Monday, February 8, 2016

Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 3: Still playing games but no one's Stepping Up.

So I am still waiting to see whats going to happen next, since I proved Barron Shepherd, Don Roley, Dustin Hatfield and Raymond Locktools were all lying about how I never contacted Ruckus in the Cage. I decided to show everyone the continuation of Raymond "the tools." Harassment and badgering of me. Now its simple, I signed up to fight in Ruckus in the Cage and I'm waiting on Barron to sign up to fight me in Charleston WV on March 4th but if he's a no-show. I will just have to fight someone else....

So we've all seen Rayomond's comment on Ducking Dragons 2:
And you have my response below it. And now Raymond keeps sending me messages asking if I want to fight Barron Shepherd... Duh... That is why I called him out to step into the cage but he started crying I was threatening him. I love how he claims I threatened him but he doesn't post any screen shots to prove it, so all you get is a his whining.

Yet, as we continued this little game, Raymond Locktools has kept badgering me about fighting Barron but refuses to validate his claims. I mean lest be real here, all it takes is pressing ctrl + prt sc at the same time and then RIGHT Click and paste onto paint. You then save it and send it to me as an attachment in a message... Confused watch an instructional video:

At the end of the day its just someone talking shit and harassing me... But its also entertaining to see that no one has any proof Barron Shepherd will fight me in the cage or in street brawl for that matter. All we have is someone with "he said/she said" bull shit... Someone I haven't even spoken to on the phone and someone who refuses to provide proof of their claims.

Look you want to tell me you are grandmaster in "secret ninja" martial art taught by some secret master. Cool, I don't give a damn what you do. Want me to be a follower, no... Want to tell me some mysterious British Commando taught you World War 2 Combatives. Fine with me...
I know of someone who did this...
Lets be clear here, Barron was man enough to challenge Frank Dux is a MMA fight, only because he knew Hanshi Dux wouldn't pass the physical; head injuries and blind in one eye. Still Dux wanted to fight him in the street but, Barron backed out. Still he told everyone he "punked Dux." Now that my (according to Barry) "fat, lazy and untrained" ass has thrown down the gauntlet, he's wetting his pants and crying that I "threatened him."

Then there is little Raymond who keeps claiming Barron is too old to fight. That Chris Smith from Ruckus in the cage said this... Well here is the thing. Unless Raymond can produce the name of a Florida fight promoter who he claimed he first spoke to, proof he talked to Chris Smith, or proof that Barron said (as he claimed) that he would fight me. I'm gonna assume Raymind is full of shit...

Lets think about this, shall we. I have a person I never met trying to arrange a fight between me and someone else. Someone who keeps crying I threatened him and has gotten one of his lying friends to claim I'm "bullying him." Yet I have no confirmation from the individual who was challenged to a lawful sporting event and some third party trying to get me into a unregulated street fight but I have to be in this poor individual's "back yard" after claiming I'm "bullying him and threatening him."

Here is what it comes down to... Either you'll step into the cage or not, if you are too old or not in the physical condition to do so. Please post proof and I'll to next closest lying fucktard to watch bitch out to an actual sporting contest between adult men with some lame as excuse. I mean its not like old men ever compete in MMA...
Except this guy, but hey its OK Barry... He's only a Doctor and not a full time martial arts instructor with a Judo School. He also doesn't have bitch tits, I'm just saying...

Regardless is Raymond Locktools ducking and dodging in what seems to be a set up...

Now the post he keeps mentioning on the Shadow Warrior Facebook page is this and it provides none of the information requested. It just opens a clean slate for them keep ducking and dodging.

Lets keep it simple, take the physical and fight me on March 4th 2016, if not we can schedule another date if you like, just agree to step into the cage with me. I will travel to Florida for that, what do have to be scared of? Remember I have no training right? You want a street fight, I'll meet you in North Carolina, we can work out a general location, time and a date. Then decide the specific location within a hour of our time. Come on Bitch titties what do you say? Either way, Barron Shepherd YOU HAVE TO AGREE to make it valid. No going through third parties so you can have "plausible deniability" and hide behind the police.

We both claim to be martial artists.
We both claim to be part of "warrior traditions."
We both can act like men and face each other like men...

That is the situation, what is your response?



  2. So you are too big a pussy to step into a cage? Sad... lol

  3. I do believe in a court of law he just threatened you. He being barron sheperd.

  4. No... Legally, it's not a threat because there is no imminent danger of anything happening. What it is, is Barron Shepherd saying he want step into a cage with me but trying to talk tough like he's going to fight me outside of the cage. At worst he will try to have me arrested or set up some way. Most likely he will tell more lies and say very mean things about me online. Very mean things, online...

  5. Just to end any confusion I did accept Ron's challenge I did register online after Ron clearly stated that he set the fight up with the promoter. This however was not the case Chris Smith the fight promoter of the event who can be contacted at said it was NOT SET UP and that it wont happen. However, Ron is still LYING and saying it has been set up.

    1. No Barron I said all you have to do is register online. I was told by Chris if we both registered he could set something up. So if I registered and you say you registered, which if we go back to what Mraymond Locktools was saying when he claims to be speaking on your behalf, Chris denied the fight... So huh... Chris says we should both register and he could set up the fight. You say you registered. So I will contact Chris.

    2. You know Barron, you don't get how it's all set up. Step 1, register online... Step 2, you show up hand over your physical exam sheet and pay to register as an Amateur fighter with the West Virginia Boxing Commission and Step 3. You step into the Cage. Nothing is set until you actually show up and fight. So if you registered online does this mean you are going to show March 4th or are you gonna Pussy out?