Monday, January 11, 2016

Omoto Ryu Black Dragon Dojo

So as all the chaos in my lief seems to be headed toward being calmed down and after a year of having Shadow Warrior Publishing at the forefront of endeavors I'm happy to say I will soon, hopefully all thinks considered. Reopen my martial arts schools in down town Beckley, West Virginia.

The Omoto Ryu Black Dragon Dojo will be a "fully operational Death Star..." errr Martial Arts school. The sad truth is martial arts on the internet is full trolls and posers "nut riding" one person's success while targeting others for slander and harassment. Many times this is a sad result of jealousy or fear of competition. However, as I stated before in Will of Iron: Understanding the Fighting Spirit the fact is that it is not how hard you hit but how hard you can get hit and stand up again. The Omoto Ryu Black Dragon Dojo is the flag ship for Black Dragon Ninjitsu and with it comes a explosion of martial arts and self-defense programs. No one has a patient on Ninjutsu (Ninjitsu) and we know from historical research that ninjutsu is not a martial art, there is no sole source of ninjutsu or a "legitimate" one at that. As I have stated before evidence points to Takamatsu making up his tradition from openly revealed historical documents.

The Omoto Ryu Black Dragon Dojo is focused on Self-Defense without the fluff of many martial arts schools and the propaganda expressed by those online. This is a modern martial arts school, and while I do plan to teach and discuss the historical aspects this will come from study of Historical Documents like the Bansenshukai, Sun Tzu's Art of War and the other Chinese military classics, plus books like the Hagakure and Go Rin Sho (Book of 5 Rings). We are planning to teach three systems and host many camps and courses on a more private basis. These three systems are Street Focus Jujitsu & Black Dragon Ninjitsu and I am adding a third course in Civilian Counter-Terrorism Self-Defense that will be available as a series of progressive self-defense courses.

These three Systems are broken down as such...
Black Dragon Ninjitsu:
Lets be honest here Black Dragon Ninjitsu is modern art that is my own invention, it is a mix of the Omoto Ryu Budo, which does contain ninjutsu, US Army Infantry Training, Jeet Kune Do Concepts/Philosophy and other martial arts and training aspects used by Reality Based Martial Arts. This system focuses on six areas of study at five ranges of combat.
Six Areas of Study:
1. Martial Arts...
2. Weapons Training to include firearms tactics later on but, applied to the four fundamental weapons of stick/staff, knives, shuriken or throwing weapons and chains at shodan allowing one to use anything around them as a potential weapon...
3. Psychological Manipulation and Philosophy for the development to resist manipulation...
4. Strategic Planning & Leadership Principles...
5. Tactical Principles and Small Teams organization
6. Survival Training & First Aid to increase the odds of one's survival...

This is to prepare one to fight at all Five Ranges of Combat. These five ranges are...
1. Mental: Not only fighting Psychological manipulation but seeing and evaluating an opponent's intent by non-verbal ques...
2. Striking Range: punching and kicking distance...
3. Infighting Range; which can very between strikes with the knees and elbows to throws, joint-locks/breaks and stand up grappling...
4. Grappling Range: Most often seen as ground fighting distance, while not exclusively the domain of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu we are not as specialized in this range of fighting...
5. Weapons Range; a distance of fighting that can only be achieved using a weapon being it a spear, throwing knife or firearm.

Street Focus Jujitsu:
Another "invention" of mine Street Focus Jujitsu is a modern adaptation of Sport Jujitsu similar to its combative cousin combat jujitsu with a greater focus on modern self-defense and principles of psychology and sociology. This was began is something I was teaching US Soldier's as a Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor in the US Army at company level in 1/503d Air Assault Camp Casey Korea before the unit was transfer to Italy and re-designated an Airborne Infantry unit. This art was created as an attempt to avoid the drama and childishness associated with the ninjutsu community of the Ninja Martial Arts Cult.

Civilian Anti-Terrorism Courses:
The Civilian Anti-Terrorism Course was a project I started after leaving the Army in 2005, actually around 2009. I feel with today's political climate that this would be best served for anyone seeking to learn basic paramilitary skills. While the core of Civilian Anti-Terrorism deal with identifying and avoiding a potential terrorist threat before it becomes a danger, this course includes basic self-defense combatives, stick & knife work, as well as basic individual and small teams tactics and survival training.

Class Fees:
Monthly, pay as you go no contracts $135 a month or $1,620 a year
$125 a month or $1,500 a year with a one year contract
$115 a month or $1,380 a year with a two year contract

The Civilian Anti-Terrorism Course runs by the course and is broken down into two 4-hour days of training.
Series Course 1: $150 per person
8-Hour Instruction on 1 Hour Power Point Presentation on How to Identity a Terrorist Threat & Understanding Criminal Violence. Self-Defense Combatives (3 Hours) & 4 Hours on Knife Defense and Knife Usage Skills. Broken down into 4 hour seminars over 2 days.
Series Course 2: $250 per person requires
8-Hour Instruction broken down into 2, 4 hour days. 1 Hour safety brief and firearms safety class. 3-Hour class on basic individual tactics and practiced with airsoft rifles. 4-Hour class on a advanced individual tactics and urban survival shooting.
Series Course 3: $450 per person
A 2 day, 1 night course on survival training, first aid, herbal medicine and camouflage/evasive action training.

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