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Poor Man's Guide to Prepping: Tips & Tricks to expand on the Material in the Book

This Blog is focused on the book Poorman's Guide to Prepping and it will discuss a few basic ideas already held in the book but then apply some updated information for our "Poor man Preppers." Now if you are following the basic material in the book or using it as a "Guide" to developing your own Preparation Strategy. You are no doubt looking at the events of the world and questioning your own preparations and your future. Lets start working with a few basic concepts and then tying it all together...

Event Signals to Watch Out for:
Chinese Yuan The Chinese gold backed Yuan is part of shift from the US dollar & it is an attack on our economic system by China. Yes, Trump was right... "China is not our friend." But just cause they aren't "our friend" doesn't mean they can't be "your friend." I will discuss this more in depth a bit later.

Obama's Martial Law Executive Order:
Lets be clear I'm not an Obama fan & (being dead blunt) I could fuck all about his skin tone or him being "black." Yes, I side with Ben Carson that Obama's "Black Experience" is not the average black experience, none of Black friends have been raised in South East Asia or by the White Grandparents in an upper middle class lifestyle. Come to think of it, they don't have White Grandparents...

Regardless, any push for Martial Law means we as a Free and/or Democratic Nation ceases to exist. Martial Law literally means we will be placed under a state of "Police Powers" were as the U.S. Constitution is "suspended" and the Military and Executive Office rules as a Dictatorship.

This is something to consider when you look at the other events;
1. Surge in Muslim Population by Muslim Refugees...
2. Democrats catering to Muslims in the US...
3. The Socialist/Communist infection within the Democrat and Republican Parties...
4. The Clashes with Federal & State Governments, mass Civil Unrest, the rise in racially motivated attacks and the general rise in crime.
5. Pushes for disarming the population and Executive Order in Gun Control...
6. Military Drills Jade Helm 15 & UWEX 16

Here is what I see (My Personal Conspiracy Theory): The Marxists in our country want a violent revolution to overthrow our own government. They don't have the people to pull it off, seriously the Millennials... are a bunch of pansies. The White & Black Supremists which all have Socialist Philosophies are a very small part of their demographics and most Latinos are conservatives by cultural philosophy. So they need someone to be the "foot soldiers" of Marxism and the Muslims are exactly that. Thus the Democrats & many Republicans are catering to them. Once the "revolution" or "civil war" begins, martial law gets declared (it will be called a "emergency police powers" or some such B.S.) we will have a defacto Socialist country...

Under Martial Law you are going to have to deal with working for the good of the whole, getting what is your fair share & a redistribution of wealth (resources) based on who needs what... Oh but the government will decide who that is. Remember the scene in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, yeah that and Luke Skywalker isn't coming to save us... It seems as if the Federal Government (And No, I don't just blame Obama but the Senate and Congress and these career politicians who pull his strings) are pushing for a violent clash to keep up the stress and push things to a boiling point.

So here is my advice looking at the facts...
1. Take a Deep Breath and let it out... Its not that bad.
2. Dominos still have to fall before this could be possible and their are Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who won't just stand by and go against our Nations people.
3. Every hardship is opportunity to someone and you want to make it an opportunity for you... Yes, that's cold but, its also practical.
4. Stick to the Plan, acquire based on need and priorities.

Now I suggested buying cheap alcohol in the Poorman's Guide to Prepping as both a barter item & as something that has many practical uses. The concept still stands, now it is illegal to sell or trade alcohol without the proper licenses and I fully encourage doing so before selling or trading the alcohol in a Rule of Law event.

Alcohol has be used to clear, the treat infections, to sterilize, as fuel & yes, to get drunk and ease your pain. Comfort items you buy for $10 today can be worth $100 when SHTF and alcohol is a multipurpose item.

Again regulated by law and licenses. But when SHTF and rule of law is no more. A comfort item can be bartered for food, fuel, medication and whatever else you may need. If you are smart, you'll make friends with someone on a Native American Reservation and get some Tobacco Seeds. This means you can grow your own and you can learn how to Cure Tobacco online now...

Silver & Copper Coins:
I'm not a fan of coins but yes, you can use them as barter items and trade items for exchange. They rely on the preserving of Law & Order in a SHTF event such as an Economic Collapse or when fleeing the country and preserving wealth. So if you are planning to flee the US, these coins can be exchanged for the money of the nation you are fleeing to and was used by Pablo Vilabosa about his time fleeing Argentina. Or ask Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre who hosts  the SURVIVING IN ARGENTINA blog about the value of these coins in fleeing your native nation (i.e. the United States).

Ginseng is manly purchased by the Chinese and one can grow simulated wild gensing (which traded at $400 a pound) and sell it direct to the number one buyer of gensing in the world... The Chinese. Now here is the Catch 22, Chinese gold backed Yuan cannot be traded for US Dollars but, if you can contact a Chinese buyer in any of the "China Towns" in Chicago, California, New York or else where you can make arrangements to get Yuan in exchange for the Gensing itself.

Monetary Exchange:
Now monetary exchange is a valuable tool for the Poorman if you consider the direction of the world around you. For example, I am of the belief that oil prices will rise and when they do so will gas and other fuels. Now... Mexico owns all mineral rights within it's borders. This means that the Mexican Peso is backed by Mexican oil and with a 14 Pesos to 1 Dollar exchange rate, you can buy oil backed Pesos cheaply and sit on them making them more valuable when (more likely then if) the US economy collapses or oil prices rise (which they are likely to do).

So with a $200 investment you get 2,800 pesos, if the price of oil rises due to the wars in the middle east, the value of the Peso rises as well... So you get to flip a $200 investment into $400 or more in the long run. Of course this is just hedging your bets against oil prices rising again and the whole idea of Prepping is to Hedge your bets against SHTF...

So... Here is the breakdown for my Poorman Preppers, if you've bought this book you can see where I've predicted certain patterns and where they have come true.

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