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The Collapse of America: What do if Civil Unrest and Civil War Breaks out...

This is a touchy subject and a sensitive matter I am going to discuss politics, race relations and police killings. Yeah, I can already see my haters lining up to try to start trouble but fuck'em... If my cursing offends you or seems unprofessional welcome to America and my right to say fuck'em, now grow up and quit being a pussy... Yes I called you a fucking pussy, if being offended hurts your feelings then lets get right to it.

This is America and it is an issue not of political parties, races, cultures or income levels, it is a matter of ideas and expectations. What is coming to America is a financial collapse, race wars, civil unrest, terrorism and martial law. What is coming is a matter of personal survival and how well we as a nation survive this together. We are not a unified nation, we don't have a common history like the other nations and our nation was built on conquest of the native population simply because they were technologically under developed compared to most of our European Ancestors.

America has had some laws and policies which discriminated against, abused and degraded people in this nation simply because of the color of their skin and the home of their ancestors. I won't apologize for it, I didn't have a say in it and it happened before I was even born. Should we forget it? Hell No! That is a part of American History, a dark part of our history but a part none-the-less. However, many of those crimes against our citizens have been resolved and people like Colin Kaepernick who address those crimes of the past are in my eyes diminishing the sacrifices and fight of those who came before to remedy the situation. Imagine an act where some protested Blacks being forced to sit on the back of the bus... They aren't forced to do so now because Rosa Parks already fought that battle. It is not saying we should forget the past but, that fighting for the wrongs someone else has already fought to right is a bit unrealistic. Think about Colin Kaepernick's whole claim about the National Anthem being racist because American Slaves took up arms for the British in Canada to win their freedom. Yes, that is a historical fact and one in which Kaepernick was right about, however it says nothing of British slaves who were still slaves, long after the US ended slavery by-the-way... So what is my point? That Slaves fighting against slave owners for their freedom in support of another nation which was slave owners and kept their slaves in chains is a bit, repetitive... Ever hear the saying "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." Well this is Kaepernick's argument especially since it makes zero sense to protest something that is a) a historical event which we can't change (unless Marty or Dr. Brown will let borrow their car) and b) why protest something so pointless... if you want to gain attention to an historical event then god their are other and better ways to do so (at least in many people's eyes, I don't care it nothing I can change but thanks for the history lesson).

Now Colin Kaepernick's newest protest which makes more sense has to do with Police Abuses of Power and American Civil Rights, but only if you are black or a minority. This offends me... So much on so many different levels first that such protests only go to provide for the Race War Narrative. This is just bad because Black cops kill more blacks then white cops, regardless such a narrative only pushes racial targeting of whites by black criminals who feel they are justified in doing so. This prevents Americans who ahppen to be black from seeing the real amd greater problem that this is an issue of those with political power and those without political power being victimized by those with political power.

I cannot in good continence simply obey orders that violate the rights of others. Having gone through my own trials of being falsely arrested and having my name slandered. My life virtually destroyed by lies and false evidence. I won a huge portion of my fight by openly challenging said corruption using a rather graphic hypothetical legal argument. Hell i even proved the Prosecutor of Raleigh County falsified evidence in my case. But... I DID ALL THIS USING THE SYSTEM AND MY RIGHTS. Calls to violence in self-defense are fine but, they must be balanced with work within the system to change it.

Look this is America and the issue of civil rights is an American issue. I agree we still have issues of racism in this country but you cannot solve them by acting like a bunch of thuggish criminals. Doing so only divides people when we will need each other the most.

Add to this the approaching financial collapse of the many bubbles propping up the economy. Once this happens then many programs will cease to exist, including Social Security which has less people paying into it as jobs move overseas. I truly do think Trump will be a Savior in this area but, i am afraid of abuses of power under his watch from the police. Which gets up back to the American issue of Civil Rights violations and murders carried out by police officers.

The depreciation of our dollar backed by the rising cost of fuel will bring us into a world of rising crime. People often talk about the rising cost of living, the rising rates of substance abuse and fail to see why people turn to drugs... Becoming a scenic is popular and being mean to others is considered cool. Adults act like children and depending on the police is a joke... So people feel alone and hopeless.

Surviving all I went through with constant harassment by the police did involve some drug use on my part (I won't lie about it, psychiatrists call this "self-medicating" basically the only way to take my mind off threats to my family and myself was to lose touch with reality & I needed some chemical aid with that) but so did my faith in God. In fact, God played a very important role in my life during the Darkest of times for me.  No... I am not going to convince you of my religious beliefs and I am not talking about religion. I am talking about faith, to steal a line from the movie Serenity "I don't care what you believe in just believe." I would like to think God was preparing me for the Darker Times I know are coming and the Bible even warns Christians (originally called Nazarine Jews, the term "Christian" was invented by the Romans) to prepare, if you read all of Mathew chapters 24 and 25 completely. I even covered this in Living Without Rapture. Am I trying to convince you of my religion now... No, I am saying Scripture Teaches "X" and if you are taught it is something else you might want to do some research because faith isn't something that is established with religions, it is simply what you choose to believe. So if you are "Christian" I suggest you read the Bible and follow the instructions of Jesus Christ, forget what your preacher, pastor or priest tells you if it is different from what Jesus taught.

We know what is coming but none of us can stop it and there is nothing you can do to stop it... Not petition, no protest and no amount of bitch and crying will stop this. The economy will collapse, civil unrest with break out and their will be different little factions trying to kill each other, as well as different little groups of people who aren't in a "faction."

Look at the Chaos in Charlotte, North Carolina... Did you know 70% of the people rioting and looting aren't even from the state? And that George Soros who used to work with the Nazis, even says it was the happiest time of his life. Now Soros is Billionaire puppet master who uses none profit groups to control politics and funds revolutions around the world, Soros even has a hand in the ACLU which explains why they only file suits for minority claims to abuse by the legal system (when in reality everyone benefits from removing problem cops, prosecutors and judges). All this adds up to a very powerful man who learned from working with the Nazis to divide people, everywhere he has used is influence has lead to war, strife and chaos which uses to influence policy (and there are hacked memos to prove it). So what am I telling you, I am telling no matter who wins the election there going to chaos, civil breakdown due to political/ideological views and many of the groups involved are be a threat to anyone.

So now that we know the problems... What are the answers?
First off there are hundreds of forums, facebook groups and web sites giving away free information and there are many books on survival at my own publishing company Shadow Warrior Publishing, as well as able to be bought at book stores and publishing houses.
  1. Living Without Rapture: A Christians Guide to Doomsday Preparedness.
  2. Poorman's Guide to Prepping: Economical Doomsday Survival.
  3. TM 725-15 The American Homeguard Anti-Terrorist Handbook.
  4. With Poorman's Guide to Prepping 2 being an in the works project...
There is a simple plan that comes into action here...
  1. Be prepared, develop a Strategy to Bug-In (hold down the house, apartment or whatever) AND Bug-Out (evacuate your home). That means yes getting gear, food and water stocked up. What gear do you need?
    1. Lets keep it simple start with a bug-out bag, a good gun has to double for hunting and defense (AR15, AR10 or any AKM style weapon should be the primary tool here) & a handgun (doesn't matter because its a back up weapon, so if you need it you are in a very bad place to start with)...
  2. Develop a Re-Supply Plan: You can't store enough food or water, so develop a plan to collect and filter water, grow food and raise small tasty animals (I suggest squirrels and chickens, maybe a goat) and yes this can be done in an apartment if you know how...
  3. Develop a Survival Data Base or Virtual Library (Yes I have an old SHTF-Laptop just for this) & a Physical Library as well, the Physical Library needs to be small & potent (You might to bug-out with it)...
  4. Develop multiple Bug-Out Plans, by vehicle, by water, by bike and on feet. You need a place to retreat to (family or friends) in all four cardinal directions...
  5. Practice your plans at least once a year (though I am thinking it will start to break apart in far less time, like after the elections at this point), all of them...
I can't tell you how to save your own butt... I can warn you & suggest you get ready for what we all know is coming. After that is all on you. Just realize we do have an issue with police in this country and the outcry as well as the abuses of power didn't start when Obama took office. That we have issues of racism in this country, it didn't just go away because we repealed unjust and racist laws. We have issues with radical and racist influences in the police departments (the FBI even warn of the KKK infiltrating the police departments) and gangs in the military (many just as racist as the KKK). I am not saying to or not "trust cops" or "the military." I am saying "Do what you need to do to keep yourself alive and family safe." But don't pretend there isn't a problem with the police and with ourselves as a nation, like they say in rehab... Knowing you have a problem & admitting is the first step on the road to recovery.

Money might still be of value, the lights might be on & water might still come out the sink with your toilets still flushing but, you could just as easily face an increase in crime, rapes, murders, muggings and home invasions. Because if our nation's streets turn into a war zone, we might have no choice but to fight pitched battles to make it out alive... As for police protection? Well they will protect their families and the government, we the citizens don't mean much in that regard. Cops have no duty to protect the general public, so we to do whatever we need to do to get by.

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