Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Life Worth Living...

As I type this the fact that my biggest viewers are of course my "haters" and to be honest it makes me smile. Generally this category of people is populated by people I've step on, step up to or just utterly rejected (usually females who were upset I picked a younger, hotter & less attached female to "associate with" but I know a few gay guys who are made I maintain my heterosexual tastes). Ultimately it comes down to a simple issue; I have a life worth living.

I am by no means a saint & far too much a sinner. Sinners are interesting people, don't you think..?

Quite simply one of my favorite philosophers is Friedrich Nietzsche. I'm not an absolute believer in the Nietzsche's philosophy, after all I believe in God and to make Nietzsche my absolute philosophy would make him my "god." I'm not willing to go that far, so let not. However, the German philosopher did say

"The secret of reaping the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment from life is to live dangerously!"
-Friedrich Nietzsche

So while my haters (who will no doubt post insults below) are really quick to point fingers at accusations leveled falsely against me & take joy in my misfortunes, I am content. Happy, even! Because to tell you my life is an adventure where I've been wrongfully accused, falsely imprisoned, that I am a "ninja master" who knows men like Frank Dux of Blood Sport Fame & Ashida Kim. Who has met men, worked with & are associated with other men that lived dangerously & recklessly through the volatile 60s beside the "World's Deadliest Man" Count Juan Raphael Dante AKA John Keehan.

Yet among my "haters" and almost stalkerishly (I know its not a real word, so what) so comes a "Man of Action" who never gets out from behind his computer screen stuffing crispy crèmes in his mouth. So who am I to done these things and faced this life, having to fighting, and scrap for everything I have and nearly losing it all along the way? I'm a man who lives dangerously, who uses the skills I write about in life or death situations without declaring much more then "stupid."

You see I know Great Men and in order to do great things, you must risk greatly and face your dangers with a sense of joy and adventure. I wish to leave you with a simple thought from my favorite philosopher;

"What if a demon were to creep after you one night, in your loneliest loneliness, and say 'This life which you live must believed by you once again and innumerable times more; and every pain and joy and thought and sigh must come again to you, all in the same sequence. The eternal hourglass will again and again be turned and you with it, dust of the dust." Would you throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse that demon? Or would answer, 'Never have I heard anything more divine'?"
-Friedrich Nietzsche

My answer: One more again, my good demon, I like this ride.

Live your life on your terms, every joy and every sorrow is lost in the passing of time. Knowing that one day you will die, should inspire you not to prolong your life but to make your life worth living.


  1. Bravo, Ronald. Do let us know how the stalking trial goes tomorrow. Also be sure to keep us posted on the Child porn charges too.

    You are a truly Superman, living dangerously by giving pills and alcohol to teenage girls.

  2. This must be your last post before you are convicted, kind of like a samurai death poem. Compelling.

  3. A life worth living? Let's run that down:

    You are short, fat, and balding. Not so superman.

    You are almost illiterate. You have the writing abilities of someone with a grade-school education, and not a very good one. Not so superman.

    The only books you have ever published were self-published through lulu, a contemporary vanity press publisher. They will let literally anyone publish a "book" for free. Your previous Ashida Kim books were not books at all, because Ashida Kim does not assign ISBN numbers to the things he sells.

    The people you associate with in the martial arts, the people of whom you are so proud, are an assortment of frauds, freaks, and weirdos who hang out with each other because no one else will have them. The fact that you find yourself left with only this group, desperate for some sort of legitimacy to rub off on you, says a lot about the worth of your whatever-degree fake black belt.

    You are poor. You eke out a living in other people's houses. Your income is disability and/or SSI income from the government. And your disability isn't physical, given that you claim to be a martial arts teacher, which means it is mental. In other words, Nietzschean Ubermensch, the only money you have comes from the government, which pays you because you have been judged unable to support yourself.

    You have a lengthy criminal record boasting repeat incidents of stalking and assault, to say nothing of the child pornography charges and your previous business with underage girls.

    There are enough mug shots of you floating around the internet to fill a high school yearbook.

    You have absolutely no skill as a martial artist. You move poorly and you clearly don't understand much of the material to which you've been exposed. Your jujitsu is bad, your taijutsu worse.

    You have to lie repeatedly about fights you've had and things you've done because you are too insecure simply to be the real you. You claim you "let" two people beat the crap out of you because you can't admit that you had no chance of winning a fight with even one of them. You claim you beat the shit out of a cop when, in fact, court documents show you tried to assault Duckworth and he and another officer put you down for it.

    You are no superman, Ronnie. You are an illiterate, poverty stricken hillbilly with delusions of grandeur.

  4. I have seen the future of mankind. It is a 5 foot tall ninjitsu LARPer with pathological tendencies towards kid touching, stalking and assault. Exactly what Friedrich Nietzsche had in mind.

  5. The myriad documents I have on you, totalling some 14 gigs and supplied to me by someone close to you, who you mistakenly called a friend and student, suggest your life is anything but an amazing ride of nihilistic freedom. When your mommy has to write letters begging for help to get you out of jail, it doesn't point towards supporting what you claim, loser.

  6. Actually Patrick minus a 10 day contempt of court charge, I was found not guilty and as for my "lengthy criminal record" none of you can read or at least are childishly committed to omitting certain facts such as convictions.

    I've only been found guilty of 1 count of delinquency, 1 count of vandalism, battery on a police officer and a federal assaulting a police officer. All misdemeanors and of little consequence.

    Tell me Patrick, who is this mystery student you speak of?

    Better yet, are you aware that because of that hearing and the recordings of the motions hearing that Hutchison faces his 2nd Ethics Investigation in less the a year because of me. third coming soon, all those motions and appeals videos and even this blog prove a pattern of attempted interference from you fat lil boy band. Tell me Patrick if 'm such a loser why must you work so hard to undermine me (and fail at it)? What have you accomplished aside from acting as a proxy for a pointless, unless and out of shape sock puppet for advertising who is now trying to distance himself to such a degree he can't even use my real name in his articles and leaves the open badgering to you his "peon" for fear a law suit.

    Yep I' a pathetic loser and you can with baited breath to watch me fail, and yet try as you may you just aren't able to have an influence, an effect. Your just some tool's peon attacking a loser because the real issue is your own investment financially, socially and well reputation wise to the false claims of a man who never was a fraction of as great s h claimed to be. Yet, here is a "Loser" (me) who stands alone an doing things you and your friends would never have the courage to try to do, even if you possessed the skills.

    How pathetic is that Patrick?