lots of things. I also have lots of time. You, not so much.

  20. No you're here as Phil Elmore's bitch running with messages, you don' have any letter... There is no letter. Prove it, peon...