Thursday, March 5, 2015

Phil Failmore still stalking me... yet again.

So in my last blog I address the fat failure of Phil Elmore stalking me over the net and his apparent fear of the truth coming out in Never Back Down. It is always a question of what is afraid of? But, ultimately comes the simple truth it doesn't matter. What is funny is that while I was discussing how Phil got his black sash in Liu Seong to justify his bad advice in Short Hand Emptyhand, I posted this meme making fun of the bad and improper example of a Mantis Kung-fu Stance;
This challenge to Phil's manhood, integrity & knowledge prompted more harassment from Phil including his doughy boyfriend showing up to challenge me online. David Pearson is the co-founder of a martial arts system with Phil Elmore that Phil never reached black sash in and never continued training with Pearson to actually earn that rank. Thus, suggesting it was a failed stunt to justify his lack of knowledge further, with the help of his "teacher" & "co-founder" David Pearson. Here David Pearson (Phil lil buddy & alleged life-partner) suggests I revealed all my secrets for recognition; the fact is I honestly addressed ninjitsu as a strategic art. My competitors in the Bujinkan claim to know ninja secrets that are rarely revealed (never revealed) and are upholding some kind of mythological ninja lineage of taijutsu/jujutsu in black gi and tabi.
Black Dragon Ninjitsu is the only ninjutsu book that covers stealth, herbal medicine, survival, pyrotechnics, intelligence gathering and strategy. Black Dragon Ninjitsu has also been called the best Ninjutsu book ever written.

Having Shadow Warrior Publishing block Mr. Pearson on twitter, as I want nothing to do with Phil Elmore, his "partners" or anything else associated with him. Phil Elmore using a Spam account as Spambot but linked to his site. So one might ask if Phil wants the attention of himself being addressed by me? Which is why I largely ignore him but, this blog and other previous blogs show that there is a record of Phil Elmore stalking me across the net. Oh sure I give as good as I get, but its Phil Elmore and not myself who initiates contact. And these blogs serve as public records of Phil's harassment and attention seeking. If David Pearson is any indication, Phil likes short men.

Simply look at the linked account to see that Spambot McEmail is associated with Phil Elmore's Which popped up right after I block Phil's "partner" David Pearson.
Above is Phil Elmore's review of true path of the Ninja by Anthony Cummings. Anthony may do the writing but his Historical Ninjutsu research team does the much of the research. So why would a Reality Based Self Defense guy like Phil care about Anthony? Oh yeah, Phil gets much of his support from the Bujinkan in association with liars and frauds like Barron Shepard and Don Roley.

 Here is Phil trying to claim some form of copy infringement in the cover of the Ashida Kim's book "Last Ninja Standing." The fact is Phil does this in response to Ashida Kim and launched this attack after Ashida Kim showed a well documented case of Phil Elmore harassing him over the internet. Which Phil threatened Ashida Kim with suit to have his name removed. In order to get online support from the Bujinkan who plainly doesn't care about Phil Elmore's RBSD claims but also sell self-defense fantasies to the fat and lazy, like himself. Phil harasses non-Takamatsu lineage ninjutsu practicers and slanders their products while supporting the Takamatsu-den lineage. Why? To get online support for a flawed, fraudulent & pointless view of martial arts and survivalism that mimics in a sad parody of those of whom he attacks like Ashida Kim, Frank Dux & myself. After all, Koga Ryu Ninjutsu has been an interest of those in the survivalist community for years before they adopted the "Prepper" title not for the martial arts training but for the strategic, tactical and survival based knowledge that is a large part of the modern art & the sole source of the historical art (proven by Anthony Cummings Research).
Perhaps Phil Elmore's stalking is cover for where he gets ideas from; often giving bad advise especially on unrealistic weapons like nunchaku (illegal in some states, illegal to carry in all states) and the infamous Street Sword for which he has no formal training in such weapons and all clearly defined as "martial arts" or "ninja" weapons and not associated with Reality Based Self-Defense by any creditable Instructors.

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