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The Second Domino: The Manipulation & Exploitation of the Trolls 2, Phil Failmore

Now in the last installment I talked about Barron Shepherd, repeatedly tried to set me up with the aid of Phil Elmore and his various troll accounts. Ultimately,  relying on Donald James Roley to craft some exploitative method of entrapping me. The simple truth is that this shows some of the group work, the conspiracy if you will, of these fraudulent, fraud busters that they have tried to perform in tandum.

So for here on, I am going to focus on Phil Elmore, the Martialist... The Paladin Press mouth piece before I address Donald James Roley. Elmore brings with him his two side kicks Patrick Ferrari and Dave Pearson. I am going to try to deal with all three of these slandering, pathological liars and online tough guys...

Phil Elmore has tried very hard to disrupt my business and business associations. This is evident in the reality of what I will show in explaining the Phil Elmore's pathology. For one, Phil was subject to an April Fool's day prank from me where I baited him into maliciously and intentionally interfering with a Business a felony under 18 USC 1961 & 1968 where Racketeering defined as any one of a list of 35 crimes... Because Phil, Patrick and David Pearson all had a hand in it they would be tied together under RICO or Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act passed in 1970. These include Extortion, Fraud, Blackmail & Racketeering.

Extortion: Is a criminal practice of obtaining money, property or services from an institution from the use of unlawful coercion. Extortion involves the threat or action causing pain and suffering unless certain demands are not met by the victim. Such as spreading false claims about a person online and to others were they conduct business unless said person (me) were to stop publishing with one's current publisher (then Dojo Press) and switch to a new publisher (Paladin Press).
Fraud: A deliberate deception used to gain an unfair or unlawful monetary gain or, deprive a victim of monetary gain or legal right(s). Such as one's legal right to conduct a business without slander and libel being spread about them online to
Blackmail: An act, often a crime, involving unjustified threats to make a gain (commonly money or property) or cause loss to another unless demands are met. It is, in essence, coercion involving threats to reveal true or false information about a person, a family member, or associates or threats of harm or criminal prosecution to force someone to give into demands. It is a criminal offense under 18 USC 873.
Racketeering: A racket is a fraudulently offered solution to a problem, the problem would not exist, be put into action or would not otherwise exist without said "racket." The Racket exists as the problem and the solution. Such as you can't be "a legitimate ninjutsu school" without a lineage to Takamatsu & Hatsumi and the online army of Bujinkan cultists calling everyone else fakes and frauds, who do not. This relating to interstate and foreign commerce 18 USC 1961-1968.

 This was Phil's message to me using the internet persona Martial Checkmate. He attempted to prevent me from holding a free Civilian Counter Terrorism Class. Instead I was called by Amy Lilly (yes, a relation to those Lillys) who threatened me with the police, DOD and CICS... The screen shot below is still image that Phil thinks doesn't exist showing Amy Lilly's threat laced rant on my voice mail. I believe she sounds high or crazy maybe both...

The Video...

And we have seen the many, many times Phil has tried to lie or conceal evidence that he is in fact involved in fraud, extortion, blackmail and racketeering. The above video can be found here (let me know if the link doesn't work I have to replace it because failure keeps trying to have it taken down). Course we all know my April Fool's Day prank was so much better... I baited Phil and he swallowed the bait hook line and sinker. eh... I'm a dick at times.

Then there are the multiple attempts at following my over the various martial arts Facebook groups and forums trying to trash my reputation. Various posts by Phil or his cronies like Patrick Ferrari, whom got private information off of my former student Johnny Hunter via fraud with a former Dux Ryu/FASST student who goes by the name Trenton D. Smith. This was only a symptom as they also tried to become involved in my legal cases and did so to my aid (though unintentionally).

So we have Phil calling Amy Lilly of the Raleigh County Public Library to have a free "Civilian Counter-Terrorism class" cancelled. If you are wondering, such classes are basically deal with a simply six point checklist of possible activity and the basic instruction to leave the area and class the police providing the a description using the acronym NATED which stands for Number, Activity, Time, Equipment & Dress. A variation of the DODs SALUTE format for a Sit Rep. And then there is

Yet, Phil tried to interrupt the class... Additionally, he and one of his internet Martialists (An online cult for fat wannabe martial artists with Commando fantasies) wanted to Dojo Storm my school. But, Never did...

This was in 2008 and before the attempt to interfere with the free counter terrorism class at the Public Library. Serious you have to listen Amy Lilly threaten me with having the cops arrest me and how she knows certain people in power. Phil Elmore's attacks on the BDFS have been a long standing element of his pathology, he even wrote a 2012 hit-piece for World Net Daily. I piece that has since been removed but saved for posterities sake in the Screen Shots Below.

And of course Phil's references to Ashida Kim and Count Dante in his trash manual Shorthand Empty Hand, below... Now such screen shots are maintained to act as a reference for the purpose of review and commentary in accordance with Federal Laws and 17 USC 107.

Here Elmore quotes John Keehan AKA Count Dante, the founder of the Black Dragon Fighting Society. Concerning how "anything went" and there was "no such thing as fair play." Course, if Elmo realized that Keehan also encouraged and began Full-Contact Karate and Cross Training in Martial arts...(perhaps a He would see the merit of sparring and competition to harden the body and mind to the stress of really fighting. Of course we can see the state of Phillip Carton Elmore's mind in the next section.
 Here Phil makes a reference to Ashida Kim's $10,000 Challenge and such a reference is in fact a parody. As Ashida Kim has been slandered online and mostly through the Bujinkan Ninja-cult of Hatsumi. The story above shows the simplest truth behind Phil Elmore's motivations and why the Dojo Storm never happened... Phil is a Chicken Shit, online tough guy.

Here we get the insanity of Phil Failmore, the conditions that one allow him to use any means you wishes and play a set of rules while he does not. While this is an obvious act of cowardice in reference to fight or challenge, it also applies to a mindset that bases itself in the typical ideologies of fascists, racists and tyrants. That one law or rule applies to you, while a it does not to them. God... I hope criminals don't develop that novel idea of fighting unfairly & stacking the deck against someone by "cheating." Clearly, Elmore is mentally ill, showing signs of paranoia and if you were to look at his pdf on Street People titled The Homeless Threat you'd see him as a bit racist as well.

Yes, a young black man with a hoodie, rather reminiscent of Trayvon Martin isn't it? Clearly the "WILL RAPE U 4 Fun" was added in paint and without this person permission. Certainly, it appears to cater to the irrational fear of many upper middle class Americans, concerning minorities.

Note: I don't think everything is racism but, I do acknowledge that if you don't have any friends or associates of a different ethnic or cultural background, you might believe common misconceptions about others. And it is my personal opinion that Failmore doesn't get out much past his own virtual world of

And lets not forget the many, many times Elmore has made his presence known and then cried because I featured him on this blog. How dare I give him bad publicity for his own actions of cyber stalking and harassment;
Defining another's character... I am not who you want me to be here again I had to defend my good name against the libel and slander of Phil Elmore. Including Screen Shots proving I am not on the WV Sex Offender Registry. January 15th 2015
The Lies of Phil Failmore warning there are screen shots of Phil's lies... January 19th 2015
February 9th 2015 I posted The Absurdity of Martial Arts on the Internet and how certain companies like Paladin Press which has supported Phil Elmore's writing has done so in support of his attacks on former Paladin Press author Ashida Kim and myself who refused to publish my book Black Dragon Ninjitsu through Paladin Press back in 2002.
The Lies, Stalking  & Harassment of Phil Failmore posted in February 27th 2015 when Phil went a slanderious troll-rage of the Shadow Warrior Press facebook group; Phil does not like what I wrote about him in Never Back Down and has taken to Troll Accounts on Amazon to try to discourage others from reading the book. He also threatened the sue me at one point and when I didn't budge he backed down...
The Next Day, the Troll Came Back! Return of Phil Failmore was posted February 28th 2015 and set the country theme music of Brad Pasley's Online.
March 13th 2015, I had to deal with Phil Elmore following me around facebook and his goffer Patrick Ferrari responding online. More Trolling from Phil Failmore, has several deleted comments by Patrick Ferrari including how he wouldn't "admit to Phishing" and his threats to publicly release the Social Security Number obtained via fraud and deception and then threatened to release private information about me... Then deleted all the comments hoping I didn't take screen shots. Also has his threats to have me arrested... A big hint as to what Don Roley was planning in Lexington, Kentucky.
Know Your Stalker... More Antics from Phil Failmore published March 23rd 2015 highlights his use of troll accounts and other associates to try to discredit my writing. Clearly that goes back to proving Extortion, Fraud & Racketeering.

 Much  of the antics from Elmore slowed down with primary mouth piece for this blog being Patrick Ferrari and as the criminal nature of Patrick and Phil's exploits came out. Barron Shepherd jumping a head resulting the infamous Pager Tigers & Ducking Dragon series of blogs. After Barron's embarrassment at saying he was going to show for a cage fight at Ruckus in the Cage and then backing out of Lexington hours after I suggested we could meet and fight there. Before when he wanted to fight me he claimed I was threatening him, once he agreed to fight me and showed a mutual intent to engage in a fight... Barron didn't want to fight anymore or even be in Lexington.

April 8th of 2016 Phil Failmore made another appearance in Trolls & Haters are once again at it... and showing how little they know. Attacking the Black Dragon Ninjitsu Home Study Course based solely on the previews seen on youtube.
In fact, Failmore didn't make another appearance on this blog until April 17th 2016 when I posted Stalking & Harassment: A pattern of Behavior Explained. Showing that Phil Elmore using the troll account (which Barron later claimed was another conspirator named Mike Raymond) tried to set me up to fight Barron in an unsanctioned event. Which was expanded into a Stalking & Harassment 2 April 18th and a Stalking & Harassment 3 published May 2nd.

May 9th I posted a blog showing that Phil Elmore has again interfered with my business associations by harassing "Jay" and having his guest blogs removed... this blog was title Further Examination of Disturbing Behaviors.
September 26th I posted And the Trolls took the Bait. Now I didn't make a huge issue out of it initially I quietly posted a picture of me hold my Hi-Point C9 9mm. This prompted much trolling and a reaction that prompted the blog... After all if they were calling me a felon or other prohibited person and I couldn't own a firearm, I am violation of State and Federal code and could go to jail just for the picture of me holding the gun. I didn't go to jail so...
So while Phil has been letting Patrick Ferrari take the lead and Patrick has already threatened the release of my private information... Phil Elmore has slandered and threatened me long enough and by his own admission seeks to hide behind the courts without regard for the law. Calling the FBI to report "terrorist threats" when he himself was called out as a liar and fraud like his accomplices Patrick Ferrari, Barron Shepherd & Don Roley...

I never posted these blogs to argue with you online, I did so to show case evidence of your own fraudulent statement, character assassinations and libel. And this is just the build up toward the finale... The law suit that breaks you in court.

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