Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Prisoner in a World of Specialists

I have to thank two people here, one is my liberal tree hugging socialist leaning liberal buddy and the hippy tree hugging socialist leaning liberal who wrote this... No, in all seriousness the image of a world of artificial order of our claimed advanced society was brought to me by a liberal friend of mine and to be quite honest we agree on the "What's Wrong" one-hundred percent but, we don't always agree on the solutions.

So my liberal buddy posts on facebook this article by a well known feminist, environmentalist and liberal thinker. Now I was curious (Lets see what insanity liberals have come up with today) and I'm reading and thinking "Shit she's right..."

Now in AA they tell you to rely on the "God of Your Understanding" and I support this concept for a lot of political issues. Environmentalism for example is simple... I think Climate Change is bunk, but I don't think dumping toxic waste in our air and water, destroying eco-systems, all that other stuff that gets washed aside should because it is more important then the "Global Ice Age" of my parents age (the 70s), Global Warming of my childhood (the 80s & 90s) or the "Climate Change" of now. The "environmentalism of my understanding" is simply to not shit were you eat... i.e. don't poison yourself by poisoning the food, air and water you need to live. So I read this with a sarcastic but open mind.

We live a structured machine of society(artificial social order) all the while trying to call it order, civilization and society. We do so at the risk of the natural order of the world. Lets be clear when I say, natural order I mean natural bio-mechanical and biological order of the world. Our social construct of a society were everyone is specialized in their task is a prison for the mind and is killing our humanity. Our food is grown by specialists (not ourselves), are healthcare is maintained by specialist doctors (not ourselves) and specialist advisers to our carrier politicians (who specialize in politics) making laws about which herbs and plants are "legal" for our own good, we are protected by specialists (police and the military), our cars are fixed by specialists and we all most likely have a job where we specialize in a single task...

Human relevance and life has been reduced to an "Assembly Line" philosophy of you do this and I do that... The whole of human growth and existence has been reduced to the life of an insect. Insects specialize, animals specialize but humans... God forbidden no... And we call it progress and civilization. Perhaps we should add a new crime, becoming civilized. Of course people demand Universal Healthcare... Their own ability to take care of themselves has been reduced to stance of "a child asking Mommy for Band-Aid for a Boo Boo." They are not taught to care for themselves they are taught to depend on some "Specialist."

Nor can we live as we are able or desire, are homes by size and function must be zoned, constructed and regulated by specialists of different levels. In essence, the growth of human existence has been cut off with dependency on a system of so called "experts" starting with our "expert" career politicians who decide what is "legal" (a code word for what is right) and tell when and how we can grow our own food, what food is proper to be grown or why, how and against whom we can defend ourselves.

I present you with a choice... One only you can make, Do or Do Not. What you read, what think, how you think and why you think is all on you... but what you do with it is a different story, either you act or you don't act on it... Allow me to present to you the Universal Healthcare of the Free Man (Women if you like...), allow me to Present to you the Mechanic, the Engineer and Preacher of the Human Condition. Yourself...

Your choices presented are Do or Do Not. More Specifically, Do for yourself or Do Not. If you Do for yourself here is what you will need to know... A bit of everything. Medical Herbs and Martial (Fighting) Arts is a start, so is basic automotive repair, wiring, carpentry and plumbing. Grow your own food, produce your own power, tend your own wounds and be free from a life of dependency on a bunch of Specialists, who are unable to function without the Specialist they depend on.

I don't have kids but, I have friends who do and I was a team leader in the Army. The simple truth, your kids live by your example... What example are you setting for them? Willing slavery because you don't invest in yourself...

Most of us know the Sheep, Sheep Dog and Wolf metaphor from Grossman. It is a disguise of the roles of victim, hero and villain. I HATE IT... And all the people calling themselves "Civilian Sheepdogs" are idiots, morons, keyboard commandos and fantasy camp professionals (did that just piss you off, good and here is why...). In Grossman's analogy we are either Sheep (Victims) who depend on Sheepdogs (Heroes) or Wolves (Villains). Problem is the Sheep are only protected by the Sheepdogs so the Shepherd (Government ran by Politicians, another class of Specialists) can fleece us (tax us) and asking the Shepherd to give us more anything means we loose more wool. And yes... Wolves do eat Sheep (Criminals do victimize Civilians) but so does the Shepherd and Sheepdog feed from his table scraps (Police paid for by taxes taken by the Politicians).

Wolves don't need to eat sheep... Not every criminal is violent out to harm you type of person. Some wolves prefer rabbit, squirrel and deer. The enjoy deep dark woods the Sheep would never go, they have their own teeth to protect themselves, they have their own fur to keep them warm and life isn't easy but it is the freedom to exist as they wish on their own terms. There are dangers in the deep dark woods, but they know them... Nice thought but were does this fit into the Grossman Analogy, right?

It fits in here... Moonshiners, Drug dealers, Black Marketers and People who work under the table (Don't pay taxes, like Al Sharpton). Wolves do what they do to survive, they are a bit off the beaten path and the fringe types. These are people who just want to be free, new age hippies and violent criminals a like. Some people want to grow their own food, live in a hippy commune and just "be cool." Some people just want to watch the world burn, I won't deny it or justify it.

Yes, some Wolves are Villains, they victimize the Sheep. The problem is the animal we identify with or are identified by in the big pasture of Government Labels, is not up to us but to the Shepherd with his pack of Sheepdogs. You see most of you wouldn't think it matters too much of a drug dealer has issues with the police? What about people who home school their kids? Don't want their kids to eat GMO foods or take vaccines that are linked to birth defects and mental illness? A couple who wants to live off the grid with solar and wind for power and collect rainwater as opposed to buying chemically treated water?

Ha those are wolves to because they don't want to fit into that little pin of perpetual victimhood. And if you think you are Civilian Sheepdog who isn't going to depend on his Sheepdogs for protection, well guess what you are wolf too... Because in this system, we are all either Prisoners to a system of Specialists... dependent on someone else to do the task we could do ourselves Sheep waiting to be fleeced (and to some degree that includes the sheep dogs) or we are Wolves doing for ourselves. Worker Ants each with our task on the Assembly line of Society or thinking men and women who invest in themselves to take care of themselves...

We all face one threat, within our own minds... To be a prisoner of a World of Specialists or be free but, freedom comes with a price.

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