Friday, July 31, 2015

Interview with Grandmaster Jay "Flying Tiger" Blanton

Note to Reader: This is an interview conducted over e-mail I wish I could have gotten more involved but do to time constraints for all this stuff  have going on I had to cut this short.

Ok today we are going to interview grandmaster Jay Blanton. Right off the bat I'd like to congratulate you on you life story becoming a movie. So to start of with I would like to begin there. 

Can you tell me about what got you into martial arts?
Hey Ron I am honored to be interviewed and thanks for your kind words. I got into the martial arts because of being bullied because of my speech problem and as a child I watch all the Bruce Lee and kung fu movies and being bullied I thought if I can do what Bruce Lee does these people will leave me along. Going through grade school I met a friend in Tae Kwon Do and he took up for me against the bullies and basically protected me against their physical abuse. He told me I need to take a martial arts class. I told my parents but we did not have the money to afford the classes at that time. So when I got into Jr. high school again a friend who was taking Tae Kwon Do and teaching it at our local community center told me i needed to get into the martial arts and it would help me against all the physical abuse I was going through. He said I only charge you $ 5.00 a month I signed up along with my other friends and the rest is history.

Having been bullied yourself, you started the BDFS Anti-Bully program what can you tell us about the program?
I started the BDFS Anti-Bullying Program to be more than just a bunch of martial arts techniques like most martial arts schools have. I wanted a unique training program not only show how to defend yourself against bullies but to educate the student and everybody what bullying is. We have a Instructor's Manual to help anybody not just martial artist to understand what bullying and how to avoid it at all possible and how to teach this to others. We also have a Student's Manuel so the students or anybody can understand and get educated on bullying it is like a school or college course it has everything in it the Instructor is teaching you. And we test the Instructor's of the BDFS Anti-Bullying Program as well so they are Certified to teach our unique program.                                          
Now in October in Chicago you are going to demonstrate an "anti-bully" kata, can you shed a bit of light on that?
We have came up with a Level 2 Instructor's BDFS Anti-Bullying Program Certification with the help from Gm Ashida Kim and Gm David Harris we are working on a "new" book and a manual for this program and Gm Harris will be helping me on a phone app and dvd and Instructor Certification in the future for the program. We will introduce this new Level 2 program in Chicago and the Kung Fu technique is called "Shen" which will address the psychological part of bullying and the technique will help everybody who is or has been bullied as well clear their minds from all the mental trauma they have suffered a unique and easy technique to learn and anybody can do it.  

You've met some very influential people in the martial arts too haven't you, so martial arts has really changed your life for the better?
Yes I have meet so many wonderful martial artist and had the pleasure of training with them not enough room here to name them all so I will mention a few Gm Richard Hedrick he guided me so much in my martial arts career with all his different styles and varies Instructors at his school, Gm Kang Rhee the Instructor of Elvis Presley, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and he even trained with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, Gm Rhee name my system of martial arts "Mang Ho" which is Tiger in Korean which is the animal nickname he gave me. Since I had combined all my other styles into my system he told me that you have done like Bruce Lee you have created you own unique style. I call it a system because I continue to add to Mang Ho Ryu which I call it now.                          
Gm Donald Miskel my dear friend and brother I call him my family we talk on a regular base and Gm Ashida Kim again part of my family who has helped me so much not only re-doing my book but helping me with the BDFS Anti-Bullying Program Manuals. Gm David Harris again family who is helping me and teaching me "Shen" and other private things going on. And then Hanshi Frank Dux what can I say not enough room for what he has done for me again family. He has trained me in Dux Ryu, got my book and the BDFS Anti-Bullying Program in Mexico, presented me with the Dux Ryu Fellowship Award and allowed me in the Dux Ryu Circle Of Iron and named me Flying Tiger because of all the things in my life I overcame. And all the Dux Ryu patches on my uniform and my most honored one my Flying Tiger patch my personal patch in Dux Ryu I could go on. I now go by Gm Flying Tiger                        

Any advice for parents looking to enroll their kids in a martial arts program?
My advise to parents is to Please sign your kids up in a good martial arts program it will help them the rest of their life, check out the school and Instructor(s) before you jump into a martial arts school. Ask questions, take the free class, talk with other parents etc check out other martial arts schools in the area and ask your child how he likes the Instructor(s) and the class etc. It's the best thing you can ever do.                                  

Does religion or spirituality play a big part of your outlook?
Yes. Religion is a big part of my life being a born again Christian has helped me forgive all those people that have bullied me all my life from physical abuse, mental abuse and even into adulthood on the job. I could easily have beaten the snot out of those people and the people on the job but through all my martial arts training and my spirituality I didn't. Martial arts teaches us not to use what we have learned to hurt others or bully them but to only use it if we have to defend ourselves. I have walked away from many attacks and let it go rather than to hurt some one, which I knew I could easily do and being a Christian I have to to this as well.                                                                                                                    
So how is the Film project coming along &, thank you for taking the time out your busy schedule for this interview?
The movie is coming along Gene Michaels of Show Biz Productions is writing the screen play along with my help I will keep everybody updated on the progress I know this movie will help all understand bullying and when you bully some one it last a life time.                                                           
Thank you Ron for interviewing me it was my honor to share my thoughts with everyone God bless Gm Flying Tiger

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