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The Second Domino: The Manipulation & Exploitation of the Trolls 1, Barron Shepherd

When people try very hard to make you into someone you are not they fail to see the true you, for the value of their illusions...

I already, started this little game a While Back but I am going to show you how I manipulated the trolls. I will start with Barron Shepherd...

Barry and I, had this huge online build up to him coming here and fighting me in Ruckus in the Cage. This played out over several blog posts and basically let me get the evidence on Barron that I already had on Phil Elmore for trying to interfere with my business practices and such...

I took the time to prove that Barron Shepherd was a fraud of a fraud buster and lied on the Koga Ryu Blog spot.
January 20th 2016 Barron Shepherd... Proven a Liar & A Slander.

January 25th 2016 on a Blog called When YOU ARE Proven a Liar, I pointed out Barron Shepherd was offered back in 2013 the court documents to make a real and legitimate, accurate portrayal of my criminal history. I pointed out that Barron had been proven a liar. About his claims that I never taught combatives in the Army of that my Award was a fake digital copy.

Febuary 2nd 2016 Barron and Phil with their many troll accounts began harassing me and I addressed this in part in the blog Scared Lil Internet Trolls & Why Martial Arts suck... I also addressed John Keehan, the late Count Dante and how he encouraged cross training and offered to have some the BDFS members in Kentucky to set an MMA bout. More importantly, I addressed how some people only want to challenge you on their terms (consider this a foreshadowing of Roley's Youtube challenge).

From the link above:
"Compare this to the attitudes of purists? Arguments over lineage, slandering others to try build themselves up, tough talk online (I'm guilty of this one as well, because I can't afford to travel) and everything but actually fighting... Even then people want to fight you on their terms, making veiled attempts to answer being called out for ducking a challenge or pretending to respond to a challenge without actually saying "Ok."

I'm sure I could ask some members of the BDFS who deal with MMA events to schedule something. But hey, what do I care its the internet right? If martial artists wish to be taken seriously they need to stop acting like a bunch of whiners and pissy lil children. Generally speaking most martial artists just get a piece of paper, and hang up a sign declaring themselves "grand pubha guru" and riding on the mythology of ancient warriors, exaggerated histories or complete bull shit all to sell people on anything but actual ability to defend themselves and actual skills at fighting. We have too many "Paper Tigers and Ducking Dragons" in martial arts now..."

This is all it took to have the infamous Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragon's series of blogs...
Febuary 3rd 2016 Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons: Barron's bitching out about stepping into a cage with me. This is were I pointed out I proved Barron was a liar & that Barron was crying I threatened him. On a side note, Roley makes the same claims but is proven to just be trying to cover for Barron.

Febuary 5th 2016 Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 2: Return of the Internet Bitches Spin, this is where I first disclosed the set up have me arrested. And proved I contacted Chris Smith from Ruckus in the Cage for Barron to come here and fight me. He didn't want to set a legitimate match in Lexington. So we can consider the Lexington MMA prospect Ducking out Number 1!!!

Febuary 8th 2016 Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 3: Still Playing Games but no one's Stepping Up, where I sit and argue with MRaymondLocktoolz (Phil Elmore trolls account), that he was trying to set me up and yet could not show me a single piece of real proof. This is arrest attempt number 1.

Febuary 13th 2016 Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 4: The Trap is Sprung & I lied, Basically I got Barron to agree to coming to Charleston WV to fight me in Ruckus in the Cage March 4th. Spoiler alert, he never showed...

However I will explain my "Lie" from the link above:
So Barron Shepherd wants to call me a liar... Cool, "I lied when I said all you have to do is sign up." Actually, I didn't (exactly)... See all you had to do is sign up online, that creates a paper trail of expected fighters to compare to fighters who showed up. Your claim to having signed up online is enough because now everyone knows you are expected, whether you show up or not is a different matter entirely. So if my goal was to get you into a cage... I did it. By your own admission you registered to fight. Which means if you back out, don't show up or what have you... YOU LOOK LIKE A BITCH!

I went on to add a response to Barron Shepherd's empty and meaningless internet threat of (yes in all caps); "BE SEEING YOU I AM COMING AFTER YOU AND NOT AT NO MMA EVENT"
My reply, a foreshadowing of me backing out from Roley "Lets be real... That is kinda like saying "YOU! Yes, you... I coming for you. I don't know were you live or anything else but I am going to come see you." Bitch Please... This is the kind of internet drama that punks who hide behind computer screens use to look tough. Its the Paper Tiger mentality of I am a "Black Belt so fear my Deadly Skillz" (yes I intended to use a z there as a reflection of the childishness of the mentality and the statement). It is the Ducking Dragon philosophy of "I won't fight you in a cage but, we can face each others as warriors with Katana at high noon like true Samurai Warriors."

Lets be real for a minute, if its going to be a street fight it will be anything goes and we will both be injured or arrested. I can live with a injury from getting my ass kicked in the cage. I can live with the indignity of getting beaten by Barron Shepherd. I am not going to risk jail or wasting money on bond while trying to build my business."

Febuary 16th 2016 Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 5: Don Roley... trying to Change the Narrative,
Basically this was Roley trying to turn the whole thing into a screaming match about his false claims, where he has the Takamatsu-den cult of online ninja cultists to use as a reference for & reinforce his lies. Course we know from the first domino that Roley can be connected to the Hombu Dojo in Japan and under the Japanese Criminal Code 203-1 (1) so Hatsumi's teachings and the fact that Roley was in Japan when he started could be used to land the Bujinkan in big trouble... I wonder, would Hatsumi kick himself out the Bujinkan if he got a criminal record for conspiracy and using Roley as a fall guy? I'd sue Hatsumi just for the free advertising I'd get... lol This is an assist at Ducking out for Ducking out 2!

I even had these words for Don Roley in the above link; "Lets be 100% clear here... Anyone who is guilty of sexual crime is scum. Anyone who spends their time behind a keyboard making up lies about a person and slandering their name to falsely claim they are guilty of such a crime is less then scum... After all how pathetic and weak does that make you to lie about one of the most horrible crimes a person can commit. You are a liar and your credibility as any kind of source of who is authentic is basically resigned to the fact that when I called Barron Shepherd as a liar... I proved you just a bad for spreading those same lies.

Tell me Don, have any proof of this beyond Barron Shpeherd and the pack of lying teenagers and internet tough guys trying to impress those teenagers at BSMA or the other little facebook groups you guys start? Seriously, what does that make you when you have to lie about someone else..? What does that say about your fraud busting..? If you are the "creditable source" and get caught lying about someone well Don Roley that makes you a liar and how can anyone believe you... Yes that is a challenge for you to pay $3,000 for a transcript of the court hearing or offer any proof that is as you are claiming?

Do not stalk me online, don't invite me to your little groups and say what you want... I don't have to obey "your rules" which means I can and will disrespect your pathetic lying ass all I want. But, it is just better to point out thats exactly what you are doing. Because the simple fact is Don Roley, once you get caught lying about others it makes your credibility, seems well... worthless. But, Don Roley is trying to take attention away from the March 4th Cage fight... That Barron isn't going to show up for."

As you can tell I predicted Barron wouldn't show up... I once again addressed Roley's lies and how anyone who seeks to use the criminal and disgusting nature of a sex crime against a child, to further their own carriers, isn't doing anything more then preying on children themselves.

February 20th 2016 Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 6: Internet Trolls & BSMA, is the first I mentioned how the term Soke comes from the Iemoto system of trade guilds in Tokugawa period of Japan. Many trades, blacksmithing, pottery and even certain plays and poems could not recited without paying money to the Iemoto families and then only the head of the family had full transmission. The many martial arts schools adopted the term Soke and the Iemoto system to keep down completing schools of thought and fighting techniques. This is why Hatsumi claims he is a Soke and that only the Bujinkan is a legitimate school of ninjutsu... So when you saw this argument in the November 5th blog Don Roley Character Assassin for Hatsumi/Takamatsu-den Cult Monoply, just remember I said that shit 10 months before. I mentioned this because Don Roley was still trying to distract me from the MMA event and change the Narrative.

February 22th 2016 I published a blog talking about the Black Dragon Ninjitsu Home Study Course 10th Kyu DVD. To which I said "Because Ninjitsu is a Japanese art, whether speaking of the Omoto Ryu methods or Historical Methods that is the required study from the Bansenshukai at higher levels, you will see variations of training methods and techniques from Mixed Martial Arts & Reality Based Self-Defense methods. This allows for a more practical and complete martial arts training, flavored with Traditional Martial Arts that reflects the learning of Japanese cultural elements."
And I even proved the adaptation of certain Reality Based Self-Defense concepts as references when I posted the October 31, 2016 blog Proof Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Is Ineffective.

March 3rd 2016 I posted a prelude blog to Ruckus in the Cage titled Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 7: Ruckus in the Cage Tomorrow Will Barron Show or No? and I stated then...  "Here Barron bitch titties blusters about come and seeing me but not at an MMA event. In another words, the little bitch is barking but has no teeth (just talk shit online). Then claims he signed up, after I called him out for being a bitch and trying to duck out the fight by blustering that he wouldn't fight me.

Course I know Barron ain't gonna show up but hey... What is better then having someone bitch out like a punk in black and white online. And tomorrow I am going to rub salt into the wound, I am going to post small update videos to YouTube throughout the day. I am going to remind Barron about the day I played him like a fiddle.

A Little Secret: We all know my story and the stories about me... I have laid out an open offer to present all the evidence & paperwork to Barron. To be honest anyone who wanted it had to do but ask and even then I have posted paper work online multiple times:"
Oh and there are 6 small videos some about 30 seconds long of me talking shit from Charleston, on the Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons link. This is Ducking Out 2 for Barron Shepherd with an assist from Roley.

April 10th 2016 meant the wrapping up to the Paper Tigers and Ducking Dragons series with Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 8: When you Bitch Out and Everyone Knows It as I started addressing this. Not you will notice Don wanted me to come to Lexington Kentucky to Fight Barron at his Tantojutsu. Which I said was an attempt to have me arrested... We could call that arrest attempt 2, with attempt 1 being the events cited in the Paper Tigers & Ducking Dragons 3 above.

April 17th 2016 I published Stalking & Harassment: A Pattern of Lies Examined... I started with a examination of the harassment and lies of Barron Shepherd and Don Roley. I expanded this in Stalking & Harassment 2:  The Pattern of Behavior Expanded April 18th 2016, talking about how others had been harassed and slandered and events resulting the psychological abuse that lead to Dan Harmon's suicide. Stalking & Harassment 3: The Business of Slander... I explained the trolling for profit nature of the older and more connected online trolls like Roley & Elmore. May 9th 2016 I posted a blog where none other then Phil Elmore started texting my phone wanting to know what I wanted because I addressed his trolling for profit schemes for Paladin Press. What I got was Elmore ignoring factual documents and contacting me after I have told him multiple times to not contact me ever... This was show cased in the blog May 9th blog Further Examinations of Disturbing Behavior.

September 26th, knowing Lexington KY was coming up, I posted I picture on my Facebook and made a meme of it. This meme appeared on a blog entitled And the Trolls took the Bait... this was fun because I used the picture of me holding a gun, illegal even if I didn't own it to disprove the trolls claiming I was a felon, sex offender, mental incompetent, dishonorably discharged or whatever else they lie and say... In fact, in the comments below says it all quite clearly when I stated "Federal Code 18 USC 922 (d)(4) & (6) would prohibit me from even holding said firearm I am in the picture with as "prohibited person." So I really don't have to prove anything to you, being pictured with said firearm is enough..."
October 3rd 2016 you see the blog As Kentucky Draws Near, I addressed the past attempts to set me up and Barron Shepherd Ducking out twice before... much of which addresses facts you've already seen if you followed the links. And You will find, Locktoolz admitting to being Phil Elmore, or perhaps its Elmore admitting to being Locktoolz? So many crazies online.

October 9th 2016 to save face Barron cries about an MMA match being set up in Florida, want to waste money to drive down to fight you... Cool. This is addressed in the Open Letter to Barron Shepherd, the whole World Nows your a Punk. You can easily see where Barron is trying to get me to agree to have a set date. October 10th 2016 on the comments I made this statement; "Ok and what? Do you have your physical paperwork and EKG, etc in? I will call Mr. Berto and find out...

The reality is however, I still have to get my physical and call the Beckley VAMC to set something up. Nothing has been finalized and your pretending it is, is just a way for you to claim I won't fight you. To cover your ass from lying about signing up to the fight in Ruckus in the Cage.
Still does nothing to get past the fact, I exposed you as a lair and an online tough guy. I mean if you really wanted to fight me, we are both going to be in Lexington Kentucky this weekend and aside from the two events there will be plenty of neutral ground out side our events.
Honestly, there is no need. I have already exposed your lies and really have nothing to gain by beating your ass. I had fun making you look like a bitch but exposing your lies is far better. Leaves me open to all sorts of civil actions against you in federal court and well with the overt collaboration of you, Roley and Elmore online its open and shut."

The bold part is the added for you the reader to focus on and see what I said to Barron October 10th 2016...
1. The attempts to get me to agree to a date when nothing is set in stone (its still floating as a matter of fact) to save face...
2. Meet somewhere neutral & settle it... I mean he stated his intention to fight me right?
3. They all collaborated (conspired) together and it is an open and shut case...

All the trolls were so happy to say that I only said that after Barron backed of going to Lexington did I dare challenge him... I even readdressed this in the October 11th Blog Let's Get Real for a Minute... All Cards on the Table. Until October 12th blog Barron is running & Roley is silent. Showing just six hours after I told Barron we can meet in Kentucky and he already paid for the event (supposedly) and Patrick Ferrari was trying to tell how badass and deadly Roley is and what he going to do to me, I addressed it all in the blog.

There is an element of strategy here, one far too obvious to anyone who knows the facts and thinks about it all... It shows the conspiracy between the group as we know them...
1. The prior times ducking out that's 3 times and the previous 2 attempts to have me arrested, its pretty clear where the goals and motivations are...
2. Patrick Ferrari wasn't trying to tell how deadly Roley was and Barron was running like a bitch for the 3rd Time Ducking Out! Its either egging me to go prove myself or whatever...
3. If any BDFS members doubt this you can contact Grandmaster Eugene Rice, him and I sat up until 2 am discussing Kentucky stand your ground laws and he talked me out of my original plan to confront Roley the day after his seminar. And it was Grandmaster Rice who pointed out that by answering Roley's challenge (this was before Roley even posted said challenge) I would be in violation of Kentucky Code 503.060 by escalating the conflict. Before the seminar crap even happened I told Grandmaster Rice that Roley and the others were trying to set me up to get arrested.

Now you the reader are starting to see where Barron has been working with others to slander my name. Two more parts to this Domino, but I left hints and little Easter Eggs. There is more dominos that need to be set up and knocked over.

Oh and I predicted Barron would pull back and takedown his lies about me to Don Roley and well Proof os in the Pudding... That prediction came to light as well. On Rats on a Sinking Ship are Smarter then "Internet Ninjas."

And proof that a certain Senior Grandmaster in the BDFS is seen here on For Reek, proving Don Roley's claims about me showing up trying to intimidate him in Lexington, Kentucky are 100% false. A deception intended to hide his attempt to set me up, something Barron didn't do and didn't show up to fight me... Not in Charleston WV and not in Lexington Kentucky.

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