Wednesday, January 11, 2017

ALERT!!! Soros Funded Marxists Plan Civil Unrest Prior to Trump Taking Office

Following an Alert Message passed on by Oathkeepers by Navy Jack, a Communist minded organization Called Refuse Fascism is planning a series of protests, vandalism and blocking transportation (roads and subways) in Washington DC. It is being planned by the upper echelon of Left-wing and Islamic Militants such none other then Obama's Mentor Bill Ayres (the unrepentant terrorist), Carl Dix one of the founding members of the Revolutionary Communist Party and Imam Aiyub Abdul-Baki.

The Oathkeepers article can be found here:

Note: I am posting the link as it appears in the address bar, for confirmation purposes. This prepares you with all the information you need. END NOTE.

Now this call to arms by the left is echoed by other members of the Left. Such as Micheal Moore, and various other Hollywood types addressed in the Oathkeepers article.

And well we all remember this... That's right you can get paid to protest Trump. Added to the multiple calls to arms by others.
And of course, all the calls to kill cops, white people and Trump supporters... Coming from the left... Minorities, especially blacks who have supported Donald Trump have fallen victim to such threats as well, might be choice targets at such planned unrest (which could escalate into terrorism.

I am not here to warn you, others are doing that for me... No I am here to suggest not going to or being in DC, for the Inauguration. Look DC has some pretty serious anti-gun laws which will make it impossible for many law abiding citizens to defend themselves, against those who don't or won't obey the law.

I am not going to tell you to ignore the law. No, I am going to tell that, in order to protect myself from legal backlash, you need to obey all laws in the place you reside. That said, here is my advice for the coming days of planned unrest in the DC area.

My suggestion is bring with a these items if you do not have an EDC and add items listed for your EDC or Everyday Carry.
1. A handgun, extra ammo (where and how permitted by law).
2. A multi-tool
3. A self-defense knife (tactical folder or otherwise).
4. Mace or Pepper Spray (good against multiple attackers)
5. A Your Cell Phone, spare battery and a charger
6. Carry some food, at least 3 to 5 granola bars or 2 to 3 cliff bars.
5. Water at least a liter of water.
6. First aid kit.
7. Space Blanket
8. Poncho
9. Carry a handheld CB radio/walkie talkie. If there is an incident and you get separated from your family and friends this could likely be your fall back means of communications should the cell networks go down.

What you need to do...
A. Make a plan before you go, set rally points for when or if people with you get split up. Set them in a 360 radius of each event and set them up acordingly. Plan your events and locations.
B. B is for Buddy, use Buddy teams... Don't go anywhere alone. Not even to the bathroom.
C. You need training but, training is not available so I am going to post two short videos that conveys information from my civilian counter terrorism program. Hopefully this gives some tools to use to identify a threat and avoid it before it becomes a danger.
Part One:
Part Two:
D. Maintain situational awareness. Situational awareness is looking around, paying attention to people and their actions around you. Educated awareness is knowing what to look for. Hince the videos above to help to develop an Educated Awareness of potential and possible threats...
E. The worst thing you can do is panic. Don't flee mindlessly, remember Boston. The first bomb was used to drive crowds to the second bomb, best thing you can do is stay put, try to head indoors or down an alley away from the direction the crowd is fleeing in such an event. Unless told to do so by EMTs or Law Enforcement dealing with the situation.

Finally, just because DC is the expected target area doesn't mean that multiple events will not occur throughout DC. It also means that similar events won't take place across the US. Remember Obama said he would like to see an Arab Spring and this is it folks...

Be aware, be prepared & be ready. Have a good time.

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