Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Never Back Down has finally arrived!

Never Back Down has finally arrived and the trolls are waiting to try to ward others away from the truth. The fact is over the last few days, these same business competitors (I use the term loosely) have tried to discredit and proclaim me a liar, to confuse the truth of the matter. What you find is that in proclaiming me a liar they again resort to lying to do so. But, why is this?

Because, they are abject failures seeking to suppress the truth.
Compare the facts in More Trolling From Phil Failmore to the claim of a copied picture from India. My Image was last modified in March 29th 2002, I was stationed in Tong Du Chong (spelling?) ROK (South Korea). It was uploaded from a CD with other pictures from Korea onto this computer.

As everyone can see here, the claimed web pages are blogs and in fact the same text over multiple blogs from December 20th of 2014. Meaning this blog is less then 4 months old compared my image with date of March 29th 2002, making my claim less then 13 years old.
The reality is this image is only unique to this text for this blog posed over multiple servers. The image claims to be from Haflong, Assam in India. An image search for Haflong, Assam in India bring up these images that look nothing like the claimed image until much later going back to source author with a blog with the exact date December 20th 2014.
Why is this important because Phil Failmore and his internet tough guy friends don't want people to know the truth. He is afraid he will be named and exposed as a mud slinging telemarketer. He is afraid people will see through his lies and if he would like to take me into court, I welcome the chance to expose him for fraud & various federal crimes.
This blog was originally created to expose criminal misconduct by the Raleigh County Judicial System and various police officers. Never Back Down simply sets the record straight in greater detail allowing the reader to cross reference YouTube Videos that offer that same exposure. Phil Elmore who has tried to supply information against me in court but, only and predictably allowed himself to be played like a cheap violin. Here is your chance to read the truth & see the fact for yourself.
Or you can keep listening to the lies of Phil Elmore, Don Roley & Barron Shepard who are all trying to cover their own wrong doing and lies. Yes, I was arrested for possession of child pornography but it was dropped and no evidence was ever turned over. I was charged to cover up for police snitch and pedophile Thomas Calvin Keller who was protected by the West Virginia State Police and Raleigh County Prosecutor.
Here is Thomas Keller under oath...
Here is me talking to Lt. Deeds WVSP Office of Professional Standards and signing a statement against Thomas Keller. My Statement against Mr. Keller was used to charge me... no other evidence existed.
Ultimately, I will allow you to believe what you will (I mean you will anyway) but, let me ask you. Why is it Phil Failmore is claiming I lied but all material evidence points to him lying to you? Why is Lt. Deeds saying he didn't threaten me with child porn? Why can you hear the 
pause in Thomas Keller's response when if I accused him of downloading child porn? Why is it Thomas Keller admits to being buddies with Deputy Jason Redden? How does all this relate to organized crime in West Virginia?
Buy Never Back Down and find out for yourself...
Ronald Collins jr., is a "fake ninja" and a "fake martial artist" according to his many detractors. Yet Ron Collins was awarded for teaching his own hand-to-hand combat methods during "Sergeants Time" and being a fire team leader in 1/503d Air assault Infantry Battlion. Between April 2005 to 2014 Ron Collins lived as a wanted man using his "fake ninjitsu" skills to turn the police informant network against itself and recordings of police and prosecutors to prove a pattern of misconduct, abuse of power and entrapment, connecting police corruption to organized crime.

Ron Collins dodged multiple attempts to entrap & to kill him, mixed with modern ninjutsu espionage skills like mind reading, mind control, fake personas and strategy. You also get to read about those who influenced Ron Collins as well as, events in his childhood such as running from his mother's "retired hitman" ex-boy friend, learning martial arts from violent criminals, living with violent psychopaths and the training with the Omoto family. Plus an insider look and information on the politics of the business of marketting & selling martial arts.

With a forward on Ron Collins by Grandmaster Ashida Kim.



  1. So the book has finally arrived... except that you can't buy it anywhere. Okay, Ron.

    I am honestly amazed that you are still lying about that Indian blog picture. It's obvious that you don't really understand what an "image search" is in this case. It's not just a Google search for the location. You are actually making a fool of yourself by bringing it up over and over again when Elmore can humiliate you with a single URL to the actual image search he is talking about.

    Elmore also posted an image to Bullsh*t Martial Arts on Facebook showing how you faked your "evidence." He obviously understands computers better than a penniless ex-con living in a halfway house.

    You should probably go back into hiding. Your critics own you every single time you open your mouth. And for god's sake, do some crunches or something. You look more bloated and fat than ever in your latest picture. You're up over 200 pounds by now for sure.

    1. Oh Phil, I mean that's who you really are just to chicken shit to use your real name.

      Fact 1: That image was on my computer from 2002 and even with a reverse image search it turns up the same image and nothing dated before 2002 or actually 2008.

      Which gets us to fact 2: Unless Phil can provide material proof of an image pre-dating my 2002 claim he has once again been proven a liar.

      Fact 3: You cyber stalker, your profile didn't exist until this month and your defense of Phil only makes you look like another one of Phil Elmore troll accounts to look like other people support him.

      So lets keep it simple, claimin to own someone requires you to actually own them & Phil can't prove a picture before 2008 but I can prove mine goes to 2002. So guess what? Post the link that predate 2002 or else Phil has once again been proven a liar...