Monday, August 5, 2013

Haters, Liars & Frauds: The Reality of Self-Proclaimed Experts on the Internet

Our world is full of "experts" some with degrees that makes them holders of doctorates, and others who simply are self-proclaimed experts. I've never liked the generals position of being away from a battle to dictate strategy. Likewise, I don't much trust "experts" who have no concept of experience at what they are claiming to dictate as subject matter of their expertise. For the most part this is the problem with martial arts & self-defense instruction. Lets be clear I have little respect for "martial artists" but I like fighters, soldiers, rough necks and red necks. A black belt more often then not is a "Badass pill." By "Badass Pill" I mean a proxy for a lack of experience.

A certain "Self-Defense Expert" (used so loosely it has no meaning outside a sarcastically empty title) who advocates "Fighting Unfairly" (gee what an amazingly new concept, I hope criminals don't think of that...) & using weapons (another amazingly new and unheard of concept) but decided because he didn't fight fairly and carried weapons didn't need to exercise. More so, this "expert" sounds like every other punk thug with a gun on the street. His "crack" simply comes in the form of fast food, self-important claims to expertise on internet forums & posing with an assortment of weapons to look cool (which makes him look like a tool).

Another so called expert, this one actually having a real martial arts background in kenpo karate and Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu/Ninpo Taijutsu/Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu or whatever they're calling it this week (the claimed name and subject matter of what this system claims has changed since it first appeared in the US in the 70s ad became big in the 80s). This individual is heavily invested in researching the lineage of Koga Ryu Ninjutsu just to push his on investment in the Bujinkan "Ninja Cult" of Hasumi. You can just read the post on The Last, Last Ninja to see how I feel over the matter.

These "experts" are trying to win a battle of respect and importance by attacking their competition instead of improving and show casing their abilities. Me on the other hand, I'm quite different. I'm a braggart! I love to show case my skills; I have no issue with bragging... I rather like my ego.

The fact is while some people might address my rather lengthily history of arrests by my local law enforcement they forget the most important factor of convictions. See my history of convictions includes well only 4 misdemeanor charges; delinquency (Set up), battery on a police officer (Beat up Trooper Greg Duckworth of Taylor Made Fame for threatening when I refused to go along with the set up) & vandalism (Guy wouldn't shoot me so I kicked the window out of his 79 Camaro; I feel bad for destroying a classic American Car) for the state of West Virginia and a federal misdemeanor of Assaulting a Federal Officer at a VA Hospital (I'm an asshole; they charged me with 3 felony counts and I started pushing the words Appeal due to Malicious Prosecution & suit for VA Malpractice thus a plea to misdemeanor count).

If we are to address this criminal record we need to realize; I have also had computers taken for "terrorism." Yet no charges were filed & when I attempted to get my computers I was threatened with "We would be happy to return your computers, since without an arrest warrant for terrorism but we found Child Pornography." Yet in over a year and a half the Prosecutor refuses to turn over evidence and the police refuse to investigate the evidence they have linking the crime to one Thomas Calvin Keller; who lost custody of his kids due to molesting his son and only having escaped prosecution with the aid of Deputy Jason Redden & the prosecutor.

You can hear the recording of the evidence I gave the West Virginia State Police Office of Professional Standards Here at Youtube, on a video titled Ron Collins: Evidence of Police Misconduct & Falsification of Evidence Part 1 & Ron Collins: With More Evidence of Police Misconduct & Falsification of Evidence (Part 2). Even the Judges show an open bias to the very real facts of the cases; including the 2 Psychological Examinations by people with PhDs who say I'm sane which means the facts must be examined and addressed including all accounts and references to the police tampering with and fabricating evidence.

In Two other videos I "secretly recorded" the court hearings of two circuit court judges, including one Judge Hutchison & the Senor Raleigh County Judge Kirkpatrick. These were also addressed on YouTube videos An Examination of the Raliegh County Kangaroo Courts has Judge Kirkpatrick giving the Prosecutor 10 days to turn over evidence which should have already been turned over due to discovery & in Another Examination of the Raliegh County Kangaroo Court System Complete Recording of Judge Hutchiso (Ran out of room and didn't finish Hutchison); this time with him denying a transcript of the delinquency hearing at which Ashley Redden (Yes, related to Deputy Jason Redden) said she was coerced. While others might laugh at the idea that I intentionally provoked the Judge allow me to express the importance of what happened;
  1. I gave WOAY News a great lead on a story, while my cameras weren't rolling their cameras were.
  2. WOAY linked back to my videos of evidence on YouTube when they covered the story at this link; just click on the YouTube link.
  3. That "slip of the tongue" highlighted the issue that by not granting access to the Transcript for the Delinquency Hearing and having been the Judge who presided over the delinquency hearing knew full well that Ashley Redden was committing perjury on the stand, that Troopers Duckworth, Moore & Efrid were there to coerced Ashley Redden while on the stand. All proving a very simple pattern of conspiracy and criminality; thus causing Judge Hutchison to face his 2nd Judicial Ethics Investigation & now a third such Ethics Complaints pending for the very facts I've stated.
My actions served a strategy, known only to myself...

You see the struggle is what defines us, there are those who seek to undermine anything which is seen as a competition to their way. They do so by lying, cheating and manipulating public opinion. These unnamed business competitors (another very lose term seeing as they aren't competition for me; we all know I'm a better man who doesn't need to resort to lies and character assassination to prove myself) can only claim to expose the truth but only seek to express half truths and outright lies. They cling desperately to the attacks of others; corrupt cops and organized criminals who hold a very real and dangerous power in the form of cloaks of authority and position within society, the only thing these clowns can do is try to "cheerlead" the accusations of people who are more powerful and important then themselves.

Who I am to opposed such powerful and dangerous people with a squad of cheerleading liars and self-important phonies? I'm a loser, a men with a lengthily record of arrests and few convictions that highlights a pattern of police harassment. I'm a loser, who's "back is against the wall" and keeps getting beaten down by those who have positions of power but refuses to back down. I'm a loser, who just wants to have a safe, happy & normal life but has to suffer the lose of family I can never have for fear of them being used as a means to hurt me. I'm a loser with nothing to lose except my self-respect...

Who are these "experts" who care about a loser like me? They are people who simply don't matter, those who are committed to proving me wrong because I live my life and my art. I don't just practice ninjutsu in a gi in a Dojo, I practice strategy & espionage tactics as a means of survival. They would call themselves "men of action" but what actions to do they have to show for it? The praise of other self-proclaimed "experts" on martial arts forums, touting their agreement of the status quo hoping someone with a reputation, with credentials and with a following will grace them with praise. I would rather stand alone on the merits of my own ability.

While my life basically sucks & the "experts" have the respect and ease a professional careers that allow them to have families and friends, the safety of not checking reflective surfaces for someone walking up behind you to shoot/stab you in the back; they should not want to be me. As I do not want to be them; unhappy in a life of comfort without meaning except to make money buy things to prove your worth. Because I've come to understand my life serves a purpose to fight the battles others can't, I live a life of constant struggle and fighting for survival. I know my life has value and worth because I gave I value & worth. I know what works & where the theories of "experts" fail... I live my life "trapped behind enemy lines," outmanned, outgunned and did I mention I am a loser?

Hey I'm living the adventure the experts dream about & watch on TV. My life very much mirrors the bad TV of the 80s martial arts movie genre; the skills I use with a healthy dose of luck (Thank you God) are what my life depends on. I'm the Loser,  because those who can do and those who can't claim to be experts on the internet.


  1. I will not comment on your arrest record. however let me be perfectly clear regarding your article here. Collins be very very careful of the misleading statements and false statements regarding myself, my blog and my background. Anyone who actually goes to the koga blog and reads knows I am not heavily invested in the Bujinkan or Hatsumi as you elude to in this article.

    Anyone can see just by going to the Koga blog who I am invested in and a staunch supporter of. It is all over the blog. Even my rank certificate in Ninjutsu and who and where it came from is even posted on the blog on the side column.

    In my position(s),I go thru at least two criminal background checks a year. My opinion is that all who are volunteers, coaches, asst. coaches, instructors and asst. instructors should be required to pass a criminal Background check.

  2. Barron either check your information or accept court records that make my point even though you have an agenda. Get over it, I think you and the Bujinkan is a joke. Don't worry we will have more FACTS coming...

    And as I stated Barron a criminal background check is fine but you Sir are an idiot who doesn't know what the hell he's doing. The Driving under the Influence charge from your Blog is Ronald Lee Collins not Ronald Collins Jr. I have no middle name, I was in Carter County Jail in Grayson County Jail because the Feds were transporting me to Lexington Federal Medical Facility.

    I have offered to supply you with copies of legal papers but you refused and called it lies. Your fellow Bujinkan members have lied and you are invested in addressing my arrest record but not the crimes for which I have been convicted. That means you are trying to spin a lengthily record of false arrest and police harassment as if it legitimate facts and are committing to character assassination. So again Barron I'm offering to show you legal documentation and I have shown it on YouTube videos which you refuse to address because of your own bias and agenda.

    And thank you for admitting to a certain bias and agenda BTW.

  3. Oh and by the way, you wouldn't be making veiled threats in the way of warning me to "be very very careful of the misleading statements and false statements regarding myself, my blog and my background." if you didn't feel threatened by having to prove your stance. I never mentioned your blog or you by name. So thanks for the open admission of guilt or association to the statements above.