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Barron Shepard... Proven A Liar and Slanderer:

We have all seen Barron Shepard's blog on Koga Ryu Ninjutsu, the fact is Barron Shepard is a liar and a slander. He hides behind the computer screen and claims to be a martial artist. The fact is he claims there is no "conspiracy" but we all know how the internet works, tough guys with key boards. First off lets deal with two things off the bat, all images and information provided are provided for the sole purpose of review and to show that Barron Shepard is engaged in slander (liable if its in print but does the internet really count as print or is that just for physically printed documents?). This is in accordance with Federal laws 17 USC 107. So when I show you screen shot of Barron Shepard's hit peice to prove him a liar and slander of my good name, you will see that it is accordance with that "the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright." It doesn't violate copyright which Barron Shepard will claim to try to get this blog removed...

In addition, I'm gonna explain the issue between me and Barron Shepard. In 2009, Barron was involved in the Law Suit from William Aguiar III, Ashida Kim and Floyd Webb, actually Barron Shepard was named as a defendant in that case. Now I wrote a letter to the Judge as Amicus Curiae or friend of the court. My motion was ignored as I am not a lawyer but still... At the same time, I had written a highly legal termed letter for a friend of mine in a custody battle with an abusive husband. I had been happy I helped my friend and Barron Shepard assumed it was about the court motion I filed on Ashida Kim's behalf. Ultimately, Barron and I argued online and when I bluntly pointed out I think the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu system he claimed to represent, was a shit system, he thought I should respect him because of his rank in Kenpo and Judo. I don't feel he as a man deserves the respect he thinks rank in martial arts gives him.

I had a Senior Drill Sergeant in the Army's Basic Combat Training, he was Special Forces and Rangers, had tabs from both schools. One day he showed us his neck where four vertebrae had been broken by a landmine when he parachuted in Grenada and surgery had to be done. He pulled four men off a minefield with a broken neck and after telling us of the horrors he had faced and lived through that day. He asked why he ran out onto a minefield and pulled of two men, twice. "Because you were Special Forces" or "Ranger" or "US Army" all got mentioned. Instead he told us he did it because "he was a man" and that the uniform is just cloth its the man inside the uniform that gives it value and meaning, that we should all live to standard that gives our uniform meaning and value. So if a man with a Purple Heart, Ranger Tab and Special Forces Tab tells me I should respect the "man" ("woman" for you ladies out there) and not the uniform, I took it to heart. When he told me I should live as an example of the Honor and Values I claim to represent, I did my best to do. I even pointed out to Barron Shepard how his rank in martial arts and my respect for his attitude are too separate things. And it exploded into some internet arguments & online challenges and shit talk, to which Barron backed out like a little bitch, after he himself issued the challenge and threat to kick my ass.

So me and Barron Shepard have issues with each other and, part of those issues is that he got punked online by me. I won't tell you I have never been arrested, I have. However my criminal record consists of only four misdemeanor convictions, one of those is a Federal Misdemeanor. I've even offered to supply Barron with court papers to show convictions as opposed to being charged with a crime. Anyone can be charged but its the conviction that matters.

And lets talk about those convictions and evidence of falsified evidence provided by Kristen Keller...
Here is Dr. Miller's Report.
Now lets break this down Barron what is the Case Number of the Terrorist Threats case? 
12-B-234, 12-F-470, 12-F-471, 13F-1026 and 13-B-410.
What are the Charges? Terroristic Threats and Obstructing an Officer
What is the Offense Date? Feburary 25th 2011
What is the Evaluation Date?  Feburary 20th 2014
Now lets examine 13F-1026 Arrest Warrant:
Whats the Offense Date? 16th to the 22nd 2013
Now how come this date is different then the one Dr. Miller is claiming, in his report? That can be examined by the second page of Dr. Miller's report.
We see a court order for my evaluation is under case 13-F-1026 & 13-B-410, however according to "RECORD'S ACCOUNT OF EVENTS" what is claimed is happening for the evaluation Dr, Miller cites Criminal Complaint Case Numbers 10M-6004 and 6005. Which were dismissed... oh wait I was found not guilty after a 2 day trial July 24th and 25th 2013. 

Here is case filing where the case was given a different number in Circuit Court, from Magistrate Court. Here is that paper work...

 Statement of transfer to Circuit Court in underlined in red and case number is circled in red.
As you can see both, cases were transferred to Circuit Court... and I was found not guilty. More so we can look at the list of Warrants and Criminal Complaints for cases; all listed before the arrest warrant for the alleged offense date of 16 to 22 August 2013. Notice there is no warrant for case 13-F-1026 but there is a motion under that case number for court ordered psychological evaluation. More so, cases that have been dismissed were considered relevant by Dr. Miller because the Prosecutor Kristen Keller provided him misleading information. As for how Dr. Miller got his dated of offense of 25 February 2011 well the Prosecutor provided Dr. Miller with the Search Warrant used to Seize my Computers which I have and continue to state was seized illegally and never turned in which is why I have video of Pat Lamp saying the State Police never turned over any evidence and asking to postpone the hearing. It is why I have a transcript of the Prosecutor dismissing the child porn charges because the State Police never turned in any evidence. It has been almost six months the feds haven't become involved. Here is the still images for you so lets assume its all "puffery" from Kristen Keller.

 So now then Barron, can you answer the question of why Dr. Miller cites a case that was dismissed as relevant facts toward as case that is used to order his evaluation but contains to warrant for said case? Well here is my answer Barron, because Kristen Keller was covering up for corrupt police officers who were trying to conceal that fact that they falsified evidence and coerced Ashley Redden to lie.

The primary issue here Barron is that, other then your bold faced lies which I will address in a minute, that Dr. Miller never had the correct information. And while Kristen Keller might be rather upset that I'm and continue to address these very important issues of falsified evidence and poor moral character on her part. They are however evidence that she violated the law.
Now if we continue reading we see that Dr. Miller is addressing other cases then the one used to issue the court order for evaluation. So Were is the Arrest Warrant for Case Number 13F-1026? It was left out, right here and not listed in Dr. Miller's report.
Yet, Kristen Keller still violated West Virginia Code 27-6A-2 (b) which lists the evidence the party making the evaluation to turn over...
(1) Warrant or Indictment (none on the list for case number 13F-1026)
(2) Information Pertaining to Alleged Crime (none listed for case 13F-1026)
(3) Any Available Psychiatric, Psychological, Medical or Social Records (Well there are previous records of evaluations)
(4) A Copy of the Defendants Criminal Record (this is the very same thing as an NCIC background check used to get a gun and would show any cases dismissed, it is not present)

Here is the West Virginia Code showing that Kristen Keller provided false information. This is proof that she lied in trial and brings Trooper Haynes statement for his criminal complaint of the Terrorist threats case into question. Since his information was not based on my statements online directly but of Kristen Keller's interpretation of my statements.

Now lets examine that Rape claim you have made so much of Barron... 

Ok Barron first this image is your blog and you called me a Child Predator... Well Barron I have to point out that I am neither Child Predator nor any type of sexual predator. In fact anyone can get online and run my name. Or just scroll down the images and you'll see my name isn't on a list.

More so, lets look at some more of your lies...
You like to point to a WOAY news claim where they quoted Ashley Redden. Well first off that is the Cases Numbered 10M-6004 & 6005 which we already covered as dismissed because a jury found me not guilty.
First off Barron it says I was found NOT GUILTY and, that means I was innocent. It also says Stalking and Assault Charges. And to be specific Rebecca Turco is even quoted saying "BECKLEY - A Raleigh County man is found not guilty in court for allegedly attempting to rape a young woman and for harassing her during the course of several years.

Ronald Collins, Jr., 33, originally of MacArthur, took the stand Thursday in Day Two of his trial. Collins had faced two misdemeanor charges of assault and stalking. "

I was never charged with rape, that was Ashley Redden's claim which was disproved in court and you claim that I was found naked with the girl is also a bold faced lie. 

Lets be clear Barron I may well sue you for slander and defamation of character. I might drive down to your house Winter Haven and challenge you to a fight. But looking at your little profile there Barron I think I see something. You are a part-time cop and so you know nothing but the corruption of "Brotherhood of Blue" and you don't like it when people like me point out the corruption and criminality you protect. So while you set here and lied let me show you what Ashley really said I did.
 Now it needs to be addressed that Greg Duckworth, a friend of both Mary Jennings and Bobby Redden, Ashley's father, wrote this and had Ashley to Sign it. Whats better is that her charge was overturned and she has stalked me with false charges ever since.

See Barron not are you another little Badge Bunny who has backed down from me but, you are liar and fraud calling other liars and frauds to cover up for your own self. And this page stands as a testament to your lies.

Tell me Barron whats worse being proven a liar or being that you are part of organization that full of liars and your attempts to defame for addressing misconduct. Either way, Barron Shepherd you've been proven to have been a liar and not to be trusted at your word. Combined with the lies I deleted from my GodFundMe Campaign you've show that you intend to interfere with my business practices and do me harm economically, aside from defaming my character. But, hey you never would come up here to make those challenges to my face.

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