Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The First Domino: Dealing with the State of West Virginia

Now we get to see where the first domino fell and why...

Don Roley (so does Phil Elmore & Barron Shepherd) wants to talk about my criminal history, so does his online horde of cyber stalkers and trolling cyber bullies. What they don't understand is that I already had this planned out. Think I am lying read Never Back Down, published on February of 2015 I explain this to the world. See it is true I was arrested for making Terroristic Threats and the Prosecutor did falsify evidence to have me fail my initial psychological examination. However, the second and third opinions (a third was used to justify the differences in the second opinion) because I would not stop saying the Prosecutor falsified evidence to Dr. Miller to have me found Incompetent to Stand Trial. In fact, one doctor even asked me why I believed this, my reply was "Because either she did it intentionally which makes her corrupt or unintentionally which makes her incompetent, either way its an established fact that there is a difference between what she gave Dr. Miller and what she gave you. Either one benefits me in court doesn't it?" The same doctor then followed up with the question "Why do you believe it is important that I believe the evidence shows the prosecutor falsified evidence?" And my reply was "It doesn't matter, its not important because the jury decides if she did or didn't. It doesn't matter what I believe it matters what I can prove and how things appear. And, I can prove Kristen Keller falsified evidence."

However, even before the book was published, or written for that matter I had a plan. August 22nd 2013 before my arrest for Terroristic Threats I said this in Open Letter to Johnathan Russell.

"Consider that I had to break the law and secretly record a motions hearing before Judge Kirkpatrick just to get the Prosecutor Pat Lamp to deny the existance or claim of a second search warrant on record. Something discussed on a court record before Magistrate Massey, who somehow loses the transcript and records, after we insured he recorded the hearing."

Said Recording Uploaded July of 2013:

Now there is a method behind what seems like random events and shifts in my mood you just have to remember I am often juggling several plans and activities at once. Cause here is the arrest warrant for the child porn charges and it mentions a 2nd Search

I also said this little gem, "...see if I'm arrested we have to look at all the evidence I addressed in that little blog (why the fuck you think I let Greg Duckworth know I knew where he lived? To intimidate him? No, to make the point he ain't gonna do shit), if they don't arrest me they look corrupt  weak. If they do I get to prove their corrupt. Think Roley informing the police matters to me? Same end regardless... Hell if I kill someone its justified under Common Law Standard Bad Elk v United States allows anyone to resist a false arrest even to the point of killing a cop,its only requirement comes from Brady v Ohio on the exclusionary rule that I have to prove "Malicious Intent" by actions take in "Bad Faith."

Now, I said I get to prove them corrupt... Guess what I did many times... And will again, all easily excused as trying to battle the online trolls. This is playing real close to a certain fire I have issues with, namely that I was supposed to keep all the talk online about all the corruption down as part of my agreed upon (unofficial) deal with Kristen Keller.

As you can see there is a period of House Arrest, I lied to everyone about (not even Ashida Kim knew that I was on House Arrest awaiting a trial that never came) everything being over because the state had no choice but to dismiss after Kristen Keller falsified evidence in my case. It would kill any evidence of any mental illness excuse she gave and the State could not prevent me from taking the stand and addressing that she falsified evidence you have me found mentally incompetent to stand trial. Why wait till now? I know right?

Quite simply, it was just letting the trolls try to "prove" something based on my lack of proof. In the 5 months of house arrest I got to create Shadow Warrior Press. And I already said this was going to happen before hand in the Open Letter Blog:

"Don't get me wrong, my goal is simple destroy them. I want my life back, but I don't that as long as certain people are in power in this state. So I'm going to do three things; expose their lies, find their secrets and rub it in that they can do nothing to stop me. Shooting me opens a lot of questions, charging gives me a chance to say what I need to."
Done that already, all three things...
1. Expose their lies...
2. Find Their Secrets...
3. Rub it in that they can do nothing to stop me... and I did a fouth thing to boot.
4. Use Barron Shepherd, Don Roley & Phil Elmore to help me without their knowledge. Thus using their hatred of me as a weapon against them.

In Full Disclosure II I stated plainly...

"Well if he was wired he just heard some of what pops off if you come at me, what happens if you act on those "threats" (said just to provoke you) & how I pointed out that whole "threat" is based on the very real information and truth of Bad Elk v US support by the recording of the motions hearing before Judge Kirkpatrick (An Examination of the Kangaroo Courts of Raiegh County) with the criminal complaint; that clearly states a Second Search Warrant the Prosecutor denies existing in to the "secret court recording."

So there is the state caught lying and you say that the criminal conspiracy is all in my head. Yet, here you go undeniable evidence that Pat Lamp said no second search warrant exists and yet there is a copy of the criminal complaint saying their was a 2nd search Warrant in the Child Porn case. There is proof there, that the warrant was either made up by the arresting officer or the state's prosecutor Pat Lamp was lying. Perhaps both.

Adding to that I have always maintained that as a Ninjutsu practicer, neo-ninja, ninja master or whatever that Ninjutsu is a B.S. system by all accounts and stated this publicly in Full Disclosure II;
"My hobby of teaching ninjutsu and jujutsu, writing books & being involved in martial arts events with the hopes of turning that hobby into a business. However, being involved in martial arts world has opened my eyes to certain facts.
  1. Ninjutsu is a joke martial art; with hundreds of instructors claiming secret martial arts masters, obscure connections to Seiko Fujita, the Kokuyukai or something else (myself included), muddies the waters a great deal.
  2. Ninjutsu all ninjutsu is fraudulent in one aspect or another... either those who refuse to prove their claims or those who lie about them outright. See Bujinkan Lies & Is Koga Ryu Dead blogs.
  3. At the end of the day lineage is pointless. If you read the original documents any number of shinobi claim to have learned ninjutsu from gods, demons, goblins, talking animals & dead relatives. Going back to Soke so & so is kind of pointless. So lets look at skills...
  4. The real skills of ninjutsu are espionage-based; strategy, information gathering, reading body language, psychological manipulation, herbals, scouting, skirmish (commando) tactics, sabotage & assassination."
See I leave "Easter eggs" and other little hints throughout everything I did. And it all comes back to what I said in Full Disclosure.

"You want me to be a low life thug, fine I'm a low life thug... How do like me now? See before I let you label me a terrorist & a pedophile, knowing you're committing acts of terrorism under color of law and most of you are pedophiles or protecting child raping faggots like my uncle Thomas Calvin Keller; I will give you what you want. I have nothing to lose but my self-respect. I know who I am; I'm a low life; I drink, smoke weed, eat shrooms, pop some pills on occasion, even snorted a line of coke or 3 & I'm bout to get high tonight. I have one night stands & used to love a good fight. Yeah I'm a fuck up & I've had more then a few fuck ups who watched my back as a kid of 15, 16 & 17. My life is a cross between that god damned The Last Dragon Movie, Burn Notice & Son's of Anarchy. Its not cool, is painful and destructive and something most of you will never know anything about living your safe comfortable lives, watching your backs keeping your skeletons tucked away in the closet, adding more to it as you go... I'm putting my shit out front in the yard, I even dress them up for the holidays."

Side Note: Seriously, I am going to buy a bunch of Halloween skeleton's and put them in lawn chairs in the front yard, leave them there all year round and just change their attire for the next holiday on the list. Makes for an interesting conversation piece with the neighbors. End Note.

Now I made this comment based on the experiences I had when I was in Jail the first time over the child porn charges, and the worst thing they could do was let me out on bond. They did and they dropped the charges for that as well. But, having been in the Sex Offender Pod I noticed a lot of people I knew who were informants on the street and who would inform on me in the jail. So I manipulated one such person & used him as well to further my ends...

Robert Harry Whitamore molested a 4 year old girl and lied to West Virginia State Police on the Sex Offender Registry. In order to get away with lying to the State Police he wore a wire on me in Court. And Robert Harry Whitamore is allowed to run the Streets of Beckley WV.

This is part of a page from Never Back Down and is expanded in the following exerts.
The page showing the Court Papers from Michigan and below is the Court Papers showing Whitamore's charges...

As you can easily see in the Transcript that Whittamore was involved in a conspiracy to entrap me. Surely, the missing 2nd Search Warrant proven to not even be in existence, by the Statements of the Prosecutor are yet mentioned, on said Arrest Warrant and also mentioned by Pat Lamp is that the police never turned over evidence, this is an issue since the arrest warrant claims they had copies of the files.

And here is Whitamore telling another guard how smart he was for telling him how to manipulate me. Course all he got was basic conversation similar to;
Whittamore "So you want to kill people?"
Me "I don't want to kill anyone."
Whittamore "So you want to kill people?"
Me "I don't want to Kill Anyone!"
Whittamore "But you said you want to kill people."
Me "No I didn't"
Whittamore "But, you said you wanted to kill people."
Me "No I didn't"
Whittamore "So you want to kill people."
Me "Yes I want to kill people."
Whittamore "Who do you want to kill?"
Me "No body I don't want to kill people."
Because I can't prove coercion unless I let them coerce me. Which is why it was never used as it was another coerced witness trying to coerce me.
Whittamore's confession on the Recording... "I just, I just, I followed exactly like you said he sang like a bird. You're a smart man. You should be a cop."
Whittamore "I did exactly like you said and he sang like a bird. Inaudible don't kill anybody. Take a Judge and Inaudible. People like that don't deserve to Inaudible."
Whittamore basically admitted to entrapment. As he states he was given directions to coerce me into confessing and this is very different then your typical recorded conversation. If say for instance, someone is selling drugs to Confidential Informant (CI) and they do so without any coercion the CI has clear evidence, right? But, if a CI comes in and harasses someone to sell them their pain pills, that CI just compromised the case. From Robert Harry Whittamore's own lips... He was given instructions by an "UNIDENTIFIED MALE VOICE" to coerce me. And for that, the state let a literal "baby raper" out on the street to try to convict an innocent man. This is a violation the American Bar Association Standards of Prosecutorial Investigation, Standard 2.11 (c) (iv), whoopsy!

How does that happen? How does the release of someone who rapes a four year old and lies to police about where they live, for wearing a wire on someone who you drop all charges against later? This was something else I prepared a head of time and had evidence in my favor to confront... So, I made sure the evidence leaked and Kristen Keller falisified evidence to Dr. Miller. I didn't expect Kristen Keller to falsify evidence, I thought it would have saved me at trial but, we never went to trial. Instead Kristen Keller falsified evidence in my case, but I have already disclosed this.

As you can tell from the above, there is a good bit of information I am holding back to bring to bare later on, for strategic reasons.

Let me explain this to everyone right now, there are three goals I have to get under this cloud of harassment and threats on my life, family and friends...

Goal One: Make this so painful and destructive to the Raleigh County Court system via evidence and facts that I can skip having to look over my shoulder in fear that some badge is going to kilofme because they thought "I had a gun" or "he looked like a suspect" crap. Did that with the "Terror Threats" crap. Even addressed some of this on Attack by Stratagem, everything is about directing events to a goal & I directly took on the State in Court and won, painfully so... but, I still won.

A large part of this is built on the idea of Ashley Redden's statement about being coerced on the court record having gone missing... But there were many other incidents all compiled & explained to Lt. Deeds when I spoke to him and recorded that conversation as well, just he didn't know it. And so I jumped through the looking glass, back down the rabbit hole and I got all new evidence. Which was a painful but required sacrifice. I can keep trying to fight to get the evidence from the past or I could suck it up and get new evidence to go with that old stuff and build a long term case for harassment and abuse... Yeah, that's what I did.

Its the principle of Go & Ju or Hard & Soft. You can also equate it the principle of Tao (Chinese) or Do (Japanese) which is made up of two opposing forces Yin & Yang (Chinese) or In & Yo (Japanese). The more you resist the harder your opponent resists but you resist (Go i.e. hard or Yo/Yang or positive energy directed to yourself) just to yield (Ju i.e. yield or negative energy directed to your opponent by no longer resisting them and even feeding their fall).

Now there will be a second Domino falling over very, very soon, yes I am telling you how I manipulated the cops, courts and even the criminals in Raleigh County... Because now I am going to tell you have I manipulated Phil Elmore, Don Roley & Barron Shepherd. Leaving only Goal Two set to be played out through law suits and exposing their lies. In doing so I return their actions back in themselves.

Surprise! Don, it all played as I expected... Better actually.

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